HURRY! Unprecedented USAirways Business Saver Award Space Between Philadelphia And Tel Aviv!

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Update: DEAD!


American Express is a advertiser. and are showing tons of saver business class avaialbility between Philadelphia and Tel Aviv.

USAirways business class features a 1-2-1 configuration with direct aisle access for all passengers.

Typically there its rare to find more than 1 business class seat on this route, but right now most days have more than 6 seats available!

There is even availability during peak travel times, like Purim, Pesach, summer vacation, and Sukkos.

This is a glitch in the fare booking class as U class just recently switched from being a coach booking class to a business booking class.  When you book your business award the confirmation page will show U class/economy. However it will charge you the business class rate and you will be seated in business class and U class is now in business class.

Space to many European cities is excellent as well. charges 67.5K miles one-way/135K round-trip to Tel Aviv. charges 120K miles round-trip (115K for cardholders) and doesn’t sell one-way awards.

AA allows 5 days holds and USAir allows 3 days holds.

You can transfer Starpoints to either airline, 20K Starpoints becomes 25K miles. That transfer can take a few days, but with a 5 day hold there should be enough time for the miles to post.  Those points can be earned on a card like the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express.

American requires that the name on the Starwood account (or at least the last name) match in order to do a transfer.  However USAirways allows transfers from anyone’s Starwood account.  You can transfer points between Starwood accounts if the home address on both members Starwood accounts are the same, but that transfer can take a few days as well.

Below is a search for 6 nonstop saver business class awards on  Just search Philadehpia-Tel Aviv and click non-stop flights only to see what dates are avaialble.  Once you find a date you can then search from other airports in the US to Tel Aviv on that date:



Post what you book!

HT: million miler and D93, via DDF

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Where’s my HT? And million miler as well?


does it pay to use avios? when it try to book it on avios it says 0 rewards seats available and then the tax is absurd and like 1000.00 each person


How do you put a hold ?


CAN I BOOK IT AND cancel within 24 hours?


@eko: BA can only be done over phone
@matovu: you’ll see the option during the check out process
@SrulyP: no, but u can put on hold.


I put it on hold, does that guarantee me the points price or just a seat on the plane (and they can change the price)???


I was booking for lag bomer after putting in all the info it told its sold now nothing is coming up not fair


What is the deal if they are charging the normal business mileage rates?




Avios now has hefty fuel charges right?


No, this would be an awful use of avios due to heavy fuel surcharges.


Someone else probably got it, try another date.

Its very rare to find more than 1 business seat from the USA to TLV nonstop.

Here there are entire months wide open for entire families.

I just held myself 🙂


@Josh read the title


@dan How do you find these deals? I’m assuming you don’t just sit there constantly checking when availability pops (or do you? :). What tools do you use?


he reads DDF:


Booked 3 tickets


For booking an infant award does it have to be at time of booking or can it be added later?


Booked for Succos! Thanks Dan! No bassinets in Business? Had to grab a seat for my little one!


Seems that for many of these, it’s showing 50k each way (for europe) and then when you select your flights it jumps a bunch (3135k miles rt instead of 95k). Any way around that?


This was covered extensively yesterday by many other blogs. Flyertalk is another source.


Is there any way to transfer points quicker than spg. What can I do ? I have points in chase and Amex but not enough on my AA or USAir


Reserve 3 tickets for June

just need a good option from NYC to PHL


put on hold 2


It can be added later.

Personally I held a seat for my infant daughter as well. Not going to hold her for 12 hours each way!

I didn’t write about it yesterday as it died early in the morning.
It came back alive again for Tel Aviv early this morning, and I’m sure it won’t last long.

Nope. AMEX MR and Chase UR don’t transfer to either of these airlines.
You can transfer instantly to BA, but you’ll be smacked with $800 in fuel surcharges.


Any way to convert Amex MR points to AA miles?


I want 2 tickets April 1-12 – I don’t have enough points any one want to book for me and I’ll pay $.


Is there anyway to buy aa points besides through


I just put on hold 2 ticket for lag bomer and 4 ticket phl to lhr in june


I have always stayed away from Starwood points because of the 2-3 day delay in having them transferred to an airline (of which there are many airlines that accept these points). I have been concerned that once I find a flight that works for me I would need to book it immediately or else lose the opportunity to book the flight . How does this work with the different airlines using Starwood points because of this delay in transferring points?


@danR: no,no, & more no.


I have a citi aa card and a amax platinum card. Which card is better to use for this ticket



Having same issue



AA allows a 5 day hold.
That’s plenty of time for a transfer.

Citi AA should give you double points.

Going where?
Did you try both and



Going PHL-TLV. I only have US Airways Miles. Worked fine on at 67,500 miles (I put on hold and then cancelled a ticket to test it since it wasnt working in US Airways) but on US Airways website I click 60,000 each way and shows 305,000 round trip. Sometimes I click the higher economy and it applies the lower economy amount. The US Airways website you dont get what you see.


Anyone want to make a trade – I have a stockpile of Amex and Chase points but short on AA miles. – If you transfer points to my US airways account I will send get you equivalent in either chase or Amex points. PM – DanR


I’m looking for 3 buisness seats 5-10 till 5-18 must be those dates. It showing sold out am I doing something wrong. I’m trying with a mobile phone

moshe g

Can I transfer Starwood points to an AA account with the same last name but different first names? How long does the transfer take? Do I have to do the transfer over the phone because different first names?


The “deal” here is the unprecedented volume of low level award space available for multiple passengers on a wide variety of dates on a wide variety of routes in both coach and business. I was stalking this since it broke yesterday.

Oh, and I got 7 seats in business PHL-TLV in early August.


In my hold reservation from AA it says that it i seconomy even though it’s booked under U , so what is it economy or business



Wow, fantastic!


@DanR: I can do the trade. call me (Israel) 972 54 846 2856


Dan if aa is 130 for round trip ,an us airways is 120 for RT,them why are people saying that united have to most valuable points from use to tlv? United charges for more like 160 for RT???


For some reason pricing out at 250000 for me on USAir. How do you place a hold on USAir? Do you need to call?


Dan if aa is 130 for round trip ,an us airways is 120 for RT,them why are people saying that united have to most valuable points from use to tlv? United charges for more like 160 for RT???


@Dan: is an infant award full amount mileage as an adult ?


@Avi: call 972 54 846 2856


@DanR: how can you technically transfer to me points if we are not under the same name ?


@Dan maybe when you make use of some of those tickets you can treat us to a DansDeals seminar 🙂


@moshe g:
Read the post.


U class is business.
Type in your record locator on and it will correctly show business with business seats.

United is 140 for United flights.
The advantage of United is 30 airlines to choose from with no fuel surcharges.

With AA/US you are usually stuck with BA flights with means insane fuel surcharges.

In this case you’re correct, but only because there’s a crazy amount of USAirways award space. But this will not lost long.


Absolutely, just need to find a place.



I know ppl say not to call, but if you have US Airways miles, if you call you can put a reservation on hold for 3 days (this cannot be done through the website). Also, I didn’t mention any glitches, just asked about availability of business class, and the US Airways agent on the phone had access to these U class seats as I just saw the booking on line made by the agent and it shows U class. Doesn’t seem like these U class seats are available through the US Airways web site at 60,000 miles each way, but I may be wrong.


how is business class on this flight


Thank you, Dan – just booked to 2 RTs for the family. And, as ExecPlat (actually, Concierge Key), they are fully refundable at any time. Thanks a million for this and hope to see others in EY for Channukah 2015!


Booked 4 BF seat R/T PHL-TLV for Succos!


@ yitz its business



Should be very good, but I’ll have my report out in a couple months 🙂



@dan please help me. I have the points I just can’t figure this out. I’m looking for 3 buisness seats 5-10 till 5-18 must be those dates. It showing sold out am I doing something wrong. I’m trying with a mobile phone


@Dan around when are you planning on coming? I’d be happy to look into venues…



So do they charge 10% of full fare (as in like $400) for held infant? Maybe better to try an book through BA for 10% mileage?

Yeah holding isn’t fun but don’t you get a bassinet?


Seems like it’s not available for those dates.

Around Purim time.

BA has over $800 in fuel surcharges. No deal.


@Dan I’ll see what I can do…
do you have a preference of city? I would assume many people would want Yerushalayim, although I admit as a resident I’m biased
How has DDS planning worked in the past? Is there anyone I can be in touch with to discuss what’s involved? TIA


are the biz class seats on us air phl-tlv any good?


Ok thanks


And it looks dead. I got two tickets for Succos BH. Thanks!


Nevermind. Still alive for 2 seats on a lot of dates


The seats are any nice on BIz….is there anyway to find out? Just booked 8 tickets


@Dan: united is 140 ? That means 70,000 one way ??
Why do I only see 80,000 for one way ?
To clearfiy we are talking about saver busniess


Can Alaska miles be used to book us air or not yet?



70K for United flights
80K for Partner flights





I have a really nice size place that will benefit (belongs to) a tzedakah organization. If interested please respond to my email.
Thanks. It’s getting really exciting.




Paid for the reservation, was waiting for it to be ticketed, but now I’m receiving an error trying to access the details of the flight. Possible cancellation?



Why do bad things happen to good ppl?!?!?

Rochelle L . Millen

Are there any specials using United Airlines miles? We have about 150,000 total.

regular joe

I transferred spg points immediately after holding several tickets via however I have still not received my points/aamiles in my aa account.

anyone else not getting their transfer before the hold expiration?
( I was able to extend the hold because of a fluke otherwise I would have had to buy the missing miles from aa)