Forever Stamps For Below Face Value On Amazon

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Update 2: Alive again!

Update: Sold out.

90 Forever Stamps
900 Forever Stamps

Add at least 2 books of stamps to your cart and use the following code: 20P5PCK2

2 books of 90 stamps will cost $86 or 47.7 cents per stamp.
1 book of 90 and one book of 900 will cost $462.96 or 46.76 cents per stamp.
2 books of 900 stamps will cost $839.92 or 46.6 cents per stamp.

Face value for a forever stamp is currently 49 cents though of course you can use these stamps even after that price goes up.

Save more on Amazon purchases: If you have a Chase Ink Plus, Ink Bold, or Ink Cash card you can earn 5 Ultimate Rewards points (transferable to several airlines and hotels) per dollar spent plus 1% cash back by buying at least $200 of Amazon gift cards at Staples and being registered for Visa Savings Edge.

If you value your points at 1.6 cents each that’s an additional 9% off. If you value them at 1.75 cents each that’s an additional 9.75% off everything sold on Amazon.

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Good deal if you mail a lot of letters.

I only use postage occasionally. For that, I prefer using the automated machine outside the post office to buy single stamps. Using Chase Freedom I get 10 pts per transaction so the cost is $0.49 – $0.20 = $0.29 or so, depending on your valuations…


So with all the discounts you can have an effective cost of 42 cents per stamp. Is there a cardcash type site where you can sell these stamps?


Wish my Freedom cards still had that!

Not that I’m aware of.

Pinny Braun

The stamp-price increase to 49 cents will be in effect for two years only, started Jan. 26 2014.


@Pinny Braun:
Ha! And if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.


time machine Tuesday! thanks for the rollback Dan!


Does the Chase Ink benefit apply to Ink – Business as well?


i wouldnt stock up on stamps to save a few pennies! the US Postal Service can be privatized and or bankrupt at any time!
keep you money liquid for better deals.


@jacob: you must be a conspiracy theorist.


@Dostrow: Yes.

mrs k

hi Dan
how do i get 5 x point on amazon with the ink card
i spend about 5000 a month on amazon with amex now



@mrs k:
Read the post.


I am def not a conspiracy theorist, its just that over the decades nearly every public service became privatized, the USPS is one of the only things that has been kept under gov control. out of all other gov programs this is by far the worst run most expensive dis service to the US tax payers.
Put it up for sale or shut it down!!! UPS and Fedex have obviously figured it out give it over to them and they will figure it out.


UPS and Fedex aren’t compelled by Congress to deliver a piece of mail to the boondocks for 49 cents.

Nor do they have the same massive congressionally mandated pension obligations.

Nor to deliver 6 days a week

Changing those 3 issues would probably make USPS profitable.


@jacob: Agree


Exactly my point! Do not charge 49 cents for a letter that goes from Miami to Salt Lake, charge what ever the math says you should charge. When you ship with UPS a 3LB box from Brooklyn to Lakewood there is one price, and from Brooklyn to Los Angeles is a higher price.
Give it to the big guys and they will do what it takes to make it profitable.
BTW every day that USPS is in business that massive pension obligation gets bigger!
Have they never heard of cut your losses and move on?
By keeping USPS running at a net loss it will not help keep those pensions in alive!
The Gov should keep those pensions alive out of their own pocket and let the MADNESS STOP!
I challenge the USPS to charge more for their services (based on a similar mathematical algorithm that UPS and Fedex use) or shut down #usps4chaper11


The code won’t work even for the pack of 90.


900 stamp option still available

Jason Smith

1000 forever stamps on ebay costs $465 (right now) but sometimes you can get it even cheaper than that. Every once in a while ebay will send out a 10% coupon off 1 item and I use it to buy forever stamps. I have done this a couple of times, my last purchase was on June 17, I got 1000 forever stamps on ebay for $430 and with the 10% off coupon, It ended up being $387 or 38.7 cents per stamp.


@Dan: Dan it does until the end of next year;-)


Looks like the 90 is out, too?


@Jason Smith: How do you get them to send you a 10% off coupon?

Jason Smith

It is a targeted offer, I can’t tell you how they choose people. I can only say I have gotten the coupon twice in the last 3 years.


I’m an Amazon/ebay seller . I ship about 10 small Items a day .. if you know the system like I do .. the USPS is fast, very efficient and super cheap .. my labels are super clear and always get the white glove treatment from their sorting equipment .. the key is to know what their system likes .. also, I make a daily trip to my po .. and i’m always accommodated with a pre-paid window NO LINE/cut all lines.. !

Dan 2

Unless you value your points at the 1.6 or 1.75 cent rate that Dan mentioned, this isn’t such a super deal. If I need stamps, I will buy a book from the grocery store and get 6% cash back with my Amex Preferred Blue Cash card.

Does anyone know when this promo code expires? If it will still be good in October, then with 5% bonus chase freedom points that will make it pretty awesome.


@Dan 2:
Considering brokers will pay 1.6 I don’t know why you’d value them less than that.

Or use them yourself for travel and they can be worth far more than that.


you can buy stamps at cvs pharmacy with a cvs gift card that sells for 13.6% off for dansdeals readers so that comes out to about 42.5 cent per stamp


That sale is over.

David R

@Dan 2: Why not buy Amazon gift cards in the grocery with your BCP and use it for this?

att Mrs K

May I ask what goods you spend 5 k a month at amazon on?


is rite aid a grocery store?


Ordered one for my parents they sent them an envelope with a folded up piece of paper in it. had to contact amazon for a refund


Never got the stamps. Did anyone get them?