A Sight For Sore Eyes On BA.com

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Despite the numerous naysayers calling me “complicit in the coverup” for advising people not to panic. Despite some mileage brokers “confirming” that BA Avios would never be the same. No the sky is not falling. My brazen prediction goes on to live another day.

American flights are once again bookable on BA.com with Avios.

Which is a good thing because using 4.5K Avios+$5.60…












…Is far preferable to paying $538.10:








No close-in fee and only a $5.60 fee to redeposit the ticket and get back the miles make it that much sweeter.

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You are great! How do you do it! You are a genius. You are the smartest. You are IT!


You are killin me now!
just wasted 35 minutes with a Rep from china to book stupid LGA-YYZ ticket


Are they fully up and running or only some dates?

Chana K

Dan’s the man!


So your saying you guessed right?


I just call em like I see em.

An educated guess.



I’m trying to book OW YUL-LHR, AA shows availability, BA doesn’t…

I guess it;s not completely fixed yet.


You are amazing to know everything on the spot you beat all bloggers!!!
chazak vemutz!!!


Sorry, Date is 7/16

dov bennish

@sruli why would you use ba for that route insane fuel surcharge


Read the related post, you need to search for nonstop flights.


Thanks for the update. I booked economy YYZ LGA using the call center last week (asked to waive the phone booking fee) . I was surprised to see in my confirmation that I was entitled to one free bag. Never had that before when booking online?


Read the related post.
It’s an intermittent feature when using Avios.


The cle to mia flights don’t yet seem to be showing. I have been known to be wrong though!


Seems like for all nyc-mia or mia-nyc only first class available. Im trying a variety of dates….


Dan you are mamish a navi


during the glitch I called ba rep to book my ticket. he did and charged me $25 fee. I am having a hard time to get the fee reversed and being directed to different dept. any idea which # to call to get this fee reversed?


Showing just fine,

Please read the related post for searching instructions.



Please read the related post for searching instructions.

Not even close.

Why didn’t you ask for it to be waived then?


Dan… Last week I wanted to visit someone at Cleveland Clinic but couldn’t book NYC-CLE thru BA with Avios and was almost going to purchase a ticket for over $500. Then I read your Don’t Panic post and called BA. Final price- 9000 plus $11.20
Thanks so much!!



Fun Miles

$5.60 to re deposit? Even gold members have to pay $50.


@Fun Miles:
Please read the related post link found at the beginning of this post.


Is the ba card better than chase sapphire preferred?


$538 for that date…or $87 With hidden city!!!


Aa has tlv w Nikki or lh
Would avios have same?


More importantly, why does Staples no longer sell Visa $200 gift cards??


what is cancellation procedure/fees?


and they even fixed some bugs like nyc-ord you never got the afternoon flights now if you seach lga or ewr you will show you all the flights

mia-iah you had all the time to call in now its up


Is anyone having trouble with afternoon flights from Dallas to new york? Tried calling in a couple of times but no availability online or with call in although it shows available on other systems?


is the site down?
when i try to search a flight it gets an error


I didn’t realize that he was going to charge me, he didn’t say anything… is there anything I can do now?


Thanks for the Singapore mar’e makom; otherwise, YYZ – PHL/NYC can’t be done online. The UK rep said it’s because of a code-share between AA flight but operated by USAirways; either one alone would be fine, but Avios won’t work with both together. I wish I would have seen this post CholHaMoed Sukkos when I was frustrated in my attempt to book online YYz – LGA; it took me through the whole process, and then disallowed the payment after going through the whole payment page.

BTW the only way the Singapore rep could do it was by separating the ticket and issuing two one way tickets.

thanks for your service!


….although the whole process, from trying online tonight, getting the UK number and going through the whole booking with them only to be told at the very end that it wasn’t happening, thinking of checking this blog, finding your Singapore post, and calling them, and not going smoothly with them either – the whole process took about three hours!