Ouch: Delta Massively Devalues Partner Award Travel To Israel

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Delta has been massively devaluing partner award travel over the past couple years. Plus they added hefty mileage surcharges for close-in bookings and continued to increase rates even as Americans bailed the airline out. They can do it without warning as they removed their award charts back in 2015, a move that was later copied by United and one that I expect from American as well.

For example, in September 2020 Delta charged 30K miles in coach or 75K miles in business class for a JFK-London flight on Virgin Atlantic.

Between October 2020-February 2021 the Virgin Atlantic JFK-London coach rates went up to 55K miles within 3 weeks of travel, 40K miles within 21-60 days of travel, or 35K miles when booked more than 2 months before travel.

The business rates went up to 195K miles within 3 weeks of travel, 170K miles within 21-60 days of travel, and 120K miles when booked more than 2 months before travel.

One odd carve out was Israel, which remained 37.5K miles in coach or 85K miles in business class on Virgin Atlantic regardless of when it was booked:


Alas, that is no longer, and the new close-in booking rates are eye-watering:


Virgin Atlantic JFK to Tel Aviv coach rates are now 65K miles within 3 weeks of travel, 45K miles within 21-60 days of travel, or 37.5K miles when booked more than 2 months before travel. That’s an increase of up to 27,500 miles each way.

The business rates are now 195K miles within 3 weeks of travel, 175K miles within 21-60 days of travel, and 130K miles when booked more than 2 months before travel. That’s an increase of up to 110,000 miles each way.

And of course Delta does this without providing any notice.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at massive devaluations when there are no award charts though. Thanks to Delta for reminding everyone why they should accumulate hybrid points and not bank airline miles like Skypesos where they can be devalued in the blink of an eye!

Actually, forget calling them Skypesos. These are now Skyrubles.

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Lol great ending


So now what’s the cheapest way to travel in economy using miles from tlv-jfk?


Love the passionate outcry.
Your readers. Your base


“I’m shocked” said Captain Renault. It just floors me that anyone is a Skyruble loyalist. It is such a low value program.


Not if you booked upper class for 85k


Yet you promote their cards.
I know you only post about good cards but with the ability to transfer from MR for the rare flash sale,what reason is there to get a delta card?


And you can earn mqms on award travel


how many miles does delta have to show OW NONSTOP NYC-tlv to find the flight on VA?


Glad I booked 3 weeks ago!!!


Delta airlines sucks, had terrible experience with them from TLV.
Avoid Delta airlines.


And I had a great experience with them from tlv


quikc question – for travel to israel from US when do they check the PCR test? I have an upper class flight booked in June, not sure I feel like quarantining in Israel, could i board the US > LHR flight and then just go somewhere else or would I still need to show a negative PCR? Thanks!