Record High Bonus: Transfer Citi Points To Turkish Airlines And Get A 50% Bonus, Fly To Alaska Or Hawaii For 6.6K Points In Coach Or 10K Points In First Class

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Disclaimer: Turkey owns 49% of Turkish Airlines, while 51% is publicly traded. The airline was once the 2nd largest carrier at Tel Aviv, but has suspended flights to Israel indefinitely. Earlier this month, Turkey announced a ban on all trade with Israel. President Erdogan said earlier this month that over 1,000 Hamas members were being treated in Turkish hospitals, though a Turkish official later clarified that he meant Gazans rather than members of Hamas. Perhaps Erdogan knows something that most of the world doesn’t realize and said the quiet part out loud? Should you use their program to save miles or cash versus other programs? I’m reporting the news of what can be done with Turkish miles, and if you’re on the fence, I’d suggest asking a trusted source of guidance on what to do in this situation. Or just work to ensure that you are their least profitable or money-losing customer!

You can currently transfer Citi points to Turkish and get a 50% transfer bonus through 6/15, with some major caveats.

This bonus is fulfilled by Turkish Airlines, not Citi, so the bonus won’t be displayed when you transfer. You can earn a maximum of 50,000 bonus miles during the promo period, so a transfer of 100,000 Citi points would max out this promo. Additionally, the bonus miles won’t post until after the offer ends on 6/15.

The last time there was a bonus from Citi to Turkish was a 25% bonus in February 2019, which was then a record high transfer bonus to Turkish.

Turkish Airlines recently massively devalued their miles, though some sweet spots remain.

For example, a flight on United within the US, which includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and USVI, costs just 10K miles in coach (6,666 Citi points with a 50% bonus) or 15K miles in business class (10K Citi points with a 50% bonus). Unfortunately, United is throttling partner award space, especially on domestic flights, so availability can be tricky though it does exist.

See this post for more on how to search for Turkish award space.

Sample availability that I came across today on United using Turkish miles:

Newark to Miami nonstop for 10K coach or 15K business:


Newark to Puerto Rico nonstop for 10K coach or 15K business:




Newark to Anchorage nonstop for 10K coach or 15K business:



Newark to Honolulu nonstop for 10K coach:


Chicago to Maui nonstop for 10K coach:


Los Angeles to Kona, Hawaii nonstop for 15K business:


Honolulu to Los Angeles nonstop for 15K business:


If you or a friend has one of the following Citi cards, you can transfer points into miles:
  • Citi Strata Premier℠ Card offers 70,000 points for spending $4K in 3 months, 3 points per dollar on airfare, hotels, travel agents, groceries, gas, EV charging, and dining. 10 points per dollar on hotels, car rentals, and attractions booked on $95 annual fee.
Citi no-annual fee cards that are fantastic for earning points, but require a Citi Premier® Card card for points transfers include:
  • The Citi Double Cash® Card offering a rare 20K bonus for spending $1,500 in 6 months, and offers 2% cash back or 2 ThankYou points per dollar spent everywhere. If you also have a Citi Premier® Card Card you can transfer points into miles. No annual fee. Read more here.
  • The Citi Custom Cash® Card offering 20K signup bonus for spending $1,500 in 6 months, offers 5 points per dollar on up to $500 in purchases in your top eligible spending category each billing cycle. This is marketed as 5% cash back, but will actually come in the form of 5 ThankYou points per dollar spent! Eligible categories include Restaurants, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, Select Travel, Select Transit, Select Streaming Services, Drugstores, Home Improvement Stores, Fitness Clubs, and Live Entertainment. You will also get 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months. No annual fee. Read more here.
  • The Citi Rewards+® Card offering 20,000 points for spending $1,500 in 3 months. This card can’t transfer points on its own, but can transfer points if you have one of the Citi cards above. This card automatically rounds up rewards earned on every purchase to the nearest 10 points, meaning you earn 10 points on a $0.50 Amazon balance reload. Earn 2 points on $6K in annual spending at supermarkets, and a 10% points rebate when you redeem points, up to a 10K points rebate per year. If you also have a Citi Premier® Card Card you can transfer points into miles and get a 10% points rebate on transferred or redeemed miles. No annual fee. Read more here.


Will you transfer any points to Turkish?

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Honestly, you should not be giving this the honor of front page coverage, with or without the disclaimer. Just a forum post, if any mention at all. That is, unless it can be definitively shown and known that the cost of redeeming for a sweet-spot partner award is higher than the revenue earned from the points transfer.


or you can feel free to make your own website if you want things done according to your particular standards.


With a comment like that, I’m assuming you aren’t Jewish…


What Airline are these posted screen shots (e.g. Newark to Honolulu 10k Coach)?




It could be 10% of the price of other airlines and I will absolutely never fly with them.


You don’t have to fly with them. You can use their points to fly on other star alliance metal, for example united. Hence the example given in the post


thanks for the disclaimer.

coincidence that this comes after recent big TK devaluation?


Never use TK and don’t plan to transfer my TY, but all I heard more cons than pros with TK, from canceling your flights and not informing you or pain in the rear in the worst case, make any changes. Good deal if you able to make sure and willing to take the risks..


Are the first class to Hawaii ever actually available?


Is there a way to check for availability. There does not seem to be any dates available?


Already transferred 100,000 Citi points over along with another 100,000 from my P2. 100,000 free Turkish miles is just too good to pass up.


Remember. TK points expire 3 years after earning them.


Must make reservation by phone.
Very big hassle and a simple reservation can take half an hour.


If the account owner isn’t on the reservation you have to call.