Check To See If You’re Targeted To Earn Bonus Miles For Flying United

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Click here and enter your United MileagePlus number to see if you’re targeted to earn bonus miles for flying United.

I’m not targeted for this promotion, but my wife was targeted to get 2.5K bonus miles for booking and completing 2 trips of $100+ each by 9/20. If you need a round-trip, just book as 2 one-ways to satisfy that.

Others offers include 9K bonus miles for taking 4 trips of $100+ each, 2.5K bonus miles for 1 trip of $225+, 7K bonus miles for taking 3 trips of $100+ each, 16K bonus miles for 3 trips of $250+ each, and more.

Bonus miles will post within 6-8 weeks after 9/20.

Flights must be booked after registration, so you may want to cancel your existing booking with free changes and then rebook it if the price hasn’t gone up too much. Of course, it’s always worth checking for price drops as well in this era of free flight changes!

Were you targeted for an offer? Hit the comments with the details!

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I got 15k offer for taking 3 flights of above $150
Does Award tickets count?
What about tickets bought thru Chase or a travel agency?


Book and take a trip 2 times to get 4,500 bonus award miles.

Ends September 20, 2023

*Each purchased fare must be a minimum of $100 to qualify


5k for booking two trips in premium seat min 300


My offer: Book and take a trip in a premium seat 3 times to get 29,000 bonus award miles.


Book and take a trip 2 times to get 4,500 bonus award miles.

I already have a trip booked for later this month, shame. (Needs to be booked after registration.)

Michael Eli

Yes received an offer as well…

Book and take a trip in a premium seat 1 time to get 5,000 bonus award miles.


Got this one as well but no plans to go anywhere paying cash

Love Hacks

Targeted for 4500 points after taking two trips of $100 or more each. Is it worth it?


Thanks Dan!

“ Book and take a trip 1 time and earn 3x bonus miles, up to 9,000 bonus award miles”


4 trips $225+ 12,000 bonus award miles.


I have a flight that I booked before getting this offer, the flight is much more expensive now, anyway to take advantage of this offer, like rebook the existing booking at original price and it will show booked after I signed up for the offer

Boy buy

I have a united tinerary saved using farelock but haven’t purchased it yet. Will this work for that?


Book and take a trip 1 time to get 3,000 bonus award miles.


5K for 3 flights of at least $100 for me


Book and take a trip 3 times to get 15,000 bonus award miles.


5000 miles for 3 x $300 flights. Meh


4x $275
Definitely highest I’ve gotten

Lifemiles fee

Sort of a side thing but just a heads up. I booked united yesterday ewr-lax on lifemiles. They charge a $25 redemption fee per person. They don’t mention it till checkout.


Book and take a trip on United or United Express® by September 20, 2023, spending at least $225 on your trip, and earn 5X bonus award miles on your trip, up to 12,000.


25k for 200$+ 3x


5x miles for one trip


My offer: 22k miles after four trips, at least $175 each.

Is the minimum spend per person or reservation?

Time to Fly

2500 miles for 1 flight @ $275.

Globalist Guru

Two trips at $250 each. 6,200 bonus miles

Shulem licht

I was targeted for 1 trip of $250 and get 7× the points up to 15k


Thank you Dan!

This is what i got
Book and take a trip 2 times to get 4,600 bonus award miles.


Addition tp previous comment
*Each purchased fare must be a minimum of $250 to qualify, and must be booked after registration and completed on or before promotion end date to qualify. See full terms and conditions below.


5k miles for booking a premium seat 1 time (min. $450)