[Credit Expires Tonight!] DDF To The Rescue: Didn’t Get The Coupon For Amazon Prime Day App Spending, Here Are Some Ways To Find It!

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Update: Be sure to use your credit now, credits expire tonight!

On Prime Day Amazon ran a promotion to get a $15, $25, or $70 coupon based on spending in the app.

Amazon was supposed to send out notifications yesterday with a link to claim the coupon, but I got nothing, as did many others who were expecting a coupon.

I tried making a purchase from the app and it didn’t have any discount applied.

Several people suggested to open the app, click on the dropdown menu or click on the person icon, and click on the bell to find the coupon to clip. However no matter what I tried, my app had no bell to click!

I chatted with Amazon and the rep had no idea what I was talking about and wanted me to send them proof that I received an email stating I was targeted for the promotion, which I didn’t have. Another rep said that subscription orders were not allowed, but I said the terms never stated that and even without subscription orders I still should have received a smaller coupon. This rep agreed to escalate my case, but said it would take up to 48 hours to receive a response.

Just a short while later, Amazon escalations emailed me back that they don’t have any record of the promotion!

Is it amateur hour at Amazon?

Luckily, DDF member Essen est zich shared this link to an older Android version of the Amazon app, which he said would bring back the bell. I uninstalled the current Amazon app and then installed the older version.

Sure enough, when I clicked on the dropdown menu in this app, the bell was there!


After clicking on the bell I was able to see that Amazon added the coupon claim link to the bell menu some 12 hours ago, so I clipped the $70 coupon:


And when I added $70 of items sold from Amazon, the buy more save more promotion automatically took off $70 off in my cart!

The trick also worked for several other DDF members.

Don’t forget to use the coupon by 11:59pm PT on 7/24!

It’s absurd and an epic fail from Amazon that I had to jump through these hoops, but luckily DDF came to the rescue!

Did you get a notification from Amazon to claim the coupon? Do you have the bell in your app or did the link to download the old app work for you to get the bell to show up?

HT: Essen est zich, via DDF

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Got the notification and clipped $15 coupon today


I dont see the bell icon on ios app. Any suggestions to enable on ios app ?


I got a push notification from the app and was able to clip the coupon like that. But whoever said the bell is by the drop-down menu in the new app is wrong. By me I see it on the upper right after I click on the person icon at the bottom right next to the home icon.


Same. I have the updated version. I didn’t see it at first then on my iOS device I swiped out completely shutting off the app the clicked on the app and saw the bell, clicked on it and got it.
I think the issue is, if you clicked the person icon and then clicked orders to check previous orders then I don’t see a way to go back to the main menu. So I did as I explained above and it worked.

Sam Lange

Did you try to click the three lines at the top left of the screen on the app? Once I did that, I was able to see the notification bell on the right.


Same here


What about iOS users?


I didnt get the notification but I had the bell in my app and found it there


I uninstalled the newer version & downloaded this older version which u had a link to. However, no matter what I do, the installation keeps failing, without an explanation. Any ideas?


Thanks. Installed the old version and clipped a25 coupon.


Amazon is a disaster I’ve had so so many problems in the last 2 months. They keep on promising to look into my problems and they will send me a email within 24 hours and nothing ever happens and I get no email. It’s a real disaster especially when they used to be such a pleasure to deal with


Thank you it worked amazing


I’m no tekkie, & I can’t get the linked android version to load! I have an IPhone 7. It downloads the 54MB on a sort of drop down, then some words/numbers are on the entire screen, then nothing. And no app icon. What am I doing wrong?


It’s for Android. It won’t work on an iPhone.


I found it in my iOS when I hit my profile on the bottom (pic of person) there is a bell on top right corner and got notification there telling me to clip the 70 dollar coupon


This worked perfectly


Using the same iOS app and looking in the exact same location, P1 had the bell icon but P2 didn’t. Very strange.


why is my ios not showing a bell it just shows the mic icon when i hit the person icon


No issue for me at all. Got the notification and clipped the coupon (iPhone 6).


I have the bell but the coupon is not there…


best way for IOS is to keep closing and reopening the app (reinstall if still wont show up) took me ten times… the click the person icon the bell should pop up eventually then you can clip the coupon
thanks dan


Wow that actually worked! Thanks!


Not working for me. Can you explain what you did? Was it the reinstalling part that helped or the constant logging back in? Thanks.


How do you close an app? Do you just logout and log back in?


close the app, means double clicking home screen or swiping up on newer phones and closing it then just opening it again, not signing out, keep trying if all fails just uninstall and reinstall


Wish I saw this before waisting time with support. Your experience was almost literally mine as well. I followed the instructions and it worked like a charm. Thank you as always!


I’d like to point out – as I did on the OP for the promotion – that the threshold requirement was met by the TOP LINE price, not the bottom line after discounts. Bought the OnePlus 8 for $350, but because the list price was $700, I got the $70 credit.


Glad I didn’t buy much. Saved money. Say aggravation.


I see the bell but didn’t get the coupon


Thank you! Totally forgot about that promo. Installing the older version worked.
My son will be very happy to receive a package worth $70 of fun in camp.


Thanks for posting. I didn’t get a notification but I found the coupon when I clicked on the bell.

Shaindy zinger

Didn’t know about this promo what can I do to get off I didn’t spent much in prime day?


Worked! Thank you


Was this a coupon I needed to be invited for? Or clip before spending?

I bought a lot of stuff in the app on prime day but not seeing any notification of money off…


Does this have to be spent all in one transaction?


I was able to see the notification, but there is not actual button for me to press to claim the credit. Just fine print about the credit.


I had same issue.


Any other way for ios users besides killing the app 10 times/uninstalling and reinstalling?


I didn’t get the coupon I was supposed to for shopping small on prime day. I made 2 purchases that qualified from their small business eligible selections, and nada.


You also had to claim it.


Yep, kept on checking back on that prime day page and it never showed up for claiming.


Did not get the notification. In fact, I had completely forgotten about the promotion until you reminded me!
No notification, but, I clicked the bell and got the coupon.
Once again, DD to the rescue – Thanks


For the Apple users you can download a program called BlueStacks which is a android emulator (works on PC too) and instal the above APK


This method doesn’t work unfortunately

The download doesn’t install the apk

Tried it yesterday


Worked fine for me, I downloaded it first to the computer then did “open with” BlueStacks.


Strange. I used bleu stacks 5. Did you use the same version or maybe an older version? Can you please check. Would appreciate That. This was the first thing I tried earlier.


version 4.270.1


For me there was no bell but it was under “your notifications” above “settings”


@Levi what device/platform were you using?


Apple computer


I managed to find the notification earlier today and clicked on it to claim my $70 coupon after I opened the notification. Now I can’t figure out how to use my coupon/credit. When I add items that are sold and shipped by Amazon, it is not automatically deducting from the total.

Any help would be appreciated on how to see if the Credit is in my account or if the coupon has been claimed.



It has to be redeemed in the App


oddly enough on my ios it depends which account i log into. 1 has a bell every time, 1 never does.


Same here


How do I download a older version?


got $70, thank you!


I don’t have the coupon, but now I’m paranoid about installing an app from outside the app store.
Can someone compare hashes with the official .apk of same version?
Are you guys shure it’s a legit .apk?


I received a notification yesterday but today I was trying to find the coupon terms and was not able to find the bell in iOS no matter what steps I tried- including closing/opening app, reinstalling the app.

However I added some things to my cart and I see the coupon is working.


Thanks worked


I never comment but now I will. I spent a few hours on phone and chatting with the reps regarding the $70 and they all gave garbage excuses and lies… I finally downloaded the older version as this post says and I FOUND it. Kudos to you @dan and keep it up!


Thank G-d for this post. It workedI was able to claim the cuopon in the old version of Amazon Shopping


@dan you’re the GOAT @levi thanks for your help my man! I got the 70!!!


I’m on an iphone and can’t figure out how to get the bell to come up. I clipped the coupon when I got the offer on Prime day and nothing I’ve tried has gotten me the $70 credit that I’m owed. Does anyone have a suggestion of what to do? I’d hate to lose $70.


I couldn’t get the bell to show in IOS but finally got amazon support to help but contacting them a second time and linking to this thread! They actually just applied a generic $70 gift card which is even better.


Thanks Dan! Just found the $70 promo that I had forgotten about. I found the bell in the iOS app on the profile page and was able to see the coupon in the notifications.

Canceled the AirPods Pro I ordered yesterday and re-ordered them for $70 less!!


I have the bell and seel all recent orders etc. But don’t see the coupon…




uninstalled.. tried installing the older version in the post. first i got a warning and then it wouldn’t install. iil try. suggestions below and report..

Barry D

Thanks worked but $0 posted.


I forgot to use up the coupon and only spent about $25 of the $70 any chance I can get Amazon to credit me for the amount not used??