LA Mileage Run Trip Notes…

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Quick thoughts from the trip…

-Total time from take off until landing: 50 hours (16 hours flying, 34 hours in LA) It’s actually kind’ve fun running around town on a quick mini-trip.

-Actual miles flown were 5,216, redeemable miles earned were 8,100, and elite miles earned were 10,500.

-Our Continental elite status is now safe through 02/28/11. Sure I have 2 million miler lifetime platinum status on AA, but they are the only ones to still charge their elites for upgrades…

-Airport Clubs visited: 4. (Continental in Newark and Houston, United in Orange County, USAirways in Pittsburgh)
There’s really nothing quite like taking a nice hot shower in Newark after an overnight transcontinental flight, it’s amazingly refreshing! Don’t forget to ask them for any amenities that you need (Toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, deodorant, etc.)

-Rental cars from Orange County are cheap-just $18/day!

-Thanks G-d the I-405 now has carpool lanes running all the way from Orange County airport to LA…even on Sunday the traffic for the regular lanes was insane!

-LA restaurants hit up: La Gondola (Avacado Eggrolls with cilantro sauce, “Chai” Steak with caramelized onion sauce, molten chocolate/cinnamon cake with ice cream), Milk & Honey (Eggplant Parmesan), and Jeff’s (Steak sandwich and homemade onion rings). And no trip to LA is complete without some cake donuts from Elite Cafe and crumb cheese danishes and caramel cake from Schwartz bakery! Calories don’t count when you travel, right?

-The Grove and its equally nice new sister property in Glendale, The Americana at Brand, have launched a loyalty program. Details were scarce, but apparently you will earn Hilton points among other benefits like free valet parking, based on purchases from stores in those “lifestyle malls.” It’s nice to see malls joining in on loyalty rewards…if only they were partnered with an airline or hotel program whose points were actually worth something!

-“Up In The Air” is being advertised on every other block in LA and has quite the buzz. People who want to know more can read Randy Peterson’s nice review of it from a frequent flyer’s perspective.

Sure George Clooney’s character has top-tier super-secret AA status and is always in first class. But what’s with his weak hotel and car rental status’? Hertz giving him Chryslers? Regular small hotel rooms from Hilton? The man needs to get Avis Chairman’s status and Starwood Platinum or Hyatt Diamond status pronto. If I can get those so can he! Hertz and Hilton overpaid for their product placements here.

-Thanks to Ryan and Anit for the digs in LA for the night!

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I thought calories didn’t count on shabbos. If it’s when traveling too I’m going to be in trouble. Perhaps you need to post some deals on gyms…


wow we made it on to dansdeals 🙂
u guys r always welcome…can’t wait 4 u to come back so soon!!!! 🙂


but i thought ryan and anit resided in the O.C. 🙂


We must have a different nusach


I think they must’ve gotten upgraded 😉


you got to try another l.a. landmark next time, the FISH GRILL!


Fish Grill is pretty awesome indeed!


I don’t know if you’re much of a coffee guy but coffee bean is a must as well. Even if you aren’t much of a coffee person you’re sure to become.


Dan how much are the donuts in Elite cafe or Schwartz, i need about 100 which are better and cheaper, thanks!!



yep the Fish Grill is awesome my 1st stop when in LA the 1 on Beverly that is there are a few more in other locations

Another great place is The Pico Deli, the best seeded rye bread I know of anywhere!


Are there any Cholov Yisroel locations?

I love Elite’s cake donuts, like the crumb ring. Never had Schwartz’s donuts-they never looked that appealing. They are $10/dozen, but I’m sure they’d give a nice discount for a bulk order like that.

PKD, or Pico Kosher Deli, is another of my favorite LA joints.

But nothing can touch Tierra Sur, the incredible restaurant at the Herzog winery in Oxnard with a menu that’s constantly changing and is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Plus they give free wine tasting and 20% off by buying their GC’s at Costco!

luv it

first is schwartz owns elite cafe
second is jeffs bratwurst is incredible there is nothing like it in the kosher world
and i second everything els thats said already tirra sur is top


Yes the one on beverly and alta vista, try the iced vanilla latte. At PKD you mite wana try the renee sandwhich. Its 1 heck of a combo. Try schwartz’s chocolate chip danishes,thyere the best ever


I forgot to mention pizza mayven. Very good pizza as well as their full line of mexican food. Try their nachos supreme.


@Dan/Ctownbochur: Do you by any chance know Elite Cafes Number?



I used to eat at Pizza Maven till I went to Kosher World on Fairfax, then never went back thats how much better I think KW is over PM. Especially the pizza and their pasta dishes

As for Bakery’s I never found 1 in LA that comes near to some in NY. The best was Eliat (I think) its in the Pico R area off of Pico by a store and next to a Flesig restaurant thats on the corner whos name escapes me at this moment. Its 1 block West of Doheny


@steve. Its pizza world and they do have a few good things, but I think pizza mayven is better. Its all a matter of opinion. schwartz takes eilat by a mile. The bakeries in NY are pretty lousy imo.


you got to try the wield western burger @jeffs it rocks the house(and the fries and free fountain refills


Btw in case you get hungry on the way up to the herzog winery in oxnard, there’s a real good pizza shop off the 101 called pizza nosh. Pretty good food, very quiet area.


Pizza Mayven’s not bad, Pizza World I thought was terrible (besides the nachos). Neither was anything to write home about.

Pizza Nosh is great, but really far.

The Western Burger was quite good, but I still prefer La Gondola’s Sauteed Mushroom/Onion Gondola Burger-a great value with the lunch special!



I guess to each their own. To me the biggest Garbage out there is Dougies and Kosher Delight. Yet people line up to get into those places

I tried Schwartzs and to me its nothing to write home about

The best bakery in Ny was The cake Center on Ave P, but it was taken over by Chiffons a few months ago and just isnt nearly as good as it was. But their Strawberry Shortcake still is teh best Ive had.


i’m going to be Presidential Platiunum!!! (>$30,000 spent + >125,000 miles) actually spent over $70,000 and have flown over 175,000 actual miles.

Shmuel Boruch

Definately go to Pizza Main, Fish Grill and Elite Cafe.


Can anyone help me with kosher places to eat in San Diego?