Save $400 On Fuel Surcharges To Israel By Booking Avios Rewards Via Iberia Instead Of British Airways!

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We all know that using British Airways Avios to go to Israel isn’t a great idea due to fuel surcharges. Of course BA Avios are great for flights within the western hemisphere as those aren’t subject to fuel surcharges and they can be true bargains.

For example:
United miles, Newark to Tel Aviv flying United in coach: 80,000 Miles and $45.10
United miles, Newark to Tel Aviv flying United in business: 120,000 Miles and $45.10

BA Avios, JFK to Tel Aviv via London flying BA in coach: 65,000 Avios and $659.14
BA Avios, JFK to Tel Aviv via London flying BA in business: 130,000 Avios and $969.14
BA Avios, JFK to Tel Aviv via Madrid flying Iberia in coach: 65,000 Avios and $535.92
BA Avios, JFK to Tel Aviv via Madrid flying Iberia in business: 130,000 Avios and $615.92

However you can transfer your BA Avios to Iberia Avios and save on fees for Iberia flights.
With a catch. You can’t transfer Avios from BA to Iberia until you’ve had an Iberia Plus Avios account for at least 3 months.  Once you have had an Iberia account for 3 months just logon to your account, go to Executive Club>Manage my account>Combine my Avios>Transfer to Iberia Plus.

Once you do the transfer you can book Iberia flights with significantly less fuel surcharges:

Iberia Avios, JFK to Tel Aviv via Madrid flying Iberia in coach: 65,000 Avios and $215.76
Iberia Avios, JFK to Tel Aviv via Madrid flying Iberia in business: 130,000 Avios and $215.76

It’s important to note that while Iberia always has lie-flat seating in business class between the US and Europe they only have lie-flat seating from Madrid to Tel Aviv on certain days of the week.  The A340 has lie-flat seating while the A319 is just coach class that is roped off from coach.

Iberia flies from the following US cities:
Los Angeles

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1)Is the transfer instant?
2)Can you transfer back to BA from Iberia right away if u would like?
3)Can you transfer from your BA account into my iberia account?

Thanks Dan!

FLew my father in law from Israel last week on Iberia. HE liked it but its a long stop over in MAdrid. More than 3 hours.


What about NYC to Montreal is there any saved fees there?


1 and 2 should be yes. But no for 3.

There are no fuel surcharges within the western hemisphere, nothing to be saved.
There are taxes on flights from Canada, no way around that.

love this blog

Thanks for everything! I am trying to book a avios ticket from NYC to Montreal for me my wife and my cute baby and the total tax is 150 euro.1. Is there a way to avoid the tax? 2. Why does it show up in euro 3. Is it safe to add my baby in the airport and do I have to pay taxes for her? THANKS FOR ALL THE MILES!!!!


No idea why it’s in Euro.
Do you have a US address on your BA account and are you using the US BA site?
You can add the baby at the airport for a minimal amount of taxes.


How about when flying with an infant?

Is it 10% of cost or miles like BA?

(Flying in business or first class)

If they do charge 10% of cost, what is the best way to fly from LAX to TLV in business or first and avoid excessive fees?

love this blog

I had but switched it to a us address and it still appears in euro. Would you recommend on flying to Montreal?


if i have a BA companion can i transfer it ti iberia

love this blog

Do you know how I could switch it to usd. ??


if the rumored aa usairways merger goes through…..will there still be any way to use ba avios within the usa?


I have a BA Companion ticket which I would like to use for business class. Can I transfer to Iberia and still get the Companion ticket?


How would transferring from a family account work?

love this blog

Wow!!! I just switched my address to the us and what a different by the price!!! instead of 151 euro (191 usd ) tax from nyc to Montreal for me and my wife now it’s 113 usd!!!!

love this blog

By the way Dan. I was sure I changed the address but I guess it didn’t go thru at the first place.


If i were to transfer my BA avios to Iberia, How many points is it to book for a infant with me?


Is it free to open an iberia avios account. Can you give a link to it. Thanks


I think it’s the other way around, the A319 has the business 2 seats and the A320 has three seats


Is there anyway to use BA/avios miles to fly NY to Cali? or is it only for international?


@meir: The Link is in the post above.


@ Mendy
Of course, goto search flights but click “redeem AAdvantage,” and any MilesAAver reward is bookable with BA miles.


Anyone know, generally, how flight availability is on Iberia with avios?


@dan – what would be the fuel charge of LAX-MAD roundtrip? Thanks.




Thanks Dan,

Quick question, when traveling from NYC-TLV with Iberia using my Avios points, if I were bringing an infant along, i could add her to my ticket for 10% of the miles- 6,500. How about the fuel surcharge, would I have to pay the $215 for the infant?


hi evry one im looking for mid aug real cheap tickets to isreal like 800 900 is there any if you know please email me thanks so much


I do not see anywhere on “manage my account” that it says “combine my avios”. What were you referring to?

zev rose

would that work-around work for USA-UK? ANy savings that way?? Thanks.


I also have the same question re: companion tickets. Can a BA companion ticket somehow be used with Iberia Avios points switched from BA Avios? There simply are no bonus flights on BA to Israel through the rest of the year (seems almost like a scam)


@Chaya: Look in the center of the page.


I have 70,000 starwood points, and I want to go to israel during the summer, what’s the best way to go using the least points and money? Thanx so much!


If you want to fly Business USA-Israel via Madrid on a day when there are not real Business Class seats on the MAD-TLV leg, book a Business ticket USA-MAD and an economy ticket MAD-TLV. Wasting miles booking business within Europe when all you are going to get for it is an extra glass of orange juice, another bag and a slightly upgraded kosher meal is just not worth it. Pay the extra for the baggage and use the points another time!


Thanks Dan!! This beats BA fuel surcharges! And AerLingus J availability has been poor, but Iberia J avaiability seems ok.


What were you using in the past to get form Ireland to Israel?


Im planing on using 9000 Avios for 4ppl is it passable ( or worth it)to upgrade 1 person to 18000 miles and get free bags for everyone



From Dublin, Ireland, it is 4500 Avios to go to LHR, and from there, Israel. The main thing is that Aer Lingus also avoids BA fuel surcharges.


Dan, what routes does Iberia fly from Washington D.C.? I can’t find any.

zev rose

Would that work-around work for USA-UK? Any fuel surcharge savings that way?? Thanks.

Yehoshua Melech

Given the state of the Spanish economy, I wonder what the risks are of losing miles in an Iberian Airlines ff account due to the airline going bankrupt.


@ dan
can i transfer spg points to someone else’s BA account (different name)?

zev rose

Seems no one knows about using this work around for usa-uk :-(. We’ll have to wait for Danny to re-emerge…


Would this be any good for LAX-SYD or from anywhere in U.S to SYD?

zev rose

I wonder why Dan hasn’t replied???


I was looking for flights on BA/air berlin foe the end od july begging aug. But i can only find a way there no way back same on AA. I have 160,000 amex premier gold points is it worth selling? Can i get 2 round trip tickets for in in july?