Reader Suggestions: What’s Not To Be Missed In Miami?

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Thinking about a trip to Miami…

If we do it it will set 2 milestones:
-My first time traveling with our adorable newborn baby boy.
-My first time in Miami.  (Well I flew through MIA before on a trip from Sao Paulo-Dallas-New York-Tokyo-Los Angeles-Miami-Sao Paulo that was booked with AA’s fly twice from NYC to CA or FL, free anywhere free promo back in 2005. Stayed for a few days in New York, couple weeks in Japan, and a couple days in LA, but just flew through MIA so it doesn’t really count.)
I’ve been to LA dozens of times, so I figured it’s time to check out Miami. Especially with free resort nights to use in Starwood’s W South Beach and a couple of AA vouchers I have to fly nonstop from CLE to MIA for free instead of paying the $900 they’re asking for the flights for next week.

Anyway I’ve asked before about suggestions in Toronto and Montreal and readers came up big time (as you can tell from my subsequent trip notes from that Toronto and Montreal trip) so I hope to see the same response from my Miami based readers!

Any travel tips for flying with a 2 month old?  I’ve flown on countless flights in my lifetime but I feel like a complete novice right now…help!

What activities shouldn’t we miss?  How many hours do you have to drive to the nearest “secret” empty beach? Which kosher restaurants or bakeries should we hit up?  And most importantly, where can I find a reliable babysitter 😉

Hit the comments and let’s hear your thoughts!

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Binyamin Guttman

You should definitely go to LUL for your late nite munchies when Jr. doesn’t wanna sleep.They’re open till 4 A.M.!


Call Sara best babysitter in town 3056136663 she is very reliable and good with baby’s .


There’s an unbelievable sorbet shop in South Beach, located right off of Lincoln Road called The Frieze. They make amazing sorbet drinks that you have to taste. Best combo of flavors is rasberry and coconut sorbet mized with sprite. Its always my first stop when I go to miami! Additionally, theres an area called the Waterways which is located either in or right near Aventura. Its beautiful at night, located right on the water with many different restaurants. Two of our favorites are Gourmet Carrot and a Chinese restaurant who’s name i just forgot. Enjoy!


Dan you should go to Rare Steakhouse on Miami Beach excellent though expensive, west avenue deli in south beach, grill time in north miami, cinne citta in surfside – I would not go to Lul open late but food is terrible

Gary Shumulinskiy

Rare Steakhouse, awesome food however it is a bit expensive.


Grill time / harber grill /china bistro/avigdors for dinner. Shem tov pizza /for lunch


When traveling with a baby, take 2 to 3 times the number of diapers you think you will need on the plane. (delays happen) Mom should nurse during take off and landing. (Trust me makes baby much happier about pressure change). Also be prepared to walk to Miami. (up and down the aisles) I have had plane trips that I used no diapers and child slept the whole way and others where I used a diaper an hour and walked for 6 hours straight. Take a drive to the everglades, there are some nice walking paths there.


I try and take my family down to Florida once a year and we always enjoy a meal at Sara’s in North Miami. It is a pizza store with an extensive and kid-friendly vegetarian menu. I always get either the rooster or ruben sandwiches while my wife alwsys orders the nacho platter.


Flying with a 2 month old is not really and issue, they like the hum of the engine and they sleep, just make sure the baby is sucking a bottle or pacifier during takeoff..

AA has a new rule that u cannot take a stroller thru security if it weighs more than 20lbs, they will weigh it and by security they will stop you. Friggin annoying.

Regarding beaches, the quiet ones are behind the buildings in sunny isles, better yet if you know someone in golden beach (shliach rabbi ammar) and he can get you into the private beach at golden beach, it is really nice there.

in south beach check out pita loca for a quick lunch, they have the typical israeli foods (shwarma, laffa….)

For a dinner I would recommend prime grill or grill time, grill time was by far much better and had a bigger choice on the menu, if you only have time for one, I wold do grill time.

You can bring a 2mo old to most places you go since at that age the kids are very quiet and will sleep wherever you may be.

South beach is the place to go to rent a scooter, there are tons of rental locations there (all israeli)

In miami beach you should check out the chocolate store (la shaockolad or sthing like that) be sure to request cholov yisroel, it is owned by a nice chabad family, they also have cholv yisrael belgian ice cream (gelato) it is really good. They let u sample the stuff before you buy.

Shemtovs pizza is good, they recently redid the place and enlarged it due to the competiotn next door from jonahs pizza (pizza at jonahs is a bitt spicy but not bad).

checking in your carseat at the airport is free and not considered a bag, but cannot be done at curbside. If you can get a empty seat on the plane, you can bring your car seat on the plane, but it has to be faa approved, it should say on the car seat or online somewhere.

If you are holding a baby by security they will not send you thru the backscatter (or whatever that xray machine is called), you can bring as much liquid as you need for the baby they will just need to open it and put something over it to test it (not in it, its pefectly safe and fine)

Give urself extra time at the airport because of the baby, (a half hour earlier should work).

I would recommend bring a changing table cover of some sort, those airport and on-plane ones are grimy..

Good luck!


Hi Dan I like your enthusiasm. Keep it up !!


dan , let me know what you need here , (Miami ) i can def hook you up with some serious food


anyone oming to miami MUST go to RARE steakhouse , key biscayne has the “kosher beach”, i know tons of bais yaacov girls who can babysit

the florida keys are very nice , but hotels are small are expensive , there are nicer places in palm beach , theres also naples (1 hr drive)

ohh and LUL changed owners & Now is run like a …..

yeshiva man

Travel tip: With a two month old? Dont do it!
You will learn that traveling with babies is no fun at all. Parties over, we are waiting for our retirement…

always wondered

Do they allow babies in first/ business class? Find out b4


Key boscayne park has a very clean and quiet beach and its only 15 minutes away from miami beach, cina cita cafe is a great resturant in surfside as wel as prime sushi in miami beach, welcome to our miami!


I am a local Floridian and there are many great places to go that are infant friendly. there are some eateries you should stay away from. I also have babysitters if you need. You can email me at the email I left you and I will give you my number.
As far as flying with an infant you should use your infant to get to the front of most lines. you should sit as close to a bathroom so you can change and you should have a window seat in case the baby needs to nurse (more privacy).


Stay at the Westin Diplomat Resort – BEACH, not the golf course one.

Eat at Shemtov Pizza – they have much more than just pizza…. and its good food!

Eat at Grill Time, Great food!

Rent a motor boat and do a slow crawl around the Biscayne Bay, get a boat with a tent/cover b/c of baby on board…


stay away from gourmet carrot and Jonas pizza. Shemtovs pizza is open till 1:30am. A great sushi/indian/thai is Thai treat (my favorite place, their steaks and sushi are unbelievable. there is a thai iced coffee that is to die for). For awesome pizza in north miami beach there Jerusalem pizza. Theres also a great cholov Yisroel ice cream joint in north miami beach called skoops. China Bistro is also really good (they have a great nana smoothie). Cina cita in bal harbour is really great (I know the owner, hes a great guy)


For a great beach you can go to north beach in key Biscayne (it is about 15 min from miami beach). the sand is gorgeous and there are sand bars where you can walk out into the water about 300-500 ft and the water doesn’t go past your knees.
if you dont mind traveling then NASA is amazing. Key West is also a big drive the other way but it the drive is beautiful. there are miles where there is water on both sides and the water is different colors.


The problem with flying with a baby is takeoff and landing. The babys ears will hurt (as do most of ours) due to the pressure change. 2 solutions. Either have the baby sleep before the plane takes off or feed the baby during takeoff and landing so it won’t notice the sensation in his ears. Otherwise its pretty easy with a 2 month old! Either they are sleeping or eating! Wait till they are 2 years old… That’s when its really fun!


Hit up Grill Time! Amazing restaurant imo.


Try mozart they open 24hrs great food one in Hollywood and I thing they just open anew place in boca


Buy the baby a seat (or use vouchers ), and bring along a car seat. As a FFF (frequent flying father) I can tell you its definitly worth it. enjoy!


great sushi at the harbour grill in bal harbour (94th and collins). much nicer environment then rare on 41st st in miami beach if you’re looking for a nice night out with the wife


Restaurants- China Bistro, and Grill time are around 30 mins away but well worth it! Used to love Gourmet Carrot in South Beach. Now it’s called something like West Avenue Cafe, don’t know if it’s still any good but close enough to check out..Lincoln rd is a fan favorite(outdoor shopping promenade)…plenty of food on 41st st.


We travelled from NY to Sydney (Australia) with a 10 week old (yes, 36 hours+ including layovers)

It was the EASIEST time to travel!

Just make sure you have an extra change of clothes for yourselves on board (spit up, diaper explosions, etc) and enough bottles/pacis/diapers for a LOT longer than the flight entails. I’ve given a size 2 diaper to parents of a size 5, because they were ill-prepared when we were delayed!

We found a baby carrier to be super helpful, and have him wear simple clothes, with just socks, to avoid taking cute shoes on and off through security.

Some may say to travel lightly with an umbrella stroller, but we’ve NEVER done that (we’ve taken our now 3y.o. to Australia 4 times). We’ve always taken our large jogging stroller for a few reasons: More comfortable for us, more comfortable for her. You can shove lots of extra stuff in the basket underneath that may put your baggage over the limit (or, you can avoid luggage altogether, on a short trip). We’ve always used a travel bag for the stroller, too.

Hope that helps!


Some of my favorite restaurants in miami
Cine citta dairy and cine citta grill
The ritz
fresh cafe
mozart cafe

With a 2 month old I’d pretty much stay indoors, its kinda’ hot!
Some suggestions
Miami childrens Museum
Bayside mall boat tour (indoors)


If South Beach isn’t your thing, I recommend the Westin Diplomat in Hallendale beach. They really treat Platinums well. (we were upgraded to an ocean front suite on a priceline stay in January)

The spa is very nice there, and free for guests to use even w/o a treatment. I think the new mom might like that 🙂


Ok, Here is a lesson that I paid a lot of money for but I’m giving it to you for free.

Take some of the money you are saving and hire a babysitter for the duration of your trip. Preferably, here but if that doesn’t work hire one in Miami. At the very least, you can leave him at a day care during the day.

I became a father 1 & 1/2 years ago and have taken several trips (L.A., Cleveland, San Francisco,) with my daughter. I have come to understand that kids don’t want to go on trips. They like being home and that makes it easier to be home with them than to go on a trip with them. And this is besides the increased hassle of travel.

Parenting can be rewarding and fun but it requires sacrifices. Some would say that means staying home. I just say it means shelling out for a babysitter. Enjoy your trip.


for the flight:
Don’t leave your car seat to be checked under, even if they all insist that there’s no empty seats on flight (as has happened to me – there ended up being 5 empty seats, and it was too late to get it back). try to get a flight attendant to guarantee you that s/he wont put it under until confirmed that there’s no empty seats. it pays.

also, bear in mind that its gonna be HOT now, bring light cloths.
about beaches, i remember hearing about Key Biscayne having some quiet beaches, but you’ll have to confirm.


o baby

first of all if you want to do some water sports i.e. speed boating, jet sking drive about an hour out of miami to key largo where it will cost you have the price and you’ll get a really nice senic drive

in regards to restaurants cafe emunah is an absolute most, if you’re going to prime sushi go to the one in sunny isles not 41st cuz its bigger and has a more extensive menu
also chicken poppers from fresh deli are vitial

i’ve been around the block if you got any questions regarding resturants send me an email


make sure the baby is sucking on a bottle or pacifier when the plane is climbing altitude and when the plane is descending. It prevents their ears from popping. Otherwise you should be fine.

as for Miami, i lived there for two years. check out Rare steakhouse on 41st st, pricey but good.

The W south beach is awesome. Especially their suites.

There is a schwarma place a few mins away from your hotel called pita loca, look it up.

otherwise just enjoy the sun


Check out the Fontainbleu spa; one of the best I’ve ever been to!
We also really enjoyed CinaCita dairy, and it’s near the shops at Bal Harbor, which is a beautiful upscale mall.


Grill time is amazing!!!! I would suggest the Korean steak. They also give you like 6 salads and warm pita before your food comes. And basically unlimited side dishes of ones that you choose. You will leave stuffed beyond imagination.


sara’s is no longer around.
it is now a dairly place and a meat place next to each other.
menu is 1/20 the size


there is something called GO CAR.
basically it gives you a tour w/o going on a tourist bus.
you hop in to a go cart and there is a built in GPS device that guides you through the streets and tells you what everything is.
you go at your own pace and its a fun ride.
beets a bus any time!
just be careful and don’t end up on th I-95 like i did! (long story)

Miami Native


Eat: 17 in SOBE (Dairy/Sushi), Lotus (Asian Meat) in Surfside
Pray: The Shul of Bal Harbor
Love: Dania Beach, part of national park, so usually deserted

Feel free to contact me if you’d like, my wife can help you find a babysitter.




For activities, if you can get a babysitter I highly recommend jet skiing! In South Beach walk down Lincoln Road and South Pointe Park is a nice place to take a stroll and walk down the pathway to the beach. Other places to check out: Vizcaya Museum & Key Biscayne (you can drive all the way down to the Lighthouse and rent bikes and find quieter beaches during the weekdays).


@jack: there still is a sarahs in ft luaderdale
lul is not greatest hechsher




There is a Sara’s in Hollywood on Stirling Road with the same menu


on my last trip to miami i basically just kept looking under “attractions” on my GPS.
we loved the zoo (it’s HUGE we only did 1/3 of it) and the seaquarium. have fun!


harbor grill is located at 94th and harding not 94th and collins also be carefull and read the parking signs there carefully
also the maimi zoo is great
and about an hour drive u have sawgrass mills outlet mall and next to there u have some kosher places

where sara’s used to be is now called frsh cafe which is owened by fresh diet the food is good there and not so over priced but the few times i have been there the service was a little slow
lul’s as always is great late night bite

and who can forget bagel time on alton road right off 41st street if u go over the overpass you went too far


SOO… Lincoln Rd mall( an outdoor strip mall) near were your staying A lot going on weekends there!! South point park, beautifull there(its also the start of the beach! I think it slocated on like 1st street. then pita loca on 5th street. The chocolate store on 41st. The waterways… Aventure Mall…..Shemtovs pizza on 41st….


Dan, I hope I can be a small fraction of help compered to what you give to us.
great points everone about that a 2 month old should be sucking either a bottle or a pacifier, other than that, they dont notice that you are on a plane or if they are in their crib at home. however if your son is prone to ear infections try to give him something in advbance- that can be misrable.
prime grill is closed but grill time is a fantastic meat place (16145 Biscayne Boulevard Aventura, FL 33160-4337(786) 274-8935)
cinne citta (same idea as paris)is a great dairy place (9544 Harding Avenue Surfside, FL 33154(305) 407-8319)
if the wife likes shopping there is a very good outlets prob 40 min or so from south beach called sawgrass mills (12801 W Sunrise Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33323). shemtov pizza is good and rare in my opinion is good but a bit overpriced. Remember you are in a very kosher area- they have anything you need, groceries, shuls etc..
if you are able to get a babysitter there is a great clean casino- hard rock (1 Seminole Way Hollywood, FL 33314 ) 45 min from south beach.
have an amazing time!!!


Dan, I have to agree with Chaim. Lul is not that great. I would check out Mozart Cafe, Kosher Restaurant in Hollywood/Hallandale open 24 hours, not expensive, and amazing food.


Beware the TSA in Miami airport! On a recent trip the TSA agent wanted me to take off my Kippa and send it through the x-ray machine. When i declined he said i would have to have a pat down! I asked for the supervisor who said i will have to have my hands swabbed for explosives because i touched my kippah. He said this was all because it was pointier than normal!!!!!


Baby is young enough that the flight should be fine. In case your baby gets uncomforatable, just have your wife nurse the entire flight, it works like a charm. Enjoy!

Deal Guy

Why do you recommend the Westin Diplomat BEACH hotel over the GOLF? Isn’t the gulf much quieter?


The westin diplomat beach is much nicer

chaim ber

Sarah’s pizza is RIP and a a cafe opened there instead, the pizza there is one of the worst in the world, it is not as bad a j2 in manhattan but its def from the top 10 worst kosher pizza’s.

Save your money and buy amnon’s frozen pizza instead.

Its a shame that the joint went from one of the best pizza’s to one of the worst…


Hi, traveling with kids is different than couple travel but its fun anyways. with an infant you can pretty much do everything you normally do ( I call them portable at this age) except high risk stuff (roller coasters, jet skiing etc.) but you can go to Imax, and all other kind of tours and attractions. Just keep in mind now that you are a family, that in order to have a good time you need to make sure baby is happy so everyone else is happy. you won’t get to do as much as you would by yourself but that’s ok ( I actually enjoy being at the hotel at a normal time for bedtime) and I never leave my kids with babysitters, almost never at home let alone on a foreign place with someone you don’t really know.
also in Miami, do one of the eveglades air boat tour, they are fantastic, ( I went 4 times to Miami and did this on our last trip since everything else we had done already and its really fun and worth the price, we took a baby with us and slept the whole time). enjoy you trip!!


Parrot jungle is nice. Great photo op for you and the mrs. Flying with a newborn/ 2 mo old is not bad at all. We flew with a 3 mo old to Miami too…..he slept 98% of the time….it’s a breeze….have a great time…don’t slow down the posts : – )




we were just in miami 2 weeks ago…

we actually stayed at the W with our kids.

the hotel staff is super friendly.

they offer something called the “acura experience”, they will drive you for free one way to any location from south beech up until bal harbor.

make sure you take a carseat, or even a snap and go so you can hop in and out of cabs easily.

for food, shemtov is great pizza for lunch, but they dont deliver.
there is asis grill and pita hut on 41st street if your looking for an israeli shwarma/kabab place.

harbor grill in bal harbor and cine cita are both great!

enjoy your trip!


Grill Time the only way to go.


Tasty Beach Cafe for a delicious snack, Avigdors for lunch, China Bistro for dinner. The cooked sushi at China Bistro is amazing, and the short ribs are excellent and very reasonably priced.

Rafi's Gruncle

I’ve learned to be wary of people from Cleveland taking their talents to South Beach.


Grill time, best steak I ever had, its easier, if you go there when you stay in the westin diplomat, its like a 10 minute drive, the sushi in china bistro, is also very good.


First time in Miami??? Unfathomable!!!

Anyway, I was just there and went to the Lion Country Safari. It was awesome. I went for my 2-year old but my wife and I enjoyed it far more than she did. See dozens of zebras chillin out around your car. Ostriches trying to get in your window. Feed the giraffes. Really cool. Downside is its pretty far.


Hey Deal Guy;

The reason the Westin Hollywood – Beach is better is because you get a great ocean view from most rooms on the one at the beach and its just a WAY nicer looking hotel than the golf course one. Believe me I was at both.


If the Gators out. Shark valley. There is a great 15 mile bike path str8 through the gators no fences or anything between you and them. Or if you don’t wanna ride there is a trolley that will take you through. You can stand 1 foot from the gators it’s fun. It’s right off tamiami trail.
Asis grill in Miami beach I would not suggest. But Pistachio on 41 I would it’s really great. If
Your feeling away from home the kosher subway is located b/w NMB and Aventura in the JCC.
Also if you plan on being around for shakos let me know. I know you like to be in a hotel But why not give someone a chance to host you.
Grill time is a great place for a steak. The Korean is good but I think the Hawaii is great.
And for a beach. If you wanna leave the baby at home. I’ve never been there but trip advisor has some great reviews for haolover beach it’s just north of Bal Haurbor. A clothing optional beach ;).
The shops at Bal Harbour are nice to walk around. Would be even better if you can buy something. (means you can afford it).
For for your baby. In the village of Gulfstream Park there is a store called Liapela. Very pricey but really nice baby store. The village it self is really nice to walk around to. They have a casino and a nice big kosher supermarket with a pizza corner and a deli. It’s called Jacobs classic market. All kosher by the ORB.
There was a review for the frieze ice cream shop b4. I agree you have to check it out. Their ice creams r dairy cholov stam. But their sorbets are parve and just awesome. If they have it try their red wine sorbet. Really yum. But don’t drive after 😉
The couple places that have coupons for. 17 cafe is right in south beach. They deliver and their sushi is pretty good.
The other one cafe emunah


In ft. lauderdale is really a great place to. We love going there.
There is a new resteraunt in Aventura card fresko. I would highly suggest that to. It’s more dairy and fishy. Not sure if your more into that or a good steak.




all i can tell you is the miami airport is hugh and spread out make sure you have good walking shoes


Hey Dan,
While your in Miami do me a favor: Give LeBron a kick in the butt from me (LeQuitter, actually)

Thanks. This means a lot to me


Theres an awesome place for breakfast/brunch its called Tasti Cafe. Awesome food, good prices (breakfast specials). Its off 41st street (Arthur Godfrey Road) right across from the gas station. Enjoy!


Hey Dan! so exciting you’re coming to my home town! I agree with all the posters above on their traveling with baby tips. Bring a 24 hr supply of diapers and wipes, extra pacifiers and blankets and bottles and formula, and a few changes of clothing! you might not need it, but you might have a story like mine- my 6 month old came down with stomach virus on our trip to NY and i was glad to have “overpacked” my carryon.
Also bring cotton diapers to line your snap-n-go, if youre outdoors the nylon material will make your baby hot and uncomfortable!
Also in Miami Beach eat in RARE its amazing!
And dont bother checking the weather forecast before you come, it is always wrong. Basically its sunny and 90 degrees, very humid, and then thunderstorms most afternoons and evenings.
Have fun and enjoy our beautiful city!


As I am sure you already know you can get $25 coupons for $2 from for 17 in south beach, works everytime. As a chadnik you got to check out the Shul in Bal Harbor, probably the nicest Chabad shul you will see.
Also check out the chocalate store on 41st street, special treat for those who keep chalov yisroel – not too many places your can get gourmat chocolate.

enjoy – Yechi


Go to the restaurant Called the Ritz. Its dairy and best sushi and food


If youre a pizza guy, shem tovs in miami beach is pretty good. miami seaquarium is a nice place to go, can always stroll on the boardwalk in miami beach with your stroller.


LOFTY LATTE, Coffee Shop & pastries
534 Arthur Godfrey Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 534-4432

This place has amazing breafast!!!!!


definitely go to gourmet carrot by the waterways in aventura- awesome food and the service was great. they were patient with my 2 young kids and gave them free cookies and soda. my husband had the burger there and licked his plate clean and declared it was the best burger he has ever had!


@moe: You need to go to the desk and get a separate ticket for the baby, so dont rely on printing boarding passes at home even if the baby is flying for free. I got past security without one recently by tellign them I was getting one at the gate but even so they wouldnt let us on the plane without because they need an exact count of how many people are on board


Go to Bagel Time on Alton rd in Miami beach for breakfast. not fancy but nice friendly people, and good food.


@Alan: Sara’s closed down a year ago.


there is a frum community there. get a babysitter and go to hard rock for some fun.i did and all worked out. they will watch him at your hotel
also you must eat at rare steakhouse. amazing amazing food all around. also china bistro has best sushi ive ever had. and grill time has an amazing gaza strip steak


Natalie in #38 mentioned the bikes in Key Biscayne actually
they also have surry bikes (I think thats what they’re called) it’s a 2 or 4 person bike (kind of like the Flintstones car on a bike). The park is nice but the bike path is a bit short. I think the park is called Bill Baggs park.


Dan I guarantee you’ll be raving about China Bistro for many years to come


hey dan, i just got back from miami with my 8 month old, we also were there for pesach when she was only 4 months. we had a blast. we stayed in a house in miami beach right off 42st st, so my experience may be different then most who stayed in hotels.

FOOD: grill time, get the baby lamb riblets they are not normal good, the kalbi steak is delish, and the mushroom hummus is insane!!! thats all i ever order there

china bistro at the waterways, the cowboy steak is better then most nyc steakhouses. huge and so moist and full of flavor, all beef no gristle, tough fat or anythoing else, the avacodo spring rolls are the perfect balance of crunchy and creamy, and their chicken beef mushroom combo is out of this world!!! also before 7 is happy hour and cocktails are buy 1 get 1 free, they have a mojito (i think its the 16 oz one) that will do great things to you!!!!

thai treat: great thai and indian food< i had the chicken tika massala it was a new taste for me, and it was freakin awesome, my wife had pad thai i loved that too, they hav awesome tandori baked naan breads

pistachio: (on 41st) they have a 3 meet combo sandwich that is huge and only 17$ i think there was more then a poung of meat in there, i had the roast beef pastrami and turkey, so smokey and meaty, also served on crusty delish ciabetta bread, their sweet potato fries are so good, but m ake sure to eat in otherwise it will get soggy!!!

as you can tell i am more of a fleisheg guy, but there are pretty good dairy options.

shemtovs: good pizza fries and cinnamon buns ( speaking of cinnamon buns saw grass mills mall has a kosher cinabonn)

cenna citta: great pizzas and the gnocci in vodka sauce was light as pillows and the sauce was great, oh and they have great parmagianno cheese

crispy cream donuts: on 167th st right off the 95 they sell fresh hot donuts right off the fryer, you can watch them make your donuts!!!! best donuts in the world, they have this blended drink that was so thick and heavenly!!!

the frieze: CHAMPAGNE SORBET!!!! omg i think i got drunk from those ices!!!!

miami is a mecca for great kosher food!!!

btw i rented a camaro from avis< big mistake!!!!! it was such a pain getting a carseat in and out< the trunk fit my bugabo and nothing else!! rent a full size or a premium!!!

thats basically all i remember now, if i think of anything else i will repost. have a great terip and make sure to post a report!!!!!

miami native

Pita Loca has really good shwarma but just be warned that they can be very rude and double check your bill. Shemtov’s is good for a quick and simple meal, try the pizza & curly fries. A drive down MacArthur causeway into South Beach or Venetian Island will show some of the beauty of our city 🙂 Bayside is a 10 minute drive from Miami Beach and is a fun, outdoor mall with a great vibe, you can even take a boat ride there, get some coffee at Starbucks and enjoy the day. Of course there’s Lincoln Road- you can walk their from your hotel. And close by is Seventeen which is pretty good but a little overpriced and small portions. There’s a small Kosher Store called BE Kosher in South Beach if you’re in the area and need something.


Uh Sara’s has been closed for a while now…not sure how often you visit :-p


rare is definitely the best. outstanding quality and service. nothing else compares. try their wings, sushi and burgers. also has a fully stocked bar. gourmet carrot in aventura just closed but there is another location. jonas pizza makes insane milchig grilled sandwiches the length of your arm. we did priceline for a hotel in hollywood and we got the westin diplomat for 80 a night (thats a four star)


although there is one in hollywood that is absolutely divine, their marinara sauce equals that of nona betta in rome!!!! its homemade with fresh san marzan tomatoes, its is bursting with flavors!!! we had id on their stuffed crust pizza


Miami area establishments that are no longer open:(that i saw posted here)

Gourmet carrot at the waterways
Prime Grill
Lofty Latte
Saras in NMB


There was a restaurant that I went to right after they opened which was too good to be true called Pagoda 770. Does anyone know if it still exists?


email me if u need a reliable babysitter


I love how everyone’s saying “it will be a breeze” or that “kids dont enjoy traveling” etc… Hopefully it will be a breeze and they do say 2 months is a good age to fly with. And some kids LOVE going out and being pushed around in the stroller etc etc.. every kid is different.
“Dan Jr.” will have to decide for himself
Enjoy the first trip with him and enjoy MIAMI! 🙂


Also, not sure it’s your speed but there is a small unassuming french Cafe called Cafe Vert in Surfside that I love. You’d hardly notice it passing it on the street and most of the people who come there are regulars (and french!) but it has GREAT food and the owner is a friendly guy from Marseilles. There is a menu but I learned to just get whatever he happens to be making fresh out of the oven at the moment.
They had better dessert crepes and croissants there than I tasted anywhere in Paris.


tasti cafe a definite for brunch or lunch. jerusalem pizza in nmb is fabulous.walk on the promenade (the boardwalk equivalent) down in south beach. vizcaya nice but have to wear a carrier for the baby.


Wow guys, you are all incredible!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the baby tips and all!

I guess I’ll be planning activities in between stuffing myself silly…

OK, so I am slightly overwhelmed with all the restaurant info here so I compiled how often eateries were mentioned positively (and negatively) and then ranked them like that. I’m not sure that’s the way to do it, but look over the list and see if the priority makes any sense.

Does it look right? Anything worth prioritizing higher or deprioiritizing in your opinions?
Any good bakeries?
Any other cholov yisroel ice cream/yogurt shops?

The number is the amount of mentions a quick count from comments revealed.

Grill time: 13
china bistro: 8
harber grill: 5
Rare Steakhouse: 5 (+1 negative)
pita loca: 4
Thai treat: 3
Pistachio: 2
pita hut: 1
cine citta grill: 1
West avenue deli: 1
Lotus: 1
Asia sushi: 1
asi’s grill: 1 (+1 negative)
LUL: 2 (+3 negative)

Shem tov pizza : 10
Cine Citta cafe: 8
mozart cafe/avigdor’s: 6
17 restaurant: 4
Jerusalem pizza: 2
Tasti D Cafe: 3 (Not cholov yisroel?)
bagel time: 2
cafe emunah: 2
prime sushi: 2
ritz: 2
cafe vert: 1
fresh cafe: 1
jonahs pizza: 2 (+1 negative)

Schakolad: 3
The Frieze: 3 (only sorbet is parve?)
Skoops: 1
Serendipity Yogurt Cafe: 1 (partially cholov yisroel?)
LOFTY LATTE/Sarahs/Gourmet carrot: closed?

Mr. 305

China Bistro is really great!! Rare is just ok but way way over priced, I would stay away, they just take advantage of all the Jewish people.


skoops is open and in NMB… not open late though….
no good bakeries….
you can buy everything in winn dixie in aventura if you are going on a day trip….. they have deli section , with sandwiches and bakery ( it tastes processed) but convenient.. they do have great bread all pas yisroel….
there is also chai wok a chinese rest in nmb


ps and jonas does have amazing sandwiches and there pizza is really good its all politics in miami 🙂


There is an open skoops in NMB. cholov yosroel. Also the frieze. Yes only sorbets are pareve. But def worth it. Oh forgot. They do have cholov yosroel soft serve (kleins) in the frieze. Just does not compare to their home made stuff though.


Lofty’s is closed. I’ve never been to Skoops but I think they are still open. Sara’s in North Miami and Goumet Carrot is closed but the Sara’s in Hollywood is still open. Levy’s in Hollywood is also a good meat place. There’s Abraham’s bakery in North Miami Beach but haven’t been there and there is a Kosher store in Miami Beach called Kastner’s that has a small bakery which is good. I think Tasti’s was at one point not cholov yisroel, now it might be… Yes the Frieze only sorbet is parve. Bagel Time in Miami Beach is a good place for breakfast or lunch.


dan, im sure u can hookup a bulkhead or first class seat, and then put a blanket on the floor and let junior sleep or play,


I went to Schakolad when I was in Miami last summer, and the owner is a friend of mine. He told me I can buy a coupon on line which would double my value. It was an advertising promotion for him, and a huge help for me, doubled my $25 into $50.
He might still have it going on, so ask him


don’t know if anyone mentioned it, but don’t forget a bjorn or other carrier – a must have for the plane(although they don’t let you use it during takeoff or landing) and great for walking around town without extra baggage. also, some aircrafts don’t have extra oxygen on both sides, make sure to ask flight attendant about that and the location of infant vests. most car rentals have free infant seats with AAA, and the less you have to carry, the better.


Hey Dan,
U gotta make Shem tov pizza an 11 it was mentioned one more time just on the sapphire post! ;-)Have a gr8 time!


Shem Tov- amazing pizza and fries, RARE had the best steak i ever tasted!


Grill time all the way!! They have amazing short ribs that are mouthwatering and it comes with a delicious blooming onion. As long as you order a main dish they start you off with a basket of fresh pita and about 8 different dips (that were all scrumptious). We thought the place wasnt overly priced at all. We stayed at the Westin (beachside not golf) which was about a ten minute drive to Grill Time. Sarah’s in Hollywood is still open but in miami beach it shutdown as ppl mentioned, and honestly I think theyre way overrated. Theres a nice milchig place by the Waterways that we went to for lunhc with outdoor seating but I can’t remember the name. Prime Sushi had good sushi and good milchig, a little pricey but they have a decent lunch special, and good entrees for dinner. My husband and I (no kids) went to Parrot Jungle aka Jungle Island which was really nice and we both really enjoyed. It happen to be rainy on the day we went but most of the parks path is covered in an awning so we didnt reall get to wet. Sawgrass Mills is a huge outdoor outlet mall, you can spend days there. Its nice to walk around on Lincoln Rd at night, but I wouldnt plan a day there, as youd prob rather be in the sun, or doing something fun. Its not like theres that much to do on Lincoln Rd its just a few blocks of stores, on cobblestone streets, with some entertainment at night sometimes such as mimes or ppl drawing cricatures (kind of like Ben Yehuda.) Sushi 17 is right in South Beach near Lincoln Rd, they have good food, theyre kind of like Estihana, good fish and dairy menu. And we used the coupon from your link when we went there from The Bal Harbour Shops is a small mall but gorgeous and all super expensive (saks, hermes, jimmy choo, cartier, louis vuitton, gucci etc) just enjoyable to walk around at. Have a great time on your vacation 🙂


Hi Im from Miami FL … You can email me I will be able to babysit if you need and give you helpful advice as to where to check out in Florida. 🙂


@Alan: Dude, Sara’s closed down awhile ago! It’s now Fresh Deli and Fresh Cafe. Zalmi Duchman’s place.



Lofty is closed:(
tasty cafe is not cholov yisroel
so there is not really a brakfast place,
so… check out Schakolad its the Chocolate Shop.
They have Cholov Yisroel Chocolates, Gelato, and unbelievable hot chocolates.
I personally would recomend them over the Freeze but thats just me.
they give a whole bunch of samples.
When I was in Miami 2 months ago i pretty much ate breakfast everyday there.
They are also open pretty late


@Alan: That place closed down. Sorry.


Grill time! Keep in mind that your getting salads and pitas free b4 ordering. Otherwise enjoy!

rare! Awesome, ordered the house steak was cheaper and still very good. Sit at the bar, fun!

The frieze. Favorite spot in Miami, love the sorbet! Try champagne lychee and blueberry. They have cholov yisroel soft vanilla and chocolate from kliens that’s all.

Serendipity, on Harding and 94?. Gr8 homemade ice cream, lots of cholov yisroel. Cute place.

Shem tov. Nice pizza place.

Bagel time on Alton. Great muffins.

Shakolad! Awesome!

17 has good sushi!

Dunkin on 41st has cholov y. Milk if you ask.

Learning center on 41st has 915 shachris.

Lincoln road nice place to walk. Nice shops. Nice photo gallery, forgot the name I think peter lik.

You can rent bikes from automated kiosks all over Miami beach.

Take a surrey bike ride at key biscayne, may not have room for an infant seat though.


w south beach is awesome. there is a “secret” smaller pool to the left of the big pool that is waaay more private. and it’s heated as well. perfect for parents.


Coffee Bean in Aventura Mall


Hi. This is Manny. Proud owner of SKOOPS, in N. Miami Beach. Please do NOT start any rumors that we are closed. We have never been more open.
We have added a full line of freshly baked REAL NY bagels, B’EGG”ELs and B’EGG’ELs and cheese. Salads, Wraps, and the ONLY CHOLOV YISROEL, PAS YISROEL ice Cream and Coffee shop in NMB.
A FROYO machine that allows you to blend YOUR choice of frozen fruits and create your own flavor yogurt. We have NEVER been stronger than we are now. So, Please, NO FALSE RUMORS. They kill good restaurants. If my COFFEE is not the best you ever had… it’s FREE.
Say you saw this on Dans Deals and get 5% off. My gift for reading this. ENJOY


Hi Manny!
Thanks for the update. I have edited the post of the person that said your place was closed down as well as my question about it.

Your place sounds great, I hope to see you there when we stop by to check it out!


If you would like to get a massage, there’s a place called umha spa, in south beach, they give couple massages there, its expensive but they’re really good, you could request a man for you and a woman for your wife.


hey dan!!love your website!!anyways i go all the time my sis lives there i live in nyc>>>>>>>>>>>>so, only take a snap and go because its the easiest and the storage under the carseat is huge!!it straps right into your rental car a (machaya(!!!any ways as a family man u should realize that the second you settle on the beach/pool/loungechair,junior is gonna start shrieking,,,,:(soory it’s the way it goes i would say you schedule massages one after the other so that you can both get a break!!!!go to tasti for breafast get the harvest wrap with the garden salad with the poppy dressing!!at shemtov i recently had the teriyaki salmon wrap……yum!!!!!!!!cine cita cafe best sushi!!cine cita grill best food!!!!!!!!if u r buying shabbos go to amazing savings in north miami beach they have challah(heavenly +fresh)for $0.99-i know u love a good deal:)if u go to lion country safari in west palm beach,u should try the restaraunt Asia in boca u can buy a pass at the seaquarium/miami metro zoo/safari/childrens museum thru sept 30 for $5 more pp then the entrance fee and have unlimited access to all 4 parks for the duration of ur stay!!instead of $45 entrance fee pp for 1 park u pay 52 and get the zoo u can buy a coupon booklet for $11 and it gives u 50% off the bike rentals + a free camel ride and a bunch of other husband figured out the cheapest way:) go to bayside and do a tour,u should also drive down to key west,the seven mile bridge is one of the most beautiful drives in the whole world!!!!!!!aventura mall is huge and has tons of great stores from catimini to burberry to reg gap bloomingdales……lincoln road is amazing my baby loved it and don’t forget the boardwalk,i put my little to screamer to sleep walking down the ocean….check out the fountaine bleu resort..stunning!!!!!!prime sushi is great!be safe and i think i am gonna look now for cheap flights,wanna go back……………………………………………………………..a gut gebentshe year!!!csiva vachasima tova!


forgot to mention u and the wife and baby would probably like vizcaya mansion and gardens,beautiful photo opportunities!good luck


@Dan: lofty closed sarah closed 40 carrot moved to waterways ps they opened a new breafast lunch place called urban rustic-awesome food bagels eggs…..


a baby carrier is a major must,keeps your hands free, baby is on you and you can load ur carraige with tons more stuff!!!!!!!!!


miami born and raised here

most of the rest and food is very expensive, overpriced and not that good except for local cuban places if u like cuban food. rest are mostly tourist traps

coral gables is the nicest suburban area, nice to visit

best gardens are Kampon, and Fairchild tropical garden (usually free on Sunday mornings) otherwise both are expensive

it will rain like crazy at about 3PM everyday, it will not get cooler afterwards and will get more humid that evening. think tropical asia/africa.

the AC will be very cold and usually good, the out door unbearable unless u like hot.

take lots of sun block, the sun is stronger than u are use to, but warning the sun block & humid heat will make u feel like u are cooking/basting.


oh, and its like italy in that the locals will try to rip u off everywhere. this is because local jobs are mostly tourist centric and the living costs are very high because of all the rich tourists and rich latins part time residents.

also, outside of tourist areas u must speak spanish or understand very thick spanish accents

the Jewish areas are further north, North Beach (except for Argentinean area of normandy isle) and Aventura. less spanish lang. there.


lastly, crime is much higher than u may be use to outside of tourist areas, think NYC 1970s or latin america.

Shmuel Boruch

@Yehuda: Parenting does not require sacrifices, it is life, you have a child and you take care of him. Cherish the time together, before you know it the grow up and don’t have so much time … for you. @jeff:pointier yarmulka than usual!! LOL! @Ari: Take time to relax and don’t let the post have priority over your family. @Anonymous: I agree about the tickets. From my experience, you usually need a paper ticket, see Many times I had issues and last summer missed two flights because the DL agents didn’t know how to process the CSA Czech Air e-ticket for the infant. In the end they issued a FIM, cancelled it and issued another one. The agent said she may get fired for spending so much time on us… So b’kitzur, be prepared.

If you get a bulkhead seat, you can usually get a bassinet, if it’s a good one, it helps alot.@Joey: It is a bit sad, look what our Dor is like! go the the … beach and then have some good Kosher food! Hashem yerachem. We need to bring the Shechina into this world, not chase it away and Chas v’Shalom cause more terrible Tzaros and tragedies. Be strong!

Have a fun and safe trip!


My first time on your website.
Live in North Miami Beach and checked out Skoops today for my morning coffee run.
GREATEST coffee.
Gotta LOVE Skoops.
#1 asset to our community.
friendly staff.
awesome choices of ice cream/froyp/skoopaccino/coffee/bagels/etc on the menu.


thank you Scott. How much do I owe you for that? lol.

Dan, Yhank you for editing the incorrect comments. Let me know when you are coming. I look forward to it. I never read or write on any of these blogs… however, your blog page just changed my attitude. I will be reading your blog regularly.


lofty latte closed a year ago. sorry!


don’t forget a cool cotton cap/hat to protect babys head from sun when ur holding or wearing a carrier – i dont think ur supposed to put suntan lotion on a baby under 6 months so watch his feet if hes wearing shorts.


is all ppl come to miami to eat?
I am from Miami and have been to many places but there are still many i have not gone too yet. Viscaya is awsome. Miami zoo is very diff then anything you see. other great places are everglades, golden gate beach.

miami bpoy

you prefer jerusalem pizza to jonas?

you are either on crack or the owner of jerusalem pizza


Things to do in Miami

Places to go:

Lincoln Road, sightseeing cruise at Bayside, airboat ride in the Everglades, Parrot Jungle, Pinecrest Gardens, Vizcaya, South Pointe Park, Aventura Mall for shopping, a drive to the Keys if you are really ambitious, and of course the beach.

The beach behind the W is very nice, and if you want something a bit more private, Haulover Beach is usually empty during the week.

Best Italian/Pizza: Cine Citta (Surfside)
Best Steak: Rare (Miami Beach)
Best Pastry: La Parisienne (Bay Harbor)
Best Ice Cream: Frieze (Lincoln Road)
Best Shawarma: Pita Loca (South Beach)
Best Asian/Sushi: China Bistro (Aventura)


Josh nyc

Harbor Grill. make sure you reserve. You will not be disappointed – great food exc sushi and prices are not ridiculous. Rare is a le marais wannabee but they charge even more than LM (expect to pay upwards of $65pp and thats only for app and a main. with desserts and drinks (even soft drinks) youll inch closer to $100. if you dont mind overpaying by 25% the food isnt bad but nothing close to “cant miss”). Make sure you get sorbet at the freize. Hate to sound like a ny snob but if youve eaten in ny (and i know you have Dan) those are the only 2 places in MB that are imo “cant miss” as in not found that often (im in mia monthly). grill time/china bistro/cine citta are good options. cinne cita has a $25 special before 7pm for app/main/dessert (set menu but the choices are rly good, steak included) that is an exc deal. food is very personal (in terms of taste and price) so I dont want to get carried away with it. I noticed ppl were saying go to 17 – i havent been in a few months – thats bc last time i was there my meal was interrupted by an uninvited dinner guest who was relaxing under the table if you get my drift

vizcaya is a cool place to spend a few hours at. you should def rent a boat or go on a boat tour (haulover park is where you can rent. again make a reservation so you are not sold out) to see some of the “famous houses” – its something you def need to do at least once. You will gawk at the sheer size of some of the waterfront mansions. Renting mopeds floats some ppls boats…others not. if youre a diver, you dont need to go all the way to key west. theres exc diving in key largo (abt 75min drive from MB), most ppl agree its the best diving in the states. if youre into wreck diving theres a recently sunk wreck in MB thats a 10min drive. South Beach Divers are reasonable and responsible. ask for sasha. dolphin mall is an outlet mall under 30min from MB – good for the mrs. Saw grass is a little further but its also great shopping. Aventura mall is an indoor/outdoor mall thats rly nice. grab a cup of coffee there an enjoy – if you want to shop full price designer retail, you can do it there too. if you and the mrs like go karts this place is rly cool You can also go on boat tour of the everglades and hopefully see some gators. the miami zoo is HUGE and pretty good – dont try wallking and think youll save the $ – rent the bicycles or youre in for a very long day of walking. if i think of other miami centric activities ill post back…you can always dm in the ddf if you have specific qs

btw i like the W but the spa is subpar. its a tiny facility with no perks – they dont even have a steam room! Also the bar in the lounge has some really creative drinks. but dont buy drinks at the bar by the pool – they have nothing on the menu except standard stuff.

Josh nyc

aventura* i meant bal harbor


@<a href="
The name of that chinese restaurant is China Bistro, it's located at the waterways in Aventura, FL
Great food


Anyplace in Ft. Lauderdale/North Miami I can rent a surrey cart? (Bicycle built for 6)
Going next week – nervous about being kept outta the water by jellyfish like last time.
Best place to take a nature hike with 8 year old?
Thanks for your advice.


If you’re using Islip Airport to use your Southwest points to fly, long term parking is cheaper at and use discount code JFM2012 at checkout.
A week with shuttle on demand from a hotel nearby is costing me $46.50


email is a little late -but cant believe out of 132 response no one mentioned JOE’S STONE CRAB’S if you ever come back it’s a must