Amazon Gold Box Deal Of The Day: 100% Wool Tommy Hilfiger Suits, Normally $650, Now $192.99 Shipped

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Update: First-time subscribers to Amazon Fashion email can get a 20% off code for this and all other clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and watches.
That coupon will drop the price of these suits down to just $154.39 shipped!

If you already ordered without the code you can chat with Amazon customer service and they have been manually giving folks 20% back!

Amazon Gold Box Deal Of The Day: 100% Wool Tommy Hilfiger Suits, Normally $650, Now $192.99 Shipped

All of the suits on the page that are on sale for $192.99 are 100% wool.

As with most clothing from Amazon, this sale offers free shipping in both directions!  You can buy several sizes and return the ones that don’t fit with free return shipping!

Sale runs until midnight PDT tonight or while supplies last.


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Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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I just ordered it for $168.09. I don’t know how it happened, but I somehow got a discount of $38.60 off


Amazon sometimes have these promotional credits that do not actually show up on your account, only discounts the price when you go to pay. It could have been one of those.


@Scotchy88: are you complaining? 😉


hows the quality? Anyone ordered these before?



Means you still have the 20% off coupon in your account from here


Seems like it should be good. Worst case is you do a free return.


I’ve ordered Tommy suits from Macys in the past, always very happy with the quality. Suits lasted 3 years so far.


The pants come unhemmed, so you should probably decide if you like it before you bring it to the tailor for fitting.
Amazon may still take it back after, but it’s no longer in the brand new condition that you bought it in.


Days is trim fit. How slim do they run? Also, does anyone here know how to measure for a suit?


Thanks, signed up for a second amazon account to get another 20% off coupon and buy a few suits.

Mike B

Any idea how much these are regularly on Amazon?


Sweet deal


I am hesitating to pull the trigger bc i dont have the same as the screenshot, my browser just shows prime free two day. Does not say free returns. Anyone else see that?


It only says free returns after you select a size.

Mike B

It will only show Free Returns once you choose your size.


where do i see the size of the pant


Traditionally suit pants are 6″ less than the jacket.


I purchased 3 suits without the 20% promo code and after I placed the order and after I received the code I chatted with an amazon sales rep to retroactively have it applied… Took 2 seconds. Thanks Dan.

Dan's the Man

Thanks Dan. I needed a new suit for yom tov. I hope it fits well but if not at least I can return it for free.
Know where I could good deals on nice ties?


The fashion email officially shouldn’t be applied.
“The Promotional Code may not be combined with other offers, including Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day.”

But it still worked for me! 🙂


Got a suit for $158.38 with one day shipping! 🙂


chatted and they took off 20% even though I didn’t use my code when I ordered!


It’s it skim fit?


It’s actually skim milk. The Suit in the title is just to throw off the scent.


Thanks Dan, ordered 3 suits at $157 each!


I just resigned up my prime account that I think already got a discount code. But I had unsubscribed. I got a new 20% off code.

chana k

@Scotchy88: Are you sure that $38.60 was a discount and not credit you had in your amazon account?


I’m a short guy, so I do not think any of these sizes will fit me. – Do they ever have sales for boys sizes?


@chana k:
It’s the 20% off as stated in the post update.

38 short is too big for you?

Dan's the Man

@chaim: Thanks for much Chaim! I had ordered before Dan posted about the 20% off coupon code. So I was going to order the suit again using the code and either cancel or just return the first order but my color/size was no longer available so I thought I couldn’t get the 20% off. I used your suggestion and chatted and they said they can’t apply the coupon code since the order went through already but as a 1 time courtesy they’d adjust the price of the suit down by 20%! Thanks Chaim! and, of course, thanks Dan!


Thanks Dan. Ordered one suite. Also registered for the 20% discount email sign-up and included it in final price for further discount of $38.60. The final price was $154.00.

Free Delivery in two days included with Free Amazon Prime Sign-Up too. Need to canx Amazon Prime within 30 days or will be charged. Also noticed, free delivery to Canada available, but would think that duties would apply, therefore best to send to American address. Thanks again!

Dan's the Man

@Jacob: This order qualifies for free shipping even with out Prime. Technically it’s not 2 day shipping like prime but most of my amazon orders only take 2-3 days anyway.


Is this slim fit or not, don’t seem to have straight answer. It says “trim fit”.


The final price that everyone is saying is including or not including tax?


Buy a couple sizes, see if they work, return the ones that don’t for free.

Depends where you live. Most states don’t pay tax. CA/NY are notable exceptions.


Ordered 2. You’re the best!!


How do you chat with them I want to add a second suit to my order?


I found it. Buried deep under help.


Be aware the max amount for the 20% discount is $100. It’s in the additional restrictions. I tried to use the 20% code on 4 suits and the discount was only $100 as opposed to $154.


@Dan: I will buy to try them out but I don’t think they will. It’s okay, I have other qualities 🙂


anyone thinking of buying just pants, please note they are polyester.


I ordered two suits. I’m always the odd size (43s) so got a 42 and a 44 and hope one will fit. They are being delivered by FedEx on Saturday. Does anyone know if FedEx will require a signature? (I usually get things from USPS and UPS)


So I got 3 suits at size 40R hoping that it looks and feels nice and it turns out that I need a 42R. If anyone wants to purchase the 40R Navy Striped for $175 please let me know since I definitely am going to return that one. And if anyone has either the solid grey or navy 42R that they don’t want please let me know…


I just got the suit. The size 44R jacket fit like it was custom made for me. The pants will need 2-3 inches taken in, like every suit I buy. Btw does it need to be checked for Shatnez?


I received the suits ordered, and sadly they are not 100% wool at all- they are only 10% wool, 28% viscose and the rest is just polyester. I don’t know how they get away with such false advertising.


I just got in the suit I ordered its Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Nathan Blue Two-Button Side-Vent Suit size 44L ,if any one wants it for $175 hit me up at
If no one hits me up within a week of this then I will just return it.
First come First serve