Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Devaluation…

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Planning on using Asia Miles for premium class travel?
You might want to hold off on transferring those 20,000 starpoints into 25,000 Asia Miles…
It was just too good to last!
Cathay Pacific announced today that for the first time in Asia Miles history they are finally raising premium class long-haul rates to bring themselves closer in line with other programs.

The changes will be effective for tickets issued after 10/15/07. If you want to cash out do so before that time!!!

The interesting thing is that they have actually decreased the miles required for many of the short-haul awards, and they have not increased the rates for economy.

Also of note: While they have tinkered with the regular award chart a lot, their oneworld around-the-world award chart remains exactly the same for the time being!

The reason why all of this is so bad is that they are raising the rate of their extremely popular Zone C business and first class awards by 33%!

Remember that all Asia Mile awards are done in mileage zones according to the Great Circle Mapper.

Here is a comparison of changes:

Round-Trip Miles Required On Routes That Are:

Zone S: 0-600 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: Cleveland-NYC, London-Paris)
These rates went down in premium classes!
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 15K, 15K
Business: 40K, 30K
First: 50K, 40K

Zone A: 601-1,200 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: Chicago-NYC, Athens-Tel Aviv, Hong Kong-Shanghai)
These rates went down in economy and business!
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 25K, 20K
Business: 45K, 40K
First: 55K, 55K

Zone B: 1,201-2,500 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: LAX-NYC, Honolulu-S. Fransisco, London-Tel Aviv)
These rates went down in economy!
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 35K, 30K
Business: 50K, 50K
First: 70K, 70K

Here’s where we start going downhill…

Zone C: 2,501-5,000 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: Seattle-London, NYC-Sao Paulo, NYC-Paris, NYC-Honolulu)
Ouch! 33% rate hikes for the best deal on premium classes out there.
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 45K, 45K
Business: 60K, 80K
First: 90K, 120K

Zone D: 5,001-7,500 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: NYC-Tel Aviv, LAX-Sydney, NYC-Tokyo, NYC-Delhi)
20% business hike, near 30% hike for first.
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 60K, 60K
Business: 100K, 120K
First: 140K, 180K

Zone E: 7,501-10,000 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: NYC-Hong Kong, NYC-Sydney)
About a 20% hike for premium classes.
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 90K, 90K
Business: 120K, 145K
First: 180K, 220K

Zone F: 10,000+ Miles Each Way:
20-25% hike for premium classes.
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 110K, 110K
Business: 145K, 175K
First: 210K, 260K

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7 Comments On "Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Devaluation…"

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very well written.
thank you!


GREAT roundup, thanks a bunch!!


So for someone like myself who would just be using my asiamiles for an economy fare, there is no change???

I am flying Cathy soon and will accumulate 16,000, then I’m collecting Starwood, is there any other way to get miles with them?? Thanks


Thanks fans!

Dan-(I like your name)
Correct, if you’re only using Asia Miles for economy it actually only got better or stayed the same!

The starwood amex card and crediting Oneworld flights to Cathay Pacific are the only ways that I know of to get Asia Miles.


Dan, how does one use the 20k Starwoods points to get a free round trip from USA to Israel? Please detail!


Dan, Thanks, could you please update the old miles comparison article (getting the best out of your miles) with the updated asian costs. thanks. great job.

p.s. please confirm.

Sholom B Shuchat

How to fly to Israel with 25000 SPG points:



1) Open a LANPASS account (, you will recieve 5.000 kms (they use kilometres instead of miles).

2) The shortest OneWorld flights to TLV are with BA thru LHR.

3) Check the great circle mapper for JFK-LHR-TLV, it will show 9148 kms

4) The LANPASS OneWorld redeption chart is here:

It shows that it is in Zone 3 which is 65000 kms for economy.

5) Transfer 20000 SPG points and get 1:2 ratio which will give you 45000kms, then transfer 7500 more starpoints to give you another 15000 kms, plus the 5000 kms you have for signing up. you have 65000 kms, enough for a flight to israel.