[Goes Into Effect 10/1] Proposed Rate Hike For Global Entry And NEXUS, But With Kids Free; Roundup Of Cards With Global Entry!

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Update: After 4 years, these changes will finally be implemented on 10/1.

Global Entry, NEXUS, and SENTRI, which all include PreCheck, will cost $120 for 5 years.

But the great news is that as proposed 4 years ago, applicants under 18 will be free when a parent is a member or is applying for membership! 

We have reached out to several banks to confirm if they will cover the new higher fees and will update this post when there is news on that front.

Originally posted on 9/13/2020:

Global Entry is fantastic. It allows you to skip the long customs lines when you re-enter the US, which has saved several connections for me. And thanks to credit cards that cover the fee, it’s the best money I never spent.

Global Entry includes TSA Pre-Check, which is also a lifesaver.

Currently Global Entry costs $100 for 5 years. Oddly, NEXUS, which includes everything Global Entry does, plus the ability to skip lines into Canada, costs just $50. On the other hand, SENTRI, which also helps for Mexico, costs $122.50.

The CBP is now proposing to harmonize those fees and make them all $120.

But the good news is that they are also proposing to make kids under 18 free if their parent is applying or already has the same service! While kids under 13 don’t need Pre-Check, they do need their own Global Entry membership.

I would assume that credit cards that currently offer a $100 Global Entry credit will increase that reimbursement to $120, making this a big win thanks to the new free kids membership!

Do you have Global Entry?

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Whalen is this prop roses to take effect


This would be an amazing change.


Only for people with kids (under 18). For everyone else it will be more expensive.


On the website it shows Nexus for entry Canada to us. Tsa shows entry international to us. You sure nexus is the same as tsa in regards to all Intl?


Yes it is.

Happy follower

Nexus was always free for kids under 18


How many children would one person be able to add per application? 😉


Kids are free for Nexus as of at least 8 months ago


Kids DO NEED Pre-Check if they are 13 and older.


i have flown multiple times with my children over 13 and they got pre-check benefits even though they don’t have their own membership


If you all are on the same reservation then all of you can get pre check.


I have precheck. Even when not on the same reservation my kids over 13 have always had precheck. I never signed them up. My kid under 13 did not. My wife did not as she never signed up for precheck.

Happy follower

What does Global Entry offer more than Nexus


Nexus is already free for kids.

mort soroka

Am I reading something wrong? Could it be that if I wnt to enroll in Nexus, ths nearest site for a personal interview for someone in New York is by going to Vermont?


Yes and that’s why it’s $50.
Because it requires you to go to one of the border crossings.


No, you’re reading just fine. Nexus is a program run by both the American and Canadian governments, so any interviews need to take place by a border, or another place that there will be both American and Canadian agents.

I believe a few Canadian airports including the one in Toronto, YYZ, offer interviews, and they also used to do pop up events in various places in the US, although they may have put a hold on those because of corona.

Nexus Q

I’ve always wondered bout the nexus loophole.
Just to confirm with nexus alone I get Precheck, Global Entry, and the nexus benefits?


Yes. But you will need to drive or fly to one of the US/CAD border crossings to enroll.


My Global entry expires in August 2021. Can I renew now to lock in the lower price?


You can renew one year in advance, and you pay the current rate upon renewing.


I believe Nexus only allows you to use Global Entry kiosks when entering from Canada (on the Canadian side) – not if you’re entering the US from any other country.


You can use when coming from anywhere. Super helpful benefit!


No, it includes full Global Entry benefits. You can use it to enter the US from anywhere.

True caller

Just sharing my experience in case you want to use it as well, (although I wouldn’t really on it that it will always work).

Myself and my wife have Global Entry, we ware in the Ben Gurian airport on the way to fly back from Israel to the US, we thought that our plane is an hour later than it really was, so after checking in the luggage we took our time, till we realized that we made a bad mistake and that the boarding was going to start in minutes, so we ware on a marathon to pass thru costumes but the line was crazy, so we just went to some kind of VIP line and showed them the Global Entry cards explaining them that this should let us skip the huge line and thank God they let us skip the line so we made our flight.


Free NEXUS for kid under age 18 most certainly DOES include Global Entry (and pre-check).

My kids under 18 got NEXUS for free, and have used the Global Entry lines with no problem. Including one who was 17 when he got NEXUS, and 18+ when he used it for Global Entry. The renewal is the 5th birthday after enrollment, so he won’t have to renew and pay again until he turns 22.


Wow that’s nice. I was always wondering how that would work if they applied before 18 and what would happen at 18.


I would be happy to pay 3x the amount to garantee precheck is always open in the US airports.


Do you mean you would be happy for the credit card to pay 3x….


Are they processing new applications now? We recently extended our memberships for a few fam members, they were processed overnight, and we got new cards within a week. However, a family member submitted a new application for GE in January, and the application is still pending review.


I need to make global entry for myself.
should I rush to do with lower rate or wait some time so hopefully my young kids will be free and I could get for them too?


I’m confused whats the difference between pre check vs global entry but in other words under the new proposal kids under 18 won’t need anything for their own ?

David R

“Maybe cards will even start offering NEXUS or SENTRI for free now that the costs will be identical?”
It they don’t cover NEXUS at $50, why would they cover it at $120?
There is a PenFed card that you can add to the list of cards that cover the Global Entry fee.

David R

I have the PenFed Pathfinder Rewards Visa, which reimburses the Global Entry or TSA Precheck fee, but they are not accepting new applications for this card.


Nexus and SENTRI are pre DHS things that for whatever reason are still under separate arrangements. This would harmonize them under DHS, which presumably is the one that has some sort of agreement with the credit cards to push it since Global Entry came out in 2011.


Is Capital 1 covering Global Entry?


Spark miles


Capital one Venture covers it (I think it is a recent change in the past year or so).

Thanks for sharing

I am sooo thrilled. I never got global entry even though I have Sapphire Reserve because I always travel to the States with a kid or two or six. And I wasn’t going to pay for each of them.
Once borders are open and I can travel again, I really must schedule myself an appointment!


One of my kid’s membership needs to be renewed in 2 months, mine needs to be now, to get the proposed kids free would the applications need to be filed at the same time or can I do it now and as long as I’m a member I can renew my kids memberships for free as they expire?


If you have the Amex platinum card which refunds the $100 fee, you can get additional cards (green cards) for free (up to 99per account). Each card can get $100 reimbursed for GE fees. So just get a bunch of additional cards, use each one for a different family member’s fee, and it’s all free.

“read the post” : The Business Platinum Card® from American Express (including on free secondary cards!)
AMEX Platinum Consumer Card (including on free secondary cards!)

Steven Kastner

In Canada, the CIBC Aventura Infinite Visa gives a rebate for the Nexus as well. What makes no sense is if this is being written for the Nexus crowd, they already give free membership for kids under 18, as others have said. No point in selling that feature when it’s always been that way.


Was the issue of getting Global Entry fixed for NY’ers?


How do I find out when my global entry is expired ?


So those of us without young kids are asked to subsidize those who have them. I don’t mind walking down the path to socialism, but I’m opposed to anything that makes second-class citizens pay for a promotion to the way things ought to be in the first place.


you are talking about 20 dollars over 5 years that equals 4 dollars a year i mean seriously it ‘s not a big deal imho


For someone who wants nexus because he travels between the US and Canada, That’s a steep hike.


Why is this a good change? Nexus is already free for kids. So, now, You can get everything that global entry gets, plus the ability to skip lines into Canada, for just $50 with kids free. Now it will be $120 for the same thing. Why is this good?


You have to travel to a Canadian border to get Nexus; that may cost more than $50/ $70.


Do children under 18 need their own interview? Also, does renewing require another interview?

As gold

Hey Dan I don’t see anything about Clear is there any chance in the credit cards will start covering that

David R

can a US citizen currently residing in Canada have Global Entry?


I put an application months ago, still showing “processing”
How long should it take?


Will the kids need an interview?


I think this update would merit a post of its own, not merely an “update”. Surely, if it had only involved the addition of children under 18 you would have written a separate post about it.

In any event, is the addition of children effective immediately?

Does it involve the typical lengthy process? Interview?


If I already have global entry and my kids GE expires before mine, can I get theirs renewed for free?


Ridiculous. Why should kids be free? I have to subside other people’s kids ?


How exactly are you subsidizing other peoples kids. The fees are just an income for the government as the entire global entry saves them money i.e. fewer employees, shorter lines. They just offer a discount to family’s with children.


How long after applying do I get the rebate from the credit card?


Hi if I’m up for renewal will Chas reimburse me again


I go to Montreal often, Just to clarify if I want my kids to have GE benefits I need to wait until 10/1/2024 in order to have that included?


You have to apply for Nexus instead of GE, and you can do it now for only 50.00.