No More Credit Card Fun At CVS: Reports From FL And NJ Say That You Can Stick A Fork In It.

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Update, 04/01: CVS has put out a new memo stating that chainwide rollout of this policy should be completed by 04/04.


For the past 18 months mileage junkies have been able to use manufactured spend to get miles on the cheap at CVS thanks to cards like Vanilla Reload, Serve, etc.

Via @Ringsthecaddy comes this image of a policy change that says that effective Monday, 03/31, CVS will only take cash for Vanilla Reloads, Serve, and many other reload methods.  The registers will be hard coded to reject credit cards just as they are in Walgreens stores.

This was taken in a store in Boca Raton, FL:

Additionally DDF member ccsaver reports that he was showed the same memo in a CVS store in Edison, NJ.

Previously rogue stores refused to take credit cards, but it was never official policy or hard coded.  Official policy was that you could buy $5,000 in Vanilla Reloads per day,

Based on reports from numerous states and that the memo was sent from a CVS corporate it seems like this will be a nationwide policy and not just a regional policy.  The memo is drafted by Cary Chaney, who works in CVS’ corporate headquarters and is in charge of the prepaid cards category for CVS.

There still are other methods of manufacturing spend via Bluebird as you can read here.  By buying gift cards with your Ink Plus, Ink Bold, or Ink Cash card at Office Max or Staples you can still get 5 points per dollar and load them onto Bluebird at Walmart.  Or buy a money order at stores that takes debit cards for money orders.

It was a fun ride while it lasted. And like we learned with mint coins, all good things come to an end. RIP VRs.

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same here

I tried in a store in LA yesterday and the manager told me they don’t accept credit cards anymore.

Ms Miles

We can all thank the 10k aa spend for this


RIP VRs.. what’s next? there will be something to come.


Boruch dayan haemes


This is really disappointing, but like you said all good things come to an end.


Knew was coming sooner or later.


What kind of fraud are they so worried about ?


Oh nooooooooooooooooooooo
I knew it would happen one day!
It was too good, and i am sure they lost tons of money form this

Dumb me

I felt the need to comment but couldn’t think of anything to write


Long live Amazon Payments


@netlevy: Who lost tons of money ?


Figured it will come to an end! Was really good while it lasted. More ahtik will come up. Not worried


now that this is done can I suggest a refreshed article on hitting the spending thresholds on our cc’s?



So what are the other methods to meet spend thresholds?


I was in a cvs in greensboro NC they had tons of vanilas vs. Brooklyn where no cvs will let you use cc’s. I loaded 5k onto vanilas they didn’t even ask for driver license. I guess no other ‘heimishe’ ever steped into that cvs…


I feel like crying


@Joe: CVS for sure! Think about 2% merchant fee


Figured will come to an end! Was good while it lasted new shtik will come up. Not worried


Just want to confirm that onevanilla cards can be loaded to bluebird at walmart- ie the $500 from 7-11


I love this website, Dan, and the seminar I attended, but is there any chance (even minuscule) that the spreading of DansDeals has some effect on things like mileage devaluations and VRs? If more and more people are buying VRs on CC, doesn’t it make sense that they would either notice or care more?

me again



Before the hysteria reaches levels of ppl who didnt get cheap tickets to Israel, lets all be thankful for what we had till now. Now that is over we will find new venues. O, and I’m waiting for that guy thats gonna email Larry Merlo to complain.


why ?


@netlevy: But don’t they charge a fee when you buy the card ? A few dollars extra ?


Does it occur to anyone that it is websites like these that cause these things to happen? When one is spoon fed all this info in all focus detail too many people will know for CVS to turn a blind eye. This website, and in particular the forums, may be doing more harm than good in this case. Some things ought not tone discussed.


You can’t kill the internets or withhold information Erdogen style.

There are websites far larger than DD and several forums that are orders of magnitude larger than DDF that talk about this stuff.

Enjoy things while they last, mourn them for a day, and move on. There’s always something else around the corner.


April fools?

Don't think so

@amusch22.. I doubt it. The amount of people who play the Credit card game compared to overall amount of credit card holders is minuscule.
The reason these things come to an end is fraud. I live in downtown Brooklyn, around the corner from 2 CVS stores within blocks of each other and neither sold VRs on credit, for a very long time. Ive spoken extensively to the managers at both stores. The manager told me it was because the area is a high risk for credit card fraud. Same with the 7-11 that won’t let me get onevanilla on credit. It’s mostly, if not all, the risk of fraud. That’s what managers have told me.


yes all good things come to an end!!!what do you think will happen to MY VANILLA DEbit cards????thanks al always


im not surprised… as u said all good things come to an end… besides even previously wen some local stores had ‘policies’ and ppl would take advantage eventually the local stores do fwd their issues to corp… dan wens the next mileage manufacturing idea coming out…


@netlevy: cvs doesnt pay 2%… they probably pay .00001%


@Dan – curious it’s always the bloggers with financial self-interest who claim that.

It’s blazingly obvious that Blogs Kill Deals. Too many noobs start the game when techniques are over exposed – you can see the end coming when there isn’t even a pretense of keeping things on the DL. Noobs and blogsters alike make comments/posts of how to meet min spend at CVS as if it would be around forever – and idiot blogsters run month-long contests and post about it daily.

Greed, stupidity and ignorance, but not in equal measures. You know that old WW2 saying that Loose Lips Sink Ships? Maybe a post with a bit of self-reflection about blogster practices might be in order? But I won’t hold my breath waiting on that – instead I can already hear the self-righteous indignation over thought that types like you are a Big Part Of The Problem.


Sure, if you had a switch to shut down every blog then things would last longer.

But that’s never going to happen. Even if you got every blog to agree to that, other blogs would open and people would go there, so what exactly has been accomplished?

The contests are just dumb, I’m not going to argue that. I know for a fact that those reach higher-ups and they’re not amused by them.

Blogs talked about coins daily for years but that wasn’t killed until it was featured in the WSJ twice. These things are hard to pinpoint.

Bloggers have had incredible restraint with Serve, as it was too good to be true. Though it was all over FT, DDF, and other forums. And yes it’s being killed in the same fell swoop even though its potential barely got any blog coverage.

Fraud also paid a huge part of this. People buying these things with stolen credit cards to get cash fast.

Again, easy to point fingers, hard to know conclusively. But information can’t be kept locked up, it will get out one way or another…


A few months ago the manager at CVS in a bad neighborhood told me that there was major fraud going on with these cards. People are buying them a credit card and then calling the credit card company to say that their card was stolen. The credit card company has no recourse and they were out $500 .

Nothing to see here

Notice it says nothing about the gift cards. Unless more info comes out I see no issue here.

Yes, costs may go up slightly but nothing to worry about.

why the Dan bashing?

I hear you guys that sites like this kill deals, and that might be true. However… where did you hear about the deals in the first place, if not from sites like Dan’s? And now you’re ripping on him that the deal is over? Sounds to me like a double standard.


@dan does office depot take credit cards for Vanilla Reload?


What’s all the crying about? CVS wants cash for VR, so let them have it. Get over to the bank and start asking for thousands of dollar coins to pay for those VR cards! Lets see how Cary Cheney weathers a coinado!


@AlohaDaveKennedy: y would u do that? what would u benefit?


If they scan your DL I don’t understand why they’d be concerned about fraud. CVS actively increased the limits on their own, so why would they one reverse back to cash only? This increases traffic in their stores, and I certainly shop more at CVS than I used to b/c of buying VR’s once a month. I wish they’d be happy with giving whatever identification they want to lower fraud so people legitimately using BB wouldn’t be affected.


@A: Are you still able to do that?


I just bought 5k vanilla reloads In svs on kinds hyway in Brooklyn
Live it up while it lasts


I cant believe you have the nerve to bash him on his own forum. Just the fact that your here and following, most likely is proof that you would know and have nothing if it weren’t for all the amazing deals and loopholes that come from this site. VR’s are talked about on TONS of different forums all over the internet, go take your criticism somewhere else, or else hold your tongue and wait for the next. You disgust me.
They don’t deserve your time.


I don’t understand what you guys are complaining about…if it were not for blogs like this none of you would ever know to be doing things like this in the first place.


@Chase: dont u get it???? the fraud is just an excuse… they definitely lost money while this lasted!!!


I spoke with a regional director and this is being done because too many drug dealers are using Vanilla Reloads instead of cash because it’s easier to transport. They load them up with their credit cards.


@yitz:ADK tries to talk the talk but he can’t walk the walk.


5K today in Vegas no mention of it ending. My CVS knows me well and I’d think if she knew she would say something.


I hope VR go bankrupt because of this with all the 3.95 losses

Runner girl

So if I go into cvs today and try to but VR with a cc it should be fine until tomorrow 3/31?


Not sure why they ever upped the limit to $5k a day…I think THAT was the end of it.


In lakewood nj the cvs told me a few weeks ago that they are changing the system to stopping to take credit cards soon…….and they are not getting any new vanilla reloads until they change the system.


Dan, can you do a new post about spending now? i’m stuck with 10,000 that i need to spend now on aa. don’t know what to do. i read the post you linked in this article ffrom november, but still not so clear. can you do spending for dummies article.

thank you!


I can live without VR. If we loose BB then it’s game over!


On vanilla reloads website there are many places that sell them including office depot. Has anyone ever had success in any other store?


Dan, with all due respect, you are full of it.

You are the one who posted about the IHG BRG at Times Square. Your readers abused it to the point that the IHG lines were jammed and hold times were several hours.

After this debacle, you admitted you had a responsibility in this and IHG changed the terms of its BRG.

Joe S

Wife and I had to call a couple to find one that had, but each got $5K today. Good while it lasted.


CVS in Piscataway, NJ has at least a 100 cards still. Prob way more.

Is CVS the last place taking credit cards for Vanilla Reloads? What about 7eleven (I know some stores don’t, but is it national policy now)?


To my point above. I was not trying to single out Dan specifically. But I think that bloggers are being disingenuous
when they claim that posting stuff does not lead to overexposure such as the IHG debacle.

Super Speed

@Chris: I’m disgusted at your lack of appreciation, he posts hundreds of things and the one time he made a mistake and apologized for it you’re gonna use against him? So now everything he posts that you don’t like is a mistake? Get ahold of yourself and find another site. I’m sure he has helped you and many others save thousands of dollars. Your lack of appreciation is totally appalling.


Don’t lose hope there is still Walgreens, Rite Aid and 7-11.


Just got 5k in NJ. Looks like monday is still cutoff. Happy hunting!


Sorry, but 7-11 was killed off just like so many other deals by circles, arrows, and deals 🙁 Hard coded at register to deny VR at 7-11 with CC, only cash.


Most Walgreens are cash or debit card only, though not hard coded if you can get past the CASH ONLY people. Rite Aid does not carry VR


@Super Speed

I won’t even call you names because you are probably a troll. Go back playing in the playground.

Dan said:
“Again, easy to point fingers, hard to know conclusively. But information can’t be kept locked up, it will get out one way or another…”

Well, please correct me if I’m wrong, there was not a lot of posts on the Internet about it. His post got a lot of attention.

I bet you were one of those guys who booked 20 nights hoping to get all of them comped…

I stop by once in a while here so I don’t solely rely on Dan
to get information.

So go get a hold of yourself and don’t fall off the moral high horse you are on 🙂

what are you all on?

you all make it sound like Dan should in fact care if he ruins a deal for everyone. but that’s stupid. Dan is a FOR PROFIT blogger. if there is a way he can make money, he will do it, even if it WOULD crap up the deal for everyone else. and why not? I would do the same. imagine you are making hundreds off your blog. a hot deal comes up. if you don’t report it, someone else (who is again also only interested in the money he can make) will. so what it will “ruin” it if you post. UNTIL it’s ruined you make MONEY from the post on your blog.

# capitalism greed.
welcome to ‘MERICA.


@what are you all on?:
Cute, but there are thousands of tricks I don’t post. Even though I’m sure I’d generate tons of views for them, it’s not how I operate.

If I think it’s sustainable, or if it will die shortly, I’ll post it. If not, I don’t, or I’ll only talk about it at a seminar. Or maybe at a DO. Or maybe not at all.

Ultimately though it’s a judgement call and that’s all I can rely upon. No different than every other blogger, either you respect them or you don’t.


Here’s a thought- rather than threaten to overrrun CVS with coins, why not contact CVS and tell them you have been using them for other shopping and prescriptions in part because they allow CC purchase of VRs, but you will be pulling your business because of the policy change.


What about paypal cards at best? much easier


@Super Speed,
Dan is a big boy and can handle criticism.
With many deals, it is hard to illustrate sufficient restraint. Many in this hobby are addicts (some have substitutes onform of addition for this) and as such we sometimes have a tendency to go overboard. Dan sometimes fuels the fire and it is not easy to control the masses. It’s a fine line to walk and you carry a responsibility when you are shepherding addicts.


If you want to know why this happens all you have to do is look in the mirror. Of course every blog out there is at fault but so are we. Without everyone posting all this stuff the blogs would find very little on their own.


im curious.. if i have a chase freedom and chase saphire preferred. ….April marks the second quarter whcih gives you 5 percent back on dining. the csp give you 2 points per dollar on dining… which is a better card to use for dining ? ik it has nothing to do with this but just curious


@DR But the paypals work and I like those better because they give you cash directly to your account.


what about 7-11?


Got $5000 vanilla reloads at CVS today no mention of not taking cc


This is dead for one reason-blogs like this. Now, while it’s true that other bloggers spoke about it as well, it seems to be a tendency of the readers of this blog to abuse these things, like was mentioned about the IHG. If course, Dan is doing it for profit, but then people shouldn’t be bowing down to him in the comments on this blog “Dan, you’re amazing…” etc.


Just got 5000$ on suffern she said that they didn’t get any change yet.


To be fair, the majority of my traffic is from NYC and that deal for the Intercontinental NYC.

I should have realized what that could cause and already apologized for blogging about it and pledged not to blog about further BRGs. Proof is in the pudding-look on DDF where lots have been posted but I didn’t blog about.

Mind you the IHG BRG changes came several months later, but if you want to blame them on me go ahead. I’ll admit to a lapse of judgement there.

But VRs? Serve? That’s just silliness. There’s a really big world out there and the info is everywhere.

I can post 20 things from my seminar right now that would generate thousands of clicks but they’d all be dead in a week, so what would be the point?


Is the $5,000 per day limit hard coded, or is the limit effectively $5,000 per transaction?


It’s amazing how some people think they are in a different category than others.
Some learnt abut Vanilla Reload on Dan’s Deals, others from friends, others from other blogs, and a few may have figured it out themselves.
Many other of Dan’s Deals were learned about by those people who figured out Vanilla Reloads themselves but learned about certain credit card deals or airline deals from Dan.
We all benefit in different ways and to say that Dan is ruining it for that “elite” class of people who would prefer him not posting it here is just hypocritical

Thanks Dan for Vanilla Reload and all other info you post here, the forum is to share deals that can benefit all and if you don’t subscribe to that, them just stay away from the forum

Super Speed

@Anonymous: Per day.

chaya frimet

shoebuy is offering today a $30 dollar rebate for declining magazine subscription if you buy for $35 or more,so basically buy for $35 pay $5


Thanks. Just stocked up on vanilla reloads to meet my spending threshold for new cc…first few were sold out and finally I bought out from another cvs


I think a larger problem with people going overboard and hitting all the angles like what is advocated on this and other blogs is how we are viewed by others.

Here is just a sample quote from FW, -and it’s just the tip of the iceberg:

“Are you [religion]? No offense,but [religion] seem to be all over this thing. Same thing like hedge funds. They have a knack for making money by doing little work or making millions off other people’s work”

Like I said, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and this is what they are willing to express in writing. What many think about us as a result of all this is much much worse. Let us remember where we are and be careful as to the image that is projected.


My go-to store did not received such a memo. I got my 5k as usual and will check back tomorrow for a peace of mind.


I am Jewish , but not orthodox and partake in MS but not to the extent people here do. I am satisfied with 1k per month from AMEX BC and a few hundred from some other cards over the year.. But to constantly blab and showoff “how many VR I bought or I bamboozled the clerk and got 8K in VGC or I got away with this and that or I got 10k from WM money machine”… it’s sickening because I can imagine all the orthodox with the yarmulkes arguing with black and foreign clerks. How do you expect them to view us?. The FW blogger was correct, I hate to say it. I tell my wife all the time that bad Jews make it hard for Jews like me, who don’t abuse things. I will never forget, and it’s ingrained in my brain.. that when I had a summer home in Liberty NY 15 years ago an incident in the Shoprite supermarket and I wanted to get out fast but couldn’t. There were about 15 Hasid’s arguing with the store manager and clerks (all black) about the 2 cents rebate on reusing the ShopRite plastic shopping bags. It was a grand total of 12 cents and they caused a huge ruckus. But what was even worse, 2 Hasid’s were waving 2 100.00 bills in the air threatening not to pay. So what happens here applies to the schnoorers and the normal and I am lumped in with the bad when others say “those Jews”.


Forgot, I don’t live in NJ, but I can imagine what happens in the Lakewood WM and CVS. Deja vue of Liberty NY 15 years ago!! Probably the same in Monroe NY


@barrutuneup sounds like someone really has issues might as well let it out in the media and join the rest of them all. im sure ur expirience fifteen years ago was bad but to judge all like that …. sounds like someone feels guilty about something!!! not sure why your comment was posted


@barrytuneup: @barrytuneup: @barrutuneup sounds like someone really has issues might as well let it out in the media and join the rest of them all. im sure ur expirience fifteen years ago was bad but to judge all like that …. sounds like someone feels guilty about something!!! not sure why your comment was posted


I’ve seen amazin stuff the other way. police in lakewood in awe of hatzalah members and chaveirim helping non jews. store clerks saying only he jews come back to pay for an item that the clerk forgot to scan etc. so I guess it’s each persons choice: do you want to be part of the former, or the latter. Don’t be so quick to decide which is more rewarding!


you are all correct. We do more for any group that is non Jewish than anyone ever will. But the goyim will not remember this ever. They only see what they see and only remember what they want. That is why we as a group should always remember that they are always watching and waiting to pounce. Just read some blogs about what they think of Israel, honestly don’t know how these people can actually want Israel’s demise.


Dan, i have a random question… can i use amex platinum 200 dollar credit for united airlines gift cards?.. thanks!

also if anyone knows the answer pls weigh in tks…


also FYI! THE AMEX CRACKDOWN STARTED! They now say if you ever had the card before you will not get any bonus points for a new application even if u had the card several yrs ago…



This has already been discussed in detail on DDF…


People have to realize that whenever there is abuse, a crackdown is sure to follow. We see it all the time. Businesses have to look at the bottom line as a result of every consumer offer. When an offer brings in a desired benefit it will continue otherwise it will have to be updated or eliminated. Whenever too many people make something unprofitable the deal must end. I say wise up everybody and stop abusing the deals. If everyone would proceed with moderation and under the radar, we would have much greater longevity to these deals. Not to mention the chillul Hashem, Rachmana Litzlan.

shemebeble--- Introducing everyone to DDF

Google Dans deals forums and there you will actually get answers to 99.9% of your questions.
I am not posting the link, for if you cannot complete a search on google- good luck on the forums!


@barrytuneup: now this sounds better your bashing before was not what u saying now, at least u pulling back of that hatred u went out of ur way to post second comment because u nebach forgot to bash lakewood and monroe!! hard to say u made a mistake! no problem us in lakewood and monroe understand that too



theres still omen famous good way to get some quick spend done. did it with 3 aa 10k spends already…….please please please don’t ever post it and kill it! I’m sure you are well aware of it, but I’ve never seen it mentioned on your forums


Just walked into a CVS. Saw a guy buying all the Vanilla Visa cards they had left.


Was in CVS in Rockland Area. They told me a few weeks ago that they will be stopping to carry VRs because of credit card fraud. When I asked them what kind of fraud they are referring to, they said people buying VRs to get mileage. Why is that credit card fraud???


@gogreen: I thought they will continue to have vanilla visas with cc


Jeff, food for thought if something is a “chillul hashem” when done not in moderation (because its taking advantage of something the seller doesn’t really intend), its questionable if it be mutar even if done in moderation (if even in the moderate level the seller wouldn’t want it to be sold that way). Look, I’m not judging others, as I take advantage of deals all the time, but I do think I’ll get judged on this (amongst my many faults) when my time comes.

jimmy james

hoo is advising cvs they are stopping to sell cigarettes stopping to sell vr’s with cc if you own any stock in cvs sell now they are doing all the wrong things to drive traffic to their stores and make a profit

Lord Advantine

@thetoad, it really is a small thing in the larger spectrum. If you had physically hurt someone else or cheated people, then that would count.


Any monday updates? Is it hard coded across the U.S. as expected?


@Dead?: Just bought 5k worth in CVS in Surfside. So no, not hard-coded yet.


I think there is a difference of whether the seller would rather it not be sold in a certain way but is willing to allow as a cost of doing business. For example a store puts out a lost leader that he makes no money or takes a loss in order to attract attention to get new and more business for items that he does make a profit. He evaluates whether the promotion worked for him or not. That does not mean it is a chillul Hashem if I only buy the lost leader. But if all of DD readers come each time they get a new shipment and ask for the item when they don’t have it, are not interested in anything else, and the item is not even available to serious customers who are willing to spend on anything else he can make a profit then that must go into a whole other category which any owner would not be willing for it to be sold that way because he knows there is only to lose and nothing to gain. As far a chillul Hashem goes that is another story because even if something is mutar, it will be the outcome, you better be certain that you will be judged and I wouldn’t want to be there when it happens.


@thetoad. spoke to rabbinic authority and got a psak that this is all 100% muttar!!!!! and for all those rippin dan if your on this site you are a monster hypocrite.

Chicago VR

I bought VR this morning in Chicago without any issue!


Just bought some VR in Michigan with no problem.


doers anyone know if in NYC they are still taking cc”s?


@barrytuneup: now this sounds better your bashing before was not what u saying now, at least u pulling back of that hatred u went out of ur way to post second comment because u nebach forgot to bash lakewood and monroe!! hard to say u made a mistake! no problem us in lakewood and monroe understand that too

Super Speed

Bought 4K on CC today in NJ!


Could reload $1,000 on my Serve with cc today in southern Calif.


Remember, it was the run on the banks that contributed to the Great Depression. Hogs get fed and pigs get slaughtered. Whether or not there was any policy change this buying spree is sure to bring one on. I happen to be all for Dan posting these deals I just believe there should be some discretion not to bleed them dry and kill them, aside from the ethical question. And it definitely is a question.


I bought 5,000$ worth of vr today in nj with cc

5 for 6

First five stores today were a success in NJ. By the time i got to the sixth she pulled out a memo saying no more credit card. My guess is they all had the memo but she decided to enforce it. Im curious if it is actually hard coded or not. Anyone actually get the charge declined?


Each store has multiple managers working, most are too busy to read all the memos.

1 store in my area takes credit card the other does not.. the one that does not says loss prevention has a big case with a customer disputing the charges on VR.

Go ahead and buy all you want with your CC.. People who dispute them for a quick 5k$ gain are the people messing it up for all of us!
There is no halachic or ethical problem with buying the VR what so ever. Corporates and stores have items at a set price, you walk in and pay for it and walk out..
I am hoping this CC block never gets through to the check out computers of CVS.. Shame on people who dispute the prepaid cards they buy!


Watch this VR video,very funny ( from Cvs master thread @ flyer talk)

think positive

looks like in Brooklyn NY they are still accepting credit cards for VR’s


I bought 3×500 at CVS in LA yesterday(3/31) and loaded 2×500 yesterday(bc of BB 1k daily limit) but today the 3rd will not load…keep getting errors etc


I just bought $5K worth at a store in LA.

The clerk showed me the notice which states that starting 4/3 (meaning tomorrow is the last day) you will have to use cash to by the VR cards.


@JG: maybe you submited your last 1K after midnight eastern time. try it tomorrow


My go-to store showed me the memo today! PARTY’S OVER on 4/4/2014!


@fredd: Can u please explain how u filled the limits on 3 aa cards? What’s omen famous? I have a card that I’m stuck with.. I need help!