The DansDeals Hawaiian Toaster Oven Chain…

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Update: You can now make arrangements to get the toaster oven in this DDF thread.


You may have noticed the relatively light posting the past 2 weeks while my family and I have been making up for our Vitamin D deficiencies in sunny Kauai and Maui.

Traveling for Orthodox Jews is nothing like it is for anybody else due to our kosher dietary restrictions.  That means bringing our own food or making our own prior arrangements for food when we travel to anywhere where there isn’t a large Orthodox Jewish population.

Over on the DansDeals Forums I got a private message from a member asking if we wanted to split the cost of a large toaster oven and I happily agreed.  Having a toaster oven has proven invaluable on the trip.  He left Kauai 2 days before I arrived but he left it at the front desk of the Grand Hyatt and they had it for me at checkin.

I’ve gotten to meet several couples on this trip who flew here in first class on sub-$100 airfares who nabbed them thanks to following @DansDeals on Twitter.

At any rate I posted yesterday on DDF asking if anyone wanted the oven.  A couple staying at the Westin in West Maui just came to pick it up from us at the Andaz in South Maui.  They also flew in first class for under $100 thanks to the DansDeals notification text 😀

Irony of the story?  The wife works for Eli Webster, the man who prodded me into making a forums and who built them from scratch!

They leave paradise on Sunday.  Want to pick the oven up from them and continue the chain?  Post a comment with your email address and we’ll see how long this lasts 😀

I’ll be back home tomorrow night and will continue regular posting after that.

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Will be arriving Sunday imh at the grand hyatt hnl.


Does the toaster have it’s own twitter or Facebook page ? It must have a lot of cool vacation stories


Hmm, I’ll be there (Maui) the week of March 23, far down the chain, but we’ll take it! Lol.

On a side note Dan, I recently bought an expensive underwater camera and the scuba company in Maui told me I can’t bring due to regulations! Is this a real thing?? A year ago in Kauai I was able to bring a disposable one!


The actions we do now have amazing results down the road!
And, what an AMAZING life road/flight you’ve been on so far!!

Reminds me of the true story that the man who met his future wife
at the Shabbos table of the famous Rabbi/dr. Twerski was the man who had encouraged Rabbi Twerski to write his very first book!

Because he became famous due to his books, the lady at the table (who missed her flight – it was in the 80’s before the days of DDF ) knew that the one and only person that she knew by name, due to his books, who lived in Pittsburgh where her plane was stranded for Shabbos was Rabbi Twerski! The man and woman met at his Shabbos table, got married, and have a beautiful family, and grandchildren, ka”h!


Hi Dan,
Didn’t know you stay in Andaz Maui, too. Otherwise I would love to chat with you during my stay. I am a big fan of you and I stayed in Andaz for 5 nights until Saturday. Isn’t it an amazing place? I snorkeled right on the left side of the beach every morning and got to play both Wailea Gold and Emerald Golf Course. Love the friendly staff and open kitchen restaurant.


I don’t know how the whether in clevelend will be tomorrow night but in nyc we are expecting on the average of 10 inches snow on Wednesday night into late thursday and the cold won’t go away so I guess if I’m now in Hawaii I would stay as long as I can DAN stay there over shabbos I think


We’ll be in the Wailea Beach Marriott in South Maui from Wednesday 19th of February for 6 nights, we’re more than happy to join in the chain if it can be left somewhere between Sunday and Wednesday.


Is the oven milchig or fleishig? 😉


We will be in maui the first week of march in kihei and would gladly use it.


@ShorYoshuvGuy: we took our camera along no probs at all


Is the weather rainy now….coming next week please dan keep the sun shining. It’s brutally cold here


I will be there in Hawaii tomorrow. Please email me.

Toaster owner

To all those who want the toaster. Per Dans instructions, please post your email address. The first person to reply with an email address can have the toaster. It will be left with the front desk at Westin Maui on Sunday evening.


I have a voucher for Waldorf expires feb-22 any1 want 2 buy?


We would take the toaster, we will be in HNL for shabbos and maui for sun mon at Sheraton if our flights dont get cancelled

try us at 872 222 7474


There is a Waldorf on island . Though doesn’t seem that dan ever reviewed it

Good idea

Is there a thread in the forums for this type of set up? Always said with wife that there should b a network where in big vacation spots ( hawiia, banff, Yellowstone etc) where ppl can leave unused food/plastic & their equipment ( toaster grills etc) & even travel gear that ppl don’t want to brig back (say camping gear) .in some places maybe the nearest Shuls ( eg Calgary, salt lake ,Honolulu )would b willing to store it. If not maybe a system can b set up with a hotel ( might b draw 4 crowds).. Just always seemed silly 4 every traveler 2 go thru the same pain of shopping,paying & schlepping just 2 throw out at end of trip. There has to b a way to pull this off


Will be in Maui April 11th (fairmont). Dan, please post a quick comment on the Andaz with kids vs Fairmont. Thanks. I just stayed at the Andaz Costa Rica and loved it.


We were just there and had a great time, especially thanks to the Kauai & Maui guides posted here (the Grand Hyatt in Kauai & Hyatt in Maui having kosher meals was a great pointer!). Unfortunately, we booked before I started following DansDeals. Since I’m kind of new at this, could someone share which deal(s) would have helped to book this crazy sub-$100 kind of deal, and what other things I should look out for?


@ShorYoshuvGuy – there is no state regulation that I know (Hawaii attorney) of that prevents underwater camera use. However there could be a regulation specific to camera use during scuba diving. Alternatively the scuba company wants to make a buck off you and get you to buy their professional photos. Inquire further.


Where has Eli Webster dissapeared since the beginning? not a single post from him in years, isn’t it interesting?

Anonymous were interested

att scott

if you have any great hotels I can use in FL, affordable, pls post your email


We’re expecting a trip report with lots of tips on traveling with 2 kids!


ill be in oahu, wakiki beach feb20th to feb23rd, is there anyway i can have the oven for then?


The TBB family will be in the Maui Andaz April 6-8 and Fairmont Kea Lani 9-11. Expect full one part trip reports. Funny how we pick the same places to vacation Dan!


this was delta glitch, even a pro like me almost missed it, thanks to a dd member advising use of chase ur portal I got it.

it makes sense though for ppl to keep a stash of ur I suppose.

I was close to booking rt 88$ first class but priceline cdapped out.

I’ll be in Kona and Maui about march 26-april 2.

I’m looking for a fleishig grill if someone has a half decent coal one out there I’ll split cost. I intend to live off salad and Bbq meat and chicken and maybe fish


Whenever we go to Hawaii we end up leaving all of our extra stuff with Chabad, including the cooler we buy every year and all of our extra food. I’m sure the local Chabad Rabbi would much appreciate anything in that nature.


anyone going to be in wakiki area next week ( feb 16-20)?



if that works out let me know we will be in OAHU wakiki beach on Feb 26th


dan we used your idea of having pomegranite make all our food. unbelievable idea food was great it was 16 hours out of a fridge till we got to our location and was still frozen. we got out special dans discount when ordering from Pom.
Dan thanks for the tip!!


i will be there feb 20th to feb 23rd.
is there an oven u can leave for me?


I have heard from some travelers that while the airfare was cheap, the hotels were a bloody fortune & had many stops getting there & in the end wasnt worth it ! one person who went with her family said it took them 20 hours to get there from Miami with all the stops enroute , thats not fun when traveling with kids (could have flown to israel )

Tully Weiss

why not ask the local chabad to house it? they can have a toaster gemach! when my Family and I went a few weeks ago, we schlepped a toaster down to Oahu. took pizza dough (from local kosher grocery) a can of pizza sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese. was a lot of fun with the kids making fresh pizza.

Need hawaii farez

Do you see anymore cheap hawaii fares – i have two senior family members and one 64 y old who want to use their time share there but need air fare. Any ideas? They are going the third week in march.


This is off topic but I don’t know where to post. American Express is giving $5 if you spend $25 in restaurant if you sign up via this link


It’s an honor to have started this chain 🙂
Keep it going guys!

Igor Ivanovich

@jiri: Obviously, every person has their own situation and needs to apply common sense to see if it is worth flying.


ill be at the andaz on the 23rd, if the toaster is available can it be left there?


@starty: This only for PARTICIPATING restaurants

Rockin Rebbetzin

Costco on Maui and Kauai has lots of kosher food also contact rabbi glickman at the Jewish congregation of Maui and he sells empire brand stuff at his shul and is very helpful and resourceful on what and where to eat on Maui


did anyone email u yet?
i posted in the ddf and still noone responded if we can get the toaster oven in oahu.

I wonder how much the toaster oven cost and what size it is, maybe its worth it to start another chain in oahu


I can’t get kosher sourdough bread in NJ, but I found it at Maui Costco! Once we got to the island, we bought foil pans to cook with, toiveled in the ocean and tossed when we were done for the week. The Four Seasons Exec Chef knew which markets carried Kosher products too. Definetly becoming a realistic destination when keeping Kosher.


I’m not sure if anyone has posted this suggestion, but for kicks, can there be a label on the toaster/oven where people can sign their name and city. Then we can see how many people were able to benefit from the toaster/oven.

JJ Cholov Yisrael

How is everyone able to go to Hawaii?! And can I be part of your family?


@JJ Cholov Yisrael:
you are obviously new to DDF…


Enlighten me, please.


Toaster oven is an amazing thing.
We travel with 2 (pizza/hot dogs)


@Scott: how much which island is it


Alot of us booked these cheap tickets with delta, big money saver, ends up being you will end up spending the same amount of money throughout your vacation trip even with the money saving flight glitch. Honestly I don’t think I would have taken this vaca if not for the glitch, end of the day im only spending more money because of it….just a random thought


To All:
Just got back from Hawaii.
Do not spend a day in Waikiki Beach!
It’s a complete waste of time!! All you see are city buildings and a bunch of Asians. As per the actual beach, it’s small and dirty. Better off going to Miami.
If you want to go to Shul on Shabbos, go to Maui.


mamish a lav shehneetuk la-ahsay gevaldik!

Ell Eee

just got back from Oahu and Big Island…WOW WOW amazing trip…shababt in Big island with chabad rabbi Avreml and Rivka…the place to stay!

ponzi scheme

This toaster oven sounds like a ponzi scheme, someone is going down with it.


@Scott: how much?


@Chankl6: What company did you use? The place I spoke to was Lahaina divers.


@Jenn: They said only PADI certified can use. They said even the instructors won’t carry it for me because it is not safe as they have to have free hands in case something happens to me.

Toaster Owner

I still have the toaster to give away. I emailed 1 person who never responded. It will be left in Westin Maui on Sunday afternoon. If you will be in Maui next week and would like to pick it up please post your email address and I will email you. The toaster is of questionable kashrus at this point so I recomend double wrapping your food unless you would like to kasher it.


@Ben: well have a few ppl interested In it – starting at 300$ I also have another 1 that’s good thru dec


@toaster owner
is there anyway i would be able to get it in oahu for feb 20th?


I’m happy to take the oven!

Please either bring it for me to Boston, or book me at ticket to hawaii. I’ll be happy to pay the taxes.


Is the oven still in Hawaii? Is it available?