United Will Remove Most International Flights, But Will Continue Key Flights, Including Israel

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Many readers have written to me that United will be cancelling all service to/from Tel Aviv. The US Embassy in Israel’s site says the same as of March 26.

United tells me that is not the case, and they will continue to operate flight 90 from Newark to Tel Aviv and flight 91 from Tel Aviv to Newark.

United’s revised schedule will be viewable on United.com tomorrow.

United’s international daily flight schedule that they plan on maintaining through May looks like this:

  • New York/Newark – Frankfurt (Flights 960/961)
  • New York/Newark – London (Flights 16/17)
  • New York/Newark – Tel Aviv (Flights 90/91)
  • Houston – Sao Paulo (Flights 62/63)
  • San Francisco – Tokyo-Narita (Flights 837/838)
  • San Francisco – Sydney (Flights 863/870)


  • United will suspend all flying to Canada effective April 1.

The following Transatlantic flights will continue through March 28 westbound:

  • New York/Newark – Amsterdam (Flights 70/71)
  • New York/Newark – Munich (Flights 30/31)
  • New York/Newark – Brussels (Flights 999/998)
  • New York/Newark – Cape Town (Flights 1122/1123)
  • Washington-Dulles – London (Flights 918/919)
  • San Francisco – Frankfurt (Flights 58/59)

The final westbound departures on all other Transatlantic routes not mentioned above will take place on March 25.


  • United will continue to fly San Francisco-Seoul (Flights 893/892) through March 29 and San Francisco-Tahiti (Flights 115/114) through March 28.
  • United’s final eastbound departures on all other Transpacific routes not mentioned above will take place on March 25.
  • United will maintain some Guam flights as well as a portion of our Island Hopper service.

Latin America/South America:

  • United will continue to fly Newark/New York – Sao Paulo (Flights 149/148) through March 27 outbound.
  • United’s last southbound departures on most other routes will take place March 24.


United will reduce Mexico operations over the next five days. After March 24, United will maintain a small number of daytime flights to certain destinations in Mexico — more to come in the next few days.

Are you still planning on flying despite coronavirus?

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24 Comments On "United Will Remove Most International Flights, But Will Continue Key Flights, Including Israel"

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Yechiel Z

Shavua Tov, Gut Voch, hope everyone feels good and even those who don’t feel better quickly

Is it only me who can’t get my hands on if there are flights to Israel or are there not, or are there, or are there not ?


Can you please share the “this is not the case email”? The us govt sent an email saying they are.


So Dan, we should still wait to cancel our Pesach flights, right?


Always wait till 24 hrs b4 the flight to change or cancel. Hopefully they will cancel and you will get a refund. No point in cancelling early as posted earlier by Dan.


Thanks, Elli. Same with El Al?


Anytime any flight is cancelled by any airline for whatever reason, you should get a refund because they aren’t providing the service that you paid for.

If you aren’t refunded, you can dispute it, but I think once its cancelled you will get refunded and wont need to come on to disputing it.


surprised they are not flying to china reports are that large numbers of Chinese are desperate to get out of america and back to china as they perceive the situation is under control there but not here


Dan – Did United say their keeping UA200/201? Their HNL-GUM-HNL flights? Will they keep it in a 777 or down gauge?


If Israel is on complete lockdown right now, who is taking those flights in either direction?

And didn’t both the US and EUR ban flights from the other recently?


Have the same question.


Dan – so if I have a flight to Brussels in April I should be able to get a full refund?


I have a friend stuck in Ecuador, any way to get him to the US?


Can I count on them of maintaining those flights if the US will close borders ? I’m afraid being stock outside for months
Flights to Paris are still not cancelled even though they know they will cancel (maybe they want ppl to cancel before they cancel..)


Can I travel to Israel with an American passport tomorrow from NY? Will Israel let me in? I am not an Israeli citizen, but my parents who made Aaliyah are. I will quarantine at their home. If documentation is required, what exactly do I need to bring ?


Nikki, you might be able to get permission, you need to be in touch with the Israel consulate in New York: https://embassies.gov.il/new-york/ConsularServices/Pages/consular-department.aspx


If I book a summer trip with United using miles and in the end don’t go, not do to Corona, for personal reasons, can I get my miles back and that is the penalty?


Any update ? United still shows selling tickets mid May 2 flights a day going to Israel


Looks like United removed all April flights