22 Things To Keep In Mind When Using Avios

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-Chase British Airways Visa:
Earn 50,000 Avios for spending $2,000.
-Click to view Direct Avios Flights From Chicago
-Click to view Direct Avios Flights From Los Angeles
-Click to view Direct Avios Flights From Miami
-Click to view Direct Avios Flights From NYC
-Click to view Direct Avios Flights From Philadelphia
BA has an excellent mileage program with their Avios thanks to award flights from just 4.5K Avios each way with no last-minute booking fees and practically no cancellation fees.  Booking a last-minute flight that would otherwise cost $1,500 or require 150,000 Capital One points feels great, but it helps to know some of the program’s quirks though.

Read the BA knowledgebase for program basics, then come back and read this.

1. If you’re flexible with availability, use AA.com to help find award availability. 

By limiting the AA.com calendar to nonstop flights only you can quickly figure out exactly what BA.com will find.  Remember that BA.com will only book MileSAAver awards.

Also remember that AA.com does not search all partner airlines.  It can search for flights on AA, Air Berlin, Alaska, BA, Finnair, Open Skies, Qantas, Royal Jordanian Airlines, and USAirways. AA.com does not search Aer Lingus, Cathay Pacific, Iberia, JAL, LAN, Malaysia, TAM, Qatar, S7.


2. Search BA.com segment by segment.

The BA site is downright terrible at finding any flight that requires a connection.  That means if you want to fly from Vancouver to Boston you’re going to have to search for 2 separate tickets.  As BA charges a flat rate for each flight segment you’ll pay the same amount of Avios whether you book 2 flights on 1 ticket or on 2 tickets.

Search for a paid flight on Orbitz to find possible connection cities to know which segments to search for.

Searching from Vancouver to JFK:












Searching from Vancouver to Boston:













Searching from JFK to Boston:

















3. Call BA to book airlines not bookable on BA.com and ask for a fee waiver.

BA.com can’t book awards on Aer Lingus, Alaska, or LAN.  There are lots of Avios bargains with those airlines (Boston-Dublin for 12.5K, Seattle-Kauai for 12.5K, Buenos Aires-Iguassu Falls for 7.5K, etc) but you need to call to book.  Be sure to get them to waive the phone booking fee.

You can also call to piece together a flight from JFK to Berlin to Tel Aviv onto 1 ticket.  If you’re willing to take a long connection or an overnight stopover BA.com won’t find that when you search for JFK-Tel Aviv but you may find JFK-Berlin and Berlin-Tel Aviv award space when searched separately.  Either way you’ll pay the same 15K Avios for each segment, but when booked together you’ll save on German taxes that only apply to non-connecting flights.  Call and BA will be able to book both segments on one ticket to avoid those taxes.

4. Book one-way tickets.

When you book one way tickets you’ll have more flexibility to make changes if you only want to change or cancel one-way and not the other.
You may also find better award availability and better award pricing with one-way tickets.

5. Avoid booking 2 partner airlines on 1 ticket.
Booking at least 2 partner airlines will generally cause much higher award pricing. Book the segments on each airline separately to avoid that situation. Bonus perk is that BA.com will find more flight options when searching each segment separately.

6. Know when to book a lap child and when not to.
-DO NOT book a lap child on a domestic flight. Just have the child added by American or USAirways at the counter, free of charge. Be sure to have a passport or birth certificate to prove your child is under 2.

-DO NOT book a lap child on a flight to Canada. You can add a lap child at the airport or on the phone with American or USAirways either for free or for just a few dollars.

-DO book a lap child at the time of booking for international travel. BA is very generous in only charging 10% of the Avios instead of 10% of the full fare ticket.
When we flew with Rafi to Buenos Aires in first class in 2012, American wanted $1,000 just to bring him on as a lap child. BA charged just 15,000 Avios. Just be sure to book the domestic portion separate from the international portion so that you don’t pay 10% for the domestic legs where the child shouldn’t need to pay anything.

7. Use Finnair to add your American mileage number onto a BA ticket booked from your account.

If you have elite status or just a credit card with AA you may deserve benefits like better seating, free bags, priority checkin, priority boarding, etc.
However if you booked the BA ticket out of your account then the AA website won’t let you switch your BA mileage number to your AA number to get those benefits.

I wrote about the workaround over a year ago and it continues to work like a charm for me.

8. Get your American/USAirways record locator and select seats.
Your BA record locator will be different that your American/USAirways record locator. Just go to manage your booking and click on “View or change seats for this flight.” You’ll be sent over to the partner airline site to choose seats and view your record locator.

9. Have lots of bags? Look into business.
-Flying in coach with 3 bags from Chicago or NYC to Toronto: 4,500 Avios plus $2.50 tax plus $210 in bag fees.
-Flying in business with 3 bags from Chicago or NYC to Toronto: 9,000 Avios plus $2.50 tax plus no bag fees.

10. Business can be twice or three times as much as coach.
-Within the US, business class costs three times what coach costs except on flights like JFK to/from Los Angeles and S. Francisco which have 3 classes of service. On those flights business class is twice coach and first class costs 3 times coach.
-Internationally business class generally costs twice what coach costs.
-Alaska business class always costs triple coach. So Los Angeles-Cabo in business is 15K on AA or 22.5K on Alaska.
-USAirways business class within North America and northern Latin America is triple coach, otherwise its double coach. So JFK-Toronto in business is 9K on American but Philadelphia-Toronto in business is 13.5K on USAirways.

11. Don’t change flights, cancel them. And do it online.
The fee to cancel or change a BA Avios ticket is $55 online or $80 over the phone.
However online you can cancel an award for just the lower of $55 or the taxes paid.
For a domestic ticket that means a cancellation fee of just $2.50 (nonstop one-way), $5 (connecting one-way or nonstop round-trip), or $10 (connecting round-trip).

That’s another reason I like one-ways, I can cancel and rebook the return flight for just $2.50 and I won’t lose my outbound flight. That’s a $55 savings.

Flight cancellations must be done more than 24 hours before the time of departure or else you will not get your Avios back.

After cancelling a flight just logout of your BA account, and then log back in and the points should be back in your account.

Note that you have to call to cancel a flight within 24 hours of when you booked it.  There is no fee for award cancellations done over the phone if they were booked within the past 24 hours.

12. Search multiple airports.
Searching NYC can pull up different results than searching EWR, JFK, or LGA, so search all 4 of those.

13. Be cognizant of nearby airports.
Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach may be only 42 miles away, but a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago is 10K Avios in coach or 30K in first. A flight from West Palm Beach to Chicago is 7.5K Avios in coach or 22.5K in first.
That’s because the former is band 3 award and the latter is a band 2 award. More on award bands in the knowledgebase.

Award space from Philadelphia to Miami will often be much better than from NYC, it may be the same rate, but searching surrounding airports can open up more flight options.

14. BA.com glitches.
No, when you see BA doesn’t have the rights to fly this route” that’s not a glitch, that just means you search for a cash ticket instead of switching to an Avios ticket.

But there are lots of other glitches. Sometimes those work out in your favor (though that entails several other great stories that I’ll be saving for another time 😉 ) while other times it will mean that searching for the same flight with the same date will give different results, definitely an annoyance.

Or if you click change when you’re searching for an award without going back to the home page but it gives unexpected results:














That’s because the change calendar during the booking process spits out the international version of the date with May 7th being 07/05/14 but when you search it then gives you the results for July 5th.

That’s an easy fix, just manually type in 05/07/14 instead of clicking May 7th on the calendar before searching.

Another glitch is the tax display when you click on a flight on the search results page.  That rate can be off by hundreds of dollars in either direction and it fools lots of people.  Always continue onto the next page to view the true tax rate.

15. Transfer times.
You can transfer points from AMEX Membership Rewards or Chase Ultimate Rewards instantly into British Airways, so keep them by AMEX or Chase until you need to book a flight.
There are 3 Chase cards that can transfer points into miles: Chase Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card® CardChase Ink Plus , and Chase Ink Bold. (The Ink cards currently earn 60K points for a limited time only).  Cards like Chase Freedom and Ink Business Cash® Credit Card can’t directly transfer points into miles, you’ll have to transfer those points to a card that belongs to you or your spouse that can transfer points into miles.

Just make a transfer, logout of your BA account, and then log back in and the points should be waiting for you.

Starwood Starpoints transfer at a 20K:25K ratio, though transfers can take 2-12 days.

16. Be aware of when fuel surcharges apply.
There are no fuel surcharges for flights on: Aer Lingus, Air Berlin, Alaska, LAN, TAM, and USAirways. There are also no fuel surcharges for American flights within the western hemisphere and for Qantas flights within Austrlia. Fuel surcharges for intra-Europe flights are also typically quite low. Fuel surcharges for travel on Cathay Pacific aren’t too bad while fuel surcharges to fly on British Airways are just criminal.

If you want to fly on British Airways you should be using USAirways miles for those flights, as they currently don’t charge fuel surcharges.

17. Mileage expiration

As long as you have activity every 36 months your Avios don’t expire. You don’t lose Avios by closing their credit card.

Need to extend your Avios quickly? Just book a domestic 4.5K award, wait a day, cancel it for the $2.50 fee, and your Avios are good for another 36 months.

Lost Avios due to expiration? Call them up and they’ll often reactivate them for free!

18. The Iberia Shuffle
If you want to fly on Iberia you can save hundreds of dollars per ticket by transferring BA Avios into Iberia Avios.
To do so you’ll need to have an Iberia account open for 90 days and you’ll have to activate it by transferring 1,000 points from AMEX to Iberia before you can transfer BA Avios into Iberia Avios.

19. Family Pooling
You can pool a households Avios together.
Frankly I’ve never looked into this option too much as Avios award start at just 4.5K anyway and becoming a household creates rules on who you are allowed to redeem for and how points are pulled out of each account that it seems like more of a headache than it’s worth.

If you use a household account and disagree though I’d love to hear about it.

20. Award Bands make for interesting results based on the connecting city.

In general nonstop flights are going to be cheaper than connecting flights with Avios.  You can see the “related articles” in the beginning of this post with links to lists of all nonstop flight options from 5 major cities in the US.

However there are exceptions:
-Los Angeles to Sydney nonstop is a band 9 award, or 100,000 Avios round-trip.
-Los Angeles to Honolulu is a band 4 award, or 25,000 Avios round-trip. Honolulu to Sydney is a band 6 award, or 50,000 Avios round-trip. That’s a total of just 75,000 Avios round-trip when booked separately…

-Los Angeles to Dublin via JFK=65,000 Avios round-trip.
-Los Angeles to Dublin via Chicago=60,000 Avios round-trip.
-Los Angeles to Dublin via Boston=50,000 Avios round-trip.


21. Award availability is fluid.
This has nothing to do with Avios specifically, but some folks seem to think that if they check award space and see nothing then that’s it.

Award space is always very fluid and can open up as the flight gets closer. You just have to keep checking a few times a day to make sure you can grab it when it opens.

22. Be willing to stopover.
Again, not unique to Avios, but something that applies to it in particular.

There might not be availability JFK to Hawaii on the day you need it, but there may be if you stopoff in Los Angeles for a night.
There might not be availability JFK to Tel Aviv on the day you need it, but there may be if you stopoff in Berlin for a night.

As BA charges by the segment you can take as many “stopovers” as you want without paying extra by just booking separate tickets for each flight. Creating your own adventure can be a blast and it can help you find award space when it might not otherwise exist.

Have more tips? Let’s hear about them in the comments!

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Great post! Thanks Dan.


22? Really?

Dan fan

It’s amazing how you keeping in mind all those savings options and tricks, wow! Thank you!


Dan, I have lots if avios but find nothing this summer for a one way lax to lhr; what am I doing wrong?


So for example, if your typical traveler is going from NYC to TLV which step by step leg would he search for on BA?


Sharp and clear


What is the best way to get into avios? Credit card?… and best way to fly to israel with avios?


@Donor:Not reading the post!


For domestic connecting flights should I book as separate tickets on line , or do I call BA to combine into one ticket?


Thanks, Dan! I actually had very good luck using the BA website this weekend, after a lot checking around for availability last week. They actually DO book LAN awards (at least LAN Chile) through the BA website .. it was very easy.

I don’t particularly care for the new Avios + Cash options because it severely dilutes the redemption value. I.E.. 16k points + $400 (5.3cents each) is a better deal than 50k and $47 (2.4cents in this case, for 2 rt tickets at $625 each). Looking forward to more fun Avios “hacking!”


Great post! I’m a big avios user. Btw I searched for BDL-LAX (they have a direct flight now AA) the other day and economy only showed up when I searched for first (another glitch)


How do I search ONLINE for Aer Lingus, Cathay and Qatar?

Also maybe you can help me. I need a flight from JNB-JFK business for 2 on 7/6. I will take any connection except Cairo. Cant seem to find anything.


Is there a promo code to put in when signing up for an Avios Account??


@bruce: For those requests you are usually better off using Dan’s concierge website (Google it)!


Thanks, Dan. Excellent post


Have had many times when I was told I can’t reserve seats till check in at airport &
Other times that I could. What gives for the discrepancies?


@dan what is the best way to fly to Israel using points? I have A”A B”A UR UA etc? 2 adults one infant in lap…



Do you have any tricks for booking tickets to Israel using AA Miles, with EL-AL if possible?
I tried calling AA numerous times and nothing is available.




Like I wrote in the post, search for all stopover points.
So search from east coast airports like BOS, EWR, IAD, JFK, PHL, etc. to LHR and then find flights from LAX to those airports either with Avios or other miles.

Then search flights to get there separately.



I just book them separately online.

LAN shows up sometimes, but not consistently.

Yup, lots of glitches, just need to keep prodding until it shows what you want it to show.

Aer Lingus can be found on United.com.
You can try using Qantas site for Cathay and Qatar, or go direct to those programs sites.



You can still get the record locator from checkmytrip.com and select seats directly with the operating airlines.


Get a Matmid account and search there before calling.


Thank you Dan for this very helpful article.

If I book international, Avios + cash to fill the gap, how much will I lose if I cancel after 24 hr?


My husband and I have a household account and we love it. We pool our miles together and then use them for the entire family (along with some extended family). Super easy to set up and modify.


I have a US Airways credit card that now offers free baggage for US Airways flights. I used Avios to book an American Airlines flight. I went to Finnair to try to change from BA ff# to US Airways ff#. However, Finnair does not offer a US Airways choice and only offers an American Airlines choice. The US Airways credit card only provides free baggage for US Airways flights and not American Airlines flights. How would I change to a US Airways ff#? If this can be changed, would I receive free baggage on this American Airlines flight if I swipe my US airways credit card at check-in?


Very nice write up for us n00bs. TY!



What in the world are you referring to…concierge website??


Hi Dan,

Off topic question.

I overstated income (used my ‘family income’ including parents) on Amex cc’s and got approved for 100k platinum and 50k gold.

Now I regret it because I worry it may be gzeilah.

Do you think Amex would have approved me had I wrote $5k (the truth) ?

My last known credit score was around 720.



How can I combine Starwood ultimate rewards and mile saver?


Probably $55.

Get an AA card?

You are allowed to state household income.


I booked a flight from Boston to TelAviv thru flying blue for 25,000 + $300 but now i am trying to find a flight from Miami/Fll Area to Boston (leaving 6/9 morning) I only found 1 flight from Miami to Boston on that date costing 10,000 avios , there was no availability from FLL on that day. Would anyone know other good options to get to Boston? (Its for 2 people – returning on 7/1 evening time from Israel to Boston)
Thank you


If you book connection flights separately on BA can you have the baggage automatically transferred to the connecting flight
and can you combine the flights as one ticket ?


@Meir: I’ve seen people fly with two separate tickets and have their luggage transferred automatically. Just show both tickets to the agent when you check in for the first flight and make sure that they set up your luggage to go all the way.


Dan: Thanks for your reply. You need to edit what you wrote by item 7 in your main article as content is NOT correct. You write above to use Finnair to change your US Airways ff#. This is not possible.


For some reason flights from US to Canada are showing up on the first page as $20 in taxes and then drop down to 2.50 on the next page. Any idea why? Is there an upcoming change?


Yup, jumped the gun there. Hopefully it’s added soon.

See section 14, glitches.


That deal for 50,000 avios you have posted on the top, will i still get the bonus avios even though i already have a BA account? It seems to say that the deal is for new account holders only. Thanks and all the best.


Dan Even by booking by segments it appears that BA is still overcharging!

I booked tlv to Munich for May 20 one way for 2 adults and infant(not occupying a seat)and they charged me 21000 avios and 53.64 in taxes then i booked Munich to phl one way may 20 and they charged me 52500 points and $240.64 in taxes for a total of 73,500 avios points 294.28 in taxes. you mentioned in recent post if we book by segments this route should be more like approx 62500(30,000 +30,000 + 2500) points??? Can i call them and argue that they should change this


You have a BA credit card already?

MUC-PHL is a 25K leg.


@Dan: ny?

my route is tlv-munich-phl what is correct amount of points?
what should i do?


@dan. no, i dont have a credit card with them but i am an executive club member.


Then you qualify for the 50K.


@Dan – does your recommendation of not adding lap child at booking for domestic flights applies to Hawaii award travel with Alaska using Avios? Thanks Barak


Yes, as those are domestic flights.


Great post, thanks. Just have one question. If I use Avios to book a AA/US flight do I still get a free bag for having the Citi AA Executive credit card?


Sure, see #7.


aa over the phone has jet airways ewr-bru alivailibility


I used avios to book 2 segment flight on air berlin and one on us airways I dont have us airways credit card nor any card affliated with air berlin anyway to get free luggage, priority boarding or other benefits?

also I have lounge card and United Club card any lounges in Munich we can frequent?


I’m trying to book a return flight for my parents from London LHR to LAX, but the BA.com search shows no reward seat availability at all for the LHR-LAX leg (or even for 6 weeks after the date I’m trying to book!). Any advice Dan?


What is a good number to call them. There is a flight available on USairways.com but not on BA.com.


@Dan: I found flights that were available through elal matmid but was told by AA that they weren’t showing up by them, are there any tricks?


Get a USAirways card?

Search from the east coast and piece something together with a stopover.

See if it’s bookable on AA.com, now on USAirways.com

What date and class?

Knaper Chuchem

I followed your advice, canceled online a domestic one way, the points wasn’t redeposited into my account yet. I’ve logged in and out at least 10 times…

Any advice?


@Knaper Chuchem:
Did you cancel more than 24 hours before the flight?
If yes, call BA.


@Dan, regarding getting an AA credit card so I can receive free luggage on american domestic flights booked thru avios – if i apply for the card and get it a few days before the flight – can I already use the aa membership for that flight?

Sam Unger

Hi Dan. Do you have any advice/strategy on booking Direct- Flights with Avios from NYC to Miami? I want to book tickets to go for a few days in July, but cannot find a single Direct flight in either direction for the times which work. It seems like there are only a couple of flights available a month for Direct flights.


@Dan – i just made over the phone ticket order from San Jose to Hawaii (25K Avios) using Alaska Airlines, and BA agent told me the new government tax has increased from $5 round-trip to $13 round-trip. Are you aware of it? Is it new taxes for all US award tickets, or only for BA?


Right now there are no mile saaver options for the flight I’m looking for. Do AAnytime ever get changed to Mile Saaver loser to a flight?


Can I upgrade a paid AA ticket to business with BA avios?


why is lax- pbi in business 37500 avios?
I noticed the same thing recently with MIA-YUL however I eventually booked the ticket for only 20k avios ?


i need to book twotickets to israel for sukkus from nyc. my comp doesnt let me go onto the forum. i need from oct 5 to oct 19 i have more than 130k sapphire points, i have acces to more. i will pay anyone to help me thanx

Yosef C

I booked tickets to Chicago via BA Avios on AA flight. These tickets give no free checked bags. I am an AA gold member which entitles me to 2 free bags when booked with AA. Does anyone know if that entitlement works for BA Avios bookings?


Dan – i was previously able to cancel Alaska reservations i made via BA phone with only $2.5. However, my latest booking for Dec 2014, BA doesn’t allow me to cancel or change online. Any advice on how to avoid the $55-$80 change fee since BA doesn’t allow me to cancel online?



i cancelled a flight sukkos time and never got mileage for it. any way I can still get it?


I have a Chase Signature VISA Explorer for United that gave me 50k miles within the last 2 years. Does this disqualify me for the 50K Avios program at Chase?? seems so


Not at all.


Does your suggestion not to add the lap child for flights to Canada remain true in the case of TAM’s new JFK-YYZ route? If not, perhaps update the post.

Jordan Dosch


Just finished an award booking on AA (TYS-DFW-LAX). I booked the two segments seperate because of BA’s online system. The AA agent at the airport REFUSED to make the checked bag go to the final destination. Took 20 minutes to sort out with another rep assisting. Finally went through, but I was warned the BA award bookings solely on AA cannot combine baggage. YMMV.


A post like this for the younger generation that wasn’t around back in the day would be most helpful and appreciated