Amsterdam, London, And Paris Lose Iconic Kosher Restaurants

Amsterdam's Sal Meijer
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It’s not a good year for kosher travelers in Europe.

In February, Frankfurt’s Sohar restaurant lost their kosher status from Rabbi Havlin due to kashrus violations. Sohar also provides kosher meals to Lufthansa and other airlines. They obtained a new kashrus certificate afterward, but multiple US kashrus agencies have stated that after a new kashrus inspection, they do not recommend eating their food.

Sohar caviar appetizer in Lufthansa First Class circa May 2010, no longer recommended by US kashrus agencies:


In March, Amsterdam’s Sal Meijer deli closed its doors after an incredible 62 years in business. Rising costs due to government limitations on ritual slaughter and dropping revenue doomed the deli.

Kosher dining options in Amsterdam are few and far between, so it’s a big loss for that city.


Then in April the best kosher Indian restaurant in the world, Darjeeling, closed its doors in Paris. Their food was out of this world and it was one of the only glatt kosher fine dining experiences in the city of lights.

Darjeeling was a must for any kosher traveler visiting Paris. I last ate there in 2016 on my way home from a trip to the Arctic.

Darjeeling in the 17th arrondissement of Paris



Another good glatt kosher option in Paris, Thai One, has also closed their doors. There sure aren’t many decent glatt kosher options left in Paris, though another glatt kosher Indian restaurant, Tavlini, has opened in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.


Meanwhile across the chunnel, London has just lost Reuben’s, a landmark in the downtown area for nearly half a century:

I last ate in Reuben’s on my first trip abroad in 2003 when I tried their salt beef sandwich. It may have been overpriced, but it sure was convenient to have near the city’s tourist attractions. We would have been back in 2015 if not for American’s revenge.

The closure leaves London with no kosher restaurants left in the city. There are plenty of kosher restaurants in Golders Green and other suburban Jewish communities, but it’s a huge loss for the tourist and business communities which now have no dining options in the city other than to-go sandwiches from Hermolis.

What is your favorite kosher restaurant that has closed? Mine is probably NYC’s Clubhouse Cafe, hit the comments with yours!

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Dan, do you recommend not eating the meals on Lufthansa now? They were really very very good.

Carl M Sherer

I think you need to ask your Local Orthodox Posek that question. I don’t think it’s fair to ask Dan to pasken for you.

Elliot Beyda

Still mourning KD!


Kosher delight? Way way overpriced and attitude galore


You want something to morn? Morn Chang Chai..the best kosher Chinese ever on flatbush Ave Brooklyn


Which was never kosher


Bernstein’s on Essex Street!

Admor Aleph

Place was massively overrated
Chicken nuggets were frozen and processed
Tasted like cardboard
Same goes for burgers hotdogs etc
Only redeeming factor about the place was convenience

Cubs Fan

As Europe burns, the Jews leave.


why cant anyone here in the states make naan bread like darjeeling


Vabene in NYC

Frequent Flyer

I go often to London on business and it boggled my mind how there was was only one kosher restaurant in city of London and that was Reuben’s. Now thats closed….


Wow, the loss of Reuben’s is a shocker!
How can one explain that there are no kosher options in a city such as Central London?

Mark Barnett

Look to the Labor party for one explanation


Still missing Reubens in Brookline. It hasn’t been replaced.

Amazing post

It’s called Anti Semitism, that explains it


There are plenty of Halal options



Shaul Yaakov Morrison

Nyc excluded, there are very few kosher restaurants in US city centers. Almost all restaurants in LA/chicago/Boston/DC/Baltimore are in the suburbs.


Baltimore actually does have a couple options downtown, just not the well-known restaurants near the Jewish community


Nothing downtown other than the Van Gough Cafe in Fells Point – unless you count the Hopkins Me Latte.


Ya but that’s something. Also just found on Google something called The Daily Special Restaurant, under supervision of R’ Weiss.

David Horowitz

Please note Tavlini Indian kosher food in Paris was open for more then a year and they closed down this week as well.


I guess dan has to update his post.
Seems like you got to travel with a cooler filled with food.


Ruebens had the best salt beef sandwich. I’m going to miss it


Yosi Peking in Yerushalayim. What a loss!

Admor Aleph

What are the top 5 restaurants in Europe


Isola Bella in GG closed as well apparently


Temporary. Renovating.


As a technical matter Rubens was not in the City of London but in the West End (Still Central London though). There are a few places in north London but much closer to Central London than GG/Hendon: Zest, Delicatessen and Tish

A kosher foodie

Tish is good. The other two not that much.


This is terrible for us as the food was good and it was a perfect setup. If you were alone, you could just order and sit down an eat — cafeteria style.

I gather from the facebook post and the comments someone must have passed away.


Darjeeling has a second restaurant which is still open for delivery and takeout, on their website it is mentioned that the main restaurant is only closed temporarily


Miss The Grill in San Diego


Denzel in Milano!!

wondering jew

Judy’s in Los Angeles on La Brea and Kosher Nostra Pizza on Fairfax


At least Judy’s morphed into Lieders and Kosher Nostra into Pizza World. But I am really feeling the void of the recent closing of Elite Cuisine.


Why don’t we all nominate someone to open a good kosher restaurant in central London and then they’ll make an exclusive discount code for all of us Dan fans and then we can petition Dan to give them A double HT for giving us a deal!

Still have a 216 number

Just Bec we are mourning restaurants, I can’t help but mourn those in Cleveland.
Abba’s and the $5 Abbas burger and fries
Yaakovs everything pizza that has falafel on it and their veg. Chili and mezonos rolls
And ruchamas, first time having Chinese.


Mine is Pomodory Pizza in Crown Heights


seems like moshiach is very close bh


what about klm business do you know if there is a problem with their food now too
is it the same hechsher?


Elite Cuisine, Los Angeles. Best hot dogs, cole slaw, knishes, and Shabbos take out.


Reuben’s in London did not have a particularly good hashgocha if I recall correctly (I think Sephardi Kashrut, which is not great). So lots of people already did not eat there.

Six-13 used to be good, as did Bevis Marks. Shame, but there really just isn’t so much demand for these places.


100% of SH and 80% of GG would never eat in Reuben’s due to Hechsher (not getting into Kedasia KLBD Federation politics now). By shutting out the majority of the local homogeneous market, it couldn’t stay around. London has the worlds third largest Chareidi community in the world, after Israel & NYC.


Darjeeling la Boutique is still open they offer great Indian and have a Chinese menu. I ate there before and after Pesach. The Le Delhi sandwiches are their most popular. The restaurant has shit re opened before (fire, lease etc). It is one of the most popular restaurants in Paris.
Adding to my list of faves: Rodchenko in The Marais and of course Le H’alles du falafel.

Also ate in Hoffy’s in Antwerp – haven’t been there in years, food and serve was good.

Johnny D

ChoSen Island in the Five Towns


perhaps we need to stop seeking kosher options in Europe and focus on ISRAEL!… just a thought .