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Update #4: We’re in Venice for Shabbos!

Update #3: We are in Jerusalem for Shavuos! After that we have one last “secret” stop before heading back home on Monday!

Update #2: We had a blast in Switzerland with major help from local “Chuchem” from Dansdeals.com/forums. More on that in a future trip report.  Thanks for all your suggestions in the comments! Now we’re off to Paris for 4 nights and I’d love to hear your suggestions for what you like to do and where you like to eat in the city of lights! Thanks!

Live Update #1: We’re at the Presidents Club in Cleveland (where I just realized I have 5 ways to access the club!).  We’re flying Cleveland-Chicago on United and Chicago-Zurich on Swiss in First Class for our first leg!  Have any recommendations for Zurich? Hit the comments!

We’re hitting the road for the next 13 days. I’ll keep on updating the site, but updates may be sporadic.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to plan a whirlwind of a trip without your wife finding out which cities you’re going to be in? I’ve got 75 travel books checked out from the library most of which are just decoys I left lying around!

13 flight segments, 13 days, 3 continents, 5 Star Alliance airlines, here we come!

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Don’t forget to take pictures. Especially the food!



i guess you are trying to keep us in suspense as to where you are going… should we ask or you want to tell us on your own?? money is meant to spend. spend away.


Will do!

Some readers here already know 😉
The rest can read about it soon enough…

Money is meant to be saved, miles and points are meant to be spent.


dan. money is meant to be saved, for what? when? 🙂 enjoy! do mivtzoim wherever you are. lokach notzrti!


Aw have a wonderful time!! This is such a cute idea the whole suspense thing


With all the time you will be spending waiting for flights in all the lounges I hope you will post a day by day trip report!!!!


miles/points are meant to be spent as well but you are allowed to spend and splurge with money too to enjoy more. it would be silly to save a little extra money at the expense of your enjoyment. unfortunately many ppl can not differentiate between looking for good deals and being plain cheap.

have fun!


Fly: You’ve got to have it to spend it. You sound like you fortunately have it but some people only have points and miles and no $.


I hear you when you say “cheap” , but it all depends on which Game a person is playing.

I can B”H well afford not only to buy a Coach tkt to TLV anytime but even a BizClass tkt. But wont as I find TLV to be way over priced at least for the Game I play

I could go and purcahse a tkt now for Shavouth and pay $1400 (coach) and earn 11,344 EQMs or with that same $1400 I could get apx 4 tkts out to LA and earn 7000 EQMs per tkt or 28,000 EQMs. Id rather use my miles to TLV and purchase 4 tkts to LA. I need to fly 100k paid miles per year to maintain my UA status , if done Right I can spend say $4000 -$5000 and accomplish that or use that same $$ to get to TLV 3 times and not even make it to Middle Tier on the Status Ladder

So if what Im doing is considered CHEAP then Im Proud that I am

BTW a NY-SYD trip can be done for $1000 and earns 21,000 EQMs


steve2: you are my hero!
I want to learn all your tips/tricks

Mike Blaha

Try Zeughauskeller, right on the Bahnhofstraase near the Paradeplatz tram station – its in a several hundred year old building 9the restuarant itself has been open since the 1920s) and has great authenticSwiss cuisine and an excellent selection of local beers on tap and in bottles


how long are you staying in switzerland


1 night


well if you have about 5 hours to spare take a train ride
to the town called engleberg which actualy the closest town to zurich that has breathtaking mountains. it is about 1 1/2 hours each way but the train ride itself is beautiful
when you get there you vcan take a ride up to the Titlis mountain and have gorgeous view. when you buy tickets ask for a ticket going from the flughafen (airport) to engleberg and back to the airport.Just be prepared that the dollar only gets you abouy 1.10 swiss franc so the trip might cost you between 100-150 both ways for 2. i am not sure about the price. but if you have time any money is not an object go for it.


Dan go skiing on the alps!!! That’s a blast


To do in Zurich:

Around 45-60 minutes away is the largest falls in eurupe – rhine falls, u can get there by train.

And the Jacob Coffee Museum, is a great place!


Dan enjoy, we wish u all the best,
Quick question what’s the exchange rate of starwood points to like contenatial mile?
Btw I just got my bmi silver star alliance card, do u have any idea if its valid even after getting that email??



Good train / bus system/
in zurich.
when i was there you could buy a train / bus pass that you could use for a day and it included museum adm.
you could also use it to get to / from the airport.
I was told there is a kosher place there but could not find it.


Dan I was just there on a 12 hour stop over. I took a train to Lucern. It’s about an hour. There is an information office in the Lucern train station. They were very helpful. It seemed if we would have come earlier that we could have done cable cars up the Alps, but I’m not positive about that.

Across the street from the train station there is a ferry station. We stayed on for about 40 min, got off and took a ferry back. You can stay on longer, but it will cost more money. It may pay to get a day pass.


how did u get first class?

btw can u also post how ur getting these on the cheap?

thnks a lot

hav fun


Buy Thomys Mayo in Migros!


dont miss the shmerling chocolate factory


Hi Dan,
I’m heading to Montreal I remember reading about a phone that you can use for free in Montreal (Verizon from Walmart) whould you know if it still works.


I recommend a ride on the lake. (I took the water taxi although I am sure they have tours as well.)The downtown area is very nice and the Jewish community is as well. There was a good bakery as well if recall correctly. I was only there for a day but it was very nice.


why do you ask for ideas you know them all already do you just want everyone to be proud of you for flying first class on every flight and being able to get into the Presidents Club


buy tons of thomy mayonaisse!
That stuff rules!


Hey Zev, Sorry to tell you, the Verizon “deal” is over. They caught on.


Zurich! I was there with Howie!


“it would be silly to save a little extra money at the expense of your enjoyment.”

For some people (not me) the greatest enjoyment in this world comes from saving an extra 2 cents…


maskim to the mayo idea


Dan, in Paris getting around using the metro is very easy, you have all the tourist attractions to check out, Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, I’m sure there are many more, I would definitely recommend renting a bicycle from any street corner, you can return them to any other corner with an open slot, they cost about 1 Euro per hour, it’s a really cool way to explore Paris, I hope it’s not too cold there…
As far as Kosher goes, there are tons of really decent restaurants, what I remember being good was this Chinese place by the 19th Arrondisement, there are so many kosher restaurants there…
Good luck and have fun!


check out the segway tours http://citysegwaytours.com/paris
this was the high light of my tour when i was there


dan this is the company me and my friend used its expensive but worth every penny its amazing and awesome http://fattirebiketours.com/paris its runned and owned by Americans the workers speak english and are most likely from texas no joke its amazing go for it all so the fallafel/shwarma shop in st paul is amazing like u would not believe dont no what else to recommend enjoy have a blast



if you enjoy art check out place de vouge (excuse the spelling) behind the pletzel many cool art galleries there make sure to take teffilin loads of yidden waiting to do a mitzva

To dovy

Hey dud je sais Zurich not Paris vert diff but for u i sure its the same like for a French guy Paris an Boston it’s the same

Dan u the best

1s I have a big question for you
are going any where with you 13 stop are u going to do something bcs if it was just to go from clvland to LA you don’t have to go thorough europ and Asia I mean u don’t cross the date line to go to LA that u have a problem with the sfira
so without you wife it’s for sure nit vacation and dosnt look like a buisness trip and even milles you don’t do bcs u probably don’t pay for ticket since u got the miles even for probably FREE
so it’s maybe a buisnnes trip to get you website getting exciting that’s a good idea but from whY we knowing you you’re smarter then that so u probably in cleavland and just trying to sell a good story to get the site going whil u probably busy making some free miles

The 13 stop it’s probably the trip u always dreamed to do but don’t shear u dream you may gonna hurt some sensative ppl that belive u story and they gonna dream for decade to try to do fo no god reason
nice pilpul hein!!

Dan u the best
Mendel (a former ctown chosid and now a dan chosid)


an indian place called “darjeeling” its good, and kosher (glatt) too!


I think you should definetly go see the eiffel tower!!!!! And the louvre (pronounced loov) if you are into are


There is a restuarant on the pletzel called pitzman, very tasty. Also a litt’e bit of a drive away from paris is the palace of versaille (exuse me if i got the spelling wrong) It is a truly magnificent palace with some of the nicest gardens you will ever see. Also just walking around the streets of paris you will see unbelievable arcitecture if you are into that.


just wanted to say although some will think I posted as Jerry above even thou it seems theres more then just me on DD that thinks a certain way

just got into my Hotel here in Jerusalem

Dan check out Vesailles

hope U found it worth overnighting in ZRH as some people on here recommend to U to do


just of champ elysees is a place called “paradis des fruit” (fruit paradise) and that is exactly what it is,they also serve treif food but u can ask to sit in the drinks section outside,they make the best fruit shakes in the world, they are extremely busy after 9 pm so get there a bit earlier, in the 17 district there is a restaurant called darjeeling its fleishig indian cuisine- not to spicy,it is just two blocks from the arc de triumph u can walk from paradis de fruit to darjeeling, 20 minutes walk in the nicest part of paris,
Dan for more info email me, i spent four years there and have much experience in the smelly city of lights


I know very well how you feel already.

The point of these posts is obviously not to brag where I am or what I’m doing, but to show people that a luxurious vacation and travel experience is very much within reach of everyone for little to no cost. People who read my site are always telling me about the vacations they’ve been on, that before coming to the site they never would have imagined possible. And comments from people who have been to places already are always very helpful. When I write the notes I just try to incorporate helpful tips that I picked up while traveling to each place, that’s all.

Thanks for the tips, any other milk/meat restaurant recommendations?


@Dan did U think it was worthwhile spending the night in ZRH? and did U stay in twon or ended up going out?

Ill leave the other discussion for another time and thread. i only posted what I did today cause its the 1st time I saw Jerrys post and people have been on my case for being the Only person to think as I do

as per a PM from U and I will do a short comparison later. I prefer USAirs seats in Biz on the 330-200 (plane used to TLV) to COs new BF seats on the 777. I would give CO the check mark for Service,attitude and food I flew CO last night to TLV with the new seats up front. Was booked in Y but when I saw that the flight waa taking alot longer due to the volcano I pushed CO the clear me in Biz, turns out we were delayed waiting for some connecting passengers but arrived 30 mins late and had I known that was gonna be the case I would have stayed in coach, especially since the only way to play backgammon was to manually touch the screen the hand held device wasnt working at any of the seats, and my back is still paying the price. Got maybe 2 hrs sleep in

enjoy Paris its Boiling over here


I highly recommend the cruise along the Seine at night. The city looks amazing when its lit up. If you have access to a printer in your hotel, print out a 4 euro off per person coupon at http://www.vedettesdupontneuf.com/billet_en.php

Thanks Dan


We are also leaving tonight to Paris!! We are going to be there through Shavous. Definitely try Darjeeling in the 17th.
There is a great milchig restaurant in the 8th district which is a gorgeous place to walk around called Cine Citta Caffè. During lunch it gets very crowded with business people. As was mentioned the bikes are a lot of fun for getting around and seeing many things. If you want you can email me.


I know it’s been said before but you gotta try Darjeeling. I went with my family a few years ago to Paris and we ate there on Thursday night. We liked it so much that we immediately made reservations for Motzei Shabbos. Enjoy!!


il conte a bunch of them all over paris
one right of of champs elysees and one near the eifel tower
there is a really good milchig place called “cine cita” near the louvre
great bakeries all along rue petit and rue manin in the 19 district (lubavitch area)
a really beautiful place to go at night is “butte montmartre” (dont confuse with regular montmarte) any cab driver will know where it is, its a beautiful romantic overlook of all of paris, Disclaimer: you must go through the biggest red light district in the world to get there.

one of the few things in the world that cant be exaggerated is the palace of versailles the beauty, splendor, and grandoise are out of this world
one more tip,
parisien streets are crazy and parking will cost u more than a full time chauffer


quick summary of kashrus
do not eat bethdin paris for fleishig
beth din paris milchig is ok
rottenburg is ok
lubavitch is ok



There’s nothing like some good Nooch advice 🙂


Hey Dan,
Cine Cita Cafe,
Chez Yonatan in Montmarte,
Korcaz Bakery and Cafe in the Pletzel,
Darjeeling next the Arc de Triumphe,
are all good and have been eaten in by myself!


What hotel in Paris Hyatt?


if you want dan come to my house im leaving in the 19 close of beis chaya mushka the bigest jewish school of france
send me a email
we gona be very happy to see u


Cine Citta on 7 rue d’Aguessau 75008 appears to be permanently closed unless it moved somewhere else.

Thanks for the il Conte tip, it was very good!


I think Paris is the most over rated city in Europe


ile conte
there is 2
1) is in rue de berry next to the champs elysee
2) in ave or rue raymond poincaree, its a stree that leads btw the arc de trionphe and the Trocadero Plazza ./

you have the very famous “Kosher Pizza” at the pletzel right next door of the rebbes’ shul in rue de rosier./

you have to try the pasterrie by Nani and by Continni and the Best of the Best “la deliciuse”./

the best Choclate in the kosher World its the “damyel” Chocolate you could find them in manny places by franchise kosher grocery but there are officail store that have fresher product and much more product


arround the corenner of the hayyat hotel or if you go out by the parking side door there is an amazing shoe store from 700Euro ready made and 2700Euro custom made
its all hand made and there is 2 brother who own the store and they make it old fasion in the back of the store
its in the rue de volneay a very small street near place vendome

its very intrusting to go see even if you not buying you bomptin somme multi millionaire or billionaire client


DAN, we need trip reports and updates.
The site is boring otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope you are going to go to the south of france, like st tropez, cannes marseille, there are tons of restaurants and it is the season….



what a shame they made the best pasta


better than yotvata in rome?


Enjoy paris don’t forget to visit the lerouve.



I tried yotvata and ddint see what everyone was kveling about. I might be the only person that really didnt care for it.

I prefer the other place which is across from BaGhetto on the main street of restaurants

then Milk n honey in Vienna beat both of them by over a Mile

loyal reader

Due to two family simchos in the same week, can anyone help suggest the best way to fly, first, or at least business first, using mileage, maybe open jaw (?)with the following itinerary…jfk-ncl-lax-jfk. I have 260,000 continental miles and 200,000 ba miles with getting a free companion ticket.


One or two days Shavuos?
Have fun!!


if you need a meal, drop me a line. were going to have veal, duck , ribs etc, an american yomtov!


Did u got a free deal for a yom tov extra day lol


Go Dan
Enjoy u tour its easyer with no baby
go have fun in u first class with a baby when he criys and all the passanger want to killl u lol
with 1 baby it’s dooable 2 hard 3 impossible
you proably waiting for a good deal to have baby lol
they go on sale at cosco buy 1 get 2 free lol u gonna have them all in one at less u take a trip brake only once lol and lots of time to acumulat lots and lots of millage

Btw there si hospital that gives milage when u use thier facility to have baby


where did u stay in jerusalem whats the good deal





Can you tell us how much this trip cost you in miles? Im curious what it would cost to try and do the same thing with my wife…

lol mendel

dan i cant sleep! i cant wait to hear where your secret 3rd stop will be….!!


We were in Venice last year this time for Shabbos and it was a great experience. I would imagine you are at the Westin Europa where we stayed in a beautiful suite overlooking the main canal. It is about a 25 minute walk to Gam Gam but the coolest and most interesting walk you can ever take on Shabbos. There is a smoothie place right in the middle of all the shops (not far from the Rialto)that was closed on Shabbos and had a mezuza. The Rabbi told us that the smoothies without the alchohal were kosher. They were amazing!!! ENJOY!! Can wait to read your trip report.

j. hammerschmidt

Venice is amazing!
Murano is not so great, there are like two glass-blowers that are free and its not such an amazing show. in my opinion Its not worth the bus fare.
S. Marco square is great.
The Rialto bridge appealed a lot more to me, being that i went through the whole merchant of venice in school.Nonetheless it will be a great experience.
Water Taxi’s are not worth it! Bus is the way to go. The ghetto is a 15 minute walk from the central bus terminal.
The only shul you cant access on the tour is the one they open on shabbos.
Make sure you go to GamGam the other kosher resteraunt is not under a good hechsher! also they are taking away parnoso from the shliach.
Speak to the bochurim in the smicha program there, they will tell more tips

reuven hunt

Howie didn’t go to Venice.


U most visit the shul
I have to register bfr shabbes with u passport or to bring u passport with you
during the week I think you have to pay
near Venice
Murano glass it’s a must do
and the Lido also nice

Enjoy Dan you went there at the best time of the year


How was your Shabbos??????????

the original me

Waiting for your reports!! Hope you had a awesome time!!