[Plan Cancelled] WOW! Sydney, Australia Plans To Reopen To Vaccinated Tourists In Just 2 Weeks!

The Park Hyatt Sydney and Sydney Opera House, as seen from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, January 2011 ©DansDeals
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Update: Australia’s federal government has rejected NSW’s plans to reopen to foreign nationals.

Australia has seen some of the harshest lockdowns and travel bans in the world over the past 19 months.

But the state of New South Wales, home to dazzling Sydney, says it will fully reopen to fully vaccinated tourists on November 1st.

We don’t know all the details yet, but there won’t be any quarantine required. You’ll just need to have a negative PCR test and proof of being fully vaccinated.

There will be no restrictions on your country of origin or any differences between Australians and foreigners.

The only tricky part may be finding available flights!

Will you travel to Sydney? Do you think this plan will be executed as announced or will there be major caveats added?


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Now if only Japan will open up…


No thnx lol


Australia used to be a dream destination. I have tried several deals in the past, some of the infamous DansDeals deal cancellations. But after seeing how they policed shuls on the high holidays? Hard pass. It’s off my list and I have a feeling my tourist dollars can be better spent elsewhere.

Issac Jones

Agreed Josh why go to place that that doesn’t let religion exist in 2021 when there are so many other options


What about Melbourne?


Australia committed crimes against humanity by taking away personal freedoms and civil liberties. They decided on the drop of a hat to take away freedom of speech, assembly, and protest. They kept their own citizens as prisoners. They used physical force and violence to keep Jews from praying in synagogues. They literally became North Korea overnight, and there is no going back. No one should travel there or support them in any way whatsoever. What they have done is unforgivable.


If I wouldn’t have family there I’d agree with you.






And Israel supposedly too with no antibody test


Wearing a mask for that length of a flight can’t be easy…


or healthy!


I heart the former(?) penal colony, for
its beauty and people, but they have almost no concept of natural rights. It’s funny that I considered fleeing to Australia or NZ if Hillary got elected. Seems there’s nowehre to escape to.


Dubai and Russia’s Moscow would welcome Trump, so why not Trump fans then and later too!

Personally, I would rather return to Australia than end up in Moscow or Dubai, but leaving the US because of a Clinton or Trump victory? Sounds more extreme to me than what Australia did during Covid-19, but I’m entitled to freedom of expression to a greater extent in Australia than in the UAE and Russia.


Haha, pretty foolish to be one of the first. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.


lol, right!


The only mitigating factor is that Australia had only 56 deaths per million people in the country and the USA had 2187 deaths per million people. Israel had 864 per million. So yes – they have been draconian and insane and once people are vaccinated they should have let up – on the other hand only 1448 people died of Covid in the entire country.


There’s no way to know the consequences of their rules
(How many mental health deaths etc) on the outside ya it looks great so little deaths but who really knows


There’s sooooo much science to deal with. It’s insane how many people simply handed over their civil liberties and rights without a fight. We’ve learned nothing over the past 80 years…

nsx at FlyerTalk

Now it’s time for NZ to open!


Certainly a surprising development. Australia is lucky that the mainstream media has barely reported on the jackboot activities of their government against their citizens or NO ONE would ever visit again. I was there just before the pandemic hit and while the country was pleasant enough, it reinforced my opinion that it’s a somewhat overrated tourist destination. For “adventure,” I’d go to southern Africa instead (when that reopens).


lax to sydney on nov 14 1nd 17 available on qf for 42k qantas oints


I have tickets to Israel on November 2 do u think it’s time to change or I may get lucky and let us vaccinated Americans in?

mark nissel

All the fake outrage. Amazing how everyone has an opinion after they announce they are reopening. This isn’t even a Jewish issue as everyone was upset that their freedom was taken away. The US is just doing it slower (vaccine mandates to fly are coming your way) and more deviously (bank accounts monitored which let’s get real will effect jews very disproportionately) … within 6 months Australia tourism will be exactly what it was in 2019 and all the outrage will disappear.


Dan, it’s important to note that unfortunately – as it stands now – only Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family will be allowed in. No tourists. This is because the New South Wales state government does not control the federal border, and the federal government is not on board with their plan. See more here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-15/nsw-to-scrap-quarantine-for-overseas-arrivals/100541348


Ended up there twice in 2016. First on points, then took my whole family when a deal popped up. I have a very liberal American friend who insists everything there is great since she lives there. That’s because her whole family loves and sustains the Joe Biden mandates. I don’t know if I’ll ever go again. I have done so much US travel this year that I never would have. Memphis, Nashville, Chicago, Yellowstone, and of course my local SW stuff. Sooo many places to visit. Australia is pretty, but there is a lot of competition on earth for pretty.