Take Me Out To The Ballgame…Buy Me Some Kosher Chili And Ribs.

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Did you know that there are at least 27 sports teams in North America with kosher stands? You can access the entire list on this DDF thread.

The Yankees may have beat their farm system team Indians once again last night, but it’s hard not to enjoy a game with amenities like express entry to Yankee Stadium, complimentary all-you-can-eat gourmet kosher food and desserts (the menu changes nightly) in the exclusive dining areas or delivered by waiters to your seats, drinks, and cushioned seats with plenty of legroom. The food is a whole lot better than the junk they serve at the regular kosher stand.

With a face value per seat in the $1,000 ballpark it’s not something I’d ever dream of paying (though you can likely scalp tickets for a fraction of that), but if the opportunity arises for you to sit in the Legends Suite I wouldn’t pass it up!  I had the opportunity to sit in section 17b last night which is really great as it’s the closest you can get to home plate without having your view obstructed by the protective netting, just be ready to nab a foul ball if it comes your way!

Then again a Yankees fan may just want to attend an away game in Cleveland where a front row seat has a face value of less than $100 and the flight from NYC is just 9,000 BA Avios round-trip. You can bring a whole lot of food to the game with all the extra change in your pocket. Or you can even splurge and sit in the dugout suite in Cleveland for a fraction of the Legends Suites ticket price.

Still, sitting in the Legends Suite is definitely an incredible way to experience a ballgame (and yes, the peanuts and crackerjack are on the house as well)

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Deal Guy

Whose hechsher is it there? (NYY)


@Deal Guy:
The Legends food is under the Star-K and there is a mashgiach tmidi.

The regular food stand is Vaad Harabonim of Queens.

Deal Guy

Thanks. Did you manage to find out whose meats they use at the Legends?
Btw, I actually had a friend there as well with you enjoying the food.


@dealguy I beleive legends catering is ram catering also known as foremost. They are a very popular caterer in the orthodox syrian community in brooklyn.

yankees fan

Why is their no picture of the scoreboard 😉


How much did you pay for you seat??

& if you sit in the legend suit, does that garantee you unlimited food (all you can eat)??

What exact sections do I need to buy a ticket in to get unlimited all you can eat deal??

Thanks Dan!!!


Face Value is actually $600 a seat


damax, do you know any answers to my questions, because I’m thinking about going to today’s game! Do you know which sections have the kosher food??



For everything else there’s Mastercard 😉

Yes, any legends suites have free unlimited food.

If you have season tickets with a 1 year contract in 17b it’s $850 for all rows besides front row which is $1,575:

For single games it’s even more than that and there are fees, etc.

For today’s 1pm game on Stubhub it looks like Legends suites start at $300.


Thanks Dan!



I actually think the Yankees themselves are providing the food and they hire a mashgiach.

I believe Ram was the caterer last year.


@Dan Those are the published rates. They will generally “upgrade” from the cheapest Full Season rate to a better location.


What do they serve for lunch??

On games that start 1pm??



this is a GR8 kiddush hashem. im sure the ribbono shel olam is think greeks here we go again.


The kosher food stands in Toronto are by far the best that I have had. If your visiting for the summer definitely try out the hotdogs as they are awesome and grilled unlike the ones in NY/NJ which are boiled and than melt into the awful small buns. Olde Spadina stands rock!


Dan, WOW. how did you manage to get this?


@Dave: agreed. Had the change last Canada day and great stuff. Those fries also!


@Dave: You clearly have never tried the kosher food at citi field where the mets play. Not only do they NOT boil their hot dogs, they grill them right in front of your very eyes! If you go- i highly recommend the pastrami hotdog- its freakin out of this world!


two things..
Mets food is very very good, as is Washington nationals.
They also grill your hot dogs right in front of you.

However, does anyone know if champions sections in Yankee Stadium aslo get all you can eat kosher food?

what galus

i was @ washington nationals game last year. i asked & searched, no kosher food avail.


About time the out of towners can see how we chill!


Hi everyone,
My name is Jacob and I am responsible for the kosher food at Yankee Stadium. I work for Legends Hospitality that hired me to provide the best kosher food available at the premium departments.
I would like to set the record straight and provide all of you with real facts rather than rumors.
The food is done at the stadium in our own kosher kitchen. The kitchen is under the Star-K supervision and is locked up by the mashgiach every night. I was very fortunate to get this brand new state of the art kitchen provided by the Yankees. My meats come from Alle Kosher (aka Meal Mart) and from Abeles & Heymann.
Legends Club, Audi, Suites and Delta are considered premium departments that are eligible for fine dining kosher food. The stadium is also providing kosher food for catering events from the same kitchen under the Star-K for business meetings, bar mitzvas and weddings.
For more info please contact Legends Hospitality at Yankee Stadium.


Hi Chef Jacob. I’ve been to legends many times over the years, have tasted most of your different menus multiple times, have had the great opportunity of getting food packed up to go lots of times and have schmoozed with you numerous times too. Can I come to your house for shabbos? Please serve Prime rib. When it’s done perfect I can literally eat a whole roast. All 7 bones included too.


Attention: Jacob,

Do you guys make Sushi for every game? Night or Day?

& Is the Sushi included in the unlimited package with the Legend Suites???

Thanks Jacob!


I was @ that game in the legend seats the fried chicken and ribs were owsome perk to the ball game.


@Anonymous: There is always sushi at the premium outlets regardless what time the game is played. It is all you can eat at Legends and Audi clubs. It is NOT kosher unless you get it at a kosher catered event at the stadium. Jacob

Los AngelelesYid

Dodgers Stadium has a limited selection of prepacked Kosher food available on the Club Level in the Club Marketplace behind home plate.



How did u pay $0 ??


where is the kosher stand in the non legends area?



Is it all you can eat kosher for the Audi clubs?


Thanks so much for showing up on the comments thread! I get Field MVP tix in Section 120 (right behind legends suite) from work every once in a while, but dont have access to the suite/food. is there any way i can order/get access to your obviously higher-scale kosher food for a fee, or is my only option to go to the basic kosher stand?


I’m going to tomorrow’s mets vs marlins game in the legend suite, what should I expect?