Kosher Food Is Now Available In The World’s Busiest Airport!

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Finding kosher food in an airport other than granola bars is no easy feat.

Atlanta is the world’s busiest airport and the only airport in the world that serves more than 100 million passengers per year. It’s helped by there being just one major airport in Atlanta versus other cities that often have multiple airports.

When things go wrong in Atlanta, the effects are felt worldwide for days:


Atlanta’s Fuego Mundo writes on Facebook that you can now buy their food in to-go boxes at kiosks in ATL’s Concourse A.

As a very busy airport and a large connecting hub for Delta, it’s great to have kosher options there!

Fanaticos, FuegoMundo is so pleased to announce the new and exciting Kosher food options at the Atlanta Airport. For…

Posted by FuegoMundo "Latin American Wood-Fire Grill" on Thursday, September 13, 2018



If you fly through ATL let us know what the food is like!

My personal strategy when I need food at an airport is to locate the nearest kosher restaurant and ask them if they would be able to bring out an order to an Uber driver, sealed in kosher tape. When the food is ready I call for an Uber to go to the restaurant as the origin and use the airport as the destination. Then I message or call the driver to ask if they can take a bag of food from the restaurant to me at the airport and nearly all of the time it works out just fine. I’ve done this in Boston, Chicago, LA, Miami, NYC, and other airports.

An UberX from LA’s Pico area restaurants to LAX should run about $20.

NYC airports do sell kosher food and this exclusively kosher stand at United’s dedicated gate in Newark for Tel Aviv bound flights is very impressive:

But at Newark I don’t even have to use my Uber strategy. The best kosher Sesame Chicken in the world (request the combo special with white meat) is delivered for free from New Kosher Special with a $40 minimum order.

On DDF there’s a thread with a Wiki that keeps track of other options for kosher food at airport here. If you know of other options not mentioned there please comment here or add it to that Wiki.

What’s your strategy for kosher food at airports?

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About time!
Was stuck there for hours and each of the 7 terminals are tremendous!


I obviously don’t know what their packaged good will taste like, but the restaurant itself is pretty good.


ATL’s position at the top of the list caught me by surprise. I was expecting to see LHR followed by DXB. Looks like they’re actually numbers 7 and 3 respectively.

I wonder if LHR and DXB would be the top 2 if ranked by revenues.


ATL has an unusual number of transfer passengers which raises the numbers.


Where do you meet the uber driver? You have to leave the airport and go back through security? This strategy would only work for longer stopovers.

Gmar Chasima Tova

Ate at Fuago Mundo in Atlanta two weeks ago there food was excellent and priced very well. Can’t speak for the airport food… if anyone stops in Atlanta try there food well worth the time

S. Rosenblum

It’s amazing that jfk an Newark don’t have these options.


I’ve found small Sabra Humus with crackers in nearly every US airport. Sometimes for more then $5.

Lily Black

Fuego Mundo has good food generally speaking. I hope the airport food lives up to my expectations


Just have to mention, I used the former AROMA at MIA and paid by CC. My CC was abused by person unknown and had been cancelled by the time I got off my flight.
I can not prove who or how it happened.


Who was it that explained to the Good Ol’ Boys who run the place, what “kosher” means? I know, Atlanta city government is not as red-neck as other parts of Georgia. But according to Wikipedia, “Restaurant contracts at the airport are worth about $3 billion and complaints over the contracts fit into a historical pattern of allegations of “cronyism and political influence” at the airport. Concession company SSP America sued the City of Atlanta to challenge the methods used to award contracts, but this suit was dropped in 2012. Contracts are awarded on a preferential basis if a business qualifies as an ‘airport concessions disadvantaged business enterprise’.” I suppose there are too many advantages to keeping kosher?


@dan going off topic here …
The new kosher speacial on the app shows free delivery for $30 min and you mentioned it was $40 min is it because if done thru the store directly it’s different or $30 from app is only for local Elizabeth nj orders?

Shoshana Stubin

Hooray! I love Fuego Mundo! I eat there at least once every time I go to Atlanta, which is usually twice a year. Wish we had something anywhere near that good in Passaic!


@Dan Every time you write the “best sesame chicken in the world” from New Kosher Special, I cringe. I value your food reviews but this is so way off. There’s a reason the prices are so cheap, the quality of the meat and chicken is so poor and the fried rice is paltry. There are sooooo many better chinese places out there, just need to try more of them so you can see the difference.


Been to Fuego Mundo over many times in the last 2 years. Really awesome food every time!! I pass through ATL every week or 2 really looking forward!!


Not really sure why their at a boar’s head stand. Not the greatest choice of location…