Have Continental Or Starwood Call You!

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Why wait on hold and try to find your way around a phone tree maze when you can have companies call your phone or talk to you over the web for free?

I used the Starwood callback link extensively while traveling in Israel in order to make and change award reservations (which was especially nice because incoming calls are free on Israeli cell phones!)

It’s just too bad that more companies don’t utilize this great technology…

Have Continental call you

Have Starwood call you

Know any other popular companies that use click-to-talk technology? Please post a comment!

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Hi Dan,

I have 80,000 miles with United and would like to go to Australia for Pesach, but I don’t want to cross the dateline and mess up Shavuos. I was wondering if there was anyway to get United to give me a round the world ticket for the price of a direct flight. I’d like to fly direct to Australia, and around the world on the way back.

Do you have any ideas?




i know that commerce bank if your waiting on hold they give you an option to call you back but you have to get to the hold first


You can do this with hundreds of companies here: nophonetrees.com


Intuit for QuickBooks or Quicken have the same technology


American Airlines


to vort is nophonetrees.com free or they really bill your phone and also whats good about dans article is becuase im in israel and thell call all over the world for free while yours is only in the us



Stuck In Israel

Dear Dan, I would like to let you and your readers know that starwood pulled a quickie on us. As you previously pointed out, the only hotel that was changing categories in Israel was Sheraton City Towers.

SPG lied to us!!! The truth is (and this can all be confirmed by checking the individual hotel links) that several hotels in Israel changed categories and here is the list.

Le Meridian Haifa= from category 1 to category 3(!!!)
Le meridian Dead Sea= from category 1 to category 3(!!!)
Le Meridian Eilat= from category 3 to category 4

Thanx for everything Dan. Please post this in the appropriate topic, so we can all know.



nohonetrees.com is free and works. i use it all the time.


dell has click to call


hi dan –
I got an email from Virgin Air regarding a Fly Twice Fly Free promotion. Don’t know if it’s available for everybody or maybe I got it because I just booked 3 flights in the past few weeks
anyways, you might want to post it. Did anyone else get this email?


Who wants to be called back and then have them call you when your busy. Most of these companys are easy to get through to especially amazon and starwood


Steve: You can tell them when to call you, give a time, at least by some of them.


Sorry to go off topic but Dan what’s the best way to use American Express MR points. Thanks


I know your a big fan of the starwood card but whats it different then the hilton card