[Germany Does About-Face, Drops Mask Rules] Rules For Thee, But Not For Me: After Flying Maskless, German Chancellor Approves Legislation Requiring N95 Masks On Flights To Or From Germany Until April 2023

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Update: While Germany was originally set to require N95s on flights as of tomorrow, they have now done an about-face and will completely remove their mask mandate on flights as of tomorrow.

Lufthansa confirms that they will remove their mask requirement on all flights, except flights to and from China and India, where local laws still require masking on flights:

Originally posted on 8/26:

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Cabinet approved legislation requiring N95 level masks on public transportation, including flights to or from Germany.

While most countries allowed cloth masks when they had mask mandates, Germany currently requires surgical masks on flights. And starting on October 1st through at least April 7th, Germany will require N95 type masks on flights, trains, and buses.

This comes after Chancellor Scholz and his entourage of 80 passengers have faced heavy criticism for flying from Germany to Canada without masking.

The German government initially said that everyone on the flight tested negative for COVID which meant that there were no risks taken, however there are countries that still require such tests and German law still requires masks on flights to those countries.

The German government then said that there is no requirement for masking on Luftwaffe (German Air Force) flights, which is why the government and media officials were not masked on the Luftwaffe flight to Canada.

While that may technically be true, it’s yet another example of politicians making COVID rules that don’t apply to them.

Earlier this year Lufthansa kicked 130 Jews off of a flight and banned them from flying Lufthansa for 24 hours due to a small number of Jews on the flight that didn’t properly mask for the duration of their flight. While a Lufthansa employee was caught on video saying that all of the Jews on the flight were made to pay for the sins of the few, the airline denied that anti-Semitism played any role in the incident.

The new German N95 requirement will create an even harder burden as many people find it very difficult to wear those masks for an extended period of time. You may want to think twice before flying to or from Germany on your next flight.

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Mimi K

“Far ihr zicherkeit”


Wake up people. ALL of the rules this entire time have been for us low life, “useless eaters”. Never for the elite making the rules. We are letting this happen by our compliance.


marxism, compliments of liberals


When you don’t believe in religion you create one
Welcome scientism


What are you talking about?


Political science


We tried explaining the science to all of you. Dan, included. This goes back to May 2020.

You reap what you sow. You gave in and didn’t fight back.
Congrats, world.


Right, people believed the lies, instead of listening to those who were trying to warn them. It’s always easier to just follow along, but in the end, you do reap the consequences. Problem is so do the rest of us who tried to warn all of you!


Wow. The savings would need to be substantial for me to sit through an entire international flight wearing an N95 mask, when most airlines require none. Especially if I’m flying with kids. It is beyond strange that they are tightening restrictions now, instead if loosening them. Wonder if they will permit refunds to people who booked before this regulation.

Donald Trump

We have to stop these radical left wing authoritarians! They are destroying freedom and imposing their personal beliefs on all of us.


People in the medical field wear N95 masks all day long. Maybe, if we had not stopped mandating masks for travel, Omicron would not exist? I wear a mask whenever I go to an indoors public place. I wear N95 on airplanes and cruise ships. I have not caught Covid, the flu or a common cold since 2019. Masks work, wear them!


I wear no mask and I have not caught covid. What’s your point?


Your choice not mine. Despite wearing n95 flying in J and avoiding people managed to get it.So no enough of this charade for me.You want to wear it? Go on,but do not impose that on me!

I wish it were so simple

Baloney unless you wear one even at home, at your office, and at your friend’s home.
Or maybe you still stay home?? It isn’t possible to protect yourself so completely if you have any contact with other human beings


If you don’t drive you eliminate the risk of an accident just not worth it. Same with the mask I’ll take my 2 days of bed with Covid 3 years ago in exchange for constant discomfort.


Please feel free not to post this comment!
In strongly urge you not to post things that may cause people to take Health guidance lightly. Such words can have life and death consequences.


I’d actually prefer a flight with mandatory N95s. I wear one all day at work. I’m currently wearing one sitting in a chemo infusion chair and will be wearing it until I’m back in my car. You may not care about yourselves, but care about others who covid could kill.


Refuah Shelieimah.


What about the shots that have killed and seriously injured many? Look up Maddie De Garrey’s story of a 12 year old who took part in the pfizer trial. She is now in a wheelchair and is still suffering from the so called vaccine.


My wife had to sit through a 8+4 hour flight this week on LH with a N95. Was like going back in time!
(I only booked LH after her original flight was cancelled and she had no other option)


Fwiw, I flew Lufthansa first class this week and didn’t put on a mask at any point and didn’t hear one word from the flight attendants (who were all super nice). One had her mask hanging on her ear for most of the flight.


Just use the workaround of flying in business and turning towards the window while you sleep with your mask down. Probably helps not to look outwardly Jewish (joking but not joking).


Just like a US liberal


(Arbeit) Mask macht frei”


Germans love their rules!
COVID is a perfect thing for them – they get to make and follow arbitrary rules, and it’s in the name of Science!


I flew a month ago to Israel connecting in Frankfurt. We were required to wear a mask to Frankfurt and then again to Israel. The Lufthansa website did not mention that but mentioned that in the Frankfurt airport, masking was a must. When we deplaned in Frankfurt, we were told to keep masks on in the airport. I finally took mine off when I noticed no one, including police, the TSA equivalents, etc were wearing masks. Even in the lounges no one was wearing a mask!

no thanks

not a chance I’ll fly them. I’d rather stay home.

mark n

Just for the record. All of asia still requires masks not only on flights but even outdoors . Your point might be correct but stop with the generalizations. More than half the world’s population have masks mandates .


But not half of the worlds countries.

John P

The fact that Germany is still requiring mask is very ridiculous when they are celebrating Oktoberfest (6 million people getting drunk maskless) Pandemic law and mandates are very ridiculous at this time. Rules for the thee but not for me.


Mask or no mask, Jews don’t fly Lufthansa. These people tortured, gassed, cremated, and decimated more than 6 million of our brothers, not to mention the millions of others who suffered through two world wars because of Germany. Stay away from that accursed country and their stupid airline – even if the price is five dollars cheaper.


What about if it’s a couple thousand dollars cheaper?


I won’t dance on my ancestors graves for any money – even a few thousand dollars. G-d has other ways of saving me money.
It’s incomprehensible to me how this is even an issue. Choose any holocaust book off the shelf, read it and learn about what they did to us and tell me how it’s an option please.
They tore young children from their mothers arms, tossed them into the air, and shot them for sport laughing while Jewish mothers lost their minds. They murdered and raped tens of thousands of Jewish girls. Guilty or not, the people who inhabit that cursed country are the descendants of these monsters. Very few were ever brought to justice – they all preferred to pretend that none of it happened and only cried crocodile tears after their own country was decimated by their former opponents.
Credit goes to those Germans who truly learned from their inglorious past and attempted to rectify their past misdeeds, but that in no way undoes or outweighs the unforgivable evils that were committed by that entire country only a scant 70 years ago.
The world is huge and if I live to 240, I’ll still have plenty of places to go without stepping foot into that sewage basin. No thank you.