Award Tickets To Hong Kong For 4 United Miles?

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Update 2: Multiple DDF members are now on flights bound to Hong Kong for just 4 miles, follow their sagas on DDF!
Have fun guys!

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Update: DEAD!

All tickets to Hong Kong are pricing out as 4 miles.  When you select the award flights it displays at the regular amount but on the checkout pages it says 4 miles.

This works even if it’s easypass and even if it’s in business or first class.

The problem is that if you have enough miles in your account to pay the full mileage rate that it will deduct the full rate.  However if you have an account that doesn’t have enough miles for the full mileage rate it still will ticket.

There’s a good chance that this won’t be honored, but you shouldn’t have anything to lose if United won’t honor the glitch so it’s worth a shot!

12 miles for our family of 3 in first class…here’s hoping!

HT: Gary and Reuven, via DDF

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Booked my ticket for a few weeks out. Hope it works 🙂


Booked it!!!!

Thanks Dan! What are the chances this will work?


Booked Wife and myself over Thanksgiving, and wife and myself plus child for Memorial Day weekend 2013. Let’s see what happens. Saw it on View from the Wing.


Freezes on the page where u put in travelers info. Been waiting for it to load for ten min already after choosing my first traveler.


not working for me, says 65,000 miles + $77.50 on united


forget it, at checkout comes out to 4 miles +$35


So Dan I’ve got 250K in my UA account, you’re saying that UA will deduct the full cost of the ticket since I have enough miles to cover it?

I guess the only way around this is if I booked multiple tickets on the same reservation to push the cost over 250K?


@sam: try firefox


Did you actually book the flight?

I cant seem to book it. Any suggestions?

This is the message that appears:
Your account balance is 0 miles. You need an additional 8 miles to redeem this award. See options below.

2 award 640,000 miles
Additional taxes/fees $81.00
Total Price 8 Miles and $81.00


freezing on traveller info for me as well


Doesn’t freeze in Firefox.


it will work in IE


@Hoko u can make
A new account and reserve it


@sam: same here


works on IE


Got it to work! Dan, do you think it’s safe to start looking into and booking hotel accommodations before we know if United will honor our tickets?


i got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


can someone help!! Its telling me to purchase the tickets because i dont have enough miles in my account. But it does show that its 8 miles and $81


Can I change the dates before the trip?


tells me it cant price my reservation i need to call xxxxx

Me, Of-Course!

Oh me Oh my, to Hong Kong in 1st class? …! hope it works, I got my receipt in my email, I wonder if that means it went through…! Good Luck to you!


what’s the cancellation policy? are we locked-in if they fix the glitch? can we cancel if we make other plans?


Awesome, 2 Awards @ 600,000 & 71.00 for 8 miles & 71.00


not working for me its coming up as 150000 miles


Was anyone ticketed?


@mclovin: never mind got it to go



thanks..worked in Firefox.


they added almost 1000 dollar fee for child under 2 on lap does that make sense?


anyway why not get a seat for the baby, at this price?!


booked. did anyone get the email that actually confirms the ticket yet?


@Dovid: I had the same thing book your kid a seat





trying for hkg

i think they caught on! i had dates for next may but they included shavuos, i changed them and i get the following error: could not find any available flights for award travel meeting your requirements. You may modify your search criteria or contact United Reservations in United States at 1-800-300-1547.


its dead no dates avail


I got the ticket


DEAD! could not find any available flights for award travel meeting your requirements. You may modify your search criteria or contact United Reservations in United States at 1-800-300-1547.


could you guys post if this is actually honored because I was in middle of doing it and it stopped working in middle


I got ticketed


“ could not find any available flights for award travel meeting your requirements. You may modify your search criteria or contact United Reservations in United States at 1-800-300-1547”
For every date tried!

reb moshe

I got ticketed . But now its dead!!!

Fred Bolotin

It also works for flights out of HKG. Just booked aeparate RT ticket for 2 from HKG – Tel Aviv for a total of 8 miles and $147.20.


IT IS DED DEAD!Now lets see if they honor my 3 1st class tix! If not nu nu!


united is currently blocking all availability

Asia Flyer

Deal is dead, no FF inventory at all to HKG, I did get 2 Biz ticketed though. It froze on add a traveler page, but booked it individually through each one’s FF account through saved profiles and it worked.




Wow! This is going to be interesting.


I ticketed it but didn’t get ticket # yet, anyone has a Ticket # and 4 miles deducted from acct. ??


Ready for this? I booked a ticket from EWR- TLV stay in israel for 2 weeks then tlv -Tel Aviv, Israel (TLV) to Hong Kong (HKG)
Connecting in Istanbul, Turkey (IST)
Hong Kong (HKG) to New York/Newark, NJ (EWR – Liberty)
Connecting in Munich, Germany (MUC)…. ALL FOR 4 MILES and $47.00 FISRT CLASS!!!!
Thanks Dan! You da best!!!!!


Just got email with ticket. $40

It’s worth it just for the red carpet lounge in ewr.


Can anyone confirm that this is dead ??


Dan, I booked this for myself, wife, and 2 kids in first class for 16 miles and $275! You’re the man!!!

I got an email with the 4 eticket #’s, but I don’t see the 16 miles deducted from my account yet. Let’s hope it works…


Let me know if anyone flies!!! I am late on that one 🙁 . Did anyone book their ticket for tomorrow??


keep getting united couldnt find any flights for reward travel meeting your requirement, tried IE, FF and GC. any suggestions?


darn, it looks like it wont bring up any HKG flights at all??


Booked it for my family during winter break.

Fred Bolotin

Got my e-ticket #s via e-mail. Don’t know if they deducted the miles, but I just checked and my miles are still there (didn’t have an exact balance to compare to the balance showing, but it’s at least close)


I just tried my same exact itinerary and the following is appearing: could not find any available flights for award travel meeting your requirements. You may modify your search criteria or contact United Reservations in United States at 1-800-300-1547.

So it looks like the deal may be dead already.


yyk, when did u book it? at 3:28p or so?


I booked several first class tickets for the fun of it, though 100% sure United will not honor this !!!


@ pilotb757… we missed it :(((((!dunno why we were trying for awhile… so if this does go through can we buy 3 of them from u? u said u did a bunch for fun…



Can we buy 3 from u if it goes thru? cuz we missed it 🙁 well work out a good deal with u!


Dan, alot of us missed it. Is there a way for you to send an alert right awasy, when one of these amazing deals comes up b/c i just rec the email at 3pm? thanks


I have a flight ticketed leaving in a few hours from NYC. I’m not taking it but it seems i can change the passenger name online…

7/15 – 7/23

if anyone’s interested find me on the forums and message me. i’ll cancel if no one wants it. or if anyone has any ideas how i can change the date? (shows up higher rate)



whats ur num? can i call u now? i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@Dan: Is it a problem if i didnt add my 3 month old to my reservation


@Dan: can i add her after?


so i have a reservation on hold, but it wont ticket cuz it sais i dont have enough miles…
what do i do?

Matt R

Hi Dan –

I booked 2 First/Business First tickets LAX-SFO-HKG, HKG-NRT-LAX. Ticketed and charged to my credit card. The issue: in the rush to book, I just booked a simple LAX-HKG roundtrip (10 days in HKG), but I’d really prefer to spend time in Japan. Assuming (big if) United honors these, is there a way to change the routing so that I can stop in NRT for a week (rather than just the 2 hour layover)?

Thanks for posting! amazing mistake fare if it works.


You are amazing- but i have one question for you…
How the HECK did you find this????


Dan- Wish i would have seen your face when you realized this glitch! 🙂


What happens if you get on and then they cancel your return ticket?


People who follow @dansdeals on twitter got alerted immediately!


thanks dan!

Me, Of-Course!

Silly Me! I bought 2 round trip tickets 1st class to Hong Kong and realized later that one is booked to arrive back in JFK Erev Rosh Hashana and 1 is booked to depart on Erev Sukkos! Too bad I can’t go! HaHaHaHashgacha Protis

shlomo kay

Booked 6 first class round trips for the whole family in August, was ticketed about 30 min later, got a call from United manager to varify credit card number for taxes and once she did she sent me an email with the E-Ticket numbers. Bless you


If anyone booked for in a few months and doesn’t want it or wants to make a couple of bucks instead.. plz message me in the forums and ill buy them off of u! i need 3 but will take wtv u have!


If I signed up for your twitter feed how can I get text alerts when you post something?


Wow!!!! Thanx Dan!!!!!! That was really great!! I booked it!!!!


@Elaine: If you follow dansdeals on twitter you can enter your cell phone number to receive SMS notifications of new posts.

Yaakov Frid

Hi all,
If anybody booked a ticket and would like to cancel, please message me ASAP. It would be a great help!

Thanks so much!


@Dan: Where do I put my cell #?


this glitch was found by a Chinese guy on a chinese frequent flyer site and passed on to a US travel blogger , from there it was all over the net .

mikel v

A few questions about my reservations. I made a reservation for some random date a few months from now. A) can I change the dates? B) can I change the name of the reservation. C) If neither of the above should I just cancel so i get my money for the taxes and fees back?


@mikel v: I ll buy it off u! Let me know!


I am so disappointed that I missed this great deal!!! I am kicking myself!! Would’ve been a fantastic opportunity!


who thinks that this will really work?? we booked for after succos in mid october, should we be getting excited???? and by when do we know that we are safe and the tickets wont be cancelled?


Dan,I booked a flight and i was concerned if they actually can cancel my return ticket once i am in Hong Kong. please advise.


@mikel v:

Dont think you can change dates but can change names apparently We would love to buy it from u!! we tried doing it and didn’t work for us so we are quite upset! let me know.

mikel v

@David: @yossi19:

If they don’t end up canceling it (not honoring it) we can work something out.
I will keep you posted.


@yossi19: why cant you change dates?


darn it i missed it


So I can change the name
On the ticket?


@yossi19: i would too love to buy for double the price hehe that u paid anyone intersted i only need 2 but yossi goes first


@Asia Flyer: how do u book it through saved profile, the same happenes to me and it froze at add traveler, does anyone know if its saved and if i can still book it


@Asia Flyer: can i still book it if it froze at add traveler is it still saved?


Dan, THANKS!!!

So for all though who bought, here is an article from WSJ

and I quote

“UAL Corp.’s United Airlines, Continental Airlines Inc., Southwest Airlines Co., LUV +1.40% JetBlue Airways Corp. JBLU +1.59% and Singapore Airlines C6L.SG 0.00% all say their policy is to not cancel tickets even when a mistake is discovered, no matter how large the error.

“That is the right thing to do,” says United spokeswoman Robin Urbanski. In 2007, United honored a business-class fare from Los Angeles or San Francisco to destinations in New Zealand that was missing one zero: it was sold as $1,062 plus taxes and fees instead of $10,620 plus taxes and fees.”

OOOHHHH YEAH!!! Hong Kong, here weee come!


That would seriously be amazing; I would sue them for quite a bit more than the cost of the return flight home!!


@mikel v: it will be my pleasure to buy it off you


i need a ticket from ORD this sunday to HKG and return thursday EWR. Please message me if you have those dates and want to sell


Word has it they’re starting to cancel the tickets…

deal lurker

Guys, as per the experts on ddf, it is impossible to change the name on an airline ticket!

Everyone here talking about trading and transferring – I feel sorry informing you but I think in this case it’s better then later!

Guys head over to ddf, that’s were the real talk is at!!!!


Who got canceled after it was ticketed and confirmed?



“word” from who/where?


Canceling computer-glitch award tickets no one in their right mind would consider legitimate in the first place?! Sure dIdn’t see that coming. (lol)


I have 2 round trips for mid Feb from nyc – lax Hong Kong. Might b interested in selling. Lemme knoe


I was actually trying to book 2 tickets from NICE-HKG today and have not been able to do it….still can’t see anything….



Hi ND,
I missed the deal, my comp kept freezing. I can get you half price on Cathay biz class if your interested. Just respond and i’ll be in contact with you.



@🙁: no way sue them sue them!!!!!!!!!!!


hu,what can you get on cathay biz from tlv?


Spoke to UA agent who said these would not be honored. Sorry folks.


Hey Maj,

From Israel is hard to find. I can get great deals from Toronto, NY, LAX. Even coach tickets can come with major discounts in and out of Canada. JFK to HKG on Cathay is 9 grand at least, I can get them for 5 pending availability.


Can get you United with stopover in Germany for 1200 each way biz class.


selling for how much?


thanks, im going to have to pass at that price


Anyone get a call from United?


Whats in Hong Kong?



Yes, they said they would not be honoring this but thanks for trying!

reb moshe

@deal lurker:

You guys are gettung confused with changing secure travers info which is just for the name on passport. And not the passenger name


Regardless if they will honor the tickets, the advantage of united waiting till the 24 change/canncellation time has passed only seems to work in their favor, based on this theory we can possibly expect an official response, sometime soon



if u wanna sell let me know! would be interested!


I just hope that all the people that are there and on their way don’t find a cancelled ticket on the return flight!!!


@brooke: what are 2 tickets worth to you?


i have 2 tickets from feb 11-20 from nyc to hong kong 1st clas
mesg me in ddf if you want em and what your willing to pay





if anyone wants to sell me their 2 tickets for cheap ill buy it too
need 2 or more


Always good to be well connected. Let me know if I can help anyone, w biz class or a last min flight.


@levik- I’d be willing to buy those tickets off you if you’re sure you can change the names on them. Email me quickly at if you want a buyer quick before they cancel these tickets. I’ll take my chances for the right price!


United just came out with a statement that these 4 mile awards will not be honored and the 4 miles refunded.


@levik: just like i stated yesterday, there was no way UAL will honor this, no legal issues here.

Sorry to disappoint you but the tickets are not worth a penny, United just issued a statement that none of these tickets will be honored and the 4 miles will be refunded.
The smart ones are the ones who had the time to do it and took off same day-yesterday .


my bro changed these tickets from nyc to hkg, into nyc to tlv first class.
i have one ticket from nyc to hkg first class (300k) i want to change it to 3 tickets economy from nyc to tlv. The rep in united said i would have to cancel the ticket and redeposit the miles and rebook and your good. Do you think theyll redeposit 300k or 4 miles???


@pilotb757: where did you see the statement



How do you change the HKG tickets to TLV?