US State Department: Stop Taking Cruises Due To Coronavirus; Grand Princess Passengers To Be Quarantined On Military Bases

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The US State Department is warning US citizens, especially those at higher risk, to stop taking cruises due to coronavirus. Higher risk people include older adults and travelers with underlying health issues.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that there was zero chance I’d step on on a cruise while coronavirus is spreading. The US State Department now officially concurs with that sentiment.

In other news, US passengers on the Grand Princess cruise ship will be quarantined for 2 weeks in military bases in CA and GA. That cruise has over 3,500 passengers and the US does not want to run into the same fiasco that Japan had with the ill-conceived Diamond Princess quarantine.

It sure has been a rough couple of months for Carnival’s Princess Cruises.

Did you have any cruise plans for 2020? Will you be cancelling them?


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The US state department had to make a statement about it?? Who in their right mind would get on a cruise at this point when if the state department hadn’t said anything about it…?


cause there are people who’ve already paid for it. and most of those things are not refundable


Yup! I have a friend who set sail yesterday because his partner really didn’t want to cancel and no refunds were being offered so he didn’t want to get in a fight over it. Fortunately, they are mid 30s and healthy so the risk from Covid-19 is less, but I can’t imagine risking just being quarantined for all that time.



HF Trader

EZ Money: Short all cruise ship co.’s come tom morning

HF Trader

+20% in 24hrs is not a bad return… 🙂 BH

Arlene J Birnbach

I just was on a 2 week cruise, and luckily only came home with a cold. On April 19, I am supposed to sail for 3 weeks out of NY, through the Panama Canal and end in Seattle. I have a feeling that I am going to cancel this cruise based on current news. It is good the NCL has eased up on their cancellation policies. I hope Delta will be as understanding when I cancel the flight home to NY from Seattle!!


I was supposed to be on a cruise right now. I cancelled last Thursday, lost a bit over $1300. I told my wife this is not our last cruise, but I hate it to be our first quarantine.


The White House overruled health officials who wanted to recommend that elderly and physically fragile Americans be advised not to fly on commercial airlines because of the new coronavirus, a federal official told The Associated Press.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention submitted the plan this week as a way of trying to control the virus, but White House officials ordered the air travel recommendation be removed, said the official who had direct knowledge of the plan.


Cruises are floating petri dishes, even before Corona-virus. What will be with Pesach programs? In colder weather, basically the same thing but on land.


I am going on a European river cruise in August and plan to still go as I hope this has gotten better by then.


It is mind-boggling that anyone got on a cruise in the last 2 weeks.


Perhaps the craziest thing is that cruises aren’t really deeply discounting their rates. I’ve looked at NCL, Carnival, and RCL to name a few and the prices aren’t really drastically lower than what a “normal” price should be. I believe they play the game of offering 30 or 40 percent off (but that’s after they are charging their full pricing). So perhaps you’d get some extras such as free open bar or free specialty dining (which doesn’t help the kosher consumer).


Cruise scheduled end of June – can get out now with small penalties. Flights are not refundable… I can’t imagine the current situation persists for 4 months! What do you guys think?