Ends Tonight! Delta Flash Sale: Fly Delta One Business Class And Suites Between The US And Europe For 148K Miles Round-Trip

Delta One A350 Suite
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Update: Alive again today only!

Ah, the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Delta has a “sale” for 148,000 Skypesos to fly round-trip business class to Europe. In the past this sale has been for 98K miles and included summer travel, but Skypesos have been devalued to the point where this is a deal, even though other airlines charge fewer miles without a sale. Travel is valid on select dates though January 2023.

From NYC you can fly to cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Frankfurt for 148K miles.

NYC to Amsterdam:

This sale will also work from most US cities to most European cities, even if they are not listed in the sale link.

You can book this sale until 6/29 at 11:59pm ET.

You can read the Amsterdam trip report and my thoughts on Delta A350 suites here, which I took during a 98K flash sale.

You can transfer points from AMEX to Delta instantly from cards like:

You can also earn Delta miles on cards like Delta Business GoldDelta Business PlatinumDelta Business ReserveDelta Consumer GoldDelta Consumer Platinumand Delta Consumer Reserve.

Will you take advantage of this sale?

HT: Gary Leff.

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As someone with Hispanic heritage in my family, I find the use of the phrase “SkyPesos” to be insulting.

How about using the phrase “SkyShekels” as an alternative?


I find the sidewalk to be insulting. What can I do? Break it?

But to help you out a bit, why should you feel offended abt the currency of a country that you have some background of? Did you make that currency and it failed? Did you do anything that made the currency fail? If not, just move on.


Dan accurately calls them this to represent the cheapness of the currency. The shekel is actually doing quite well so that wouldn’t make sense. Also stop starting sentences with “as someone”.


Back in the 70s and 80s Israel had currency devaluations, transitioning from the Lira (Israeli Pound) to the Shekel at a 10:1 ratio and then to the New Israeli Shekel (which used to be NIS, and is now just ILS) at a 1000:1 ratio. That currency has been pretty strong in recent years.

Compare that to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economic_history_of_Argentina

(and there are some other LatAm countries with financial history that rhymes with that of Argentina – remind us what the word Argentina actually means…).


How much attention do you need? are you serious?


is that how hispanics spell moshe?


Mohse, Tell us you are not in the hobby without telling us you are not in the hobby. At any rate, skypesos can become sky shekels 🙂 if you use them right.


Wonder if they will serve nachos on the flight? Or enchiladas?

Brad Coco

Lol Triggered? Confirmed liberal


As a latino I found it perfectly representing what it is. We call any type of currency pesos and we know our currency sucks. No trigger here.


You’re just bored looking to get offended. Pesos are a garbage currency independent of the ethnicity of the country they’re from. I wouldn’t get offended if they were called Skyshekels.


Dan, what’s the best way to redeem amex points? What airline should you transfer it to?


Dan, if I want to book buisness class from nyc to Italy, what’s the best way to do it with amex or chase points?


NYC-Milan is a great route for business class.


Looks like the only option is nyc to Frankfurt


Dan, you should start a stink with Delta…the fact they only offer one option out of NYC for this promotion, into FRA, over Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur says a lot!


I’m looking for NYC-BUD for next week, my best option so far is Economy/Premium 150K miles on United with 2 stops.
Between Swiss, Austrian, Brussels which is the best airline?


Checked options via Aeroplan?


(Reuters) – A kosher certification group sued JetBlue Airways Corp in New Jersey federal court Thursday, alleging JetBlue unlawfully used its trademarks to advertise food it had not certified.


I ordered a shirt from Macy’s and it hasn’t arrived yet.

(sorry — I thought we were now just posting irrelevant comments)


Lol! Love it!


I have to say a huge thanks. I’ve been looking at flights for months and finding a random 220,000 or 240,000 flight. But few and far between and very limited. Your heads up had me look again today and I booked two flights to Brussels. Planning a Bruge trip. Thank you for your post.