ANA Not Charging Fuel Surcharges For Award Travel On United Or USAirways!


Update: Several commenters below have mentioned that they were told by ANA reps that I was wrong about the lack of fuel surcharges for travel on United and USAirways.
Others wanted to know about one-way workarounds.

Well, the proof is in the pudding. These screenshots were taken from ANA’s website today.

Find other great uses for ANA miles (and consequently for American Express Membership Rewards points or Starwood Starpoints)? Hit the comments!









A coach United flight between Newark and Tel Aviv is 60K miles plus $44 in government taxes with no fuel surcharges.










A coach United flight between Newark and Paris is 43K miles plus $88 in government taxes with no fuel surcharges.










A BusinessFirst United flight between Newark and Tel Aviv is 90K miles plus $44 in government taxes with no fuel surcharges.










A coach USAirways flight between Philadelphia and Tel Aviv is 60K miles plus $44 in government taxes with no fuel surcharges.










A one-way “workaround” to Tel Aviv.










A one-way “workaround” to London.


Originally posted on 01/23/13:

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ANA, or All Nippon Airways, is a Japanese airline that is a Star Alliance member.  They also have an awesome partner award chart that you can use for travel on their dozens of partners.

You can transfer points from American Express Membership Rewards at a 1:1 ratio to ANA.  You can also transfer Starpoints to ANA at a 20K:25K ratio.

A few years ago they used to not collect fuel surcharges on United and USAirways, then they started collecting on both.  Last year they stopped collecting it on USAirways and just recently they have stopped collecting it on United once again!

This means there are now 2 partner airlines you can fly from the US to Israel using ANA miles without paying fuel surcharges.  Plus you can save lots of miles in the process! Nonstop flights to Israel with this method will start at just 53K Starpoints or 60K Membership Rewards in coach or 75K Starpoints or 90K Membership Rewards in business.

101K Starpoints or 126K Membership Rewards is enough for 2 passengers to fly to London round-trip in business class.

Here is the distance based award chart:














You can use the Great Circle Mapper to determine a trip’s cost.
For example:
-A trip on United from Newark to London and back is a distance of 6,930 miles and thus will cost 38,000 ANA miles in coach and 63,000 ANA miles in business.
United would charge 60,000 miles in coach and 100,000 miles in business.
ANA saves you 22,000 miles in coach and 37,000 miles in business for the same flight.

-A trip on United from Newark to Paris and back is a distance of 7,298 miles and thus will cost 43,000 ANA miles in coach and 68,000 ANA miles in business.
United would charge 60,000 miles in coach and 100,000 miles in business.
ANA saves you 17,000 miles in coach and 32,000 miles in business for the same flight.

-A trip on United from Newark to Tel Aviv and back is a distance of 11,384 miles and thus will cost 60,000 ANA miles in coach and 90,000 ANA miles in business.
United would charge 80,000 miles in coach and 120,000 miles in business.
ANA saves you 20,000 miles in coach and 30,000 miles in business for the same flight.

-A trip on United from Los Angeles to Sydney and back is a distance of 14,976 miles and thus will cost 65,000 ANA miles in coach and 105,000 ANA miles in business.
United would charge 80,000 miles in coach and 135,000 miles in business.
ANA saves you 15,000 miles in coach and 30,000 miles in business for the same flight.

I don’t have enough miles in my ANA account so based on a tip from a commenter yesterday I called them (800-235-9262) to verify the taxes due. For all 4 of those flights the taxes were right in line with award pricing which also has no fuel surcharges. Taxes to Tel Aviv were about $40, Paris about $80, Sydney about $130, and London about $170.  These are government mandated taxes however, not fuel surcharges.

Best of all you can have up to 4 stopovers on an ANA award booking, so you can check out multiple cities on a single award.

I did check for flights on Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic and those flights still have whopping “fuel surcharges” of over $1,000.

Things to bear in mind:
-Only Saver awards can be booked. To find availability from Newark to Tel Aviv on United or Philadelphia to Tel Aviv on USAirways just search on for award travel and check the box for nonstop flights only. Remember than ANA can only book dates with saver award availability.
-Transfers to ANA are not instant. From Membership Rewards they can take 2 days and from Starwood they can take from 2-10 days. There is no way to hold an award ticket with ANA without miles already in your account.
-Miles expire after 36 months regardless of activity.
-Collections of fuel surcharges can change at any time.
-Date changes are free.
-Cancellations will cost 3,000 miles.
-There are no expedite/close-in fees.
-One-way awards are not allowed but there are “workarounds” for that that people have used and discussed on DDF.

Want to start collecting ANA miles? Here are some credit cards with points that will transfer to ANA:

Consumer cards:
American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card
The Platinum Card® from American Express
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express

Business cards:
The Gold card has a 75K signup bonus for this week only.
-The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN
-Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN

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why check of nonstop? does ANA only work with nonstop United and us airways flights


Other airlines will incur a fuel surcharge.
Though if you fly United across the pond, say to Frankfurt, and then Lufthansa just from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv the fuel surcharge will likely be pretty small.


there’s a difference in the amount of points charged if you you book on or if you book by phone?


Does ANA charge YQ on all other *A partners besides US & UA?


Can you send the link to DDF that talks about the workaround for 1 way awards ?


Dan but what about United or US airways flights to Israel with a stopover but there United or US airways flights on all legs of the trip? Is there no such flights?



As far as I know, though I did not take the time to check them all.
If you do let us know :D

Not gonna make it that easy, sorry. Feel free to search there!

There aren’t for Israel, but see comment #2.


can you transfer from sapphire preferred?


Hi Dan, can I book domestic with ana? if yes, will it be only 20000 miles nyc/lax roundtrip? and can I stop over in las vegas?
Thank you, I’m a big fan of your site, can’t tell you how many deals I bought,I just never redeemed miles yet.



You can book domestic and you can stopover, but your math is way off.
JFK-LAX-JFK is 4,950 miles and thus would cost a whopping 38,000 miles in coach. No deal!

TO flyer

How would this work if I would want to book on ana and fly in united from toronto via Newark to tel aviv?





No, JFK-LAX-JFK will be 38,000 RT.


@TO flyer:
You can definitely do that!
Toronto-Newark-Tel Aviv-Newark-Toronto is 12,079 miles and would thus cost the same rate as Newark-Tel Aviv-Newark.


Sorry for simple question – if any flight to israel is available on united does that mean i can book with ANA? if not which flights would work- thanks


Is this is a mistake and will end shortly, or is it here to stay for the time being? Any chance there’s no YQ on other *A members?


Too slow :D

” -Only Saver awards can be booked. To find availability from Newark to Tel Aviv on United or Philadelphia to Tel Aviv on USAirways just search on for award travel and check the box for nonstop flights only. Remember than ANA can only book dates with saver award availability.”

Good question.
It doesn’t seem like a mistake. The rep even called the rates desk to verify the tax charge and they confirmed the system autoprice with no fuel surcharges.

But ultimately it’s impossible to know what will happen in the future.

It’s definitely possible that this applies to other Star Alliance airlines, I just don’t have the time/patience to manually call about a flight for each one.


@Dan: Indeed :P

I’d hate to xfer to ANA only for the YQ to be reinstituted.

I’m gonna wait a couple of weeks to see how this plays out. But for someone who needs to make a booking right now, it seems like a great play, especially for an EU trip with 4 (!) stopovers.

Also: Another thing to bear in mind — no changes whatsoever after departure.


If I am getting these comments right a flight from MIA to Newark is 1088 miles so to fly MIA-EWR-TLV-EWR would be 13,560 and still cost only 60k?



What about changes before departure?


Make sense.

Source for no changes after departure?

MIA-EWR-TLV-EWR-MIA is 13,555 and would indeed cost just 60K.

Date changes are free.




You could even do MIA-EWR-TLV-EWR-MIA for the same price.


You can make changes before. See OP.


Is it possible to hold ticket with ANA?



Read the OP: “There is no way to hold an award ticket with ANA without miles already in your account.”


What does ANA chrage for an infant?


So to confirm I can transfer AMEX 60k points to ANA fly via UNITED – NYC to TLV for 60k and not 80k with the same availability as


I think 10% of the regular fare, but if you call post the results.

Same goes for USAir’s flight from Philly.


WOW! so Amex valued up!!!

Fan of Dan

Does a stopover make it cost more miles or does the amount go based on the origin to destination. For example would EWR to LHR with a stopover in IAD cost more?

Chaim with a capitol C

1 – Can I transfer Delta Skymiles to ANA? If yes, at what ratio?

2 – How likely that I can book 2 award tickets on ANA for July on the same exact flight (for a couple)?


so after you transfer the MR points to ANA, and the super saver flight disappears you lose everything?


@Fan of Dan:

That’s 7,778 miles which will cost 43K in coach.

@Chaim with a capitol C:
Search on for saver award flights.

Lose everything?
You’ll have 3 years to find another flight.

Chaim with a capitol C

It seems that in July there are no Saver tickets available.
United wants 150,000 miles round-trip to TLV instead of 80,000. :(

Chaim with a capitol C

USAirways has 3 levels of award tickets. ANA will only work with the lowest?


@Chaim with a capitol C:
Typically award tickets don’t open up until a couple months before the flight, especially for peak season.

@Chaim with a capitol C:
Search for USAirways flight on as I write in the post.

ANA Surcharges

@Dan: i\
I’m just curious- was it my comment yesterday (in the post about cheap Newark/San Fran flights) that tipped you off to this? I didn’t see an honorable mention of that in your post :-) (just kidding)
We should meet sometime, I am a fellow Ctown guy. Where do you daven (if you don’t mind my asking?)


So if I am considering using this (live near EWR) at some point, do you think it makes sense to transfer a tiny amount of MR points to have the hold option in the future? How long can you hold a reservation with some points in the account?


@ANA Surcharges:
Indeed, I only mentioned you in passing because you didn’t leave a name or DDF handle :D

I daven at Chabad of Beachwood, feel free to stop by on a shabbos and introduce yourself as the ANA guy :)

You need to have enough points to make the booking to hold the booking.
Pointless, I know!

Though having 100 points in your account is enough to use their very good Star Alliance award search engine.


Does ANA have any close in booking fees and what is their change policy



From the above post:

-Date changes are free.
-Cancellations will cost 3,000 miles.
-There are no expedite/close-in fees.

I hope this answers your question.

ANA Surcharges

You can only make a hold if you have the FULL amount of the miles in your account- all 60k unfortunately. It’s a little annoying because it takes 2-3 days for the points to transfer from AMEX.

Chaim with a capitol C

Sorry. I didn’t realize that by checking “non-stop flights only” it will be searching USAirways too. It’s not clear from that that’s what is happening.


@dave: Yup their fees are astronomical, however if you want for $100 I can get them to waive it for you. Send me an email at IDon’

ANA Surcharges

My DDF handle is CtownBin. And of course, I’m glad I was able to help in finding out about the deal- I was checking out a United flight return from Zurich (stop-off after leaving Israel) only because there was no USAirways flight on that day, hoping that maybe the fuel surcharge wouldn’t be too bad if it was only one-way on United and the other on USAirways. I was stunned when the agent said no fuel surcharge, though she thought it might be a temporary glitch…
Hope to catch you at Chabad!


Any idea on if it is risky to transfer Amex points from my account and my wife’s account to my ANA account?

Any guidance on whether such a transfer (from spouse’s MR to my ANA account) would be permissible?

Would hate for such a transfer to be declined and have 75k odd MR points orphaned in ANA….

Also the threat of bait and switch with YQ while waiting is scary


No problem and no risk with MR points.

Even if they do bring back YQ on United at some point I don’t think they will bring back YQ on USAir flights.


For the starwood business card, if i put in my starwood number, will i get the signup bonus? I know sometimes if you already have an account with some cards, they dont give you the bonus.

Andy F.

Hi Dan, ANA is charging based on distance between departure and arrival cities, rather than BA’s segment by segment?


If you had the business card before use a new number. If you haven’t then there’s no need.

@Andy F.:


Help I just tried my first 2bm ever and on one of them it went through and on one it says systems not responding. Will this mean I will get two credit pulls if I keep trying for the second one? How much time do i have?


Just tried another browser and it isnt working. Any suggestions? Should I call? The one thats not working is the gold card.


You said something about them allowing up to 4 stopovers, but then said that if its not direct, then there will be a fuel surcharge. Would it still be worth it to use them with the stopovers?


Wrong post.
Post in the right post or on DDF please.

The main fuel surcharge are for the flights over the Atlantic or Pacific. On shorter flights it’s usually small.


So the longer segments should be on united?


Or USAirways.


One part I don’t understand – why do I need to select “non-stop”? As long as the stop won’t make the trip more than 14,000 miles it’ll still be only 60,000 miles bec segments don’t matter, correct?


can you actually book the flight from ewr to tlv (through united) on the ana website or only by phone?

ANA Surcharges

The reason to select non-stop is so that only United (or USAirways if searching from Philly) flights will show up in the search results. If you want to stop-off, you can- the surcharge should still be pretty small as long as the trans-ocean flights are United or USAirways. But if your search includes stops you will need to wade through many other search results which will NOT have United/USAirways trans-ocean flights to find the ones that do.


If i am an authorized user on this card can i use the miles or only the primary cardholder?

ANA Surcharges

You can always try the website first- apparently ANA is known for having the most available options show up on their search. And if it shows up, you should be able to book online. However, in my experience, there are many flights which actually do NOT show up as available on ANA’s website, even if they do on united or aeroplan. For those, you will need to call up to book- but the agents are accommodating and if you have exact flights ready it shouldn’t take long.


I have 180k ANA points that are expiring soon. anywhere it can be transferred to?


where can i find their fare rules for ward tickets?


Hi, I am new to this website, it’s great! I am very ignorant when it comes to the concept of opening credit cards, getting miles… I’d like to fly to Florida from Newark for few days around Presidents’ Day and was wondering the cheapest way to do this? Do I open a certain credit card that will get me miles then use miles? How do I know which Credit card is best? Any ideas Mr. Dan?


When you say “infant fare is 10% of a regular fare” what is a regular fare? How can I figure that fare out?


ANA Surcharges

This means 10% of a full paid fare, and it is payable in cash and not in miles- even if the adults are flying on an award ticket. Depending on destination and time of year, these can get quite steep- you’re probably better off using Aeroplan miles (for only one of the adults to accompany the infant)as they only charge a flat rate of a paltry $50 in coach for an infant.


@Malkab:You will never get the miles fast enough for a trip so soon. You have to apply for the card,get the card, use the card, get a statement, have the award credited to your account before you could use the miles. I would start pricing out the flights sooner than later for a popular flying time and buy it now.The price will go up as the date approaches.


I’ve started with ANA a few years ago already, and I have 2 more things to keep in mind, 1) no one ways (though you can do multi city if returning to your departure city), 2) no bookings, changes or cancelations allowed within 7 days of departure.
One good thing they have, if you fly with children on a star alliance member e.g. United, instead of crediting the flown miles to seperate United accounts (which are sometimes worthless), you can pool them together in a household account (although you dont always get 100% miles).


@ANA Surcharges:
Thanx for the explanation


Watch out on redemptions involving the UK (LHR). They have a luxury tax on airfares so it adds $200-$300 in tax for C & F.One needs to open jaw the return from say AMS.


am i stupid? i cant find anyway to book a flight to Israel on ana’s website, they dont have it as one of their locations


to hawaii is this cheaper

sam f

when i click on the link to sign up for starwoods amex card
it only offers 10k miles how can I get 25k?


You need miles in your account to search partners.

Probably not.

@sam f:
It’s 10K for spending $1 and another 15K for spending $5K in 6 months.
If you don’t see that then see here:


the starwood links do not work.


“Having problems seeing card offers? Getting a “card not available” or other error message? Read this!

1. Try using another browser (IE, Firefox, or Chrome) to see the offer.

2. You can try deleting your browser’s cache and cookies to see the offers. To do so just hold down the Ctrl, Shift, and Delete buttons on your keyboard and then delete your cache and cookies.

3. You can also try browsing “incognito” or “in-private” to see the offers. In IE and Firefox you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and P buttons on your keyboard. In Chrome you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and N. Then just return to and click on the card offer you want.

-Just fill out the standard application. Don’t click for the shorter existing cardmember application or you may not get the best offer.”


i was just told i will not be getting the delta 30k because i had a delta card open within the last 12 months. how do you keep on doing this without this problem?


Dan, what about ANA not allowing you to book within 4 days?


This is bogus. I called two different ANA reps and both still showed heavy fuel surcharges for united flights.

Has anyone actually confirmed this to be working?


Dan one thing I am still not clear about; if my goal is to book a flight from Newark to Israel using Amex points is it better to transfer AMEX points to ANA and use those miles to book a United flight or to transfer the Amex miles to Air Canada and then try and book a United flight. Since in both scenarios they are united flights so no fuel surcharges right?, so which is the better option? any advantages of one over the other? or is there a better option i am missing


Dan, Can you convert Air Canada miles to United miles? if so what is the ratio?


I am sort of new to Dan’s Deals. Great service, and thanks but I am trying to use ANA miles and wondered is anyone having trouble booking tickets through ana. I have tried up to 6 months in advance to get to Israel. I hope this wasn;t a rip off.


Not bogus, still works.
What route did you try?

ANA is less miles.


Check for saver availability and then call ANA.

eddie c.

Hi Dan, I’m interested in flying with my family to Israel to do a Bar Mitzvah trip in August. I’m on a very tight budget. (6 people. and if the extended family decide to come it could be 15-20 people) I know the price is now $1100-1500 pp. I saw a deal a few weeks ago for $692 pp traveling Aug 19-28 through Orbitz (with a stopover in Amsterdam). My dates were 1 day off because his actual Bar Mitzvah day would be Aug20 and we would’ve been on an airplane for that. We chose to hold-off. I feel terrible that I missed that deal.

Do you foresee another $400-800 pp deal in August again, or prices staying the same, or going up? (I would like to book before May.)

eddie c.

Dan, Also, what you advise is the cheapest way to fly there, then? ANA miles? Flying Blue? just wait?


if i want to fly nyc-lhr rt and onlt thing open is too fly back through IAD, does that add to my distance?


Dan just called ANA rep who said they are charging fuel surcharges on United flights and that the policy changes day to day based on what United tells them. I think we need a new post to provide some clarification as lot of people might transfer AMEX points to ANA hoping to fly United only to be slammed with fuel surcharges.


What route and how much were they?


newark to tel aviv rep said somewhere around $300 dollars but said it could change on a day to day basis. could this be so changeable. it might not be worth for people to take such a risk?


Dan would you consider a new post on transferring AMEX points to ANA as the fuel surcharge issue on United is a big issue for us flying from new york area to tel aviv. Any clarity or confirmation of these day to day changes. Maybe a transfer to Air Canada is a safer bet(no fuel surcharges) to book United from newark to tel aviv Thanks


You were misinformed.
The current surcharge on United for EWR-TLV is $44 round-trip.


Are these flight operated by ANA? If so, just be warned that the seats are not built for Americans. I had to sit with my knees up against the seat in front of me the entire way to Tokyo on an ANA airplane. It’s about as painful as you can imagine.


ANA flights have fuel surcharges.
United and USAirways flights (pictured) do not.


I dont have amex points or card. can Chase UR points work?
where is best to use chase UR for NY-TLV-NY? Which airline w lowest cost of miles/tax?

Thank you


dan how long does it take to transfer UR MR and starwood to ana??


For UR the options are BA Avios for travel on Air Berlin or United for travel across the Star Alliance with no fuel surcharges.

MR to ANA is a couple days.
SPG to ANA is anywhere from 2-12 days.


I booked a domestic ticket today via ANA on UA metal and they charged $72 per ticket. The rep seemed confused as well but there was nothing she can do she tried talking to ticketing but for some reason they kept pricing it at $72.


Hi Dan

What’s the direct link to make a mileage booking on I’m having trouble finding
In other words just need the link to book an united flight via Ana milage


Strange. Did you try booking online?
What route?

Login required. You need sufficient miles to view taxes.


@Dan: It was for ord-avp-ord. Booking was done online but it couldnt calculate taxes so I got a booking# and had to call to complete. (They actually called my house and left a message to call within 3 days to complete the booking).
When on the phone the agent said the fees varied but was herself confused at the high amount. They even offered to transfer the points back to Amex (including 36k from 3 years ago but then they realized those were from SPG not MR).


You didn’t have 20K United to use for that? I can’t understand why Newark to London, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Sydney have no fuel surcharge but Chicago-Wilkes Barre does. Weird!

They couldn’t transfer it back to SPG? Just if it was MR?


@Dan: The ANA were expiring in a month so I wanted to get rid of them first.
She said SPG transfers are one way, but MR they wouldve been able to reverse.