[Great For Kashering Keilim!] Gas One Turkey Fryer Propane Burner Complete Kit For $59.99 Shipped From Amazon

Gas One Turkey Fryer Propane Burner Complete Kit - Turkey Fry & Boil - With High Pressure Propane Regulator and Hose,Black
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Update: Alive again!

A reader points out that this set is fantastic for kashering keilim! Consult your LOR for the exact process.

Update: DEAD!

Gas One Turkey Fryer Propane Burner Complete Kit For $59.99 Shipped From Amazon

This was selling for $99.99 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

  • HIGH HEAT OUTDOOR COOKER – Gas One’s single propane burner cooks, boils, and grills rather quickly. A great addition for those looking to power there Tailgating, camping, or even the occasional family cook-out
  • STEAMER/STOCKPOT INCLUDED – Gas One’s single propane burner includes an aluminum steamer and stockpot so that you have all the materials you need to get cooking right away!
  • PSI ADJUSTABLE HOSE – Includes 0-5 psi adjustable regulator, ensures safe gas pressure and flow. An O-Ring is included with the regulator to assure a leak free experience
  • PERFECT FOR ALL COOKING – A reliable burner for diverse cooking, Gas One’s single gas burner is a great tool for turkey frying, crab boiling, Cajun cooking, and other types of outdoor cooking

HT: YossieW.

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This setup by itself can be used as a keilim mikvah? Can someone explain the process. I do not plan to consult my LOR. TY

Chuchum Ainer

Is this a troll?


Nope. Help me understand this post please. Would buy if can be used as a mikveh. Don’t understand how it’s possible.


Kashering and toiveling are 2 totally separate things

Chuchum Ainer

Ok. No, it can’t be used as a keilim mikvah, and the post didn’t say that. It can, possibly, be used to kasher keilim, i.e., to boil water and then dip in it dishes which became treif or chamtezdik, which, if done correctly, can make them kosher.

Why wouldn’t you consult your LOR?


Because I assumed I was missing something and didn’t want to sound stupid! 🙂


No. Not as a keilim mikvah for immersing new dishes. I believe the line about using this for kashering keilim was referring to the times a dish may need to be boiled due to having become unkosher (under specific circumstances).


You can use it before pesach to kasher your kielim whether it’s for chometz or if its trief

Maier Solomon

I got $99.99. Anything I can do, or is it dead?


Alive again.


Ner Mitzvah’s kashering set is cheaper.
Doesn’t include all the parts that this set does, but perfect for regular in house kashering, before Pesach