Lowest Price Ever On One Of My Favorite Travel Accessories; Save On The HotLogic Mini And HotLogic Max Food Warming Ovens!

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Also on sale are the XP versions, which have expandable pockets for additional storage.

Shipping from HotLogic costs $5.95 flat rate, regardless of how many you buy.

The BlackBlue, or Red mini is on sale for $31.96 shipped after clip coupon from Amazon and the max is on sale for $54.36 or $59.95 from Amazon.

Dan’s note: I spent last week island hopping in Hawaii, chasing volcanoes and waterfalls. We brought food in a Polar Bear cooler which kept everything frozen. While I used to travel there with a toaster oven, this time I relied on several HotLogic ovens, which are amazing because they take up very little space.

I used it in-flight to have a delicious warm meal, and even to warm up some of the frozen parts of the airline supplied kosher meal, and let me tell you, a hot roll and dessert is a whole lot better than a frozen one!

A standard takeaway food tray, like if you buy a travel meal from a place like Pomegranate or take out food from a restaurant, will fit in the Mini oven. The HotLogic Max oven will fit 2 meals or a 9×13 pan!

We also used this power inverter to have hot food while driving around for the day and island hopping.

Between the Polar Bear and HotLogic, kosher travelers can truly travel anywhere in the world and have delicious hot food on demand.

The HotLogic oven on the other hand folds down next to nothing, making it an ideal travel mate. However while a toaster oven will warm up cold food in 20 minutes or frozen food in an hour, the HotLogic will take an hour to warm up cold food or a couple hours to warm up frozen food. That means you’ll have to plan your meals ahead of time and defrost meals in advance.

Want to speed up the process? If you buy 2 HotLogics you can take the warming trays and combine them into one bag to have the food warmed from both the bottom and the top to accelerate the warming process.

You can also put plastic or foil in the HotLogic without issue and you can put in food in the morning and leave it in there until evening and it will be fine. That’s because the HotLogic only gets up to 165 degrees, so it won’t melt plastic or overcook your food, but it will get your food hot with enough time.

As you only need 45 watts to power the mini or 100 watts to power the Casserole oven, you can use a basic converter to use them overseas, though some DDF members report using it overseas without a converter as well. I haven’t yet tried mine overseas.

On the downside, you won’t be making crunchy nachos in a HotLogic like you can in a toaster oven. And you’ll need multiple HotLogic ovens to heat up meals for a whole family.

Using a HotLogic on a plane is not something that airlines are likely to encourage (though I have seen flight attendants using them as well for their own meals), but it was easier than gambling on whether I’d be able to persuade the flight attendant to warm up my own meal in the plane’s oven. It’s a real game changer!

Note that airplane outlets only supply 60-75 watts of power, so that may only work with the Mini, though I didn’t try it with the Max.

Have you traveled with a HotLogic oven?

  • Ideal for preparing healthy meals and warm comfort food for a group, at home and at parties, potlucks, or gatherings
  • Evenly cooks or reheats fresh or frozen meats and vegetables – even leftovers – without burning or drying your food
  • Compatible with most flat-bottom containers with sealable lids, including glass, plastic, Tupperware, metal, aluminum foil, and cardboard – up to 9x13x2.25 inches
  • Requires no monitoring – just place your meal inside, plug it in, and go about your day, whether it’s work or play
  • Backed by our make it right guarantee and a customer service team that has one job: to leave you utterly and completely overjoyed

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Can you put food in before shabbos and leave it there until shabbos morning?

Tirza Swift

Are there hilchos Shabbos concerns – for example Hatmana ?

Amazing piece

The hot logic was amazing on my last trip abroad. Quickly warmed up our defrosted dinner and I took it out of the bag to use as a blech over shabbos
Kept the food nice and warm. I used just a plug adaptor piece and it worked well. I also used a smart plug to turn it off after we didn’t need it any more.
One note: my microwave-safe container melted on this. Only use foil pans


If I use it over Shabbos without the bag, is it safe to be on for so many hours?

Deal Guy

It doesn’t smell up the plane, and inconvenience the passengers next to you?

Bunim from Brooklyn

Living in Deal must be annoying – which airport you you fly in and out of ?


Who said he lives “in” Deal? He lives with “the Deals…


There are containers you can use that doesn’t let the smell out, like the ones in the link below. My father used them with the hotlogic when he spent Shabbos in the Hospital, no one noticed anything…! I just bought a hotlogic to use for every Shabbos at home, like this your cholent or soup won’t overcook but still be piping hot!



in-between version (an inch taller than the mini) for $40


are there batteries available to turn this thing on if you’re on the go and can’t plug into a wall outlet or car port?