Alive Again! [A Game Changer In-Flight!] HotLogic Mini Portable Oven, Excellent For Travel Or The Office, For Just $29.96 From Amazon!

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Update 12/4/22: Alive again after 25% off clip coupon!

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And yes, I am using this on a flight right now as well, these will change how you travel and are highly recommended! 

Update 2/14/21: I’m using this on a United 737 right now and am blown away. I brought a few frozen blintzes onboard and am now enjoying hot blintzes. Best of all? United didn’t load my kosher meal and the flight attendant offered me a tapas snack box with several kosher snacks and a $250 United electronic travel certificate!

It’s really a game changer compared to hoping that a flight attendant might agree to warm up your double wrapped kosher food.

Update: Now $39.95.

HotLogic Mini Portable Oven, Excellent For Travel Or The Office, For Just $29.96 Shipped From Amazon!

Dan’s note: After several DDF users wrote that HotLogic ovens were a must have office and travel item, I went ahead and bought a HotLogic Mini and a HotLogic Max oven. A standard takeaway food tray, like if you buy a travel meal from a place like Pomegranate or take out food from a restaurant, will fit in the Mini oven. The HotLogic Max oven will fit 2 meals or a 9×13 pan!

I’m thrilled to report that they are excellent and now have bags for both meat and milk.

I often travel with a Polar Bear cooler and a small toaster oven when I go to places without kosher food and have shlepped them to places from Hawaii to Palau and Iceland to the Maldives. It really opens up the world when you’re not limited to destinations that have kosher restaurants. The nice thing about a small toaster oven is that you’re not beholden to begging a hotel to warm up your double wrapped meals. The downside is that it’s a shlep to bring with, though I have sometimes just ordered them to be delivered from Amazon or Walmart to my hotel when possible.

The HotLogic oven on the other hand folds down next to nothing, making it an ideal travel mate. However while a toaster oven will warm up cold food in 20 minutes or frozen food in an hour, the HotLogic will take an hour to warm up cold food or a couple hours to warm up frozen food. That means you’ll have to plan your meals ahead of time.

On the plus side, you can put plastic or foil in the HotLogic without issue and you can put in food in the morning and leave it in there until evening and it will be fine. That’s because the HotLogic only gets up to 165 degrees, so it won’t melt plastic or overcook your food, but it will get your food hot with enough time.

As you only need 45 watts to power the mini or 100 watts to power the Casserole oven, you can use a basic converter to use them overseas, though DDF members report that they have used it in 220 lines overseas without causing any issues.

On the downside, you won’t be making crunchy nachos in a HotLogic like you can in a toaster oven. And you’ll need multiple HotLogic ovens to heat up meals for a whole family.

Last month we took our HotLogic ovens on the road. They easily folded flat into my carry-on bag and we ate piping hot chinese food.

I have even used the Hot Logic Mini on a plane by plugging it into the in-seat AC power. It took about an hour as it only heats to 165 degrees, but the food was piping hot! Using a HotLogic on a plane is not something that airlines are likely to encourage (though I have seen flight attendants using them as well for their own meals), but it was easier than gambling on whether I’d be able to persuade the flight attendant to warm up my own meal in the plane’s oven. It’s a real game changer!

Note that airplane outlets only supply 60-75 watts of power, so that will likely only work with the Mini, though I didn’t try it with the Casserole.

DDF members also report using a power inverter to have hot food while driving!

Have you traveled with a HotLogic oven?

  • HOT FOOD WITHIN ARM’S REACH: Ideal for cooking healthy dishes, heating frozen boxed meals and warming comfort food at home, in the office, or at parties, potlucks, or gatherings
  • YOUR FOOD, PERFECTLY COOKED: Evenly cooks or reheats fresh or frozen meals – even leftovers – in about an hour without burning or drying out your food
  • HEAT YOUR WAY: Compatible with most flat-bottom, sealable containers including glass, plastic, Tupperware, metal, aluminum foil, and cardboard. Accommodates containers up to 8.75” W x 6.75” L x 2.5 H“ or 1.5 quarts of food
  • SET IT AND FORGET IT: Requires no monitoring – just place your meal inside, plug it in, and go about your day, whether it’s work or play and enjoy your meal when you are ready for it
  • DROP THE MIC: No more overcooked meals, frozen centers, waiting in line or dealing with splattered food; HOTLOGIC is revolutionizing the way you make your meals without the old microwave

HT: yitzyul, via DDF.

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I put pita on the hot plate part with a silver foil in between and it came out crispy, just don’t close the bag


We just took it to Costa Rica & it was great!
Food was in plastic meal tray, put it in from Polarbear cooler (so cold not frozen)
Was ready after abt 2 hrs
Food was perfect temp and super moist!


It does not warm cold food, but will keep warm food warm. For example if you take hot soup or food for lunch warm it before you leave then about an hour before lunch plug it in and it will be warm for lunch ….i would not say HOT but warm it only gets to 165 degrees at its hottest the minimum safe temperature for meat and chicken. Definitly not as good as a toaster oven on a trip.


It does warm food


Used this on several trips to heat up frozen food. Put it in in the a.m., by evening it was nice and warm/hot. Perfect temperature and moisture. Much better than a toaster IMO.


I bought from another brand. It’s sitting text to my desk and i use it to warm up my launch.
1 hour for cold & 2:15 for frozen.
Tastes better than microwave, but still gives a taste to the food


“DDF members even report successfully plugging in the HotLogic into an airplane outlet to have warm food on a plane …”

Perfect, when the minyan in the aisle has ended, you can bring out the hot kiddush!

Danny Albi

I can attest to using a HotLogic mini all the time during my flights for work. It works very well Heating up food while in a plane

Eric from Dallas

This sounds very cool – I may order one. However, people will need to use it correctly. You do *not* want to get food poisoning while traveling. As per user @Ben below, and also Amazon customer comments – max temp is around 165F. A user on Amazon tried this unit with raw frozen chicken. His data showed the unit taking the chicken from 35F to 153F. If this process goes slowly (which it does), your chicken will linger in the unsafe zone for hours. You might get away with this a few times, if you’re lucky – but eventually, Salmonella will *ruin* a trip.

If it’s the right food (like a sealed MRE or airplane meal) – you’re fine. But please don’t use this for leftover chulent. Not sure if it would work to make actual meaty chulent with an 18 hour cook, but veggie chulent might be ok (if you’re into that – not judging) – or maybe use fully cooked hot dogs or pastrami.

Eric from Dallas

BTW – reviews on Amazon are excellent. If anyone has ambitions of working on the railroad, apparently this is *the* machine to keep in the caboose. Trains supply 74v DC in the cab – which this unit can consume. Who knew


“ DDF members also report using a power inverter to have hot food while driving!”
Alternatively, you can purchase the 12v version that plugs right into the cigarette lighter.


But then you can only use it in the car, you can’t use that one in a hotel or office.


Great product!! I’ve used it on trips and also for Shabbos in a hospital. Was the perfect thing for Shabbos.


Did it turn off after 12 hours?


I bought and tried the casserole version. I was super impressed. An excellent solution for kosher travelers


I have 2 of these and used them many times for travel , I travel a lot to 3rd world countries that don’t have any food & this is great . Usually I take pomegranate or similar travel meals out of fridge and it’s hot within a half hour . ( I never tried fully frozen meals )

ted onig

I just used the Casserole version this past shabbos. Excellent item! I warmed up all of our takeout food. Put up food the morning, and had a nice warm lunch.
I just took the hot plate, and left the carrying case home; Was great for carry on luggage; Same width as an apple laptop.


Alive again


I am satisfied to eat cool or room temperature food.

dovy weiss

“or a few hours to warm up frozen food. That means you’ll have to plan your meals ahead of time.” you can just take out of your freezer in the morning so it would take faster


I just tested my new Mini at home today with a refrigerated meal. It’s basically a miniature Shabbat platta that doesn’t quite get as hot. Having it inside of a thermal lunch bag means the entire contents will heat up, not just what touches the hotplate. I’m not sure I’d be willing to cook with it but my leftovers heated up to warm not hot in around one hour. I’m tempted to leave it on all day tomorrow to see if it really turns off after 12 hours, otherwise I don’t know how useful it would be for Shabbat.


Just as an FYI – There is a Halachik issue on Shabbat called ‘Hatmana’ which basically means you are not allowed to wrap a food in something hot all around


Can you make a pizza with it? Let’s say cheese and sauce on a pita or something?

Orrin d

$40, not $30

Deal Guy

It doesn’t smell up the plane, and inconvenience the passengers next to you?


Does this work well in the Maldives? Or you need a converter? Or adapter is sufficient?


are there batteries available to turn this thing on if you’re on the go and can’t plug into a wall outlet or car port?