Amazon AMEX Direct Registration Now Closed, Twitter Registration Still Alive For Now!

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Update #2, 12/03 at 11:25am: Twitter registration is now full as well, congrats to those who listened and got in under the wire!


Update, 12/03 at 10:40am: Credits are now posting! Although the terms say up to allow up to 90 days I’ve already gotten my $25 credit for email and physical gift cards on both primary and secondary cards!  Register all of your cards now via Twitter while you still can!





Originally posted on 12/03 at 12:01am:
AMEX has just closed the direct registration link for the $25 off $75 Amazon promotion, you can read more about that offer here.  As long as you already registered you still have until 12/31 to complete your $75 in spending.

However I just confirmed that you can still register via Twitter!  You’ll want to register ASAP before this is closed as well!

It’ll take more work than before, but hey, that’s the price of procrastination! At least you’ll be able to register all of your cards for the Costco or other promotions at the same time.

Sync your American Express card with your twitter account and get bonus savings.

Step 1: Tweet #AmexAmazon

Step 2: Click on @connect to confirm that you are registered. Find the @connect button in the black bar on the top of the Twitter page.

Receive a $25 statement credit for making $75 worth of purchases by 12/31/13 at

Offer Terms Linky

You can register all of your cards on Twitter, it just entails either: Unsyncing and resyncing cards via this link or making multiple Twitter accounts for each card.  If you do unsync and resync multiple cards on the same Twitter account you must change the tweet slightly each time like:
#AmexAmazon 1
#AmexAmazon 2
And so on.

When resyncing there is no need to fill out your billing address, just fill out the first half of the form with your name, email, and your credit card number.  You can skip the optional fields asking for your billing address, card expiration, and the 4 digit code.  You can use the same email address for all of your cards.

While you’re add it be sure to see if you want multiple registrations for other Twitter offers like Costco as well.

Make sure to check by clicking on @connect that your registration went through before unsyncing. It should come within a minute.
If you are unsure whether a card is registered you can always sync it again and reregister. If that card has already been registered then you will get a message after clicking @connect that the card was already previously registered. Otherwise you should get a registration confirmation.

Once you add a promotion to a synced card the promo stays even after you unsync that card!  You can spend the $75 at Amazon until 12/31.

To get a 33.3% discount on items more than or less than $75:
-You can buy an email gift card here for $75 and the code will be sent within 15 minutes. You will get a $25 statement credit on your AMEX statement so you are buying Amazon money at a 33.3% discount.
-Alternatively you can buy a physical $75 gift card here with free overnight shipping.
-Once you have the gift card code you can save it to your Amazon account via this link. There is no limit to how many gift cards you apply to your account and gift card funds never expire.
-During checkout just select “pay with gift card” and it will deduct from those funds that you purchased with a 33.3% discount.
-In other words if you have 11 primary and secondary American Express cards you can buy $825 worth of gift cards for $550 so that everything you buy from Amazon up to $825 will be at a 33.3% discount. And you can always add more additional users

Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Synced with Twitter so it’s still working! Thx!


Costco $15 off $115 #amexcostco


Question : to sync multiple cards will need to unsync and sync the new card. So do i first make the purchase ?


I still managed to direct link with a blue cash preferred card. (12/3 1am)


No, once you sync you’re good to go.

You can even make the Amazon purchase after you unsync!

Makir Tova

I’ve already used over 25 cards & I’ve got 25 more. Any reason not to load them up in Amazon? Where can you get a guaranteed 33% return on your money today? Even if it takes a year to use the credits.

Dan – should I be concerned about too many cards?


@Makir Tova:
I’m doing the same thing myself 😀
Impossible to beat 33.3% off at Amazon!


@Dan: How about 99% off at walmart ? (A few weeks ago)


100% off Vegas was also nice.
But we’re talking about sustainable bargains, not about short-time glitches!


But only 1 per card!


Dan never confirmed and mention if this promo works with any Amex logo cards or those amex cards issued by Amex itself?

I wish Dan was clearer!

I have citi aadvantage amex.


worked for me, thanks!


Get more cards?

It does work but “fake” AMEX cards like that offer no support in case the system doesn’t automatically reimburse you.
And “fake” AMEX cards like that don’t get new numbers on AU cards and therefore can’t be registered separately.


When I buy a laptop with a amex what do I earn?


If you follow the gift card instructions in this post and have enough cards you’ll get 33.3% off.


Can I sync a card in my wife’s name to my twitter account, and if yes, do I put her name or my name on the “sync your with twitter” page?


Yes, the name doesn’t have to match the Twitter account at all.
Put in the name on the card.


I just unsynced and synced a new card and didn’t receive any message after tweeting #amexamazon do I need to get any message or how can I know if it’s registered on my Amex account I’m just seeing the card I registered thru my offers


@Dan: Thanks for the speedy response!


Wheres is this “@connect”?


Bluebirds dont work. Tried synching my delta amex, said its no longer active…I had Delta amex sync’d a year ago, can you only synch, unsync once?


@Dan is there a way of telling if a particular card is registered?
I registered a bunch of cards and now I went through the confirmation emails from Amex and I can’t find one confirmation. Maybe I by mistake missed to register that one


Dan is it safe to buy many gc using Many cc from one account?


Unrelated to this post. If i return item to khols with which i received khols cash and spent them will they charge me?


Dan: Thank you very much. You saved me quite a bit. :O)


I got a confirmation after I synced. Do I also get a confirmation after I tweet #amexamazon, or am I good to go?


Got my credits! Thanks Dan! I only have 2 Amex cards but saved $50 on $150 gift cards which for me are as good as money!


Does this also work for secondary cards on an AA American Express card, where they issue the same CC# to secondary card holders as to primary?


BTW i was just on my AMEX offers page and on some of them there was the offer for Amazon all I had to do was click save offer and it worked.


Got my $25 credit


$25 credit on my Dec. 2nd statement!
$10 small business Saturday charges still pending


just to be clear if I synced with the email I cannot sync with Twitter and get it twice right


Can one sync their Serve card to the Amazon offer? I know it worked for small business Saturday.


Click on @connect.

Top black bar.

You can sync and unsync as often as you want.

You can sync on Twitter.
It will tell you if they’re already registered in the @connect.


Look in @connect.


It will just say you already registered that card.

If it lets you sync and register then it will work.


I got my credits already! And my UPPAbaby Vista is scheduled to be here tomorrow!
You cant beat getting it for $389.99!!!!
Thanks Dan!


Doesn’t seem to work with any Canadian amex cards.
Boo hoo.


Hello Dan,

I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to unsinc in order to resync with an other card, but to no avail.

Can you please help.



It’s not worth buying gift cards till the end of the month because if you buy items on an amex card then you have the extended warranty and other benefits…unless you are making a very large purchase…

Dan Please Help!!

thanks- i’ve received 1/5 of my $25 credits!! i’m having issue with my small business transactions though- i used four cards at a local cafe on motzei shabbos around 10:30pm-i have the dated receipts for 11/30 but they are showing as posting in my account on 12/1 i guess because the place stays open past midnight- i’m not sure?? anything i can do about it if i have the receipts???? the place was on the sb map


how many times can i purchase a $75 gift card on one card and keep getting a $25 credit?


@ybeeds unless you buy books in which case you don’t need that warranty but agree with you. What is the rush, we have 4 weeks to spend the cash.


tried twitter. They responded “Sorry, max # of Cardmembers have enrolled in #AmexAmazon offer.”


@Joey: once!



Click on the unsync link and click disconnect.

I don’t value a year warranty at 33.3% of the cost of an item.
I’d take the discount every time.

@Dan Please Help!!:
Call or chat with AMEX to get that taken care of.

One per card.

Yup, looks like it just died!


@dan I’m trying to click in @connect and I’m just seeing the first message twice but it’s on the same time and the sync and unsync I did 20 min apart is that how I need to see it ?


kinda strange i got this credit before the SBS credit?


thanks so much. I just purchased two amazon gcs with my amex cards. I already received confirmation of credit. what happens if I cancel the gc’s. will credit remain? do I have such option


Not at all.
Amazon posts charges very quickly.

1. You can’t refund GCs.
2. Even if you could AMEX would claw back the credit.
3. Be happy with 33.3% off!

BeShaar Ha ir

Chaveririm, dont be Chazirim!
you want to keep 25 and return item? please!
Eolokim Roeh!


Thanks did 13
now I have to find what to buy for $975


How long for the statement credit to post? TIA


See my screenshot in this post.


Generally speaking, could you add offer to AU on line from my account, or need to be a twit?
does AU get a separate page with my offers to add?


Dan,I followed your instructions everything looks fine but im not getting the confirmation email from twitter letting me know my card is eligible for this deals. Where else would i be able to see that my card is in fact eligible for the 25$ statement credit?


Twitter only.

There is no confirmation email.
It’s in @connect as I wrote in the post.


@Dan: I read that but if that’s the case it doesn’t seem to be dead


Sorry, max # of Cardmembers have enrolled in #AmexAmazon offer. Visit for more offers


Closed with twitter too.
Got the following message:

Sorry, max # of Cardmembers have enrolled in #AmexAmazon offer. Visit for more offers


@Dan: you have month to spend so whats the rush to get gift card first? you’re still getting the 33.3% off… with the extended warranty… (as I wrote, its only worth getting gift cards if you’re making more expensive purchases and you have many cards to use or if you wont reach the $75 minimum)


You guys should read the post updates.

I’m assuming most people have more than 1 card and aren’t buying items exactly $75.


Has anybody purchased any third party gift card (eg: home depot, lowes etc) from amazon and got credit for this offer ?

Please confirm if you got the email or credit and how the trnsaction posted for thrid party GC


Thanks Dan for the heads up
Has amex done anything like this super deal in the past?
Do MC or Visa do stuff like this?
Still waiting for the $25 credits to post to amex

At this point when on the calendar is the next shopping frenzy? (price cuts and deals like this?)


Can anyone confirm getting a $25 credit on a Citi Advantage Amex?


trying to make money

Hi Dan Im trying to check out by a website with amazon payments is there anyway for me to pay with my gift cards that I applied to my amazon account?


How do I know which card I synced with my twitter account?


I’ve received most of my amex statement credits within a week. I’v received over $80 in credits this month (mainly from the bp deal) and I’m expecting another $50 from amazon. Thanks Dan!!


Pretty weird I have 20 transactions still showing as pending form SBS it’s already Tuesday . Also I registered 20 cards and only got 16 emails that I used it, all were used in the same place.


Can someone explain why amazon gift cards sell for than their value on ebay im thinking of selling the gift cards there


@yehuda: I believe when ppl have ebay bucks expiring its worth buying gift cards even off it’s more than the face value


@Steve: Mine are pending as wel. Not sure why.


Dan- Should I worry if I didnt recv any of my 8 $25 credits yet ? ( I did them all yesterday afternoon)


i’m confused about something – why bother with the twitter? Just go to “offers for you” tab on the website and sign up for all the offers, no?


Yehuda, some buyers are scammers, and seller will have a long road fighting for seller protection. every sale is a risk.


Is it normal that all my pending charges from SBS are posting as of Sunday even though I got emails on Saturday they my cards were used?


still i dont understand why people would pay 140.00 for a 100 dolar gift card for amazon there were multiple bids your telling me its one big scam?


@Eli I haven’t received mine either but received an email so give it a few days as I am sure you will get your credit.


@Chosid…what specific email are you referring to?


I saw a forum thread regarding selling the amazon gift cards at a discount last night, but I can’t find it now does anyone have the link?


How often would good deals come by, or is year end?

Good time now to get AU and a twitter account and learn how to synch, or I missed it?


I waited to the last minute to make my gift card purchases after I synced it a few weeks earlier. However all my transactions posted 01/01/14 instead of 12/31/13 so I didn’t get the credit automatically.Does anybody have the promotion information (an alphanumeric code unique to this $25 credit offer from the AmEx website) for this specific promotion? The website link is no longer active and I need it to get my promotion credit from American Express. He said he can’t process it without the code.