Amazon Prime Members: Request An Amazon Echo Invitation And Get 50% Off

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50% Off Amazon Echo Preorder For Prime Members

“If selected, you will receive an e-mail with an invitation to purchase in the coming weeks.”

An immersive bluetooth speaker and a whole lot more:

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27 Comments On "Amazon Prime Members: Request An Amazon Echo Invitation And Get 50% Off"

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Nice it appendicitis cloud. So not only can they track you, they can listen to your every word said in the home




I wonder how this will work in real life.


this is soo cool. Thank you dan for posting this. I hope I get invited!

Does it look like it won’t be on the Apple store as an app?

thanks again


I figured it would be much more expensive. 199 is not bad.

Alexia, how much is BA miles going for?

Deal Lover

Really cool gadget, but I don’t know if I’m comfortable with Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) listening in to me every conversation at home.


What if someone in your house is named Alexa?


Lol – my daughters name is Alexa – that would be interesting

Big Red

It has to listen to all the goings on in your house because you wake it up with a pre-set phrase. I wonder who is going to be listening in. I signed up, not sure if I would actually do it.


Amazon forgot to add on the other feature it has.
Great for Shulem Bayis. Alexia will never let you get in a fight say bad words or even forget to take care of your spouse/kids

Might be a best seller!!!!!!


Excuse my ignorance please, but what is the appeal of this item? Google now or siri can do all of this without spending any extra money.


The TODO list that it creates can/does it transcribe it or is it in voice only?


does this have to be connected to the internet to work?

ya think

this is sooo dumb !!! its siri on speakerphone

for the ignant

I agree with Seymour. Google Now already provides this functionality. You can set it up to awaken on saying ‘Google’ (and i think you can change the keyword) and then tell it your command. You can get it for free on any android smartphone. On top of that you can set your double tap home button be set to pull up google now as well.

It doesnt have shopping list but it does have location specfic or timed reminders.

This will be a big seller, simply because people are not aware of the existing technology that can do all of this and more (except shopping list, which isnt a feature google now has yet, but it has more features).

for the ignant

btw, alex was just an example keyword. you can set this device to whatever keyword you want, like ‘hey onomatopoeia’


this is great ! ALEXA: “what time is shachris”


I asked , Alexa please send me a redbird card because it is not available in Chicago. Alex replied: Ask someone on dansdeals to mail you one.

Osborne Greene

Any Moto X or Droid user will tell you that they’ve been enjoying this technology with “Ok, Google Now” for the past year. And it’s a lot less creepy.


It looks so cool in the video, but how well would it work in “Real Life”???? So what if my washing machine is on (in my kitchen) it won’t hear me! Music? I have an ipod dock, News? I have a radio! Timer? I use my ipad! How many devices can i handle, and trust me, all those devices work way better than a “Voice activated machine”


cool but video is not appropriate for DDMS. Please take your clientele into consideration


Here’s a cheaper version you can make with things you already have around the house.


“Are you one of the suckers that bought the Fire phone? Do you wish you can have Siri or Google Now everywhere you go? We are pleased to announce a breakthrough device that not only is far less useful than the phone you’re already holding, it also comes with our proprietary wired-to-wall technology. Order it today, and we will throw in a free 1 month warranty!!”


If you’re worried about NSA… Invasion of privacy and data aggregation taked on a whole new meaning.




@Oren: Apparently it comes as “Alexa” as the default name; supposedly you’ll be able to change the name to anything you want.

Hu Nu What?


Not appropiate for DDMS??? Whats is DDMS
Not appropiate for Dans Deals Motzei Shabbos?
Not appropiate for Dans Deals Mechalelei Shabbos?
Not appropiate for Dans Deals Main Stream?
Not appropiate for Dans Deals MicroSoft?