[In Stock In Many States!] All Publix Stores In South Florida Now Sell Frozen Cholov Yisroel Tuscanini Thin Crust And Classico Pizza

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Update: This is showing availability in hundreds of Publix stores in many states including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina!

With Yeshiva week month coming up I wanted to share some South Florida Kosher news. Want more posts like these? Hit the comments below!

Publix is the main grocery chain in South Florida and they are now selling Frozen Cholov Yisroel Tuscanini Thin Crust And Classico Pizza Pies. They can be found in the freezer section for $5.49 for the thin crust and $8.19 for the classico.

These are perfect for vacation when you travel with the awesome and versatile Betty Crocker Countertop Pizza Maker or in an Airbnb.

The Publix located in Surfside has been increasing their kosher selection which now includes cholov yisroel milk, yogurt, deli meats, many snacks, chicken, meat, and more. These are great options as they are open later than kosher stores in Miami and have Instacart delivery.

What other Kosher food topics do you want covered?

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New south Florida restaurants opened this year

On Social Security and Proud of it!

Get in line now, before they close ‍♂️

Dr Moose

Who buys frozen food in Miami ?


Have you seen the lines for restaurants during yeshiva week 😀

But for real, making pizza for the kids and then going out afterwards with a babysitter is the way to go.




Definitely a plus for south Florida. Will they keep in stock after yeshiva week?


And that is an insanely good price too for a retail.


They even carry it in Jacksonville!
Looks like it’s chain-wide.


Not all stores are carrying them, I’ve seen them in 1 out of 5 on the west coast.

Just in time!

Will there even be Pesach programs this year? Will Yetziyat America happen before, after or during Pesach?


Winn-Dixie does a good job at stocking kosher products too, specially in the Boca area. I hope Publix follows suit soon.


Do they carry it in Orlando as well?

N. Rosenberg

How about West Palm Beach?


would love to see more kosher food options in HI grocery stores. is needed more there than FL where have restaurants.

On Social Security and Proud of it!

Are kokosher bagel dogs being market?

Need to Know

need to know what’s on Dan’s “Yeshiva Week in Miami” itinerary.


Shouldn’t it be called non-yeshiva week?


Thanks Dan! I like it.


anyone know if they carry it in ORLANDO or only south Florida?


I live in Tampa and they have it off and on here at Publix


I have it available at about a half dozen kosher supermarkets near me, and still won’t buy it.


Would you like some extra cheese with that whine?


How about in Southwest Florida? You all laugh as I spend the week in Naples instead of Fort Lauderdale, but I will get the last laugh while you’re waiting in line at restaurants.


I am not laughing.
I have been telling people that for years.
Bonita Springs is the place though.


Do you happen to know if there’s a minyan there, and if there’s a way to get cholov yisroel milk nearby?


We’re going to Hollywood, Fl for the first time with for midwinter break. I heard that I should bring a suitcase of food because the grocery shelves are empty and we won’t be able to get a table at a restaurant. Is this true? What about bakeries to get bagels , muffins, etc. Is it really that crazy?


Check out Breads & Co. in Hollywood new place also serve breakfast

Orrin d

None in Surfside today


I couldn’t find it at 2 Publix stores in the Dr Phillips area so I ordered on Instacart and it was delivered to my villa.


Thanks. Just picked up some Macabee frozen Pizza bagels in downtown Chattanooga.