HOT!!! Get 8 Southwest Rapid Rewards Credits For Enrolling!

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Enrollment Offer Linky

Be sure to provide your email address and opt-in for all 3 email subscriptions to get the full 8 credits.
6 credits will post immediately upon enrollment. The last 2 credits (for the email subscriptions) will post within 7-10 business days.

Although the fine print indicates that a MN address is required, I can confirm that the credits post immediately regardless of the address listed on the account.

16 credits are required to get a free systemwide RT ricket on Southwest.

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Too bad I enrolled a month ago for the 4 point promotion. now when I tryed yo enroll with a new email address it recognized that I already had an account.
What can I do to get 8 points?


just sign up for there cc also and get anther 8 credits right away and there’s your free flight
you probably can get the fee for the cc first year waived has anyone tried?


there are better offers for the SW credit card than that.


what do i then need to do to get the other 8 points?


So.. is there a way to get this to work for existing RR members?


what is a good offer for a SW credit card and where can it be obtained?


Dan, i just registerd, but i forgot my account number, is there any way i could recover it???


Rules say…
Offer is only valid for new Members residing in the state of Minnesota.

So why bother?


1. Read the post again.
2. Believe it or not, not everyone has an account already.
3. Even if you do, GET CREATIVE!


any way to tack on an additional 8 points by joining 2 accounts together?


Now were talkin’…try it and report back!




Why is it dead?


sorry not dead. but don’t try the tacking two together thing
I tried it last time they ran this promotion from san fransisco. they might wipe out both

Poker Face Assassin

I tried registering again and it said that I already have an account. What info can I change to get it to work?

na nach

southwest is the worst airline it’s like a school bus grab the first seat


but whats wrong with just signing up for the cc
and would i be able to get first year free?


same experience last time, tried to join accts and lost everything


Strange b/c I was able to merge 2 accounts in the past with no issue.


@Anonymous: let us know


I signed up but used a different email, mailing address, and don’t enter the last 4 digits of SSN. A new account was created. Awaiting for email confirmation.


I live in TX, just enrolled via the link and am showing 6 credits in my brand new a/c. Thanks so much!!!


To clarify, I live in TX and used my actual TX address during enrollment. I did not try to trick the system at all, gave all my actual information and I got 6 credits.