The @SPGAssist Twitter Account Has Been #Bonvoyed

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Earlier this month I wrote about my experience being #Bonvoyed.

Just about every SPG loyalist feels #Bonvoyed in one way or another, so when some readers sent me the link to the @SPGAssist Twitter account it brought a smile to my face:


The account has been #Bonvoyed šŸ˜€

The Internet Archive captured an image of the official @SPGAssist account just 2 months ago, so Marriott must have deleted the account since then and someone took it over after that point when it went up for grabs:


SPGAssist, SPG Chat, and SPG phone reps used to give wonderful customer service. Now that has been #Bonvoyed and it seems to take a minimum of a dozen phone calls to get anything done…Sad!

Have you been #Bonvoyed?

HT: D93

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On my last two stays. Do they make a bonvoy whistle?


Consecutive one night stays with different confirmation numbers. They refuse to credit second night because i dont have receipt…because they never processed second check-in. ā€ā™‚ļø #Bonvoyed

Yossi Fisch

Check out


Totally agree, I called a few times to book my 7 nights certificate and finally, it looked like it had been done, but when a couple of weeks after I called to move it on the day earlier, the representative said that even I don’t have enough points for this book, I still have plenty of time to collect it. At that time I panicked and asked where it my 7 nights certificate; she checked it and said that it wasn’t connected to my booking. And then with her supervisor’s assistance, she was able to connect my certificate to my booking. But think about, if I would never decide to change the day of check-in, I wouldn’t be allowed to the hotel, since the certificate attached is required to check-in!!!!!


Cool to see D93 is still around.


Did anyone get the 15k bonus from marriot clawed back when transferring 60k to United ? Havenā€™t gone on the marriot site for a while and see they took back the 15k bonus for each of my transfers of 60k


Tried booking 7 day package, After multiple transfers I finally got hung up on after an hour. Called back and got a new hire who was really nice and she extended my 7 day credit for another year. Was shocked


No way to transfer points to household members online like in the spg days. #Bonvoyed!


I closed the card. No longer worth it for me to pay to AF. #bonvoyed


Now the twitter account is suspended