Israel Won’t Open Borders To Foreign Nationals In September

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel is extending its ban on foreign nationals for the month of September.

The country will essentially be closed for tourism during the normally peak High Holiday/Sukkos travel season.

Israel closed their borders to foreign nationals back in March and they have extended the ban on a monthly basis since then.

There are some exceptions to the rule, including:

  • Parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses of siblings, as well as sibling’s infant children can go to Israel for a wedding, bar mitzvah, or bas mitzvah.
  • Grandparents can fly to Israel a month before an expected birth and can stay a month after birth.
  • Grandparents can apply by 9/18 to visit grandkids born since March. 
  • Students applying through their qualified institution.

Returning Israelis and foreigners who qualify for an exception to enter Israel must continue to go into home quarantine for 14 days unless they have only been to designated green countries in the past 14 days. That leaves open the Croatia route if an American with a qualified exemption want to go to Israel without needing to quarantine.

Israel plans to reopen to foreigners in phases, with citizens from countries with low COVID rates to be allowed in first. But the date when that reopening will happen has been pushed back several times.

When do you think Israel will open its borders to Americans?

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18 Comments On "Israel Won’t Open Borders To Foreign Nationals In September"

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I don’t know when they will open, but its really sad for Jews to be locked out of Israel for so long 🙁 ….


What about the israeli economy that relies on tourism, it’s been 6 months

Israeli Guy

If they cared so much, they could live there permanently


Thank you for the update. I am a citizen
Will I have to quaruntine​ ?

Shlomo I

Does anyone know if aeroflot has been canceling their flights to Israel?


Hi dan
Israel keeps pushing off when they will open for tourists…
do you think they will ban students again, or is it safe to make plans for after tishrei?


On all of your polls, I just think as optimistic as possible, even if it’s not entirely based in reality. Why not?


Can I insist in a refund for my United tickets in Sept , rather than a voucher or exchange ?

Canada -- Green Country

I think you post is a bit misleading. The full Globe article says: “it should be stressed that this is an advisory to help airlines plan their schedules and the Ministry of Interior Immigration and Population Authority could end the ban at any time.”

It also says : “In the next stage businesspeople with an invitation from an Israeli company and organized tours from ‘green’ countries with low infection rate will be allowed into Israel.

Ministry of Health associate director general Prof. Itamar Grotto said that a plan to allow foreign tourists into Israel would be presented before the end of August. Israel Tourism Association CEO Yossi Fattal hopes that incoming tourism can be revived for the final quarter of 2020.”

For those of us in Green Countries (Canada) — the article is actually not as definitive about no foreigners as your title suggests.


The final quarter starts in October. That matches the current date exactly.

I Learn in Space Yeshaya

Classic tactics by the Israeli government. No chance their forgoing holiday tourism money. Many sources have already said that the Israeli government announced a possible opening of skies at any time. This is all a hot air smokescreen to appease Israelis.


Hi Dan,

If my husband is an Israeli citizen with an Israeli passport what are the laws regarding him going to Israel for a week to visit his parents? I am an American citizen can I travel with him. Please let me know ASAP as my husband needs to go on an emergency trip…

Thank you for keeping us updated!

Jason Graf

Obviously Israel is in lockdown, but do you think that Israel will renew this ban tomorrow through November? If not, when do you think it safe to buy a flight as a foreign national to land in Israel on October 1st? Is there a chance Israel just completely misses renewing the ban?