Choose My Own Adventure…

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As a kid I loved to read the “Choose your own adventure” books, so why not pose the question to my readers?

I’m currently posting from the RoissyBus in Paris where I’m capping off an amazing week-long DDF adventure. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing the trip report soon, but I’m running about 3 years behind on those…so you may want to just look at the sneak peak that I offer on Instagram.

My 127.5K United business class award included 24+ hour stops in 3 destinations over 11 flight segments in SAS and United business class, so I’d say it was a very good value.

I’m scheduled to fly home in United business class on an ex-Continental 777-200 with a 2-2-2 business class configuration, but I have the middle bulkhead seat, so I’ll have extra legroom and nobody climbing over me, though that’s at the expense of a window. In fact at this point the cabin is half empty and nobody is even sitting next to me. I have a 2 hour connection in Newark and then fly home in first class on a United 737-900. All told it’s a 12 hour journey from gate to gate.

AJK, whom you may remember from our Island Hopper adventure, tells me that I’m crazy. He says I have lost my mind if I’m considering flying United Business over Lufthansa First.

Lufthansa First would come with the works. The first class terminal in Frankfurt with kosher food and fine spirits followed by a ride in a Porsche onto the plane. It would cost an extra 52.5K miles, not cheap, but hardly the end of the world.

However it would require leaving Paris half an hour earlier than the United flight, and it would require taking a flight from Paris to Frankfurt in Euro business class which is really just coach. I would get 3 hours and 20 minutes to enjoy the first class terminal before spending nearly 9 hours in the front row in the nose of the 747-8. But then I’d have an over 4 hour connection in Newark with a terminal change as the last flight home would be out of Newark’s decrepit Terminal A regional jet facility, and topped off with a flight home in coach. In total the Lufthansa option would add 7 hours to my travel time.

AJK still stands by the Lufthansa option, after all, it’s relatively rare for me to travel alone and have the opportunity to do this without bothering the wife and kids. Then again I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in over a week myself and paying to make a 12 hour journey into a 19 hour journey seems pretty silly to me.

Had I never flown Lufthansa First I’d probably do it in a heartbeat, but I have flown it before and have experienced the first class terminal, though granted it was 6 years ago in a much older 747 first class product (though at the time it was in the awesome upper deck, alas sans the extra bed that came afterward and has now gone the way of the Dodo).

Care to choose my own adventure?

Stick with the 12 hour United Business class? Or pay 52.5K extra miles to fly Lufthansa First and go to the First Class Terminal again, but add 2 coach flight segments and 7 hours to the journey?

Vote now 😀

Do you prefer Coke Or Pepsi?

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Haven’t seen a recent review of the first class term so it’s curious to see what they got now.the whisky selection looked decent but nothing like what you get at jewbilee or other festivals.


Would be pretty cool to experience hell in first class…


Do you have any Travel agent that can book for me tickets using points ?

It looks like you get this amazing deals, and I have alot of points and I will be willing to pay for a good travel agent that know the “Points Game ” in and out

Any Recommendations ?


I’m flying in 3 weeks united to frankfurt and then lufthansa to Banagalore – lufthansa won’t even let me pick my seat since I’m in coach (my company is funny that way) – my vote is to give me the miles to upgrade 🙂

But seriously though – i’d always go for the earlier flights – murphy’s law and all – it gives you more room to maneuver.


While most people would think you’re crazy for all these extra flights and extra hours it It seems like it’s something you really want to do. I say go for it. You only live once!


Actually did make a DDMS poll, huh? United. You’ll be sleeping anyways.


After a trip like that I’d just want to go home. An extra 50k points and 7 hours of travel for a few top shelf drinks seems hardly worth it.


GUYS! Vote for the switch… Let’s see if we can make Dan change his mind 🙂


If layover in FCT was longer (7-8 hours) I would do LH in a heartbeat. Visit a couple kvarim ( baal Shem of michelshtadt etc. ) and then enjoy lounge for few hours. Given the only 3 hour FCT option would definitely just do UA considering the cattle class flight to FRA and the 4 hour layover in New York, 3 hours in FCT doesn’t justify.

Tom Brady

What can I say? Simply the fact that you have this question, shows that you’ve lost your love of the game. 😓




We’re talking about a 747 here not an A380, so I vote united


@David: I’m sure your from boro park or Williamsburg. Next time your at mincha at 10pm ask someone for a good Points guy


Vote currently stands at 2/3 in favor of United itin. Two points:

1) I’d wager that north of 80% of those people have never flown an F product, let alone LH F.

2) YOLO. 50K, flying solo, compels a singular conclusion.

Either follow the recommendations of the hoi palloi, or follow those who have have seen the light.



Oh, and what Tom Brady said.

You run a points blog for crying out loud!

(Though at the rate you publish trip reports, the blogger community may have to revoke your membership…)


Save the 50. By the time you get to redeem it, it’ll get you a $50 GAP giftcard.

$50 Gap GC or LH F? Your choice.


Do i get the HT for the poll?


@Shoobi: nose of the 747 in F is special. Queen of the skies! And the 747-8 is state of the art!


You did not make a choice, or follow any directions, but now, somehow, you are descending from space – approaching a great, glistening sphere. It is Ultima – the planet of paradise.


@AsherO: Ding ding ding.


Shock everyone and fly coach!!!!


I think it really depends on how may ff miles you have in the ‘bank’. Knowing Dan, and his ability to accumulate mass quantities of miles, I’d presume that he’s got at least 1/2 millon or more United miles or UR points stashed. So for most people, burning 50k miles is significant; less so when you’ve got high six figures.


Sorry Long Island
No Brooklyn
Any ideas ?



From this whole post it seems obvious you did not sleep in days, I ask you reread this in a week, and you will be laughing.


As you said on ddf (can’t find the post right now) the bed in your own house is better than any j or f lay flat. When you’re tired after a trip like that you won’t enjoy the f flight anyway. Take the shorter route.


dan, i just did the Lufthansa First class with the terminal and i strongly recommend it especially if you have a long stop over as you NEED! time in the First class terminal to experience everything.

p.s. bring any missing buttons or wripped clothes as they do any sewing you need while you shower.


Take United. No need to add extra time especially that you’ve done it before and I’m sure you’ll do it another time sooner then later.

dan loeb

Who cares? You are like to whole world is tuned in to your stupidity. Chang upgrade do what ever the he’ll you want.. just keep posting good deals from around the web!


With all due respect, ITS JUST A PLANE TICKET that’s a few hours long. That’s it. Shouldn’t be weighing on your mind THAT much that you need us to vote. does it matter so much????


How do you get an itinerary like that for 127.5k?


@AJK: it’s an the end of a long trip and most people want to see themselves home. Adding a leg + hours is not so exciting.
Dan has enough miles to fly LH F next week both ways for the heck of it. But right now we want to see him home.
I think living in metro NY doesn’t help. You come off the plane & park the car 60 min later. Poor Dan is still waiting for his delayed connecting flight to start boarding.
If LH flew diredt to CLE I would have voted differently…….


I have a 12 hr layover on my EWR to TLV for Pesach in a month. What do you rec to do, to eat (kosher)?

orrin d


the layover is in FRA….sorry about that. You mentioned Frankfurt above.