Today Is The Final Day To Load A REDcard With A Credit Card.

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For the past 8 months I’ve been enjoying boatloads of free miles thanks to the Target REDcard and I’ve written about it several times since then. My local store had no problem loading up multiple cards with $2,500 per day from a credit card that earned 1.5 miles per dollar or from gift cards.

DDF member Dr. Moose reports that a memo went out today to all Target stores that effective tomorrow, credit cards will no longer be an acceptable form of REDcard funding.

I confirmed that memo with my local Target as well.

It was never question of if, but a question of when. Deals like this are just too good to last long-term.

Of course the real question is if we’ll still be able to use gift cards (that can be purchased from office supply stores earning 5 points per dollar) to load REDcard when swiped as a debit card with pin.

We should know that by tomorrow and that will determine whether it’s time to switch back to Serve.  My guess is that they will work, but that it will be up to each store and likely each cashier.

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& that is why I have been moving along just fine with serve – all offers go on it – cash out at family dollar 3 in my neighborhood so $1,500 in a day is no problem & Serve is still letting me load with my attached Visa – Just did $1,500 on the first 3 days of May!!


And with REDcard I was able to $40K in 2 days.


BDE, this was really nice while it lasted. It helped a lot of people.


Is switching back to Serve a good idea? I thought it stopped credit card loads too.


WOW!!! Thought they would give us more notice than just one day. Oh well


Baruch dayan heemes. Terrible news. But at least grateful for what we had til now.


Regular Amex Serve can only be loaded with another Amex debit/ gift card


DARN!!!!!!! I guess there’ll be a mad dash to Target tonight then…


I went this morning and there system denied it…


@Puppydogs I totally agree with that. I thought there would’ve been much more of a heads up.


So are there any ways left to manufacture spending?



Perhaps I am not so seasoned, so pardon my questions if they seem dumb.

(1) I thought Serve no longer was accepting credit adds after 4/16. How are you still loading?

(2) I thought limit on serve was $1,000/mo. How you do $1,500?


Count me in on the mad dash!


Darn, I just got myself a RedCard! So behind…


@Shua: Ha ya, anyone up for a minyan? lol


Is there any advantage to loading the redcard with gift cards as opposed to just buying a money order?


My target was already limiting to only 1000 per person per day for a while. Was not so easy to load anyway….


@Mark: which location? I wanna go tonight


@Unclear: Money Orders are not free. Plus, it can be hard to find somewhere to buy them.




Can you load Serve on line with Amex GC (bought from Staples)?


@dan we need a serious sum up…
1) the best GC that will still work for the RC (and does it pay only with the INK X5 or any others as well?)
2)serve is better?
3)the law is ובא השמש וזרח חהשמש so please release the new way how to generate spend…lol



ya minimum 10k load to join 🙂


so what do we use now??

Marathon man

Maybe if people and ft and blogs stopped f-in talking about these deals online theyd last longer.

How many times do i have to repeat that?
How many times do i have to repeat that?


I called Target red card costumer service 1‑855‑306‑7395 and I was told no changes have been made other than no more linking credit cards to account. Cash reloads includes: Cash, debit or credit card.

Splatts boy

Dan Now that we can’t use the red card what’s the best way to do spending?
And do u think you can buy a regular target gift card for $500 and there’s a $5 fee but it’s still worth it and then put that gift card onto the red card?


Does this memo include the Target Amex card???


I had to double check that todays date is not April 1st.
🙁 🙁 🙁


I want to see the memo. Still holding out hope…


i tried to get the serve card online and it says i have a red card already. how can i get a serve card?

One more time

@Marathon man: One more time please! Thanks!



Agreed, I knew it was too good to be true to last so I’m glad I opened a Serve instead recently.


@Marathon man: data is king there is no way they would not have seen this stuff going on.


@shlomo: You willneed to close your red card first before you can open Serve.


This affect American Express for Target?



@Ted yes, I was wondering as well. Thanks!


If I had known I wouldn’t have maxed out my reloads this month with all those $200 Visa gift cards from OD/OM, since those also work as debit cards. Instead I would have used a CC that earns 5% back at grocery stores.


Bummer, when the word spreads to many people abuse it aka 40K in two months above!Someone respond back with the debit load and see if that still works please!


Dan- The manager at local Target in Willoughby OH said he has not heard or seen anything about this change.


That wasn’t 40k in two months, that was 40k in two days!! This doesn’t really apply to me as I’m not swiping 40k a month, let alone in two days.


@Splatts boy: idk which target charges for a target gift card, but regardless u were never able to load target gift cards onto red cards!


Here in Calif O/M and O/D only sell Vanilla visa cards that can’t be load to a Bluebird card


I asked the manager here in NY at Nostrand and she told me that she hasn’t heard anything about this yet. What is the source of this information?


Manager at Brooklyn junction just told me, “today is the last day to load with a cc”.


Dan- if this infact happens can you please do a run down of all available alrenatives…..


@rileywiles23: @Nathan:
can u guys meet each other and figure out what ur taking about!!


So how do we go about spending money now????


dan, guess u can delete the ddf thread , lol


now let us see if we can still use debit card and if it applies to target. Although Brooklyn Atlantic has already been no CC for AMEX 4 Target loads…


@serve its already linked from before 4/16 and through soft card so 1500 a month and still works

@ John @ Dan
was 40k in2 days I am perfectly happy to keep doing my 6500 per month on serve everyone has their limit 7-10 cards a year 5 years and around 4 million points

Slow and steady 🙂


So now I have 3000 dollors to spend on a cc so how will I be able to do that !? Pls help


I have 10 and
That $50 k
2 more on way darn what a bummer
This was so easy and fun we need a new miholich asap


Public information about MS is detrimental to MS. Its a shame that we have to wait until the light bulb goes off in everyones head. Look how many deals have been killed in the last 3mos 6mos and year. Everyone here knows how to MS so why it has to be archived and publicly display to help kill it?

Just Saying

I really don’t think the use of BDE is appropriate for something like this. Think before you speak.


I called Target red card costumer service at 1‑855‑306‑7395 like a previous commenter. And I said to the representative “I heard that starting tomorrow Target was only accepting cash and debit cards for reloads, meaning no credit cards. Is that correct.” he said, “yes, that is correct. So I asked asked again to confirm: “So no credit cards.” He said no credit cards starting tomorrow. I suggest more people call to confirm this because my representative confirmed Dan’s information, while a previous commenter’s representative did not.


Does anyone know if the target store in Baltimore will be stopping today as well?


Confirmed at Target in Brick, NJ that today is the final day as well.


Maybe not directly related. But the local Walmart (in Baltimore area) told me last week (4/30/15) they no longer will allow Bluebird reload with the $200 Visa gift cards (fr Had been doing $5k/mo. They were typical Walmart cust service reps (hamaevn yavin), unknowledgeable & uncaring, but claimed “something about some fraud”. Has anyone else had this issue with Bluebird reloads at Walmart?
Of course the Money Center (ATM) never works so I need the cust service desk.


@Edward Why on earth would you call. Why?


@edward just called the # you provided and asked if I can use a cc to reload they said yes.


@Mark Why wouldn’t I call?



why not?


i also confirmed with red card customer service (1‑855‑306‑7395). The lady on the phone said she’s been on the phone with several people with the same question today… She also mentioned that it’s not necessarily going to be every target tomorrow – it all depends on how each individual branch decides to handle it.


Called 3 different stores near me spoke to guest services and asked to explain how it works and they all told me you can use a cc to refill your red card.


Will their system be hard coded, or just a memo was sent out? I just signed up for the business platinum and gold, so I have to spend $30k….. 🙁


Not sure that bombarding customer service with calls will help.
Let’s see what happens and not bring any more attention to this.


@Yis1 the 24 hour walmart on york rd. usually has the money center ATM working. i went last night and it wasn’t working and had to go to cut service and it only let me swipe 4 gift cards. after that, the system wouldn’t let anymore. 4 per day they told me


I just reloaded in downtown Chicago, no problem. Did not ask if it was ending, I didn’t want to alert them to any possible changes.


@BaltoMan- Yes, the one on York has had the ATM machine down for a couple of months.
Last week they wouldn’t let me swipe any. Are you doing Bluebird reload? I’d been doing $2500 a shot. (twice/month, $5k max).
They now said max 4 x $200 cards per day?


@yis1 yes i was doing bluebird reload. they didn’t say no more but the system would not let me do more than 4 (he did it in a weird way where he charged $800 and i just swiped 4 times as opposed to a separate transaction for each GC). YMMV. also customer service guy was a real jerk.


Target Red Card AMEX Customer service is a group of 5 peoplin in the Philipines. They sit in a small room together. They know as mush as us

The Travel Sisters

Just loaded my Redbird in downtown Chicago. The woman at customer service volunteered I can no longer do that starting tomorrow.


Two of us were denied at the Junction around 2pm


@Geoff: it may not help, but what can it hurt?


I will no longer shop at Target. I only shopped there when stopping in for reloads. They lost a good customer.


@Geoff: may not help , but at this pt what can it hurt?!?!


was just at taget you can load the card with cash and check only as of today new policy

Report by location

@shlomo, what state?


Like a few comments above we all knew that when a system gets abused like 40k or even many $ks in a month and turn around a do it again it will not last. I enjoyed getting a few thousand dollars on the card every couple of months and used it at target or for cash withdrawls so I could get some miles for cash purchases, but now that will be gone. Classic example of where a few take advantage of a good thing, overdo it and ruin it for all the others. Thanks for ruining a good thing.


Well this sucks, I was loading 125k a month, oh well.



This would have not lasted whether or not people did 1million in spending on 1 dollar, at some point target realized it makes no sense to keep this running because the amount of people who purchase at target later was not enough, the target accountant was just 9 month slow at realizing.



Case and point to the comment above you. Its people like you that ruined it for the rest of us


Are you serious, 125K a month?


Target manager at a branch in Florida knew nothing of a memo and said cc is still good. Unless the system automatically rejects cc, I think it will be branch by branch depending on the manager reading the memos.


@Alex: while this is probably true… for 90% of the readership here in ny/nj area, it will probably be a no go !!


I have a red card that links to my personal debit card, can I load that? If so, how?


Local store in Colorado said they have no idea about the memo and business is as usual tomorrow…


Where in CO?

Herman the Skinflint


Abusive. That is whey they stopped it. You went toooo far.


Just loaded 1500 in Staten Island – No issues. Comenity Fuel rewards – said that “problem” with merchant code. I can’t use it there….


Looks like FT now needs a thread on the new Dead Bird Card. Time to ask for a little help from Marie Laveau?


I just now 5/5/2015 5:30pm CST in Houston, TX did 3 Redcard loads of .. $1000, $1000 and $500 with no problem at all.


@Marathon man: This coming from one of the big mouths of all time.


4024 queens blvd. just did 2.5K

Confirmed its dead tomorrow.

They might give in for full 2.5K here in ny


4024 college point blvd. made them do full 2.5K for me

Anyone want to give it a shot in NY.. Last chance

They confirmed tomorrow it’s gone



Still early so it hasn’t reached Houston yet.


@John: Yes Vanilla visa debit card that I purchased from OD worked just fine with Redcard as today! Cashier confirmed new target policy no credit card loading but no change on pin-enabled “debit” card!


Just loaded 2500 on 3 cards, total of 7500 at Johns Creek, GA store.

Matt V

God you people are f___ing idiots. Stop calling customer service and stop asking the stores if they are going to halt credit card loads. It cannot have ANY productive impact on the ultimate decision. It can only bring additional negative attention.


Loaded $2500 today (5/5) and asked the Target rep I’ve dealt with multiple times here in MA, she had no knowledge of an impending change / stop to CC loads. Fingers crossed.


Wouldn’t be surprised if the specifically the stores that had very high numbers related to the RedCard (and therefore were costing high numbers in swipe fees from the CC companies) were told by corporate that they had to change policy because of the local issue. Would explain when some areas that don’t have as much traffic haven’t gotten the memo. Guess we’ll find out over the next few days.
CS at Target on Flatbush in Brooklyn refused to swipe CC tonight.


Friggin! I was loading $500,000 a month!!!! Dammit to hell you fools who called Target!!!


Went to three locations today. One store enforced no credit load already and other two were fine and had no knowledge of stop cc loading tomorrow, they learned through customers today only. They speculated that it depends on location/regional. (FYI this is in San Diego)




Went to three locations today. One store enforced no credit load already and other two were fine and had no knowledge of stop cc loading tomorrow, they learned through customers today only. They speculated that it depends on location/regional. (FYI this is in San Diego and I didn’t even ask them about cc loading tomorrow, they began with “it’s last day right?!”)

chaim schwartz

i dont get what all u guys have problems with others calling customer service and asking the reps… the reason these deals get killed have nothing to do with phone calls!! target finally realized how much money they are paying in cc processing without any (significant) increase in sales as they wanted…
give it up… these kind of things come and go!!

Hick Town

At a store in upper East Tennessee. This store has only 3 to 4 people a month that reload. Talked to manager 30 min’s ago…she said no credit card reloads tomorrow, but didn’t know about debit cards or gift cards.

It’s not just the high volume stores.


Just loaded my 5 cards in Chicago. No problem. Person helping me at customer service wasn’t aware of any upcoming change re cc policy…

A Betting Man

Who else thinks that this wont be hard coded and will be up to the knowledge of the individual cashiers?

Baruch hashem

don’t worry parnasa is from hashem if it is meant to be it will goes another one comes.


Target in MD had no issues loading today, asked the guest services about a memo and it being last day, the guy’s response was “if they want to lose money then they should block credit cards” — not sure he knows what he’s talking about, but he said no memo he is aware of.


@Sharon: the one in ss works fine.


Wow. Just read through all the comments here. . . A what a bunch of idiots.
Bh only this method of spend was heavily published, and the others weren’t….


All of you who really think that target “wouldn’t have known” “wouldn’t have stopped cc loads” only if bloggers and others were not talking about it, you leave in a bubble, it’s time to burst it. A) you wouldn’t have known about it if not for the bloggers like Dan (notice you’re here reading about it and commenting, I guarantee you learned about it working from here as well). 2) they would have stopped it regardless, they pay % of each swipe, it can’t be worth it for them because the average person doesn’t spend that much at target but rather comes in just to load the card and say bye bye. 3) you do not like the publicity, move on…no one cares how you feel or if it hurts your feeling that dan blogs about it.


I have 3,000$ dollors to spend on a welcome bonus offer for amex is there any cards that work for the bonus offers that wuld show spending and , not needed to gain points just the welcome offer !? Thanks a tonn !!


Why here everybody asked target-representative about cc loading/memo.
If it is hard coded, it will happen anyway regardless of your asking.

if it not hard coded, Now they can block the cc loading even without ” memo” . Simply because they heard from clients.

How stupid.

Mac AC

Can you still recharge serve with Visa GC at Walmart and family dollar?
What about redcard? Can it be recharged with visa GC?


Which debit cards give points?


Its hard coded..went to target in JC


@derulo what about the one on reisterstown?


@bg: none to my knowledge!


Real time report: Laurel, MD. Unable to load with cc anymore. System has an error. Don’t know how to use gift cards, so if anyone wants to explain I can try and report.


Did anyone try it today? And, did it work?


@bg no debit cards gift points.


@Mac AC: Yes


any updates today?!?!
any1 gana go try?

Makir Tova

Just tried now in Southfield MI. I
tried with two diff cc. Both times message on cashiers computer said: “can only apply 0.00 to this payment type”

Even customer service rep said they have no idea why. 🙁


Has anyone been able to load from the Visa gift cards with the pins today?


NY IS DEAD. If anyone in Maryland can load please let me know asap!

Noethern nj

The employees but me were not even aware of the memo! I was able to load GC with ease but it’s up to the cashier to implement the limit amounts. Annoying bc you’re still paying the fees.


@Noethern nj:

so ur not using a cc, ur using a gc?


@northernnj can u please update us on which gift cards work to add money and which stores sell them thnx


Confirmed at the Target in North Olmsted, OH. Tried to reload and was denied. It was coded into the cash terminal. Message was something to the effect: No Target gift cards and third party credit cards.


I just reloaded my RedCard at a Target in Richmond, VA using my Chase Ink Plus Visa and I had no problems. I loaded it with $2,000.


is the serve or blue bird able to be spend online using acc to get a bonus offer ?>?


good question does anyone know if u can use the serve or bluebird and reload a credit card to load a 1000 dollars or what ever amount to get the sign up bonus of spending 3,000 dollars in the first 3 mnths ?!~?! dan any sugestions ,does the serve still work or blue bird online help u towards bonus offers and without gaining points for the spending or gain ???? thyanks


are u able to load a staples visa card onto a red card


You can use Serve and attach an AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card and charge up to $1000 per month ($200 per day) and withdraw the money from an ATM (find the ones that have free withdrawl). This can help meet your min spend on AMEX Credit cards….


thanks a million . so all i got to do is switch over to serve and cancel my red card


Are there any debit cards that give cash/points for ms?


Does a visa debit gift card word to advance onto a serve or red card


does anyone else have a prob getting the 5% and free shipping on


whats the prob


@peter does it show as a cash advance and then I have to pay an apr when I do what u told me !?


@Anonymous: it doesnt give me free shipping or 5% off!!! i need to call each time and them remove it manually, and they told me that its normal procedure!!!!

big moe

a loadable vanilla card with a credit card costs 4,95 and i load the max 500 dollars .can i load that onto red card or serve? why should i buy 4 200 visa gift cards for 35 dollars?