77 Direct Flights From Los Angeles That Can Be Booked With British Airways Avios

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4th in a series.
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Did you know that there are 77 places you can fly to from Los Angeles nonstop with your BA Avios?
British Airways Avios can’t be beat for short-haul nonstop flights thanks to low award rates, no expedite fees, and practically free award cancellations.  Here are all of the direct flights from Los Angeles that can be booked with Avios.  Be sure to read the British Airways knowledgebase for everything you NEED to know about the BA program.  If you have any questions it’s probably already been answered there!


-Rates in the chart are for one-way flights.
-Routes that display the airline in bold are subject to fuel surcharges.
-In the charts below I’ve only included direct flights as BA charges Avios for each flight segment.
-In other words Tel Aviv isn’t on the chart as there are no BA partners that fly nonstop from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv.  Though you can always fly to Tel Aviv via Berlin or Dusseldorf for 30K for the overseas segment and 10K for the Berlin/Dusseldorf-Tel Aviv segment with no fuel surcharges.  It can help to search for Los Angeles-Berlin Dusseldorf and Berlin or Dusseldorf-Tel Aviv separately.
-BA.com does not display availability for all airlines! If you want to book travel on airlines like Alaska, Aer Lingus, and LAN you’ll need to pick up the phone and call BA! You can search Alaska award availability on AA.com before calling BA to book it.
-In rare cases connecting flights can be cheaper than nonstop flights when using Avios and I’ve noted that in the chart.
-Cities in the chart may only have seasonal service.
-A dash means that class of service isn’t offered on that route.

Want to pickup Avios? You’re in luck as you can transfer points from all over the place to BA.

-The Chase British Airways Visa Signature offers 50,000 Avios for spending $2K.

-The Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express awards 25K signup points with no fee for the first year. 20K Starpoints can transfer into 25K Avios with the permanent 25% transfer bonus. Currently there is another 25% stackable bonus which will turn every 20K Starpoints into 31,250 Avios.

-American Express Membership Rewards points can be earned from cards like the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express
These points can transfer instantly 1:1 to Avios and several times per year there are bonuses that range from 20%-50% to transfer points to BA.

-Chase Ultimate Rewards points are earned from consumer cards like Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Non-Preferred, Chase Freedom and business cards like Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Ink Business Cash® Credit Card. These points also can transfer instantly 1:1 to Avios.

View the complete 75 city chart after the jump:

BerlinAir Berlin30K60K-
Cabo San Lucas, MexicoAlaska, American7.5K15K (American), 22.5K (Alaska)-
DuesseldorfAir Berlin30K60K-
El PasoAmerican7.5K--
Eugene, ORAmerican7.5K--
Fayetteville, ARAmerican10K30K-
Guadalajara, MexicoAlaska10K30K-
Hong KongCathay Pacific35K70K105K
Honolulu, OahuAmerican12.5K37.5K-
Ixtapa, MexicoAlaska10K30K-
Kahului, MauiAmerican12.5K37.5K-
Kona, HawaiiAmerican12.5K37.5K-
Las VegasAmerican4.5K13.5K-
Lihue, KauaiAmerican12.5K37.5K-
LondonAmerican, British Airways25K50K75K
Loreto, MexicoAlaska7.5K22.5K-
Mammoth Lakes, CAAlaska4.5K--
Manzanillo, MexicoAlaska10K30K-
Mazatlan, MexicoAlaska7.5K22.5K-
Medford, ORAlaska4.5K--
Mexico CityAlaska10K30K-
MiamiAmerican12.5K25K (On 777s only). 37.5K (Other aircraft)37.5K (On 777s only)
Monterey, CAAmerican4.5K--
Oklahoma CityAmerican10K30K-
Phoenix American, USAirways4.5K--
Portland, ORAlaska7.5K22.5K-
Puerto Vallarta, MexicoAlaska10K30K-
Redmond, ORAmerican7.5K--
S. BarbaraAmerican4.5K--
S. DiegoAmerican4.5K13.5K-
S. Francisco, CAAmerican4.5K13.5K-
S. Jose, CAAlaska, American4.5K13.5K-
S. LouisAmerican10K30K-
S. PauloAmerican30K60K90K
Salt Lake CityAmerican4.5K13.5K-
Santa FeAmerican7.5K--
Santiago, ChileLAN30K60K-
Sonoma County, CAAlaska4.5K--
Sun Valley, IDAlaska7.5K--
SydneyQantas50K (37.5K via Honolulu)100K (75K via Honolulu)150K
TokyoAmerican, JAL25K50K75K
Vail, COAmerican7.5K22.5K-
Washington/DCAAlaska, American12.5K37.5K-
West Palm Beach, FLAmerican12.5K37.5K-

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What is the purpose of these posts? I can fly where I want.


@spammer: it costs less miles for shorter distance flights

Mark W

Thanks very much for this list of BA flights from LAX Dan. Excellent information!


You have Madrid on Iberia bolded, which is correct if you use BA Avios. However, it was my understanding that you could transfer your BA Avios to Iberia Avios 1:1 and then book this without (or with rather minimal) surcharges, so long as both accounts have been opened for at least 3 months. Is this still the case?


Sorry for wasting your time.

The point is to give you ideas of where you can go and what it would cost.
Plus many of these destinations can’t even be found by searching on BA.com.

@Mark W:
Your welcome!

It’s partially correct.
-You also need to activate the Iberia account by transferring some points from AMEX before you can transfer from BA.
-There still are some fuel surcharges though they are much lower than when booked via BA.


I have the Sapphire Non-Preferred card and want to transfer the UR points to BA, but when I called to do the transfer they said that it could only be done with the preferred card.

Does anyone have advice.



Apply for the preferred card and get 40K points?

Get an Ink card?


To downgrade from the Amex Gold to avoid the annual fee, which card do I go to to be able to keep the membership points? Is there such a card?

Thank you


Why not just transfer the points out?
There are no free cards with regular MR.


I have a lot of advantage points and want to book with qantas, is there anyway I can transfer it to avios to get the better rate?


Huh? AA miles are wayyyy better than Avios for travel between the US and Australia.


Thanks Dan!


Thanks for the response.

In the mean time I actually called to ask them, they advised me to dowmgrade to the Blue card ahich has no annual fee & you still get points (albeit not double & triple). Is that not so?



Blue does not transfer to airlines!


Sorry dan, misunderstood ur list, I thought it was round trip. Ur right AA does the job for me. Carry on doing a good job.


Yup, BA is best for short-haul travel.
AA is better for long-haul travel.


Thanks for clarifying that.
btw, does the the Green Rewards business card transfer to airlines?


Remember that Green/Gold/Plat must be closed for 12 months before you can get a signup bonus these days.


If I want to downgrade from the Gold, which one would you recommend? I guess before I downgrade I should transfer the points to the Green Rewards?


How could I find a list like this for flights out of PDX?


Dan you are the MAN! Your help is always appreciated.


View the complete 75 city chart after the jump: What does “the Jump” mean?


I am looking to book LA to Hawaii with Avios. I have plenty of membership reward points available for transfer.Was wondering if there are any bonus transfers going on now or coming up soon with Avios? Any ideas? TIA


Dan, thanks for collecting all this info in one easy to read post!
It’s super easy to use, and saves us a ton of time.

Have you considered building a search engine app to help users determine how many miles they would need from respective loyalty programs to fly to specific destinations?


Dan, Tried booking LAX-LHR with Avios and they want to charge me $750+ in fees on top of the miles.. Is this normal?


Dan – Sorry if its a repeat q,
I dont have a BA account. I have plenty of AMEX MR points. How do I transfer to be able to book?


Wud I have to pay for luggage if I got a flight w/ the BA card from lax to tlv?


If the chart is complete, then Dusseldorf and Berlin are the only direct flights from LA to European cities that can be flown without a surcharge?


Hi Dan – Do you have a similar chart for flights from San Francisco that can be booked using Avios ?


I can’t find the LAX – DUS option. Is it still available?


Hi Dan, so to be clear, the list above is all airlines that you can use avios points? I transferred 250,00 from AMEX to Avios and then had to cancel the family trip to london. Trying to figure out how i can use the avios points more locally so they dont go to waste…