Northwest Promo: The Great Race!

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This is an interesting promo on NW’s part.

The Great Race Registration Linky

Basic Rules: 

-A team can have 1 captain and 3 teammates.

-You can only be a teammate if you have not accrued NW miles from flying since 2006.

-All flying must be done by 05/31, and bookings only count if they were dont after registering for the promo.

-Travel is valid only on NW flights or NW coded flights on NW commuter affiliates or KLM.

-No member can contribute more than 12,500 flown miles to the team.

Here is the bonus miles structure:
2,500 miles flown by the entire team=1,500 bonus miles per team member
miles flown by the entire team=3,000 bonus miles per team member
miles flown by the entire team=9,000 bonus miles per team member
miles flown by the entire team=15,000 bonus miles per team member
miles flown by the entire team=20,000 bonus miles per team member

In other words if the 4 travelers each fly 6,250 miles before 05/31, then each will receive a bonus of 20,000 miles, giving them each enough for a free domestic ticket!

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question 4 anyone who knows

Where can i go to find out which airlines partner with which in order to combine miles etc?
For example – who are NWA’s partners and Continental?



Whats the cheapest that we can do from cle? For 6,250 miles.


How do you find teammates??

yebo gogo

saa is having a great sale for tickets through pesach from nyc to south africa (jhb, cape town and durban) comes out to 1050 including all taxes, for all those interested chap arein and book b4 the end of feb.


1saleaday has a great deal today (Friday). An AT&T prepaid sim and $10 credit for only $1! Great for people out of the country planning to visit.


Email me at if you want to be part of my team. Looking for 2 people who will fly 6250 miles each. Thanks.

Partner and I will fly 6500 from Florida to California in late april or may