[Ends Tonight!] Signup For CLEAR Plus (Free With AMEX Green/Platinum/Hilton Aspire) And Get A $75 Uber Voucher

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Update, 11/27: This offer ends tonight!

Update, 11/15: This offer is alive again through 11/27 at 11:59pm ET!

You’ll receive a $75 Uber voucher via email by 11/29/23. The voucher will expire on 5/29/24.

You will receive the promotion regardless of whether you complete enrollment at the airport.

CLEAR Plus is now free after statement credit with the AMEX Business Platinum CardAMEX Platinum CardAMEX Green Card, or Hilton Aspire Card, making this offer a no-brainer to signup for and get a $75 Uber voucher as well!

Note that the CLEAR family member rate has gone up to $99/year.  

Signup For CLEAR Plus (Free With AMEX Green/Platinum) And Get A $75 Uber Voucher

Signup for a new CLEAR Plus via the link above by 10/20 at 11:59pm ET and you’ll receive a $75 Uber voucher by 10/24/23. The voucher will expire on 4/24/24. CLEAR tracks existing memberships by email address.

After signing up online you can finish your registration in any airport with CLEAR. In the past, CLEAR has always honored promotions after signing up online, without needing to complete the airport registration.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the cheapest price for CLEAR Plus.

CLEAR Plus normally costs $189/year, but United and Delta non-elite members can enroll in CLEAR Plus for $179/year. United and Delta cardholders and mid-tier elite members can enroll in CLEAR Plus for $149/year. Top tier elites get CLEAR Plus for free.

You can set your account not to auto-renew.

The full annual fee will be reimbursed once per calendar year if you use an AMEX Business Platinum CardAMEX Platinum CardAMEX Green Card, or Hilton Aspire Card as those cards have a $189 annual credit for CLEAR.

A CLEAR Plus member can add up to 3 adults for $99 each, which can also be covered by those cards. Kids under 18 can go with their parents for free without a membership or biometrics required.

CLEAR Plus allows you to skip to the front of the line. If you have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the PreCheck line and if you don’t have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the regular line.

You don’t need to take out your ID either, your fingerprint or eye act as your ID.

The dependability that skipping the line gives you is simply amazing. It means I can leave my house 55 minutes before a flight and know that I won’t miss my flight out of CLE. When I’m with my family I’ll leave plenty of time and enjoy the airport lounge, but if I’m solo, the less wasted time in the airport is always a win.

Sadly, lines have grown in some airports though. People report that in Newark the CLEAR line can sometimes stretch longer than the non-CLEAR line.

Do you enjoy using CLEAR? How have the lines been in your home airport?


  • Upon accepting CLEAR’s terms and conditions, your card will be charged.
  • $75 Uber Voucher to be provided upon completion of enrollment in and purchase of a one year CLEAR Plus membership. Uber Voucher will be sent to the email address on file for CLEAR Plus Member. Limit one code per customer. Must be applied at the time of sign up. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Available to new CLEAR Plus Members only. Must be redeemed on clearme.com.
  • Limited time only. Refunds for accounts created under promotion and canceled within the first 12 months from enrollment will be subject to a $75 Uber Voucher fee and refunded on a pro-rata basis thereafter.
  • CLEAR Plus is currently available to US citizens, legal permanent residents, and citizens of US territories, 18 and older with valid photo ID.
  • Your CLEAR membership automatically renews each year for an additional 12 month period at the annual full member rate. We will notify you 30 days before your card is charged.
  • Don’t forget, in person verification is required at one of the ENROLLMENT CENTERS prior to using the CLEAR lanes.


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Do Amex Green cardholders get one credit per account or per AU?


If I sign up with platinum for free CLEAr can I still get get TSA pre check for free?

United 1k

Is there a way to signup through United and still get this promo?


I like the Uber, have plat, but no need for clear, and travel to airport will cost alsmot uber value. thoughts?


Is there a way to get this with renewal ?


Hi Dan, terms say “Available to new CLEAR Plus Members only.” I dont CURRENTLY have an active membership with clear but I had one in the passed that I did not renew… Do I still quaify for this promo?


Will this work if someone had clear a few years ago and then canceled and is not currently enrolled (asking since it says only “new” members)?


It’s not on all green cards. I have a very old plan which I guess I am grandfathered in. I have almost no be if it’s, certainly no free clear

Hugh J

Clear sucks… lots of money for almost no benefit, even IF the lines aren’t time prohibitive, which they usually are in Las Vegas. Pretty much all of 2023 I skipped Clear to go right to Pre-Check… couldn’t believe how many people were standing in that line while no line for Pr-Check! Idiots…


Not every airport has a separate pre check line

Papa L

Any airport worth using does…


Applied on 10/13 and nothing yet.


I already am a clear member expiring in December, I just signed up for the business platinum. 1) Can I apply on different email if I already am a member just to get the voucher? 2) Do the Amex clear credits renew on January?


Does the Uber email have to match the Clear email?
if not can I add multiple $75 vouchers to one Uber account?


Emails do not need to match.


Does +1 gmail address help for new email address?




Uber credit has expiration?

Need to make airport appointment to complete process?


All this for one year clear ?


Exp: 4/24/24 according to another blog.
In the past no need for an appointment.


But do need to go to airport?

Uber credit only after airport visit?


Ok I actually read the post but didn’t see this addressed. When you go to the airport for the first-time what info do you need to finish your registration? Just DL, passport or something else.


Amex Business Green can also get?


damn, it’s now dead with 3-4 hrs to go


Sadly, it appears the offer ended early.


Promo expired…2.5 hours early! You snooze you lose I guess.


The promo ended at 7:47 PM PST. WHY?


I know it says by the 24th but just a FYI no credits yet for me.


I set up clear last week.. but didn’t receive my uber 75. What to do


As per clear you have to do the clear setup at the airport to get the uber 75. Else you won’t get it.


8:58am CDT massive amount of Uber credits have showed up!


Actually Even though they responded as such. I just got the uber credit. So odd


Got a credit applied to account, but isn’t showing in Uber. Anyone else?


I see now it isn’t a credit like amex platinum, but applies upon checkout


Anybody know if two of the $75 uber credits can be applied to one uber account?

(I want to add my wifes credit to my UBER account as well. Yes I know I can just add it to her Uber account… But I would prefer to do it this way…)


For past promotions I added all the credits to the same account. I expect this to work the same way.


i added all to one account and now i only see 1


It seems different this time. I used one credit. I then added the second credit, but it then said I already used it. Shows one voucher with $0 value in my account. Added the second credit that it said I already used to a different account and the $75 is showing.


so gotta use only one creditper account?


I just got a renewal email (I have delta CC). Cost is now $149 + $99 for additional user (wife) which is higher than the $189 Amex plat credit. Any way around this?

Honestly, 60% of the time I can’t even use clear so it’s a little overrated.


shows 99 per family member now @dan


@Dan we have our adult daughters an MIL on our Family-plan wonder if we could do this an open accounts in their names (we have mutlipe cards with Clear credits).

But you also said that they track Clear by e-mail not bio-info?



I got the credit on a second account but same user, then tried to apply the expiration of the new account to the old one, instead they refunded $114 ($189-$75) and cancelled the new account.


Can it be used for uber eats or just rides


Can existing CLEAR members apply on a new email address just to get the voucher? I have more than enough clear credits


Will the credit work with Uber eats?


CLEAR didn’t let our 13 year old go through – in fact they made a stink and went to speak directly with TSA pre to say that he shouldn’t go through TSA pre, either.


From cards listed, I only have amex platnium. will egt $189. any delta blue regular /ink/ CS will cover additonal $99 member?

also will need instructions when to cancel/ refund platnium renewal (how long after billed )


Uber voucher can be applied only to a single order of up to $75 or can it be used on multiple orders until the $75 is used up?


It seems like it needs to be used in a single order. From the terms: “Uber Vouchers have no cash value. One-time use only. Maximum discount of $75 per redemption.”


How does the Uber credit come in, I signed up with the link and haven’t gotten any Uber credits?


I got the offer on an existing inactive account.


did not receive my credit yet
btw how do they credit?

Leraan Shlomo

How do I get the $75?
I signed up but don’t see it

מורה נבוכים

Will it arrive by email ?
Uber card


“Refunds for accounts created under promotion and canceled within the first 12 months from enrollment will be subject to a $75 Uber Voucher fee and refunded on a pro-rata basis thereafter.”

So essentially, seems like I need to sign up for 2 years to get the promotion…. Or am I missing something?



Link still working….
Will I still get voucher?


still valid as of this a.m.


anyway to apply a few vouchers toone uber account?


Scammed. Can only apply one voucher to each account


Dan says: “A CLEAR Plus member can add up to 3 adults for $99 each, which can also be covered by those cards.”

Clear says: “As a reminder, with your American Express Platinum Card® card on file, you’ll get **UP TO** $189 in statement credits per year after you pay for CLEAR.”

If enrolling via (Non elite) Delta is $179 + family plan of $99 and paying via Amex platinum, that total of $278 is MORE than “up to $189 in statement credits”, yet Dan says the $99 is covered for reimbursement by Amex…

Is an additional $99 for the family plan reimbursed by Amex on top of the $179 or not?

Leraan Shlomo

Never received email regarding the Uber credit. I’m a new customer with Clear since I saw this deal. Is there anyone I can contact or something I could do?

Thank you


Can I add 2 different Uber vouchers from the clear promo to the same Uber account?

P Katz

Any offer now avail for clear?
I’m new to the ripple dip game, does it pay to wait till next offer or first enroll before 2024?