US Embassy In Israel Allowing Newborn Emergency Passport Appointments Once Again

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The US Embassy in Israel recently announced a change in policy that no longer allowed newborns to receive a passport on an emergency basis when needed for travel. That meant it would be impossible to travel until a regular passport appointment became available, which takes an inordinate amount of time.

Chaim V’Chessed reports that in conjunction with Amudim and Agudath Israel they were able to reverse that policy and effective immediately, families of newborns can once again apply for a passport on an emergency basis. That should mean that those families will now be able to fly home to the US for Pesach.

Have you been affected by long delays for passport appointments abroad?

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12 Comments On "US Embassy In Israel Allowing Newborn Emergency Passport Appointments Once Again"

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Why newborns need passports is absolutely insane.


I assume you mean why does the government feel the need to track the travel of newborns, and not why someone would get a passport for a newborn?


Back in the day children didn’t need their own passports, they could travel with their parents and the children’s name(s) would be notated in the adults passport.


So how did it work when the child was in say the mother’s passport and the father was travelling alone with the child? Or children were put into both parents? Until what age did this happen – when did a child need their own? And when did it stop? (just curious)


They need passports in Israel primarily so that they can have health insurance. Travel is just a bonus, almost always.


We were. It cost us a few thousand dollars to move the dates

Kibbutz Galuyot

Why anyone in Israel would leave at this time is beyond me! The flow will be in the opposite direction very soon.


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the person that knows more than anyone else. Trust what he says.

Achakeh lo



I guess you don’t have even one relative to visit or go to a levaya in Chul and i guess you never go there on business. But it shouldn’t be “beyond you” to understand that others do…


The US Embassy in Jerusalem is incredibly discriminatory against Jews. It’s all “palestinians” and non-Jewish Americans working there who make it their mission to make life difficult for American Jews. I made an appointment with a non-Jewish sounding name and I said I need a birth certificate for my son with a very Jewish name and they canceled my appointment and told me I should go to Tel Aviv though I live in Jerusalem. I tried to reserve an appointment online from my home in Jerusalem and the website was blocked when they released new appointments and yet I was able to access the page when I used a VPN from a Muslim country. Fire them all and restaff with someone who doesn’t hate the people they are paid to help.


Hi Dan,
As someone who is in this predicament and struggling to get a passport for my infant for already 4 months, I can tell you with complete certainty that this is misleading. The headline you posted is untruthful.
The embassy announced the change in policy just to deflect the criticism they were getting from the US. In reality, they are not releasing more than very few emergency appointments and many many of us are stuck here with no choice but to spend Passover here ourselves without family. I invite you to attempt to get an emergency appointment. You will see it is virtually impossible to get one. And try to call them. They are extremely curt and nasty on the phone and just tell you to email them, but i have emailed them repeatedly and they conveniently ignore.
You’re welcome to reach out to me to hear a few incidents of harsh mistreatment of the embassy staff (95% bnei yishmael). They clearly have an animosity towards their mostly Jewish visitors and have no interest at all to help them. They plain and simply don’t care.