BA Avios Hacked, Are Your Points Still In Your Account?

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Update: Several people are reporting that their Avios are back. Check your account and post if your Avios are still missing or if they have been returned.  You may need to do a password reset to login to your account.

The Guardian covered the hack yesterday, but BA never even informed most people about what happened.


Originally posted on 03/27:

Several DDF members are reporting that their BA Avios accounts that should have points in them, are reflecting 0 Avios.

Apparently several BA accounts have been hacked and points have been used, so BA has preemptively drained the Avios out of many BA Avios accounts before more damage could be done.

If you do have trouble logging into your account if your account shows an incorrect 0 balance you can call British Airways at 800-452-1201 to re-verify your identity and regain full access to your Avios. It may take a day for online access to be restored, but if you do need to make a booking now they should be able to do it over the phone and waive the phone booking fee.  Or you can just wait for BA to sort this all out within the coming weeks and they should send you an email to reset your password once they are done.

These attacks have been happening more and more often as of late. Hilton and United among other loyalty programs both have had their troubles with mass account hacking.

While the loyalty programs will always make good for points used by hackers, it’s always important to check your balances frequently for discrepancies and to maintain a strong password.

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If only they hacked award availability oh well…


please dan stop


Flying AA this weekend with BA avios. Any reports of award itinerary issues?


all points gone password not working


WOW, I can’t log in. Thanks for the heads up.


Weird I can’t login to my BA account and try calling them and can’t get anyone. A lot of busy signals.


700K gone. Couldnt log in.
Called them and they said i have to wait for the audit team to review it.


1.3 million miles taken out “ex-gratia”

Does that mean BA is protecting them from the hackers?
Calling now!


Just called after seeing that my account shows 0 points and no online access. Still on the phone but they have no idea what I am talking about and saying I have 0 points….


Just use get human to call them so you don’t waste your time.


Same here point are gone just has to reset my password


@SIMI:stop what?


I just lost 330K points. Anyone have luck getting them back?


You didn’t lose anything, read what I wrote again.

Eli Simon

Can not access my account. Called and was told the audit team is reviewing my account due to suspicious activity. They said it could take up to a week…


Can we just wait it out or do I need to panic and be with them on phone for 1 hour now?


Glad I only have 25k. No problems with points or logging on


You can definitely just wait it out.


@Dan: Oh Boy. Just when I thought wait times couldn’t get any worse with BA… LOL


My acct is at 0 today. I have confidence that they will be restored but not soon. I first thought that ba caught up with me and clawed back what they should have taken on my last two EI redemptions….. he he


Logged in with no problems, all my points still sitting right where I left them.


points are also gone. is everyone calling or just waiting it out?


Just logged in, no points missing.


I also had trouble logging in and needed to reset my password. All my points were gone too and it said Ex- Gratia. Just got off the phone with them and verified my info and they said the points would be back in 7 bus. days. Also you need to login with your avios account number not username.


Mine and my wife’s account both locked and at 0. I’m on hold now and hoping that they will do something to make good for those of us who called.
If they discover a hack and take out points themselves, they should immediately inform the account holders. The fact that we have to learn about it from you is disappointing, but thanks you for letting us know.


What’s an EI Redemption and how were you able to pay less Avios than you should have originally?


gonna wait this one out… I despise calling BA…


Thanks Dan for the alert. 220,000 miles gone. Thanks for quick alert. How the heck man.


Dan. Did u loose your half a mill?


Can’t login even.


anyone try and see what happens if you transfer new miles into your account now?


Our family has 3 account. Two of them are okay. All of my points about 125k are missing.


Not only are my miles safe, they see to have given me everyone else’s too 😀

Just an early April Fools joke folks 😉 But yes, my miles appear to be untouched.


Dan do you really have 767 million miles with ba???

M. Josef

Thanks for heads up. All my miles are there and intact. No password issues either.


@Dan: dan, no way you really have 763 million avios… thats a heck of a lot… i assumed a few million but is that fo real?


yeah he does, keep being jealous (and learn to read first before posting)


When you guys says all miles gone, cannot login… How do you know your miles balance without login? I am unable to login any more so I don’t know if my miles are gone. Also would it not be super easy for BA to catch the bad guys that used stolen miles and cancel their tickets?


Busy signal any ideas?


@Dan: nice photoshop work there! Impressive!


I couldn’t log in at all (“your membership number is not recognised”), so I called, got through quickly, and spoke with someone who explained the situation and said that when the security audit is complete, I will be contacted. He said there is no way to get access before then and could not say how long it might take to complete. He did ask when I last booked flights with Avios (last Friday, as it turns out), where to, and how many tickets. He seemed satisfied with the answers but said that even he couldn’t see how many points I have in the account until the security freeze is lifted.

Seems like if you’re not planning to book anything soon, there’s no hurry and not much they’ll do in any event.


One DDF member got his account access back a day after answering those questions.


Please help. I need to cancel an award booking for Sunday morning. I can’t login or get through over the phone.


I imagine that if someone needs an avios reservation with AA, they can hold that award spot with AA until the BA access comes back. Do you concur Dan?


all myine still in tact bh


Mine and my wifes accounts inaccessible. We had a lot of points. I called BA, very long hold time. They did quick research and told me the correct balances we had and said it could take a week to get it all fixed, but all of our point were safe. They were very nice on the phone.


I only had a few miles in there (only transfer in when I need them nowadays) and they are gone. As it is negligible even if I lose them, I was planning on waiting it out. BUT! Does anyone see any way that they can cancel my existing bookings (4 different bookings including unicorn bookings to Jburg and Australia)?


thank you for the heads up all mine are still in tact bh


54K gone from mine… went on to make a booking a couple of hours ago, called and held for awhile, then as I was holding read this email.

I guess I will just wait it out.


I couldn’t even reset my p/w – got a reset password error. Loving what is….


What’s their telephone number? Can’t log in and says my membership number is invalid!!!!


I had almost 500,000 miles!!!!


Miles are back. Check…


Still no luck: “We are not able to recognise the membership number that you have supplied. Please check and re-enter.”




Try doing a password reset?


My points have returned as well:)


Point back.. 🙂


Still can’t get on – requested to reset password and never received an email (checked my spam) – tried logging in using my email address and received a message that this e-mails currently being used. Called their 18004521201 pressed 2 and then 3 – immediately goes to busy signal


My points have returned as well, Iberia too


points are still not there. suggestions?


It goes straight to busy. Also, my account number used to be 8 numbers and they are saying it’s 16 numbers. However, as recently as last week, my 8 number account worked.. whats up with that?


My points are back but there is no way to get through to ba getting busy signal constantly. Any suggestions?


Points are back – thanks!


@J 16 numbers would be your Chase CC #. Stop calling Chase 🙂


My points are back and so are my husband’s – thanks for the update!


mine is still there bh and never got lost looks like my 65k was to little for them to hack


My account is back in good order as well. Do all of you who had issues use award wallet? I have an odd suspicion that is the “automated process” they are talking about and are mistaking it for a hack. FYI even after updating award wallet BA info with new password it can’t access my account information.


all British accounts that got hacked and restored is counted as a activity so will not expire before 2018!



Same exact thing happens to me



huge at flyertalk

@Anonymous: Can anyone confirm that this is true? I have Avios points that would expire next month if not for the Ex-Gratia transactions