Check Your Expiring Amazon No-Rush Credits Expiring Today, Try Chatting To Upgrade Them Into A Sitewide Credit!

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Update: More credits are expiring today, be sure to check your account here today so you don’t lose out! DD commenters and DDF Members have recently been given account credits in exchange for expiring digital credits through chatting or calling Amazon. You can also use it to purchase digital products like Quicken 2019.

Amazon offers No-Rush credits for Prime members if they agree to slower shipping options when they order Prime items.

You can check your no-rush balance here.

The current round of Prime Now no-rush credits expire today.

Last year was allowing digital credits to be used for anything sold by Amazon, but that was a short lived glitch.

DDF member LNS pointed out last year that he was able to chat with Amazon to get them converted into credit that can be used on anything sold from Amazon.

I’ve been able to do that in the past as well.

Apparently it’s still working, as DDF member LoLo was able to get them converted into an Amazon gift card. Several other DDF members had success today getting the credit as a refund on a past order or added as an account credit.

You can click here to chat with Amazon and see what they can do with your expiring Prime Now no-rush credits. You’ll need to be using a desktop browser or you can request the desktop site from your mobile browser’s menu in order to chat. If you get the automated system you’ll have to click on the human to speak to a live agent.

You can also speak to an agent over the phone.

Post your results in the comments and don’t forget to HUCA (Hang up, chat again 😉 ) if you need to!

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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You can now chat with Amazon through their app


It’s not really that they convert them , they just issue a good will promo and they dont touch the digital credits.

In my case the supervisor Issued a $70 GC for my PRIME NOW $70 l credit in form of a so called refund on a $2 purchase order


They did one reduce my credit so I guess its different every time.


Don’t give up! I Chatted called and emailed and was first given only $25 converted to Amazon credit after which I was refused several times (they all told me that they don’t convert credits, can’t do more than $25 etc.) I decided to try one last time today and they gave me a $100 general credit without even reducing my no rush shipping credit (which are expiring today). I did point out that I had made many many orders but I don’t really know I f that was the deciding factor. Its all Siyata D’shmaya.


Another tip. If you get the option to get it in a form of a GC or promo credit, rather take the promo credit as when purchasing with promo credits you dont pay taxes of the promo amount.
Though You will just have to use for items that are sold by amazon ,


You are correct. However, promo credits are not refundable. So if you need to return an item that was purchased with promo credits, you will not receive the credits back, whereas if you use a gc you will get them back. Just FYI.


You have to pay tax if they issue you a GC? They send you a 1099 for it?


He means sales tax


Oh that makes more sense 🙂


Says my credits don’t expire until June 17th, is that a mistake?


No that’s a different round.




ty for the reminder was not successful chatting but was successful on the phone they gave me a credit ty!


Was successful on chat.
Removed the credit from prome now and added it automatically on my next order


Thanks much! Just got my $20 converted to a $20 promo

Brian Glasser

Promo for full amount!


I have checked this with my supervisor.
I would request you to please wait for the credit to get expired.
When it expires today, please contact us and we will issue you $5 credit to your account.
I am adding a note to your account for this.


It worked for me too! I had no idea I could do this. PrimeNow is not even available where I live. Rep said it was a one-time exception, we’ll see 🙂


I only had $15 there, but I did it and sure enough got a promo credit for it. Thank you!


Thanks! I got mine converted! Appreciate the tip!

~king lake~

Just got my prime pantry $8 no rush shipping credit into a regular $8 credit, thanks Dan!!


No luck with my $25 Prime Now credit. Was told they don’t make exceptions to this. 🙁


I was also told that they don’t make exceptions and they could not transfer my $20 credits into a gift card or a promo credit.

After ending the chat, I started a new chat with a different rep and after saying he couldn’t transfer it he then told me as a one time courtesy he will give me a $20 promotional credit for anything shipped and sold by amazon.

Thank you @Dan for this, HUCA really worked!


I tried chatting and first try they turned my $15 prime now credit into an amazon credit! Thanks for the tip Dan, if I hadn’t read your post it would have expired today!


This has to be handled by the PrimeNow team, if you wish let me connect you a call with them.

Anyone else had this?


Yes, and they were unable to help me.


me as well prime now team said nope. did not have time to HUCA


Ask for a Kindle team specialist.


thanks dan got it as a credit


Thanks DansDeals! I first tried over the phone. Took the rep almost 10 min but there was nothing she can do about it.
Just tried on chat and within 1 min the Amazon rep had it converted to a promo on my account!

I greatly appreciate it!


Just called and the first agent said they cant transfer it so i asked for a manager and she transferred them as a courtesy. Mazals


יישר כחך!

מי כעמך ישראל


thanks, just got a $15 credit


I received a bunch of Whole Foods Credits a few months ago. Is there a link to check them?


Mine expired before seeing this post and not sure how much I had. Any way to get it back?

Admor Aleph

Can this be credited as a Prime delivery at Bagel Nosh this coming Bein Hazmanin Sunday morning?


I was always happy to get free mp3 music. Has anyone besides me noticed that the recent albums from Avraham fried (kama tov), Simcha leiner (merakeid) and baruch levine (peduscha) were on amazon music for a short while and are now gone? I wonder why…. I would use my credits for those.


has anyone been able to do this successfully recently? i tried several times, but Amazon CS always told me it was not possible.


Ever tried transferring promotions (not gc’s) to another account?
What was your experience?
(I got a NO )

Heimish Girl

Any ideas for something to use the digital credits for ??


mp3s – there are jewish ones on Amazon.


Thanks for reminder. Was able to convert to amazon credit last time


What are the no rush credits good for under normal circumstances?


I use it to buy Jewish Music mp3s and we are also able to listen on Amazon music app and amazon echo


no success getting a credit for them but they did extend the expiration date (the guy said he was just deleting and then re-adding them)


oops…. that was what the guy “said” he was going to do, he converted them to promotional credit, I don’t think he was clear on what they actually were.


Thanks for the heads up! Got a no, HUCA and got a yes 🙂


Thank you for the info!
I just successfully got my no-rush credit turned into amazon credit, for the next item sold & shipped by amazon.
Done via chat.
It was just $1, maybe they might give you a hard time if you have a lot.
Good luck!


Thanks so much for mentioning this! First rep couldn’t do anything, second issued a promotional credit.


I have $3 that’s expiring on July 18th.
Does this mean I can use it until tonight or through tomorrow?



promo credit

Just got 29$ in promo credit


Easy 1,2,3, got my credit converted to a promo credit, thanks!


Converted $5 no rush credits to $5 promo credit via chat. HUCA not required


Thanks DansDeals for the reminder! After purchasing numerous songs and albums I still had $6.03 expiring.

After chatting was not success I called and also nothing. Then chatted with 2 more reps. Finally got it applied as an credit for purchases.

Thanks again

Jamie Sutton

mine doesn’t expire till 9/1/19


We don’t have the option to transfer the credit to other site or account. Here’s what I can do, I can add a new $1 promo and delete this current promo on account, would that works?


Got a no, HUCAed, got a no, and then that rep changed his mind. He even converted the non-expiring credits!


Can we get a Dan’s thoughts on Prime Day post?


I’ve issued a $15.00 promotional certificate to your account. It will automatically apply the next time you order an eligible item sold and shipped by The promotional certificate doesn’t apply to items offered by other sellers on the website. It also won’t cover the purchase of gift cards, sales tax, gift wrap, or additional shipping costs.

Your promotional balance doesn’t appear in Your Account. However, it will always display at checkout when you place an order through the Shopping Cart for an eligible item shipped and sold by Amazon.

Robin Webber

Just tried to do this with 4 different reps and they all refused


Try again! I finally got it done with the 4th rep. Good Luck


+1. Was able to do it last few times, but this time no luck. I’ll keep HUCAing


got it today

ממונם של ישראל

Wow thanks so much dan! Just made it on the phone by the first call for $25 promo credit on everything sold & fulfilled by amazon!
“התורה חוסה על ממונם של ישראל”

ממונם של ישראל

I’m actually wondering if it’s possible to do it again on the same points as i saw that they still left it in my no rush rewards balance? 🙂 does any 1 tried to do that before?


“I’m sorry but this option is not available yet. However as an one time exception I can cancel all these credits right now and issue one $16 promotional credit to your account.”

This is what I got. So its not an option but hell do it anyways. love amazon


will not work


thanks dan for the extra $40 buks
first i did chat she didn’t wanna help me,
so i called and she was vary nice and gave me $40 promo credit


As usual I found the Amazon customer service the best in the industry. They almost immediately converted to a credit to anything that Amazon sells and delivers. Just be nice when you speak to them.


Got a promo credit for expiring no rush credits. The rep told me digital items are excluded from the no rush shipping promo as are gift cards. Said they would automatically apply to products sold and shipped by Amazon. I put an Echo spot in my cart, went to checkout page and asked where the credit would display. Was told that I had to place the order first, so I did, and asked again. She checked and confirmed the credits could not be applied and offered a $5 courtesy credit. I asked for $13 since that amount expires tomorrow. She gave me $15. All in all more time and effort than it was worth just like most communications with Amazon customer service. But, at least I get something of value for those no rush shipments. Thanks Dan! There will likely be some time in the future when my expiring credits will be worth an hour long chat session (but I’m not so sure I will have the patience for HUCA). I will also be more likely to opt for the higher value Prime Pantry no rush offers in the future.


thank you so much for the reminder. I actually got $10 credit for my 9 digital points.


Tysm first call received an amazon gift card.


got $105 GC after chatting. (calling didnt work)


Thanks Dan! got $34 converted to promotional credit after 2nd call


Got credit, Dan I really appreciate this post.


Was turned down by phone, then by chat, but after chatting with someone that had a very poor command of English, I was offered a survey about their performance, which I rated poorly. In response to that rating a page popped up offering to either call or chat about my rating. On that call the representative offered to convert it to a promo credit


What is the magic word? I tried three times chatting but unsuccessful & I did twice by phone and unsuccessful

Mr. A

Thanks DAN! Transferred $5 digital to promotional credit!


Thank you I got a credit for $20