Ends Today! Check To See If You’re Targeted For 4 Different Amazon Offers When You Redeem 1 Discover Point!

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Update: Offers extended through 12/31!

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After clicking on that link, DDF members are reporting either seeing:

  • Offer #1: 20% off, up to max $50 savings when you redeem 1 Discover point.
  • Offer #2: $10 off $50 purchases when you redeem 1 Discover point.
  • Both the 20% off and $10 off offers.
  • Not eligible for the offers.

You can click to activate your offers to lock in the savings through 12/2/19 or earlier if $3,500,000 of offers have been redeemed.

You can also get 5% back on $1,500 of Amazon purchases with Discover this quarter.

Save on Amazon deals such as deals found here. Items must say shipped and sold by Amazon to qualify for these offers.

Amazon will automatically apply the best offer for your purchase!

If you aren’t targeted you can try:

Gift cards sold by Amazon that work for this promotion include:

At checkout select the Discover card that you linked.

You may need to click “Change” by the credit card at checkout if it’s showing a different default credit card.

On the final checkout page click on “Apply rewards points” and enter $0.01 to use 1 point to save 1 cent:

Which offers are you targeted for and what will you buy?

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Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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#2 only

Plus Amazon is a 5% CB spend category this quarter.

Also edit Membership Rewards from this post…


I am not eligible for any of the offers of Discover. And not any offer from Chase. @dan is that possible?

Tommy Tommy

Don’t know anybody with discover cards


Discover cards are great for the first year because they double your rewards. That makes the Discover It card a 10% cash back card in the quarterly categories (more if you use your rewards to buy gift cards), and the Discover It Miles card a 3% cash back card with no category limitations.

Jonathan Ezor

Just used the 20% off deal to buy a total of $250 in Netflix e-gift cards for $199 and 1 Discover point, which (once I get them) can be credited toward my membership fees.


I’m a talmid muvhak of dansdeals…. Please explain why over should have a discover card.


10% cash back card in the quarterly categories for the first year.
Then I would rotate between Discover and Freedom for quarterly 5% cash back (Grocery, Gas etc.)


I got #1 but for #3 I received this message “Thank you for your interest in this promotion. Unfortunately, this offer has now ended”


Are these offers able to be combined?


Thank you!
Can be divided in more than one purchase?




Thank you!


how can you you combine them?

Leslie Z Sokolow

I’m 0 for 3.

Leslie Z Sokolow

$30 Airbnb GC for $19.99. Not bad


2 of 3 Amazon accounts were eligible for the 20% off, but on both of those accounts it is telling me that shop with points is currently unavailable for my Discover cards (working on the 3rd non targeted account and with Membership Rewards on all 3 accounts). Anyone else having this problem?


If I want to use just 1 Discover point but pay with another credit card, can I buy an Amazon GC with the credit card I want to pay with, and pay with 1 Discover point + the GC I just bought?


Just used the last of my 20% off [limit was 50 bucks savings!]


worked for me for a $50 Stop and Shop card https://www.amazon.com/Stop-Shop-Gift-Card-50/dp/B07BS3BJ7M