Living In The Air…

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Update: 01/03: Picked up 2 $350 china cabinets for $150 each and 4 $80 dressers for $40 each…I’m pleased to report that price adjustments on preemptively purchased sale items work just as well at Ikea’s one day sale as it did at Walmart for Black Friday…

Happy new year to all!

-We flew from Hawaii to NYC last Thursday, flew home to Cleveland late Sunday, and moved to a great new apartment in Cleveland over the past few days. I was even able to pay the mover in miles (Thanks for the help Yossi Shmueli!)

-I can’t even remember the last shabbos that we spent at home and didn’t want to break that streak yet, so we drove into Pittsburgh for the weekend before we fly off to Kansas City for the next week. While in Pittsburgh we’ll try to pick up some of Ikea’s great one-day specials today and tomorrow ($99 cabinet down from $249 and some $39 dressers down from $80).

-It’s always sad on January 1st to see all your elite mileage qualification numbers go back down to 0.  At least I’ll always have Lifetime Platinum on AA to fall back on.

-I’m terrible at writing trip reports up after the trip is over…but one of these days I’ll type up some more installments from my Israel and Hawaii trips.

-Here’s my ridiculously long flight history map from the past 4 months. Most of it was in first class with miles or free upgrades to business class on Airtran which made it totally bearable.  And no, even though I’ve only been home for a few days over the past couple months our apartment does not look like anything like the one in “Up In the Air.”

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how do you get so many miles dan. im trying to fly to france in a month and im missing 13,000 miles how can i fill that gap when im a canadian and cant get american credit cards.

loyal reader

Its nice that you can travel so much…but, don’t u guys have jobs or school?


Opening credit cards, opening bank accounts, USMint, staying at Hyatt without actually staying the night, etc.
If I post a good deal about miles I’ve probably earned at least a quarter million from it.

@loyal reader:
See that’s the great thing about the 21st century, you don’t need to be in any particular place in order to earn a living or take classes!


When opening a hyatt gold rewards passport, is it better to take the free nights option or the points option?


Hi Dan,
what is the best thing to do with amex points? All the retail merchandise is over priced. (Delta had a tranfer program that ended last night, it gave a 25% bonus on amex transfer points). Thank-you for any advice you can provide.


Dan, YOUR NUTS! In a good way, obviously.


Do you have a job? or go to school??


thanks for hooking us up, dan!
good luck in your new place.

Sruli Gross

@Loyal Reader I would be more than happy
To sell you some miles, let me know if your


this is dans job!!!!!


@Moshke: you meant you’re (i hope) 😛


@Freddie: ahh whos ‘mrs freddie’?

Cheap guy

@ walmart you can buy something and get a price adjustment after for the black friday price?


Mr. Freddie’s wife of course


To bad I wasn’t ddfer back when you posted this. Would have said to make a pit do 🙂