[Offer Expired, Final Day To Complete Paperwork!] New Jersey Residents Can Order A Tesla And Possibly Double Dip The $5,000 State Rebate And Future Federal Rebate To Get A Tesla For $22K-$27K!

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Update, 10/14: Since this post was written, NJ has ended the rebate, Tesla has killed off their referral program, and Tesla has increased the price of the Model 3 and Model Y in anticipation of a federal rebate.

If you took advantage of this potentially incredible offer, be sure to contact Tesla or a local Tesla dealer to confirm that Tesla has filled out the paperwork to reserve the NJ rebate. The deadline to reserve the rebate for a car purchased by 9/15 is tomorrow!

Meanwhile in Lakewood next Spring…

Update, 9/15: Hundreds of DansDeals readers in New Jersey have taken advantage of this potentially incredible deal, which ends at 9pm tonight!

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Originally posted on 9/14:

New Jersey currently has a rebate for residents who purchase an electric vehicle.

Cars with an MSRP under $45,000 are eligible for a $5,000 rebate and cars with an MSRP between $45,000-$55,000 are eligible for a $2,000 rebate.

  • A Tesla Model 3 with standard or standard range plus is eligible for a $5,000 rebate.
  • A Tesla Model 3 or Model Y with long range AWD is eligible for a $2,000 rebate.

If you buy a Tesla via my referral link you’ll also get 1,000 free Supercharger miles.

The NJBPU announced today that the deadline to purchase a vehicle and receive the rebate is September 15, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

The Tesla Model 3 and Y aren’t expected to be delivered until February if you order one today.

I asked the NJBPU for clarification and they confirmed that as long as you make the order before the deadline tomorrow, the dealership can fill out a form by 10/15 and reserve the rebate, regardless of when it’s delivered. Once the car is delivered the dealership will then have 14 days to finalize the rebate.

I called a Tesla dealer in New Jersey and they confirmed that you can order online and then request for them to fill out the paperwork.

What’s interesting about this is that it’s expected that the US Congress will pass an incentive package to purchase electric vehicles, though that may not go into effect until 2022. However unlike the NJ program, the federal program goes based on the time of delivery, not the time of purchase. The exact details are still being hammered out, but it’s likely that a rebate in the range of $7,500-$13,000 will be available next year.

In the past, Tesla has increased their prices when federal rebates have been available, so I’d expect that prices will go up once Congress does pass legislation. But in the meantime, an NJ resident can effectively lock in current pricing, lock in the current NJ rebate, and potentially be eligible for an upcoming federal rebate by ordering a Tesla now.

The down payment required to order a Tesla online is $250, so if this doesn’t all work out, the most you would lose out on is $250. But on the flip side, there are decent odds that you can get a $40,000 Tesla for just $22,000-$27,500.

If the federal rebate still hasn’t been finalized by February, you can push off the delivery of your car for longer.

Personally I LOVE my Model 3, and can’t imagine going back to a gas powered car. I never have to buy gas or change my oil, I have instant exhilarating torque, and the autopilot included for free makes long road trips nearly fatigue free!

Will you try to double dip and order a Tesla with this offer?

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If I put down a deposit today, how long can I wait to complete the purchase and take delivery while locking in the current price on the car?

Avi L

Any rebates or federal grants for NY


Just purchased a Tesla today in New York. If the car price is under $42K the NY state rebate is 2K. This means if you get the base model without any extras you can stay under 42 and the rebate is 2K but if you add just one extra feature the price automatically goes over and the rebate is only $500. Does anyone know if there are any Federal rebates in the pipeline?


You can buy the base mustang Mach E and get the $5k state and $7500 federal, guaranteed. The federal rebates coming to fruition is a gamble.


So that’s it until ~July of 2022?


“the autopilot included for free” –

Can you clarify what autopilot featured are included for free, and what autopilot is the (expensive) paid add-on?


“the dealership can fill out a form by 10/15 and reserve the rebate”


Isn’t the fed rebate based on income less than 100k?


Am I understanding this correctly. If I put $250 down today, live in NJ, and don’t buy the car until say 2022 I could still double dip? Double dipping to get a Tesla in the $20k range sounds awesome, but I cannot afford it currently. If I lock in $250, is there a deadline to pay the rest? Say, if in December 2022 I can buy, will I still double dip?


Possible $7-$13K eligible in California too? If thats the $250 it may be worth it


It’s unknown if the federal credit will be refundable or non-refundable credit


If it will be non-refundable, it will make it an irrelevant credit for most folks.


Not most folks that buy teslas…


But maybe yes for most folks that buy $25K Teslas on DansDeals 🙂


I’m not so certain that it will be that straightforward to have Tesla fill out the paperwork for the rebate by 10/15 without a dedicated VIN.

I realize they confirmed on the phone that it’s possible, but having them successfully actually execute the paperwork is another matter.


Why do you think I’d be able to get the 5k and the federal?


Do I need to select the cash option or does the loan option qualify?


Same price as a simple car but seen as luxury. Good luck with tuition assistance if you drive a Tesla.


It’s unfortunate that there are still places who use those kinds of things as a factor in tuition assistance. You should have to prove your income, and that’s it.


Why is it unfortunate?
If you can afford luxuries, then you can certainly afford your Childs tuition, no matter your income.(Except if you have other priorities in life)


A luxury at $22k?

Find me a decent new car at the price.


Will the Federal rebate be a credit or refund


Same question and does it rollover year to year?


If you do a 7 seater Model Y, you are out of luck, right?


Hey Dan which dealership did you talk to? I called one and they said this only applies if we take delivery before Oct 15. Anyway to get the dealership info?


If I don’t pay close to 7,500 in taxes will I get the rebate in cash?


It is unlikely that this kind of rebate will be refundable (like child tax credits are for example). So make sure you owe about 7500 in 2022.


If it’s not refundable, in an example that someone owes $13k before child tax credits, would the $13k be deducted before the child tax credits and get a refund?


This is a good question. Probably yes. But I would like a tax accountant to weigh in. The question is – if you have multiple credits, let’s say 5 children ($15k), and 1 EV ($7.5k), and your tax liability was $10k. Which credits get “used” first, the non-refundable ones (EV tax credit) or the refundable (child tax credit) ones?


Much better explained.


If I do reserve one now when will they pull my credit?


Had the same question does anyone have an answer?


Can the full self driving be added on after purchase?


As it stands, it seems Tesla would only be eligible for $7.5K since it’s not unionized?

“The tax credit for up to $12,500 per vehicle for U.S.-made union-made zero emission models compares with a $7,500 incentive for most other electric cars”

“Tesla does build cars in the US, but its workforce is not unionized. ”


So all we are getting is 5,000 off MSRP ? How much total discount will be provided?


I have model 3 SR PLUS and unless you dont do mostly local driving you must go for the long range and get 2k rebate instead of the 5k. Lakewood to mountains barely got me there one way on single charge on standard range plus. keep this in mind when ordering


How is NJ resident determined? Is it by license or address it’s being delivered to?


“verified by the Dealership or Showroom via a current New Jersey Driver’s License. Only a New Jersey Driver’s License is eligible for residency verification. Utility bills, tax documentation, and other items with the applicant’s address will not be accepted”



State used to have a rebate of 5k for electric cars under 50k, why you so sure we won’t see that again?


Can I get a cybert truck


Do these rebates work for lease as well?



Based on the this site you will get the NJ credit.



I am just confirming, I do not have to take delivery of the vehicle to receive the grant monies from NJ? If the paperwork needs to be filed by 10/15 and I’m not taking the car until after February of 2022 at what point will I receive the NJ funds?


Do I get a rebate if I order the model S?

Seriously Interested

Do I need to discuss or coordinate anything with the dealership prior to reserving/checking out online? Could the paperwork for 10/15 all be coordinated after going through the standard online process?


Anyone have any luck getting an appointment to exchange an out of state License to NJ? (Need an NJ ID to qualify for this offer)


How about the lease option, I see the base model 3 goes for 410 a month plus 4500 down payment for 36 month/12k lease. Sum of all payments equals $19,260. If fed rebate is $13k plus nj rebate equals $18k the net cost might be like $1260!

Seriously Interested

If I’m not mistaken, fed rebate does not apply to lease.


And if it does apply to a lease, it will go to the owner of the vehicle (the company leasing it to you) and they will adjust the monthly price as they calculate/negotiate.


Dan, thank you for the post. The NJ grant used to be pro rated (if you sell you pay back) it may have changed but see if you can verify that


Made the deposit, wish me luck!


Does this also qualify for Model Y?


Does the fed rebate apply to a lease? If not I by mistake choose lease and in the agreement docs it does not show anything about it being a lease, so I guess I can choose later on if I want it to be a lease or a purchase?


Do I need the NJ drivers license for proof of residency by 10/15 or at delivery?

Raphael Rosin

The charge up NJ website that you linked says the maximum MSRP to be eligible for the rebate is 55k, not 45k. It also doesn’t say anything about a 2k rebate for cars above that price. Can you please clarify?


Which dealership in NJ did you call. I have a order for one over a month hoping on the $5k rebate. I called Tesla 1800 number and they told me That the paperwork for the rebate is filed only upon delivery. Which dealership can I call for them to file the paperwork tomorrow since mine is Paramus and it shows on Google maps but they are temporarily closed which dealership did you call and speak to that they can file my rebate tomorrow. thank you


Based off the NJBPU site without an nj driver license you’re pretty much up the creek, any ideas of how to get around this while keeping my ny driver license? (I live in nj just like keeping the ny driver license for its “no points transfer from nj” benefit)


I’ve heard someone who did it with a nj Id card


Can anyone confirm? Have insurance in NJ but license in NY and don’t want to switch.


If I didn’t have essentially unlimited free gas from Giant Eagle, I may actually go in for a Tesla once they announce the Federal Rebate (I’m not an NJ resident so I can’t go in now for the double). But as long as I do, my gas cars do just fine 🙂

Seriously Interested

I just spoke with a Tesla rep and apparently there is a legitimate chance they assign a VIN prior to February, possibly even in 2021. There is an option to push off and decline the VIN. Does anyone know if declining an assignment that happens in 2021 will effect the NJ credit?


Do the “additional charges” – title fee, registration etc count towards MSRP?


How do i get to that form to sign up for that $5000 rebate?


I just ordered the 3, delivery is at the Springfield location. Is there anything specific I need to do to request the rebate? I.e. link to form etc.


Do I have to fill out the rebate form today or that happens on the day of delivery? I just don’t want to lose out on the $5000 rebate


Seems like a good bet to make, where can even keep it for the minimum 3 years that the state rebate requires and then sell it for a profit. Looking at how expensive 2018 base model 3 cars are selling for like following one, I think the base model 3 can resell for at least 30k after 3 years even if you put 100k miles on it and its in “fair” condition!



just use the car to do autonomous taxi driving when FSD is released. you will make $$$


thanks Dan!

so if I understand correctly, we can :
1) place an order today online using your referral link (no need to call dealership today)
2) before 10/15, contact nearby NJ dealership to submit paperwork (should work even without VIN)
3) waiting for delivery sometime next year
is my understanding correct?


And looks like Tesla will charge a $1200 destination and doc fee (anyone can verify if this includes NJ registration and tag fees or thats additional?)

So assuming the federal credit on this will be $7500, best scenario for base Model 3 would be $39,900 + $1,200 – $7,500 – $5,000 = $28,600. Unless I’m missing something else here?


Anyone knows if the fed tax credit if it passes will be a tax credit only or a discount on purchase price like the NJ Rebate?

gabi peretz

i have delivery this novemeber on a 3 standard range should i take it or push it off till febuary? what do you think

Raphael Rosin

I just ordered 3 of these.
I called the dealer to submit an application, but I was told that they can’t submit it until I take delivery of the cars. Won’t that allow the October 15th deadline to expire?


Called Springfield NJ location. The dealer will not file anything without a VIN but I was informed as long as the order is submitted before 9 pm today, the rebate should be honored. As the terms seem to change every year, hopefully they don’t change things up on us but if Dan posted
it I know it’s worth it!


If I select the cash option now, will I be able to take financing for it whenever I finish the purchase at a later date or am I locked into having to pay cash?


You can get your own financing through a bank such as Penfed rather than financing through Tesla and pay that way at the end.


Tesla Dealership told me you can change between financing and leasing before delivery, as long as their financing department approves you for credit.


When do I have to choose way of payment. I made the order tho just without finishing how I will be paying


All great unless you want to take a long trip and then you’re busy looking for plugs


Can I order base model today and change options later on? Don’t know what I would want right now.


I just got this email from the Cherry hill dealer.
Thank you for reaching out!

Typically, the rebate would automatically be applied to your order once your car is built at our factory. Unfortunately, the program will likely run out of funding before this happens.

With a delivery estimate of December, your Model 3 will be built towards the end of November. We’re expecting the program’s funds to be depleted next week. Unless the state adds more funds, I wouldn’t expect to receive the rebate on your Model 3.

Electric cars are still exempt from sales tax when registered in NJ, so there is still some benefit. Your order was placed before the program’s cutoff date as well, so there is a small chance the state will make an exception – although we won’t know for sure until closer to your delivery date.

Let me know if you have any questions


I forgot to use your link. You think I can get the dealer to retroactively apply it?


Ordered it! Thought the $250 order fee would be applied towards purchase price, after getting order agreement pdf by email see it is added along with dest fee in addition to purchase price. No big deal if all rebates materialize although I saw just a month ago this order fee was 100 bucks!


I ordered a Model 3 yesterday but when I called the Springfield Tesla dealership, the sales associate said that they don’t fill out the rebate paperwork there, instead it’s done by the corporate team in the order in which it was received. He acknowledged the Oct 15 deadline to fill out/submit the rebate form for NJ, but he said that corporate has a large queue and my rebate eligibility would be dependant on if they can get to my form in time.

This seems a little crazy to leave $5000 to CHANCE? Has anyone else had this issue? I know @Dan mentioned you can request them to fill out the paperwork – was this associate just being lazy?

S̶e̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶l̶y̶ ̶I̶n̶t̶e̶r̶e̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ In for 1!

More or less the same thing here, and spoke to a few associates. I pulled the trigger though bc they have a super generous policy. Until you sign and take the keys on pickup day, all your on the hook for is the 250$ deposit and a had pull if you finance. You have every right not to follow through. Long story short you would know prior to pickup if you were approved. Think of it as a 250$ Gamble with good odds that you score a 5k$ – 17.5k$ discount on a Tesla.

A little math for a second. If you get the base model (hands down most justifiable value in this situation) – after a 5k$ rebate and fees your on the hook for 36,500$. There is a very strong chance you get another 7,500$ federal as well bc delivery is in 2022 (unlikely but possibly more). Your out of pocket is then 29k$. Model 3 has some of the best value retention out there in the auto industry and after 5 years and 12k miles a year, it’s expected to depreciate by just 43%! So let’s assume you paid 29k$ and you took decent care of it and offload it for 20k$ 5 years later (conservative) – your 5 year cost was 9k$. After factoring roughly 500$ a year on gas savings (likely more) it will cost you 6,500$ to have driven around that car instead of your current gas vehicle. My 10 year old Altima is worth a bit more then that. So the choice is obvious- drive a model 3 for the next 5 years or a 10 year old Altima. Key is that this is all possible just by making a 250$ deposit today with no commitment. Huge upside, very realistic odds.

Like many here, I also opted for cash to avoid a hard pull and could switch to a loan as the date gets closer if I know I’m lined up for a state and federal benefit.

Lmk if anyone sees any flaws in the above thought process.


Is it worth buying it without the long range option? Can you add in the long range feature after?


NJ website shows 0 appointments available to switch out of state license – anyone have any workaround?

Live in NJ for a while just never had a reason to get around to it…


There’s plenty available right now for nov 16.


which location?


This caveat may help:
Required supporting documentation will be collected at the time of your scheduled delivery date, please reach out to customerrebates@tesla.com for any questions or concerns.


I ordered one. Thanx.
Thinking about ordering a second, with the long range and awd (it’s past the deadline for NJ rebate, but that was only $2k for this car, so nu nu)
From past experience, if I buy 2 cars, will I get the fed rebate on both – is there a limit per household? Also, will they allow to change name to spouse’s name before purchase? And what about switching to someone else’s name – if they do increase prices significantly between now and Feb, would I be able to flip the contract?
How long do you need to keep the car to get and keep the full rebate?


Has this been extended or is the deal over?

Slow moving vehicle

Any chance this deal will be extended for us SMVs who missed it?


maybe hope for next year nj chargeup phase 3?


I ordered one on September 15 when checking out the rebate automatically get applied. The agent at Springfield told me that the system got updated September 13 that any purchase the rebate automatically gets added.


Can you advise Dan on the insurance which company has the best pricing?


Delivery was moved up on me… anyone else?




I am now showing an updated delivery date October 14 – November 13.

Anyone else seeing that?

What now?

S̶e̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶l̶y̶ ̶I̶n̶t̶e̶r̶e̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ In for 1!

Mine says October 5th

Snowballs chance in hell that happens. Lookup Tesla delays online and you will see why.

In the off chance they prioritize NJ deliveries due to the rebate, you could always decline your VIN assignment up to twice within a 90 day window.


How do I go about declining a VIN assignment? I received a text that a VIN has been assigned. Do I wait for a sales advisor to call me? Do I reach out to them? Can I give them a date that VIN should not be assigned before that date?


This “deal” would have worked for all electric cars or just Tesla?

S̶e̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶l̶y̶ ̶I̶n̶t̶e̶r̶e̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ In for 1!

For the most part yes. For sure would have been able to stack with current federal incentive for brands like Ford.

Buying a Mach E anytime in the last month would have been a shoe in for the 5k NJ and the 7.5k federal


Hi Dan.

For those of us outside of NJ the minimum we’d be eligible for as of today on a Model 3 would be(assuming proposed fed legislation passes) $7500. If delivered in 2022. The additional $4500 looks to be union driven so don’t bank on that(for Tesla) as of today.

For a $250 deposit? Seems like a worthy gamble.



If I see the $5000 Charge Up New Jersey Credit in my account, do I still need to reach out to the dealer before 10/15/2021?


I called Springfield and agent told me that corp will submit application for me. And there is no way to track the application status.

S̶e̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶l̶y̶ ̶I̶n̶t̶e̶r̶e̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ In for 1!



What about Massachusetts?


If I ordered 9/15 via the Tesla link. Can I still (e.g. 9/20) have a NJ dealer process the paper work and qualify


Yes until 10/15


For those of you that can see the NJ Charge Up rebate on your account order, how do you find that? I ordered before the deadline on 9/15 and dont see it just the pending order of the car with the design details and estimated delivery date.


Go to the Payment Method section in the order on the Tesla website. If you expand your pricing it should show an itemized row in a section called Additional Credits (see exact wording below).

Charge Up New Jersey Incentive

– $5,000.00


Got it can see it on mine 🙂


Is reselling an option or would I lose the tax credits? Or is this strictly a deal to buy/keep?
i.e. Can I buy for ~$25 and sell immediately to someone else for $30k+ and pocket $5k and wait for the tax credits or do I lose them if I resell?


if i remember correctly, for NJ charge up, you need to keep car for 3 years. if sell before that, need to pay back pro-rated $5000. (not sure how strictly this is enforced though)
As for federal tax credit, not sure whether you need to own the car when file tax rebate. but better not mess up with IRS.




So I have a delivery in October and I’m told 2 things one is the NJ rebate is budgeted and can run out so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get it if you push delivery in 2022 cause it’s on a first come first serve based on picked up vehicles. as well the bill still isn’t signed and it’s contingent on a major clean energy bill etc…..


most people here are betting for 12.5k discount. if cannot get it, I personally don’t mind lost $250.


do i fiil out all the info on tesla to register or just for the 250 deposit


Just received an email from customerrebates@tesla.com with an online signature form. They say it must be signed by 10/10/21 in order for them to submit it on time.


Same same. Just waiting on the federal gov…


Did you get an attachment or link? There doesn’t seem to be one in the email.


It came in a separate mail for me.


If a current student (i.e. no income during 2021) who is expected to start working in Jan 2022 were to buy the car. Would they get the rebates – being that their 2021 taxes will have no taxes paid or due to deduct the rebates from.


just to confirm, i signed the rebate forms with tesla this past Thursday night. as long as i’ve signed it, it doesnt make a difference when i get delivery if i push it off until February, or even later since i’m “locked in” for the rebate? am i correct, or there is a cutoff for delivery.
thanks please advise


Does it pay for a NY residence to order and pay the $250, for the chance that the price will go up, after the federal grant is approved..?


I signed the form tesla sent me, is any other paperwork needed?


Did NJ extended the rebate offer ?


Planning a move. In regards to the NJ rebates, what happens if someone purchase a Tesla vehicle and then move out of NJ to a different state in ’22? How long would we need to stay in NJ to get the rebate?



Meanwhile the price of the model 3 went up 2k.


Is there still a way to get this rebate?


next year


Electric cars have massive car registration fees in some states


If for whatever reason the federal rebate doesn’t go through (Seems like it will just be a question about the $4500 on top of the $7500. No?) Isn’t it still worth it? After the $5000 NJ incentive, the total would be around $36,000. With the gas prices continuing to increase, it still may be worth getting it if you locked in the price and NJ incentives on time. Makes sense?


The total for the base model without any upgrades would be about $28,940 if the Federal credit will be $7,500 ($41,440 – $5000, – $7500 = $28,940) The big questions are what if any Federal rebates will there be and will it be a credit to offset owed taxes or a refund/point of sale deduction. In NJ there isn’t any sales tax on EV’s.


If I ordered the Model Y but selected 7 seater, am I eligible for the rebate? I think it puts the price above the 55k required


I had the same thing and they told me I’m above the eligible threshold


Anyone have success getting an extension to submit a NJ license? Or getting them to accept other forms of proof of NJ residence?


I just saw this post tonight. I had signed up on Sept15th on a whim when I saw the first post. I had filled out the form, but left out some info. Tonight i filled out the rest. I got up until the page where they want my insurance information…which I obviously don’t have.

Does this seem like I have done what I need to do, or do I need to call tomorrow to find out if things went through?


What did they say?


I remember signing a DocuSign a few weeks back, is there any way to check if the necessary paperwork was completed? I obviously do not have a VIN…


Did you call?


I called and they said that as long as you signed the form which was sent in the email, you are good to go. They did flag that it’s still possible for NJ to renege on the rebate but that’s outside of their control


Are you certain Tesla is unionized?


Tesla just raised the price for the Model 3 again by 2k, now it’s 43,990 for the base model.


According to the House version released today, Tesla is eligible for $7,500 plus $500 battery discounts but not the $4,500 union discount. Nothing is final yet.

S̶e̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶l̶y̶ ̶I̶n̶t̶e̶r̶e̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ In for 1!

If I’m not mistaken, latest would be 10,500$

– 7,500 EV
– 2,500 Born in the USA
– 500 Battery


Estimated Delivery: was just updated to January 27 – February 24. Was ordered on 09/15/2021. That is crazy. Hope it does not delay even more than that. All I needed is for it to delay until Jan. 1 when the new tax rebate goes into effect.


With the two increases of $2k and potential of 10.5k in fed rebate with I had booked two or three of these rather than just one on Sept 15, to have a small scale Turo rental business running hehe then sell all three after the 3 years required for NJ incentive 🙂


My delivery date is now this month. Is it simple to tell Tesla I don’t want it until the federal rebate comes into play? How long can I delay delivery?


Same- delivery date pushed up for this month. Anyone know how to go about delaying delivery?


Seems it was pushed off again to “Estimated Delivery: January 27 – February 24”


For those keeping record:
Tesla just raised the price for the Model 3 for the thid time since DD reccomended this deal, this time by 1k, now it’s $44,990 for the Model 3 base model.


I did lock in the price when DD posted the deal. Question. Seems like the new Model 3 will have some updates (Like range…) Will the model we all locked in, be the “old” model or the new upgraded model? Also, I see they now office 2 colors included, Will I be able to change colors now without adding any money, or if I make changes I lose the locked-in price?


What is this range update?


@dan any ideas if the fed credit will be retroactive? Perhaps a new article with some more details? My delivery date got moved up from Feb to October. Will fed credit work if I take delivery now? Thanks!!!


Now that the infrastructure bill passed, what are the chances the build back better bill will pass? I cant see why Joe manchin would vote for it at this point.


Did the infrastructure bill have any impact on credits for buying a Tesla?


No, but the House just changed the language on the BBB bill to make the credit refundable, now if they can just remove the ridiculous union provision and treat all EV’s equal that would be great.


Good luck. Don’t think the bill will go anywhere.


Looking for a reservation. You can message me on Ddf. Shmebeble

Efraim Scott

My estimated delivery date was February now it’s June


Tesla moved my delivery to a entire year out until Sept 2022! Any way to fight with them to move it back?

S̶e̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶l̶y̶ ̶I̶n̶t̶e̶r̶e̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ In for 1!

HELP!!! I was just assigned a VIN today and noticed my order agreement doesn’t have the NJ credit in it……….. I’m going to call in to check up but I think this means I didn’t get it!!! Can someone check the order agreement on the portal as it is today and let me know if they see the credit on there?

Either way, I need to push off till 2022 for Federal, but if I don’t have the NJ credit now, I can’t imagine that would change even with a pushed off delivery.


Mine shows it.

Payments Received
Order Deposit

– $250.00

Additional Credits
Charge Up New Jersey Incentive

– $5,000.00

S̶e̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶l̶y̶ ̶I̶n̶t̶e̶r̶e̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ In for 1!

I think I might be fine. My order agreement no longer has that incentive piece but my final reciept document has a line item under credits that says Charge Up NJ (if applicable) — $5,000. It’s odd though bc it’s no where else anymore though….

I will call to confirm and share the outcome and a description for all others to reference. Hopefully I’m lined up for that!


I got an email and text today that it’s ready for delivery. Can I ignore that and wait until January? Or will they cancel my order?


Why not call and ask them to postpone?


my delivery is scheduled to 12/03 – 12/09 and VIN has been assigned. I called teslas Springfield at (973) 921-0925 to postphone delivery to next year but agent told me that $5000 NJ rebate is associated with first VIN assigned. If I postphone rebate, i will lose NJ rebate. I just hang up and probably try call again. or maybe I should not call dealership?


Did you call back? Is it true if you don’t take the first VIN assigned to you, you lose the NJ rebate?


I didn’t call back that dealship as i am afraid i will talk to same agent again. i want to know other peopler’s eperience.


Dan, do you have info on this?


Delivery date 12- 4 – 12-10
Wash told that I can onlydefer delivery for 90 days after order was placed. So, till 12-15…. Anyone else?


I was told today that the 90 days start from when Vin was issued, in my case today.


Seems like they don’t have a clear policy. Anyone that calls gets a different response.

I saw that my estimate delivery date is “November 22 – November 26” which is now, so I thought I’ll call and ask them to delay it before they assign a VIN. The guy tells me he sees they already assigned me a VIN yesterday but then was removed and I was put back on back order. I asked him why they removed it? He said “it happens” (I still see the old price and the $5000 NJ rebate in my account) I asked him if I can delay it now? He said you can only delay it for 30 days and after that if I don’t take it, they will cancel my order. I asked him, If I wait untill they reassign my VIN and then delay for 30 days would that work? He said “yes”.
Strange. Seems like it all depends who answers the call


I went with financing through Tesla. The credit application expired so I had to reapply. I was approved on the same terms, but did not accept the new loan terms. I have 30 days to accept. My thought process is to wait the 30 days and then accept, which will put me in the middle of December. Then another 2 weeks I figured I can delay, assuming they are ready to deliver then. I am allowed to be out of town for a week, etc.
Does this make sense? Any thought on this @Dan?


sounds a good plan to me at least.
Do you know if i change from cash to loan now, and then apply loan through Tesla, if approved, do i have 30 days to accept as well?


How did you set pmnt initially? If it gives the option to change, I dont see how it can hurt, although it may tell you something before you try to make any changes….


I think i choose cash when i place order. i need to call to change to loan.


Just be careful, you dont want to make any changes to order that can affect the 5K NJ offer, if that applies, or anything that would push delivery date out another 6+ months….


my delivery is scheduled to 12/03 – 12/09 and VIN has been assigned. I called teslas Springfield at (973) 921-0925 to postphone delivery to next year but agent told me that $5000 NJ rebate is associated with first VIN assigned. If I postphone delivery, i will lose NJ rebate.
So now i try to find a way to delay delivery and make sure VIN unchanged.


Where can I see if a VIN has been assigned?


below RN.


I put my dlivery on hold until Jan 1, now in my order agreement I don’t see anymore the NJ 5k credit.


Did the bottom line price go up?


No, price is the same, rn# is the same & order date same too.


My vin was assigned yesterday and I got a call from the dealership today that its ready for pickup. He said that if I dont pick it up within 3 days it gets released and i get put back in line for another one. He claims his manager says that its likely I would lose the NJ rebate if I dont take delivery on this one.


maybe try change to take loan from tesla, delay process as long as possible but keep same vin?


I refreshed my order page a few times today to see if I was assigned I VIN. As of late this afternoon, it still said estimate delivery 11/22 – 11/26 but I did not see a VIN. I just refreshed again and now I see a page that says

“Order Update
Tesla is making the following changes:

Tesla Vision
Since May 2021, Model 3 and Model Y vehicles built for the North American market rely on camera vision and neural net processing to deliver Autopilot, Full-Self Driving and certain active safety features. Learn more

We have made hardware changes to Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive vehicles to optimize range. Your Model 3 range has increased to 272 miles (EPA est.) and will now accelerate from 0-60 mph in as little as 5.8 sec. While acceleration is slightly less (0.5 seconds) than originally communicated, we believe this strikes the right balance between range, performance and being fun to drive.

ACCEPT AND PROCEED WITH DELIVERY ” (I need to click on this line)

I did not receive any call or email. What does this mean? I don’t want to click just yet.

Also, on the right side is “Order Agreement”. when I click “View” it opens a PDF of my order and does not have the NJ $5000.

Does anyone have any idea what all this means?
Thank you


I went over to the Tesla dealership on 17N today. One of the guys told me that according to NJChargeup program, you MUST take delivery by the end of the year to qualify for the program. I read the full T&C on the State website but didn’t see that language anywhere. I’m not sure if this is part of their heavy handed sales tactic to try and get you to take delivery this year or if there is something that the State has notified them on. I tried calling the program but they are closed today, I’m curious if anyone has gotten in touch with them.