[Ends Today!] Donate $5 To Lyft Fund A Vaccine Ride And Earn 2,000 Hilton Points, 250 Delta Miles, And Earn 10 Points Per Dollar Spent, Plus Pay Yourself Back!

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Update, 5/31: This offer ends today!

Update, 4/15: My 2,000 Hilton points, 250 Delta miles, and 50 Chase points have posted to my accounts for my $5 donation:

Originally posted on 3/17:

Lyft Fund A Ride allows you to donate funds for people to get to a vaccination site for free.

You can also take advantage of bonus offers for making a donation of $5 or more.

  • Through 5/31, if your Lyft account is linked to your Hilton account you’ll get 2,000 Hilton points for the donation. At a value of 0.5 cents per Hilton point, that’s $10 back. Hilton will also match donations, up to $50,000.
  • Through 5/31, if your Lyft account is linked to your Delta account and you’re one of the first 15,000 Delta and Lyft connected members to make a donation, you’ll also get 250 Delta SkyMiles for the donation. At a value of 1.1 cents per Delta mile, that’s $2.75 back.
  • The Delta and Hilton offers should stack, as you can link both accounts.
  • Donate with your Chase Freedom FlexChase Freedom UnlimitedChase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire ReserveChase Ink CashChase Ink Unlimited, or Chase Ink Preferred and you’ll earn 10 points for dollar spent!
  • Chase will also allow Pay Yourself Back to work for Lyft Fund A Ride in the coming weeks on all of the cards mentioned above. As the program allows for you to reimburse yourself for purchases made in the past 90 days, you’ll be able to pay yourself back for the purchase, plus you get to keep the 10 points per dollar spent.
    • In other words you should be able to use 333 Sapphire Reserve points to get a refund of your $5 donation. Plus you’ll keep the 50 Sapphire Reserve points earned, making the net cost just 283 Sapphire Reserve points for the $5 donation, a value of 1.77 cents per Chase point. Plus you’ll earn the 2,000 Hilton points and 250 Delta miles.

Will you take advantage of this offer?

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Can I use my maasar funds?


Hope you kidding


Something the pilpul outweighs the schar.


Wow that’s a real detailed write up for a few bucks


It is really not about the value, it is an easy way to extend miles or points. I am not sure whether Delta miles expire but Hilton needs activity and i hope these points count!


So basically Lyft doesn’t want to pay for the free rides to get a vaccine, they want others to pay for it. Eh.


I thought the same thing. Earlier in the pandemic I remember seeing a couple of kosher restaurants promoting that they are giving free meals to first responders. The caveat being that the “free meals” are based upon the volume of customer-sponsored meals purchased. Minimally, it would have been admirable if the restaurant was willing to match the donations or go 50% in on every donation.


get real! restaurants were suffering, obviously they wanted some good will and also some paying customers.
Giving things away free or below cost is a quick way to go out of business.


Ivezdad, I don’t think anyone is doubting that restaurants were hit hard. What I’m upset about is the integrity and lack of transparency. A restaurant shouldn’t celebrate themselves as giving free meals to front-line workers and hatzalah members, if the meals were fully paid for and bought by customers. If I were to give a Dvar Torah, fully quoting the works of a Rav from a certain Sefer- it would be dishonest if I didn’t properly source and credit that Rav’s Machshava. Otherwise, with regards to the restaurant example or not properly sourcing the works of another- it’s a level of Sheker. Where am I wrong?


So with the pay back, it’s actually buying 2000 Hilton points (or 250 DL) for 283 Chase points – is that a good deal?


now this is my kind of hustle

חיים ארוכים

Rides not available ny or nj
Only 4 states
Ang you have to say you can’t afford
Forget it
Check before you post
לא למעשה


This post was to give, not to receive.

Give OR Receive?

OR as Dan puts it
Give and you will get back.


read the post before you post that its לא למעשה


Just a note that Lyftup – the charitable part of Lyft that is organizing this – partners with the National Action Network – the organization run by Al Sharpton.
Just sayin.


Has anyone had been credited their miles/points? I donated $5 the same day this was posted and haven’t seen anything yet.


Posted on APR 09 2021

Lyft Vaccine Access Contribution
2,000 Points earned


Can this be done multiple times?


Will you get the hilton points if you linked your account AFTER donating?


Is 10 points per dollar on all the chase cards, or just the reserve? Cuz I know with regular Lyft rides, reserve earns more than the other cards.