Reader Suggestions: What’s Not To Be Missed In Toronto?

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So I’m in Toronto (my first time arriving by plane, which makes it my 56th airport that I’ve flown to/from as you can see in our airport competition thread over at the dansdeals forums) until Wednesday.

Any reader tips for what activities are not to be missed or which kosher restaurants/bakeries to hit up?  Which kosher food can be bought here that can’t be had in the states?

Hit the comments and let’s hear about ’em!

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Grodzinsky’s Bakery a must


Joe Boos Cuckoos, in Thornhill, great chicken, shwarma, burgers, and more!


A Farbrengen with Rabbi Wagner at the Yeshiva 3055 Bathurt St.!!!


chocolate charm!!!!!

ex Toronto Boy

chocolate charm


Amazing Donuts located down South


All dressed ruffles chips!!!!
Mac’s Slurpee!!


Are you a hockey fan? Don’t miss the hockey hall of fame..
There’re a TON of great chinese restaurants in chinatown. Great dim sum 😛
Nice restaurant in the CNTower. The food’s okay, the view is great.
Have fun in Toronto

Toronto Music Scene

For a nice Kosher deli check out Katz Deli located just north of Lawernce on Dufferin. Panzers is also good.


the only thing you cant get in the states is chocolate charm


Start off your morning with the breakfast special at Dairy Treats on Bathurst St. Run accross the street to pick up some truffles at Chocolate Charm. check out Yorkdale mallon Duffern St.(They just added a buch of new stores!)For luch head to Tov li either the north or south branch(their food is always delish!) If you’ve never been to the CN tower its worth going once. That is in downtown Toronto. If yuo’ve never been to a hockey game def. check out the leafs!! The ROM(Royal Ontario Museum) is pretty cool as well. Once you’re there check out the Hyatt accross the street! For dinner if you wanna go fancy try out 356 on Eglinton. Or for a dairy rest. try Milk n Honey on Bathurst st. Stop at Hermes for their one of a kind chesse danishes!! and as hannah said you really need to try all dressed ruffle chips!! let me know if you need more info!!


There’s a home-made Cholov Yisrael place that we’ve gotten some gifts from (the truffle was awesome, IIRC). Truly excellent chocolate, in Godiva’s league or better.

Sorry I don’t remember the name.

As for activities, the CN Tower glass floor is neat and the castle (Casa Loma, I think, is its name) is interesting, too.


Wow guys, thanks for all of the tips-keep ’em coming!

A lot of you mentioned restaurants and bakeries to go to, but also be sure to post what they make best!


just make sure not to go to “Haimishe baigels” (across the yeshiva) cause its not kosher!


I have to agree with Hannah that you must hit up Macs for a slurpee! 7elevens don’t even come close.


Richman’s Bakery – double chocolate danish. An absolute must. You really can’t miss it. I have my mother send them to me in Yerushalayim at every opportunity.


Tov Li has better falafel then anywhere in the US. Stay away from all Pizza in Torono as it it not the same as the US.


Amazing donuts!

Hey there

markys on Wilson and Bathurst makes the best corned beef on rye youll ever taste as well as kishka with gravy, try it and you will truly be impressed. An added kicker is the fact that they have labatt beer on tap!! Its a no-brainer my man


Cafe Sheli is wayyyyy better than Dairy Treats and it’s Up North…and I’ll see you at the wedding.


you gotta go to jo booz (not sure how to spell it) they have the best wings out there


I checked it up. it’s called Joe Boo’s Cookoos. The address is 7241 Bathurst Street Thornhill, ON. The chicken wings are out of this world


If you like sushi then try d-lites ( They have something called SUSHI PIZZA, it’s out of this world. Get the one with raw salmon definitely worth every cent. You can also try Poutine really good too!!!! Enjoy your stay.


A lot of great suggestions so far, but if you’re a beer fan you’ve got to check out the Steamwhistle Brewery. It’s in downtown right next to the CN tower and has great tours by the half hour and amazing beer (you get a free mug and samples w/a tour). Otherwise, grab a Tunisian at Yehudele’s in Thornhill, a bluberry danish (the best around) at Hermes, and some frozen yogurt at Not Just Yogurt (they have Cholov Yisroel branches north and south.)


oh, and don’t forget to pick up some truffles for the wife @ Chocolate Charm!


Be careful with “heimeishe bagels”. I was in toronto for my first time and I walked in to the store. The lady behind the counter noticed my obvious ‘frum’ clothes and said to me “oh, we aren’t kosher”!!!


Did anyone hear of solomons table rest? how is that one. It will also be helpful to list the hechsher fot these eateries.


Be sure to go to Grozinsky’s bakery on Bathurst and get a cinnamon danish – they are out of this world!!!


Katz’s Deli isnt Kosher as far as I know! But ya tov li’s falafel is definetly the best!! check our panoramo down town for some good drinks! but umami sushi def. has the best sushi ever!! chicken nest has the best chicken salad sandwich! you can go up north to D&B or go to the glow n the dark golfing right near by. They have an outlit mall called vaughan mills which is near there too! I agree with Joe boos cookoos! my fam goes there very often for supper!!! what have you done so far? let me hear some feedback!


Marky’s is great.. nice restaurants are Gladstone’s and Umami sushi… King Kosher Pizza is really good (2 locations).. try their fries with “gravy” and cheese.. really good


i completely agree with hanah –
Ruffle chips along with the unbeatable (worldwide) slurpie from macs near chabad gate!!
Truly the best! (theres a bakery next door)

if u happen to like biltong (no clue how its spelled) – u can get it in the meat store neat tov li – near finch and bathurst (more North)


@shmuel: Ya king solomons table is also really good! I’m not sure of the hechsher but i know lots of people eat from there! I know that they took the hechsher away from king kosher pizza! but tov lis fries n gravy are way better!


King salomon table is a classic restaurant has also chinese buffai on Shapperd Ave.
misadat Hamizrach On Bathurst & Steeles has some Bucharish flavours it’s worth trying out not an expensive re.
You can take the ferry with you wife to center island that’s anice ride make sure to be dressed worm.
You can defently try going to Niagara Falls that about 1 1/4 hours away from Toronto.
Dan if you’re already in Toronto why are’nt you going to the blue mountain hotel the view is not normal about 2 hours away the price is peanuts for cash and points!!


before going to Yehudeles Pizza you should find out what the story is, lots of PPl in Toronto Espechially Lubavitchers do not eat there anymore, they still have a Hechsher from the COR but i Beleive the Rov rabbi Schochat has siad you should not eat there due to the fact that the owners son (the guy that is always there and runs the place) is not Shomer Shabbos or is married to Goy ( im not sure which) but its questionable.


gladstones closed down


If wedding is in bayt food is awesome


but ….. a new restaurant opened in its place. to reiterate, all these ideas are knockoffs of whats available in the states aside from chocolate charm (and the choc danish from isaacs). when pearls reopens, there will be another thing, but right now nothing more


Yeah. Pittsburgh, 225 miles away.


356 is the new rest. Instead of gladstones. The choc danishes at isaacs
are def. The best danishes I ever had! Def. Worth getting!!!!!!


Torontonian: I dont mean to make an issue out of this, but is that true? You sound like you dont even know. And anyway, I highly doubt that because his son went off the derech that he loses his Chezkas Kashrus with regards to food. Talk about a double slap in the face! This story sounds like good old Yidden being their own worst enemies.

a jew

the best resturaunt to go to for supper is 398 west( which is what people are reffering to when they say to go to 356 or the fancy store on eglington) the food is to die for and the service is amazing.


Best kosher options in Toronto

Tov Li falafel is the best in North America

Anything with Markys gravy (knish, kishke, or open faced burger)

French onion soup at Cafe Sheli or Dairy Treats (same owner)

Macs slurpee

Honey Garlic wings at Joe Boos

My Zaidys Pizza




did you take westjet from a.c. its only $7

chaim greg

These are all wonderful ideas. However I would like to point out two things that aren’t available in the states. 1) Ruffles all dressed chips 2)more importantly, put on your blinker to make a turn, and notice how everyone in the next lane will slow down to let you in! Torontonians are the finest people out there. That my friend is something you don’t have in the states! Especially, especially, especially NY!!

A voice from the past

Forget about Toronto. Now Edmonton—that’s a different story…….


chaim greg, ever been to l.a.?

Toby Lerner

I love Marky’s
very normal and
it was jam packed at 9pm


Dont forget Kalmans kishke. Hopefully at the wedding they will have some.


King Solomon Table – All you can eat Chinese Buffet
King David – Best Spinach Pizza


Lasagna, Eggplant parmesan at Tov li… just heaven :)!
Also for shabbos take out hit Toronto kosher & try Fresh prime rib marinated rib steaks they are the best !


if the wedding is in the bayt you are in good hands .


kalman knows how to make a wedding from a-z let us know where the wedding is and let us know after how it was. speak to kalman he’s a nice guy

aliza and family

I was in toronto in the summer for a week it is the dedest town nothing to do or eat but the coment about the bayts good food is the only true one


the fries and gravy and cheese thing is called poutine, just btw, and it’s a very canadian thing- u def won’t find it in the states! and ya, it’s delicious.
about the signalling thing- i don’t find that very true unfortunately, but we’re def not as agressive as some other places…;)
there’s another chocolate store, btw, that’s also heaven- chocolate mousse- on bathurst, right near hermes actually.
enjoy your stay!


I think that your brother in law needs a ride to Sheva brachos tonight. Can you use your chairman upgraded vehicle to get the young couple where they need to go?


Go to Marky’s and get the kishka. It will be the greatest kishka you have ever eaten in your life. I lived in toronto for 20 years and now live in NY. Trust me when I tell you the kishka in NY does not even compare to the kishka in toronto.Pretty much all the good restaraunts are up north besides Bistro and 356 on eglinton. Joe Boo’s and Miami Grill are awesome. D-lites is great,as is Cafe Sheli.


there is cheap tickets to Toronto from Atlantic city starting at $7 i am surprised i didn’t see it on dans deals yet


one quick note: only the “Not Just Yogurt” down south (near Lawrence) is Cholov Yisroel, not the one in Thornhill.

booooo toronto



Get on a VIA train and go to Montreal for bagels at the kosher bagel factory

enjoy canada

MASKIM TO PGHTOW- you are better off going to Montreal- it has plenty more to offer.


oh, please! don’t go to montreal, toronto is so much more fun! montreal is freezing and always snowing, and the french are not friendly to english speaking people!the bakeries are good though!


Montreal takes the cake over toronto anyday!
I’ve been to both and toronto cannot start comparing. Montreal is much more beautiful. food kicks over there.
Great place


@Moshe: Its called Hartmans Kosher they have a great meat selection


Anyhting there besides food?


katzs deli is not kosher

all food locations in toronto MUST have tiudah from COR or a proper hasgacha


@raymond: which airline are the $7 tickets to toronto from ac??